Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Goroshenka to Rafael (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello Adolfo!
Thank you for what you have written your letter to me. I am very glad that you wrote to me again. I am very pleased that you are not indifferent to my first letter, and that means that you have expressed interest in our acquaintance.
Now I have a morning before work and I decided to go to the Internet cafe to check his mailbox. I thought you would write me, and my thoughts turned out to be true, and I'm very happy.
No I do not have the program skype.
Here in the Internet cafe computer is set very old, which makes a noise so that nothing more is heard. And there's the Internet. And paying a little money, you can sit out on the Internet. And so I am writing you a letter. Do you understand me? About skype is out of the question. Of course I'm sorry. I would love to see you through skype. But it is unfortunately not possible.
The first thing I want to ask you now.
All persons named in different ways, the house is called affectionately called by friends of a friend, colleague at work officially, but I call you?
I would like to ask your name and how can I call you
Frankly, that your letter made me wonder. I would like to make friends with you. For me, it will be very interesting to learn about the man, whom I have not even seen not once, but I think that's even better and more interesting. Now, we know little of each other, and it is even pleasant. After all, when people do not know each other, they try to learn about each other, and I want to know everything about you.
What pleases me in our correspondence with you, because that is what we can tell each other absolutely anything and not be afraid of this because the person about whom you know nothing you are not afraid to talk about his life, his actions, express their thoughts. I think that if you even talk to your friends that you met me, they can not say anything bad about our meeting, because we did not know each other, and no one knows about me. I think our message needs people like us, the lonely, the meaning of life lost due to the fact that they could not arrange his personal life. Yes, I'm just a man. I am lonely and looking for a friend, a partner with whom I could start a conversation and a new relationship.
I think you really want to know more information about me, who I am and what I do.
I think that for a time, it is simply impossible to know a person completely, I think that if people learn quickly, you will lose interest in the man, and as much information at once can not remember.
Once again, I want to tell you that my name-Anastasiya and it give me the name of my parents!
I am 29 years old. I was born into a beautiful autumn month of September (September 21)
At a sign from the horoscope, I - Virgo
I have not told you about where I live. I live in a small village called Kugesi (Kygesi), this village is not far from the city of Cheboksary.
This is in Russia. Perhaps you will cause surprise, but it's true. And yet, you should not be surprised, since this is not unusual to have a friendship and good relations at a distance.
You know Russia?? I really love my city, it's my hometown! I also think that for you it will surprise you that I am from Russia, but just get me that I did not find one from Russia, and I find each of your country and so I write to you, and I also really like your profile!
I think you also have the reason why you would turn to the Internet service to search for a new acquaintance. I would like you to tell me about it. Tell us more directly about themselves and their city. Perhaps you are interested to know something about me. Do not be shy to ask me questions. I am very happy to take you to them. Now I have to go to work, but in the evening I will try again to go to Internet cafe to check his mailbox. I hope that by this time you write your letter. Have a nice day. I'll wait for your answer. I hope that you will not make me wait.
Yours Anastasiya.
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