Letter(s) from Evgenia Belova to Jeremy (USA)
Letter 1
Hello jeremy!!!
I find it hard to start writing this letter to you, but at the same time it is somehow unusual. I have never talked with a man on the internet. But it is even more powerful experience, because you are from another country. Perhaps you this may seem strange or even unexpected, but actually I'm from Russia. In my profile is specified in another country. But it was an accident. I would like to register on the site under their own country. But I did not find their country, and then I accidentally chose a different country. Then I could not cancel the registration. I'm sorry if I made a stupid mistake. But I hope that this will not prevent our acquaintance with you. Let us share thousands of kilometers, but with the help of the Internet that can be easily overcome.
Say you are not a problem, I'm from Russia? If you are not interested in dating a girl from Russia, I will not insist on your answer. I believe that all relationships, even as simple as dating and friendship should be based primarily on sincerity and trust. A person must be willing to communicate. So if you have no desire to communicate, then you can say frankly and I will not force you to write me. I understand that you thought I was from another country. But for me the distance between us is not a barrier to communication.
jeremy if you want to know me, I'll be very glad and happy. I am very sociable. I would be very nice to meet you. Perhaps we can find some common themes. I think we'll be friends with you. If you wish, you can write to me as much as possible about yourself.
I wrote to you not from the simple desire or some caprice. I am already 27 years old. I have no personal life. I'm a lonely girl. I do not have children and I have never been married. In the future I dream to find someone with whom I could share my future. But first I must know well the man. Now there can be no question of a serious relationship, but we could just chat with you. And the future is decided. It will show which path we have chosen destiny. It's so nice when you will have a friend from another country. We could talk about anything. For me great pleasure in moments of solitude with someone to talk to. I promise you that with me you are not alone and I will not let you be bored. I have a lot of interesting stories and themes for communion.
I hope I do not write in vain and you will be able to hear from you. But I repeat that I want you also interested in communicating with me and taken seriously to my letters.
Now I stay waiting for your answer. I send you also pictures. I hope you will appreciate it and you send me your photos.
Sorry. I even forgot to write his name. My name is Alla. With best wishes sociable girl from Russia!
Letter 2
How is it good that you answered me. How are you?
Now I remember that I should watch their mail and respond to you. I'll be very upset when there will not be your letter ... Today I woke up earlier than usual. I did clean the house and cooked breakfast.
I have a computer at work. But my manager did not like it when we use the computer for personal use. I'll write you a secret from him. And if I can not write from work, I'll try to write to you from the house mia amica Ksenyia. It helped me to register with the social network and get to know you. But you can not fear. I will not forget about you and I will try to write to you always. Most importantly, that you wrote to me. So it will be much more interesting!
jeremy tell me about your family.
I have a small family. Of the parents I have only my father. His name is Viktor. He was 55 years old. I also have a brother who is 2 years older than me. His name is Oleg. He is married and now lives in the city of Chelyabinsk. We had a strong and happy family. But 10 years ago my mother died from the disease. My dad is very worried about this. For him it was a shock. But he was out of the woods and helped us with my brother to get an education and become independent people. Daddy loves us! I also have my grandmother, but she lives alone. Her name is Olga. She is 73 years.
My brother a few times a year come to visit us. I love him and he for me has always been an example in all things. We were with him very amicable. More united us moms death. For me it was a difficult period in my life. But now all is past. I'm sorry that I am writing to you about it. I do not want to hide anything from each other and want to make our correspondence was genuine and based on trust.
You can also write to me frankly. I will be pleased to know about your family.
2 years ago my brother got married. The first time I was at a wedding and I really enjoyed it. A month ago I became an aunt. My brother was born a little son. He's so cute. He even looks like a little bit for me))) I was a few days visiting my brother. At first I was even afraid to take the baby in her arms. He's so tiny and more like a doll. I've always liked small children. At one point I even wanted to become a teacher. But this is a very big responsibility and I am a little scared.
I also have a dream to create a family. But while this is only a dream. I hope that in future all this will be realized.
Anyone who wants to, he had friends, relatives, or just close friends who can support you in difficult times. I just can not imagine his life in solitude and without communication. For me, it's almost the same as living without food and water. I now have a new friend, and it brings me joy and happiness. I hope our friendship and our knowledge will grow and get stronger every day.
While I wrote to you, I gather new strength, and now I am full of new thoughts and ideas.
I'll be glad to read your new letter, and of course to get your pictures. Now I'm waiting for your reply!
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend jeremy!
How do you spend that day?
It is very interesting and nice copy with you. Reading each of your letter I can find out more about you and your character. I would be pleased to continue and further acquaintance with you. Your letters bring to me an unforgettable emotions.
I am glad that I now have time to write to you. It gives me great pleasure, what kind of person you wrote to me and tells me a lot of interesting things.
Yesterday I was lying, and have long thought. I also thought about you. I still can not believe that I met with someone from another country. I am very interested to know what life is like in your country, what features it has, what kind of people live in it and what type of life they have character. I've been in many Russian cities. But I've never been abroad. I never had to go to other countries. But I hope that one day this little dream will come true. Do you like traveling? Have you been in other countries?
I have long defined the three places where I would like most to visit. The first thing which I would like to visit Italy in a small provincial town of Verona. I was touched to the core it is a sad romantic work "Romeo and Juliette". It describes the many beautiful romantic places, where nature is amazing and it would be an unforgettable visit that famous house. In general, in Italy there are many wonderful and memorable places to visit, and they may not be enough, and life.
The second memorable place for me to France and its famous Eiffel Tower. When I was little, then on TV, I saw this famous tower. It seemed to me such a beautiful and high. Then I wanted to climb to the top of the tower and from there look at the whole world. Then I thought that I could see the world around them. I was then still a foolish and naive)))
And finally, I would like to visit Brazil during the festival of Carnival. It just does not convey emotion. Everything is so beautiful and fun. I would like to see not only him but also to participate in it. There's also a lot of beautiful beaches, on which I would have been nice to go early in the morning and face the rising sun with the noise of lapping waves.
Of course this is only a small drop of all desires. I have a very inquisitive nature, and if I had the opportunity, I have traveled all my life. But I hope that by the end of life can at least make those dreams.
Tell us and you have such dreams? Do you have the city and the sights that you really would like to visit? I think that everyone should have the desire. All life is created in such a way that it is necessary to set goals and desires, and then seek him and to those desires.
Tell me at least a little about the city in which you live? He is big? How many people live there? What is most memorable in your town?
As I already wrote to you I live in a small town Kalinino. He even looks more like a village. In Russia, many cities are at their level can not be called cities. In contrast to the large cities there are no landmarks and modern buildings. It's simple and has everything you need for life. Maybe it's even better. This is a very quiet town. I've lived in big cities and at first I had very bad headache, as there was constant noise and dirty air.
My city was officially founded in 1780. But the first information about this city, there are already in 1553. It is now home to 9000 people. The most famous building in this city is a museum, where I am now.
jeremy I hope you're not tired of my words and thoughts. But I'm glad that I write to you and put you all my thoughts and desires.
Today I had to leave work. I want to meet with his old girlfriend, with whom we were at school together. She arrived yesterday to my mom. She now lives in another city, and we rarely see each other.
Now I must leave you. Now I hope to soon find your perfect answer. I wish you good mood.
Alla from Russia.
Letter 4

Hello jeremy! And so again I, your friend, Alla!How are you today?I am pleased that our ongoing conversations, and our friendship with you becomes stronger. For me, it is important that everything we write to each other was sincere and interesting. For me it is very important that you write to me.Have you told anyone about dating me? While I and most do not believe in it and I did not tell anyone. I am afraid that I will say that I'm stupid and naive. Many people do not even suggest that the way to communicate. While this is my little secret. jeremy I hope you do not mind if I ask you some questions.Tell us how you spend your time? What do you do on weekends?Maybe you feel that I was a little closed, because I do not like discos and noisy places. For me, much nicer peace and quiet. I love to read, especially anything from history and fiction. I like ancient history. I also like romantic movies and products.
I read and watched a movie on a work William Shakespeare "Romeo e Giulietta". Not for nothing, I wrote to you that I would like to visit once a romantic city Verona. He left me a very strong impression. But I am afraid to watch horror movies. Sometimes I look at them and then I feel so bad and I'm acting like a little kid. I'm afraid of everything that moves in the dark. So I try to never let them watch))))And what are your interests in music? I love listening to music. It relaxes me, and sometimes brings a good mood. But it all depends on the type of music. I like quiet music. I mostly listen to the radio. From the foreign executors I like the music of Beyonce, Rihanna. I also listen to the music of Russian performers. But sometimes I like to include 80s music. It's very beautiful music, and there are many songs that are popular today. I especially love Italian music and its performers: Toto Cutugno, Adriano Celentano, Eros Ramazzotti, and others.Now some of the films. I like best comedies, soap operas, melodramas and historical films.
Now I have time to watch little. But in my mind there are many excellent films that I would look again. In Russia, the film is not on this level. But there are also many good movies. My favorite movies: "Titanic", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and many others.As for food, I my main kitchen - Russian. There are many delicious and memorable meals. Many dishes are probably aware, even in your country. In Russian cuisine is a wonderful soup "Borch". It is also famous for its pancakes. There are many wonderful salads. I watch her figure and try to keep my body is normal. I try not to use a different diet to not gain weight. It is much easier and more enjoyable to get rid of excess weight with the help of sports. My diet is pretty simple. In the morning I have little time and so I managed a quick snack and a cup of coffee. For lunch I usually eat a salad and some soup. Most of all I like salad "Olivie". I have lunch at work. After work I come home and make dinner. I can cook many different dishes. The main thing to have only a little imagination.I also eat other food dishes. I ate a pizza and pasta from the Italian cuisine.
I really liked it. There are also many delicious dishes in the Japanese and Mexican cuisine.
Some names I just can not even pronounce.Tell us what you do and interests? What do you like that do you prefer?I'll be very glad and happy to know about it. So I can be more and more as you people. I am very pleased to talk with you!
Your Alla!
Letter 5
Hello my dear jeremy!
How are you? What you now have the mood?
Now I am very happy because I read your letter and now I can write to you. I received a letter from you unforgettable.
How are you? how was your day? What did you do today? Today I have a day passed quickly. The weather was sunny and the breeze was blowing. And how was your day? What's your weather?
jeremy Who would have guessed that now is the time when the world is perhaps even impossible. I've never could imagine that it is possible to get acquainted with a person through such distance. I first learned about the internet only when I was in university. And now I got to know you and can communicate. Internet provides great opportunities. But for me, now the most important thing that I can communicate with you. I do not regret that time I wrote to you. You have opened me to another world. You told me about many things, which I used just did not know.
Tell me and you talked earlier with someone else on the internet? And you're emailing with someone?
jeremy I met with you, I wrote two more people. But now I tell you frankly that I am writing to you. These 2 guys asked my naked photos. They have not even met me, knew very little about me. When they wrote it, I was very angry at them and I wrote them, "Goodbye." I realized that for them, I kind of frivolous girl. They are primarily interested in the appearance. They are not interested in the spiritual qualities of man. But the man has so many wonderful qualities. I do not understand how this is possible. I have often noticed how the younger generation. Young people today just do not know the boundaries of his promiscuity and frivolity. Even the girls are now smoking. I was so unpleasant to look like a girl, which should give birth to healthy children is smoking and holding a bottle of beer. About the guys I'm not even going to talk about. I do not know how your country jeremy, but even the fact that the two guys who wrote and asked me about this suggests that perhaps the same problems exist in your country. Of course I do not know about it, but I think that such negative actions in humans primarily produce modern passion of the young. Many do not see my life without alcohol and even drugs. Only having used it, they feel happy and cheerful. They are fun and they are willing to do the impossible. It is in this state, people commit crimes. jeremy on this topic can argue endlessly. In short we can say that all this can ruin a person's life when he was still quite young.
I have never used drugs and alcohol is a strong (sometimes I drink red wine during the holidays, but in very small quantities). I have no such interests to get enjoyment out of it. For me, much more pleasant to spend time in communion with his brother or father. Therefore, I very rarely go to discos. There's no good. I've always dreamed of having his family to have healthy children. I want to have a complete family. I'm not interested in my family is rich or not. I've never lived in luxury, we lived in prosperity. Our father worked tried to give us all with his brother. But his salary was not enough for all that we needed. But it is not ashamed of it. It was such a life has made me so, she gave me the qualities that others do not. Money is often spoiled people, they become greedy and stingy. With such people it is very difficult to communicate with them you can not find common interests. Simplicity, kindness and sincerity - these are the qualities that I always try to adhere to.
Tell us what you think about this? I would be very interested to hear your opinion.
I'll look forward to your letters and your photos.
With best wishes your Alla.
Letter 6
Hello my dear jeremy!
I'm all good. And how are you?
Today I am a bit sad mood. I slept badly, and now I have a very difficult day. Good that you wrote to me. It has brought me a lot of positive emotions. Even my mood after your letter was different. I am eagerly waiting for him and read with great pleasure.
jeremy in your next letter, I would like to know what kind of people you most like? What do you value most in people? What are your dreams?
jeremy I am writing to you just what I think myself. I am writing to you all my thoughts, so I apologize in advance if you do not like or you have another point of view.
I also wish you only the sincerity and truth. It must be the most important people! I have never deceived people. I always tell the truth. Even if the truth will hurt or disappointed, but I can not lie! Better for me to say because it has something to tell a lie. Sooner or later the lies will only lead to worse. I love the goodness in man. must never forget about it as a. jeremy I think that if everyone is good, then the earth will not be burning, there will be wars and bloodshed. When I watch TV shows, and there died during the war, various natural disasters, I feel so sorry for these people. I do often cry. In place of each victim could be anyone, even your beloved and dear to you people. I do have a very weak character. I am very easy to injure. I do not have such qualities as cruelty and indifference to others. Sometimes these qualities to be a man, But I do not. In man, the first thing I appreciate the ease of communication.
Tell us what you see as the ideal man?
I do not deny that I want to find someone with whom I can be happy, which will be ready to accompany me through life. I want to find a good, responsive, reliable, simple man. For me, it does not matter what a man is not beautiful or handsome in appearance! The beauty of man lies in his soul, in his heart. I'm not looking for luxury and convenience. I'm looking for understanding and love! Nothing can replace that person's feelings. Nothing in the world is not beautiful sincere feelings.
Many people are primarily considered a major life is not something that is really is. Many people think that the work, money, and so can make a person happy. They'll never make a man happy! At least me! They only help to achieve happiness! Happiness - is when you have a loved one when you're nice to him when you can not live without it! Many a search of wealth, forget about the spiritual. They may be rich, to get what they want. But they will not have mental happiness. But money can not buy love, can not buy a family with which you'll be happy. So I appreciate you jeremy, because you are really good people. I am so pleased to talk with you! I can tell you something that does not say never! You help me to reveal his emotions. I am pleased to read your letter. is already doing day brighter and happier.
I'll be happy to receive your letters always! I'm so lonely without you!
Dolce baci!!!
La tua amica Alla!
Letter 7
Hello my dear jeremy!!!
How are you today?
Your letter to me - a source of good mood, and new thoughts about you and about the future. Every word you say brings me unforgettable emotions! I am happy that I met you that day and wrote to you. Now I do not regret! You're a good man!
jeremy all of my last days are in my thoughts of you and our communication. It is a pleasure to talk with you. With you, I realized that in our time is possible. Previously, I had no idea that I could communicate with someone from another country. And now I can communicate with you and learn a lot about you and your life! It's so beautiful!
jeremy tell me what is most important to you in life?
Forgive me for asking you such a hard question. It is not difficult, just not always possible to immediately identify the main thing in life. For someone in the first place of importance is the work and career. For someone the most important thing in my life family and loved people. And someone to something else. All people are different and have different views and interests in life. I would be very pleased to hear your opinions on this.
I like each person has their own views on life. When I was in school and university, for me the most important thing in life was to get an education. Find a good job. Make it a career. I've aspired to do so. I am a good student. I graduated from university with honors. This many people can only dream of. But when my mother died, I realized that this is not the most important thing in life. Only after losing loved ones for you man, you know how it was expensive for you! Now I understand why my mom wanted every spare moment to spend with me and my brother. Now I realize that life is not eternal and can happen that the next time might not happen. Now for me the main thing in my life loved ones.
I know that you have time and again raised the question of why I am writing to you. Why can not I find a man in Russia. And in Russia there are men. But then I had more disappointments. Many people simply do not understand what the family and family values. They are afraid to have a family. Now this is not the most important thing in life. They are ready to have only short-term relationship. And I'm not interested. I'm not a little girl and I want to find a serious man. I want to have a happy future with him. I hope that fate does not turn away from me and it will give me the happiness of the particle. I hope that one day I will be able to hug their loved one and tell him how much I love him. I hope that one day I will be able to watch your child as he tells for the first time mom or dad. When he takes the first step. And how excellent these dreams for the future! In every dream has a chance to become a reality. I will pray to God that he heard me and helped me.
jeremy I am writing to you very frankly and sincerely. I am pleased and I feel you understand me.
I will eagerly wait for your answer!
Gently hug! Alla!
Letter 8
Hello my dear jeremy!!
How long it lasted a while ... How long I have waited for this wonderful moment, and here he came. I was lonely without you and your sweet words.
jeremy with each passing day I am more and more I think about you. You're a good person. In you I see a serious person. From the minute I feel for you more affection and trust. I always want to receive and read your letters. Your words are with me doing something unimaginable. You become part of my life.
jeremy I can not explain the feelings that I cover. Maybe I still do not understand a lot in life. But you came into my life and you really like me! I love you! I hope that you will not laugh at me. I wrote to you always with sincerity and frankness. My feelings for you are strong and I want you to know about them.
I have long thought about it and I was afraid that you will not understand me. But the more I do not want to hide it! As you have something that makes me think about you that attracts me and makes me write to you these words of love! My treasure, I am writing to you, and I immediately feel better. Now I do not have to hide it and constantly thinking about how to confess to you with this. Now I'm worried. I do not know how you react to my letter. But I still hope you can understand me.
Love is a complicated concept. No one can give it a precise definition. But all understand and feel when it comes. In my heart and came to love and now I'm happy. I would like to tell you these words, when we would be close. I have a dream that is now in my life was a man who would answer me in return. I hope that now all of my heart will take the loneliness and sadness.
I very much look forward to and a desire to read, and each of your letter. To me, your words are like a breath of fresh air. It's hard to explain what is going on in my heart. There's an ocean of emotions and feelings. But most important of them - it is love to you. jeremy I'd love to in my life finally came bright and pleasant time. I want to forget his past life, his suffering and pain. I want to become a different person now. I want a different future in which the most important ingredients will love and happiness. I want you to be my lover, my partner in life!
I am writing you this letter and I cry. I love you! But I am afraid you will not be able to understand my feelings.
I'll wait for your answer! Now you are very dear to me and my heart is open for you and your love!
Gentle hugs and sweet kisses!
Your lonely and suffering Alla!
Letter 9
Hello my love jeremy!!!
I'm good and I'm happy. And how do you my treasure?
For me, even the pleasure that you meet me and I am able to write to you. This is a memorable and wonderful!
My prince, if a couple of days ago I could still doubt what are all the same I feel a feeling. So today I confidently tell you that it is love. I love you! I even spoke with his father and touched the topic of conversation as you. My dad immediately noticed that I was something else, and yesterday he began to question me. I did not hide anything from him and told him about you. For him, it came as a surprise, because very few people start dating online. I told him that we have a very good relationship and that I love you. He understands me and wants me to be happy. He asked me, just so I was careful and attentive. I promised him that everything will be fine and one day I'll introduce you to my dad. My Dad is very nice and friendly people. I think you also will like him and he will be happy to see me next to you!
jeremy Now I often think about you. Sometimes I can not even concentrate at work. I'm starting to work, but in my head come more and more new ideas. After a few moments I was drowning in my dreams. It may take a long time. I represent the beautiful scenery and we walk there with you. jeremy if you were there, it would be so pleasant and unforgettable! I am happy that you came into my life!
My love for me, first of all, you're the man I love. I do not care what you are from another country and we have different culture. I think that this is no problem. For me, as it does not matter your past. I live by this and think about the future. From the past I have kept only the most vivid impressions. Also, I always try to analyze their mistakes in the future will never do them. Tell me what you have and opinion on the past, present and future? I will live one day. I think about the future. But no one knows what will be the future. I think it should be every day of your life to live so in the future will never regret it. Do not be afraid of life! I think that it should always be confident and not afraid to make important decisions. It is important that people remain people, not turned into animals. Man makes it stand out above all the soul, the ability to understand other people and support even in difficult situations.
Excuse me. You could probably get to sleep until reading my letter))) When I have an inspiration, I can meditate for a long time and share their thoughts. jeremy is an inspiration to you I do not ever leave. Now, the love upon me, and my mind. I only manage feelings and emotions. I want you to repeat those words! I love you! I love you! As a pleasure to write to the person for whom you are also important!
jeremy what is the place I occupy in your life and that means to you my love? To me, you take the most important place in my life! you are the most important part of my life! I can tell you that you were my reason for living! You're the first person who so strongly embraced me and my soul. It seems to me that you either run the spell on me and fascinated with his love! I do not resist, I can not resist the love of the most beautiful person in the world! I love you and now I can not imagine my life without you!
I love you! you're always in my thoughts and my dreams! This is the sweetest dreams! How can I be happy if one day all these dreams come true!
I love you! The sea of ??sweet kisses in your tender lips!
Yours and yours alone Alla!
Letter 10
Hello my love jeremy!
How are you?
I am very pleased and happy to receive your letter. I hope that you too will be glad to my letter. My Prince I am so missing you! I'm so lonely without you!
My love for you grows every day! I can not imagine what will happen in a while. My love, I hope that you can take heart from my love and I will create a new love more sweet and most importantly strong!!
jeremy now we're like two banks of the river! It's the perfect comparison that I can give our love to you! My dear is not it so?
We are so much alike, but we are at a distance and can not connect and be together. But we are washed by the most tender love, as the water washes the shore. My Prince the only thing that does not allow us to fully compare yourself with them, is the fact that the two banks could not meet, because then there will be water that washes them, the river is dry. But we'll have a nice opportunity to meet, and lose love, because love is not water! It can surround us all life! We must simply believe and feel the love! If there is no faith and no hope, I think that there can be no love! It should also be the pursuit of happiness and love, because without a desire in the lives of little that can be achieved, it is necessary and always aims to achieve its goals!
For myself, I set a goal. You have to my life! I want to be with someone you love! I want to give him my love and affection! I want him to be happy! I also dream about at least a drop of love! But even this drop would make me the happiest in the world! It will make my life memorable! I went through a lot in this life! I was disappointed, I had the pain of losing near and dear to me man. But they were all disappointed. Never in my life had such love and affection to the person. I love you! jeremy you are my treasure of life! I'm ready for you at all. I want to feel you and your love. You're the most expensive that I have. Now every morning I wake up and think about you a long time. Sometimes I think that this is a dream. But the dream can not last for so long and when I open the mail and see there your letter, I understand that all this is true! This is a wonderful reality, full of love and hope. I want all of our hopes and dreams come true.
My love, I do not know what you have to do with me and that you all think of me. But I would be happy to meet you even closer. I would be glad to meet you. What do you think about our meeting? You would like to meet?
My Prince I am not in a hurry. But my feelings overwhelm me and I want our relationship had a new shape and were more serious!
I love you! I love more than anything else!
I'll be waiting with great impatience for your answer!
Gentle hugs and sweet kisses the sea!

Letter 11
Hi, my treasure jeremy!!!
I do not even know how to find a word to you, it was able to express all my love to you all my feelings for and emotions. To make it as an expression of you dear to me. Sometimes words are not necessary. Enough even a glance to show the power of love. My Prince, I would so like to feel the most beautiful sight of two eyes. jeremy I would like to see all our words become reality! This reality could be a very happy wonderful! I would give anything for his happiness and joy, and a close loved one. I love you and that love will live in my heart just for you, just for you my prince!
My love, I would like to talk more with you about our meeting. I understand that this is a very serious step for each of us. But this step is necessary. My prince, we can write letters to each other for ages. But what of this change? Nothing ... Can we begin to write words that have not been contacted, even the most famous poets. But our love will still remain the same. jeremy if we are to our sense of seriousness and sincere, then I think we really need to take this step. Only then can we fully know each other, open our hearts to each other and say all the words of love and affection! My Prince, I would be happy more than anything to meet you! How did it would be nice instead of this letter to tell you all these words with the emotions that you can see and feel. jeremy my heart starts beating stronger and stronger, when I present these unforgettable moments, when we're there. It's so romantic! I can not believe that my life is such a person. But the most important between us love, mutual love! I love you! I will love you always, until the last breath, until the last heartbeat. My love for you is stronger than anything else and nothing can break it!
My Prince just a matter of where and how we will meet. My treasure, I do not mind if you arrive in Russia. Are you ready to come to Russia? Of course you have here are some problems. My love is primarily a problem of language proficiency. It's all told in Russian, and you simply will not understand. Also, if you arrive to me, we live in a house with my dad.
jeremy there is another option. I might come to you in your country. What do you think about this? I would be pleased and happy. I think for me it would be easier and more convenient. If you want to meet, then I would be able to take a break at work. Also, for me, would not be a problem communicating in your country. I know your language and communication for me would not be a problem. Of course I will still make many errors. But you could teach me how to express better. My love I've never been in other countries and I would be happy for the first time in my life to go abroad. I would be happy to visit this beautiful country. But most importantly I was able to be with the most expensive for a man. I could personally tell all that keeps my heart. I could finally hug you and kiss! How did it perfectly! I love you! My love do you want me to come to you? My Prince, I think we're two adults and can make this decision, which will be beneficial for both of us!
My love I dream about our meeting. I'll be dreaming of that beautiful moment when we first see each other and what we say. I think that first we will be a long time to stand and look at each other and convince yourself that this is not a dream. And then realizing that it is a reality and that is our main dream was fulfilled, we tenderly embrace each other and our lips merge in a gentle and sweet kisses!! My love, I can not hold back her tears. How did it perfectly! I want it all turned out true! My love, we just one step away from each other. We have only to venture out and do this step.
I love you! I will eagerly wait for your answer! I really hope you can understand me and we will soon be able to be together!
The sea of ??sweet kisses!
Your lonely Alla!
Letter 12
Hello my love jeremy!
How are you today?
My dear I am glad and happy to receive your letter. I am grateful for the fact that you are serious with me. I am pleased that I was also at least some place in your life. To me you are the most expensive and most beautiful in this world. I would even say that you are the meaning of my life. at least I can not imagine a future without you!
My Prince, I am glad that you want our meeting. My treasure, I thank you for what you could understand me and my feelings. My Prince now I will eagerly wait for this wonderful day. If miracles happen, I would like tomorrow to be with you. But while this is impossible. My Prince but I think we can wait for our meeting.
My dear, I do not know much about the rules of travel abroad. I have to contact the travel agency, so I drew up all the necessary documents and I was able to fly without any problems in your country. Of course it will take some time. But I think that is not so much. As long as I can start processing the required documents.
jeremy but I think I will need some data. My Prince write to me at the airport and the city that I must fly. I do not know much better than flying, so your advice I would be very helpful. I think that the departure date, we will choose later, when it is convenient for both of us. Ok?
As long as I can draw up the documents, and then we will decide when we meet.
My Prince and leave me your exact address, but I'll leave you to your:
Paese - Russia
Citta - Galanovo
Mosina Alla
Now you know almost everything about me. And the fact that you do not know you can learn when we meet)))
My Prince, I spoke today with my dad that I want to meet you. He was pleased and happy for me. But his heart sad, because he used to live with me. I know that he will be alone. But above all, he understands and wants me to be happy and was close to a loved one. He understands. He wants us to be happy with you! jeremy if I'll be happy, it will also be happy and excited for me.
My Prince, I think it will soon be able to give you more specific information about our meeting! It will be unforgettable! My treasure but you seriously want me to come to you?
Forgive me if I ask you this question. But once again I want to make sure that you want me to come to you.
My treasure to contact me. I will be with great impatience and a desire to wait for your sweet message! No, I would be more than happy to spend a romantic evening with you in a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can send me this evening when we meet?
Gently hug and kiss you! No, I am sending you a sweet sea of kisses!
Yours and yours alone Alla!!!
P.S. I always think of you and me but you do not need nobody else in this life!
Letter 13
Hello my love jeremy!!!
How are you?
I am very pleased and happy that you are in my life! Except you I do not need nobody else in this life! Only you belong to my heart full of love!
My Prince, I am very happy that fate has given me a familiarity with you! Every day for me is a reflection of you. My treasure, I imagine our future. It can be with you the most beautiful and unforgettable! We shared with you only distance. But the distance for our love, I think no problem. My Prince today, I took the first step to our meeting, our love and our happiness. I went to a travel agency. My love, I wondered about my visit to your country. My love, I was afraid that it will be very difficult for me. My treasure but it gave me the necessary information. jeremy told me that I needed to prepare the necessary documents for entry into your country. I left there all their data. Now they have started to register my data and my documents. My love after a while they will be able to tell when my documents will be ready and when I can book tickets up to you.
In the agency I was so curious to know if we could meet you. My love, they were told that the documents will be issued approximately 15 days. After that, I can fly to you, if I have tickets and documents. In general, I hope that you'll be happy to me. My Prince I am a bit worried and I was scared. But I am determined to meet with you because I love you! I want to have a serious relationship.
My Prince at work today, I spoke with the director. I told him that in the near future I would like to have a vacation. He allowed me to. But until my documents drawn up, I'll be working. jeremy I imagine our meeting at the airport. I am a little scared, since I never had you. But I hope that you will meet me. And when I see you at the airport, I go crazy with happiness and joy. My Prince I am finally able to hug! My love, if you wish, I'll even kiss you or give you a sea of ??kisses!
Today I have a very good mood. My love I hope that my letter will bring you to the same emotions. I love you! I want to be with you! I hope that over time our meeting will become a reality! In the meantime, we can write to each other, these sweet messages! Write to me and do not forget about me! You are for me the single most expensive people in the world!
Gently hug and kiss!
Your love Alla!
Letter 14
Hello my love jeremy!!!
How are you dear?
My treasure, I thought a lot about you day and waited with great impatience the moment when I can write you. My love you are very dear to me. If I could, I would whisper to you gently: I love you! My treasure is a pity that as long as I can give you is only the words of my letter. But even these words are filled with love and affection to you. You are a wonderful person and I want to exactly do you become my future.
My love tell me you still want to meet me?
My love today I went to a travel agency. There I was informed that the paperwork goes through without problems and they will be ready in one week. Then I will only buy tickets. My love, I paid the cost of documents. The amount was very large. My Prince, I paid 360 Dollar US for the design and preparation of all documents. My love, I was left frustrated. To come to you, I must also buy tickets. My love is the cost of even the cheapest ticket is 760 Dollar US. I do not have the money. I am very upset ..
My love, I do not know who to ask me more ... My Prince I am ashamed and uncomfortable in front of you. But I ask you this question. jeremy, you can help me with this sum? My love, I understand that this is wrong. But I hope you can understand me. My Prince in the future I'll try to give you back all the money. My only treasure I'm asking you not to think that I'm interested in your money. No! You are the meaning of my life at this moment above all, I want to meet you. Money for me has never been any incentive. Moreover, I have always believed that money is more than just bring misery and misfortune. How many people suffer because of money. My Prince, I do not want a lot of money. I want next to me was a loved one, for which I am ready for anything and for which I do not care about. jeremy I'm ashamed and I feel a huge inconvenience to you. Forgive me if I offended you, or bring the pain. But I do not have bad intentions. I just want to meet you! I want to enjoy our love and our happiness. My treasure, I understand how hard it is for us. But I think that for the sake of our happiness and our love, we must work together to make this step.
I love you! Every day and every minute of my love for you is getting stronger and stronger. I do not want to be with anyone, no one except you do not need me any more! Mia amica tells me that true love only happens once in a lifetime. Do not take chances once you can ever lose is a sweet feeling. Have a second chance may not be. My Prince, I do not wanna lose your love! I do not want to lose our happiness and bright future, we expect to be!
My love, I am a huge disappointment and the pain I am writing you this letter. I am ashamed, and so disagreeable to you. Excuse me, please ... I love you and will always love you! jeremy all my happiness and my love now depends on you. My future is in your hands!
Excuse me. I hope you can understand me ...
Sea of ??tender and sweet kisses!
Your sad Alla!!
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