Scam letter(s) from Melodie Spencer to Chris (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Chris,
How are you doing today???Hope everything is fine and how are you doing today?What about your work???It is really so nice seeing your letter and i say THANK YOU for taken your time to write me..I really want and will like to get to know more about you....You attract me so much with those words of yours..I'm here to find love and not to play games..Are you a playa?Well let me tell you some about myself..My name is Smither Jenty and am a single lady,never married,devoted,easy going,God fearing,sincere,honest,trustworthy,tolerance,adoring,down to heart,loving,caring,cherishing,sensible,understanding,intelligent,industrious,dedicated,faithful and friendly.I am also shy,free willing and cool headed.I like the outdoors alot and i love camping,going to the beach,gardening,swimming,fishing,surfing,designing,dancing,writing,sculpting,reading and doing housechores...I work full time and ready to love forever.I guess you would also want to know some of my body fits and here they are...
Hair: Dark Brown....
Now about my man..I need and want a man who will always love,care,adore,cherish me and also someone who is intelligent,understanding,down to heart,faithful and ready to love me...I need a man who will always understand my own views and never neglect me...Someone who i can always hang my trust on and who i can leon on for the rest of my life...A man who is dedicated,tolerance and faithful...
I have prayed so many times that i would find a man that will care for me like i care for him and just someone who care to hold my hand and ready to go places with me..A man who will walk in the park and not caring if it is raining or the sun is shining but just because we as a couple and could share a moment in time together for each other.No one except us,two people sharing life,,,,,I am a good soul,a good person,a gracious host to all who enter through my door and this is why my heart have been broken.I have lent a helping hand to anyone who needed it regardless if they ever paid back the favors which most of them don't but that is life and i accept it.I have never taken a life or killed even an animal for food except fishing..I keep a clean house,do my own laundry,work hard for my income and have little play time or even time for myself anymore.....I was hoping to find someone to share those moments with..My friends are few and mostly far away too..I don't have many and even fewer enemies,,,,I live a simple life or try to... Could you tell me more about yourself?Do you want more kids?what do you like to do best?What turns you on and off?What do you do after work?What about your lovelife and all that..Well i love kids though and telling more about me i'm honest and a college graduate.....I would really appreciate getting to know you more..I will appreciate it if you can include some more of your pictures in your next mail to me...
Smither Jenty....
Letter 2
Hello Chris,
How are you doing today?I hope you are really doing great and living pleasantly?How is your work?Hope everything is fine with you?Thanks so much for your letter and for telling me more about yourself..Well i just registered recently and didnt know if it's going to work out for me but did this online thing work for you?I am here searching for real and pure love..
It's quite so unfortunate that am presently in Nigeria but will be back home soon.I left India[Mumbai] to Nigeria about 8 days ago.I have been enjoying life to the fullest...I live all my life in Boise in Idaho but now doesnt mater where i go cus i want the real man for me..
I think am a little general about myself and some of the things that i am into.So let me get more personal about myself.Well in my 24 years i have seen a lot and originally from North Carolina but was born and grew up in Portland then move to Idaho with my folks in Jan 2006 so am new there.Am a graduate of Business Management and planning and to start my master degree soon.I stay with my Mother in Portland for just 2 months but now that she had pass away..I will find an apartment to stay cos i cannot afford the house rent or find a roomate to stay with.
Have done a lot and had a ton of fun doing it.I have also been through my fair share of relationships some good,some bad,some short and some long.I basically have spent the last year or so just enjoying life as a young single gurl with no worries at all and about a year and half ago i got out of a relationship that i was in for about four years and just needed some time deal with it and do some of the things that i wanted to do.By that i mean no commitments and no boyfriends i needed to do what i wanted whenever i wanted to do it.I know that sounds pretty selfish but for that time it was the thing i had to do.My time for myself has really helped me to gain a new perspective on life.
Okay back to the boring story of my life.Well just kidding.Alright now that i got that out of me here is some more about myself.I would have to say that my best overall quality is just simply my personality.I can say that i don't know too many people if there any that do not really like me.
I attribute most of that to my parents because i think they did a pretty good job with me.Of course i would hope so being that i am the first and only child.My mum is originated from China but she live and grew up in Portland while my dad is from North Carolina.I lost my parent about a year ago so am the only one in the wicked earth now..Its so painful but i still thank God for the position i am now and will always thank God cos his always there for me. I am just a really nice person who will help anyone who needs my help.I could go on but you may think that i am some kind of crazy gurl.
I need Honest man,a man that is ready to marry and have kids cos i want to get married and start a new family.A man that stay alone,i will move with him and stay with him.
Here we go. Let me know of one of your most embarrassing moments that you have had. It doesn't have to be the most just one. Oh and maybe some info on yourself as well.Talk to you later.I will send some more of my pictures in next email.
Bye for now.
Smither Jenty..
P.S Here is my yahoo messanger i.d
We can chat online if you let me know when you are always online..Do you have a yahoo i.d too?I hope to hear from you soon..
Enjoy yourself..
Letter 3
Hello Chris,
Thanks so much for the mail..How are you doing today?Hope you are really coping with the weather and the loneliness over there?lol..Thank you so much for your mail and for taken your time to tell me so much about your life..I so much appreciate your message and i say THANK YOU for your kind words and the encouragement words..Well trust and understanding is the utmost in a relationship and we need to trust to love..Love can come in so many ways but it depend on how you see it..Do you believe in LOVE?I cant say am perfect but i can try and make things work out between me and my man..I really dont want to hurt anybody who gives me his love because i dont want to be hurt as well.I can never hurt someone because LOVE is really what am looking for here..I describe myself as loving,caring,adoring,cherishing,understanding and sensible..I also believe so much in God and have his fear in me..Well maybe we can start with friendship and let see where this leads to..How about that???I try always to do my best and let God do the rest for me..I have a big and beautiful heart and i so much love accomodating people..I hope i can be your friend..Lets start with that and see where it leads to..But dont you think love can come in this way?Am hoping to hear from you soon..Am still Nigeria as you know and we can keep in touch here till we can meet..Do you have a mobile phone where i can send a text to you?You can text me on this number..+2348089489699..I can send you a text from here..Let me know as soon as possible..Cant wait to see your mail..
Still Miss Smither Jenty...
Letter 4

Hello Chris Darling,
Hope you dont mind me calling you my DARLING?Thanks so much for the messages..Chris life has been so cruel on me and this is why i have decided to stay alone till i can find someone i can call my own..Life will be good and we will be happy if we can love and ready to share most of the difficult things about life with one another..Do you know that???Can you tell me more about the qualities you want in a woman?What are the things that atracts you to lady?I know we have alot of things in common and hopefully if we can share more of it then we will go places..You are my kind of man and am looking forward to get to know more about you more and hopefully start something serious with you..Thank you for your concerns and love..Am out of the country and presently in Nigeria as you know now but will be in the U.K for my vacation by the end of next month....I love about you?Well i will be back soon and hope we can make up for a meeting?What do you think???How are you doing today and hope work aint too stressful????Thank you so much for your words.Like i said i am new to this online thing and hope we can get along fine?Please always stay out of trouble and make sure you take your time to eat always.
Chris i have been badly hurt from relationships that fell apart and all i wanted was an end.I thought nothing could cure me and my heart would never mend.All i want is just to be happy so this is why i travel so much to get those bad memories out of my mind and to meet new people and love again..I am ready to love now when the right man comes along..Hope love is what you are looking for here and not to be a playa?Can you ever love?Please tell me how you feel about me and let me know your mind about this.....I really want to know.
Well do you know that real love has nothing to do with the outter look????The outter look is not essential than the inner look..The inner look is what will identify you and this will gives a lady more interest about a guy..What i mean is physical looks is not what am looking for in a relationship...I want my man to be honest,sincere,self-reliance,down to heart,supportive,dedicated,loving,adoring,industriuos and always there for me..You can see all these has nothing to do with the looks...
I am looking for real,pure,natural and unconditional love and i hope i can hang my trust on you...I really appreciate your mails alot and i want you to know that the love i want is the love of God and nothing else..I need something serious and a long term relationship...I dont want to be played or to play games..I want a better and best relationship which will lead to marriage..Marriage is all that i want in life and to be happy with my family forever..I want kids and hope to get a better and happy family with the man closest to my heart..I am not pushing things too fast but i just feel that you are the right man for me..Please i dont like games cus i have been played and my heart have been broken..Right now i have a mended heart i want someone who will forever treat me like a lady and not just a fool..I love your mails and hope we can start something more serious from here?I look forward to hearing from you..Tell me how you feel about my feelings for you..I really want a steady and serious relationship..I am just hoping i can hang my trust on you and i hope you will love me forever cus you know now that i have gotten so much pains in this life?Tell me what you feel about my emotions and maybe i can be happy with you again forever...
I hope you can understand my plights?
1,I will like to know the qualities you want in a lady?
2,Do you think we can cope together?
3,What kind of relationship do you want with me?Short Term,Long Term or Marriage?
4,Will you love and care and always be there for your woman forever?
5,Will you still love me if even your ex comes back?
6,Will you love your woman forever and never hurt her?
I want answers to those questions and i hope you can understand?I have been hurt before so i want the best for myself now..I am really so sorry if am jumping into things but i need to know cus the best time for me to know these is now..I will be waiting to hear from you...
If you sure you want me can you get your profile delete from the dating site and i will do the same as soon as you want and let us be together to make a better and the best couple in this world?I want to know cus you have filled my heart and want the best for us..
Smither Jenty...
Letter 5
Thank you so much Chris,
How are you doing today?I hope you are really doing great?How is the weather and how is the race?Have you started yet?What time are you suppose to start?Well i just want you to know that am thinking about you and will always do..I wish you all the best today and always and please be good always..I purposelly want to write this mail to you and wish you LUCK..Take good care of yourself and hopefully will text you later tonight..Will you keep the video of the race for me till when am in the U.K?Thank you so much for your time and for writing..I so much appreciate getting to know you and wish to be with you forever..Please be good and take good care of yourself for me..Let me know how the race went..Can you text me tonight?
Smither Jenty..
Letter 6
Thank you so much Chris,
How are you doing today?I hope you are really doing great?How is the weather and how is the race?Have you started yet?What time are you suppose to start?Well i just want you to know that am thinking about you and will always do..I wish you all the best today and always and please be good always..I purposelly want to write this mail to you and wish you LUCK..Take good care of yourself and hopefully will text you later tonight..Will you keep the video of the race for me till when am in the U.K?Thank you so much for your time and for writing..I so much appreciate getting to know you and wish to be with you forever..Please be good and take good care of yourself for me..Let me know how the race went..Can you text me tonight?Yeah you can call me whatever you feel its good for me..I mean names like ****,baby,darling,sweetie,hunnie or my jewel..Its okay with me..
Smither Jenty..
Letter 7
Darling Chris,
Thank you so much for the love assurance today..Chris you are my kind of man and i hope we make the best couple..You are all mine as i am all yours now.Although we have two different bodies,minds and souls but we have one and the same beautiful heart.This is my unconditional love for you from me to you.
I love you, my Buttercup, with all my heart,body,mind and soul. I will never stop loving you.You are my life,my world and my everything now and hope you will never hurt me. Distance may keep us apart but you will always and forever be embedded deep within my heart.
Your loving...
Smither Jenty..
Letter 8
Hello Chris,
How are you my love?Just take your time to relax and make sure you dont stress yourself ***..Always remember that someone care so much for you and that person is ME..I never thought that i could ever love again but you came into my life suddently and it seems to me that i can.I have never been as in love with anyone before as i am with you at the moment.What can i call this?LOVE or ****?Please tell me..Right now you make me laugh and have never made me cry.
1,Dont you think it is just too soon for this???
2,How long can you accomodate me?
3,Do you think we can make the best of couple?
4,Will my love not be rejected when i come?
5,When exactly do you want me to come to you?
6,Tell me the closest Airport to you?
7,When will it be convenient for you?
8,What will be your plans for me when am coming to you?
Take good care of yourself for me and always be good cus am watching
Smither Jenty..
Letter 9
My Buttercup Chris,
You are so full of wisdom about life that whenever we are chatting online it really makes me think that i could stay there forever just to listen to your open mind for it is peaceful and inviting.Darling you have become my awakening,you have helped me see things in a brighter way.In a happier,enlightening way.For i was once drowning from my own fears,completely cynical about love,about hope and security.I used to think that no one understood me and could ever untill when you came along into my life...Thank you so much for being my beloved Lover.
Darling i thank you for all the fun times we spent together online even if they were short lived but i know we will have alot more time together soon.... Now over the week i have come to this conclusion.You must have been an angel sent by God to help me grieve and become a strong willed woman because no one has ever been able to help me see the light. Clouds of darkness shadowed over me no matter what any other soul would say but you make me smile with just your presence.You know I thank God every day for given you to me and for making our love so perfect and unconditional...You have changed my life in a very beautiful dramatic way and i know that you are brought into my life for a reason,a way in which to guide me and help me see myself.I like to call you my angel,my earthly angel.
Sweetheart you are my one and i thank you once again from the bottom of my heart and though we are apart now but just know you will always live in my heart.
Love always,
Smither Jenty..
Letter 10
Darling Chris,
I miss you so much everyday ***.I want to be with you and hold you. I want to gently touch your face and cup your cheek in my hand as i look into your beautiful eyes.I want to snuggle and cuddle with you,to just be close to you.I want to rub your leg and stare across the couch as we talk of our feelings for one another.I want to hold your hand across the table at a restaurant. I want others in the restaurant to be jealous of our intimacy and our tender affection for one another.I want to lie next to you in front of a fire and gaze into your eyes while i rub your back.I want to romance you.I want you to know how beautiful you are in my eyes.I want you to know how much i cherish and adore you.I want to give my heart to you.I want your heart,I want it all.
With fond affection and longing thoughts,
Letter 11
My Love Chris,
Chris, I adore you!! You are the most wonderful man.You make me feel loved and worthy of love.I have missed much in life because i did not have a companion.You are the companion that i have wanted for so long. You are the man that i long to share life's adventures with.You are the friend that i can share my innermost secrets with.You are a loving and supportive friend to me. I strive to be a loving and supportive friend to you.I long to help you carry life's burdens and lovingly encourage you as you stretch out to be all that you can be.I love to sit across the couch from you.Where would you like to hold hands across the table?Where can i enjoy your smile and adoringly look into your beautiful eyes?Where can we make a new memory of our romance together?I came up with some ideas:
(list any restaurants)
The choice is up to you my dear.
I can't wait to hold you in my loving arms,look into your beautiful eyes and kiss your tender lips.
With all the love of a longing heart,
Letter 12
Darling Chris,
I really hope you can understand why am saying all these..Things have been so hard for me in the past in my relationship and dont want to get up to the same now..Please try and hold on to your promises..We will make the best couple if only we can understand each other..This romantic note has a double meaning.It's not only expresses that i want to be with you forever but also that i will forever holds what i long for (your love).
What i long for...
is forever with you.
This romantic note simply expresses my pride in our relationship.
I love...
our love.
My heart...
longs for you.
A romantic note expressing a very simple truth.
When i am with you online, ...
I never want to leave.
You are completely beautiful both inside and out.
Your love has made me...
wealthy beyond my dreams.
I long...
to be near you.
If i don't romance you,
If i don't adore you,
If i don't cherish you...
I don't deserve you.
I want to give you
All the love in the world
Just for you to be happy
Letter 13
Hello My Loving,Caring,Adoring,Understanding and the Most Cherishing Chris, Darling i hope you can understand?I am missing you so much that it hurts so much in my heart and i want to be where you are ***..You are all that matters to me in life and i want the best for us as 1 big family...I know you will be a good,loving,caring husband for me and a caring,understanding and adoring father for our kids and that is why i have chosen you..Darling i am ready to come to you and will be so much happy to meet with you at the Airport and proclaim to everybody how much you mean to me....Here is a poem for you my love and hope this tells you how much am missing you...

My red heart is blue,
because I'm missing you.
Every day, I think about you,
and I imagine how great
every hour,
every minute,
and every second would be
if you were here with me.
Every night, when I lie in bed,
I dream that you're beside me,
holding me close to you.
If you were, I'd whisper in your ear,
how much I love you.
Since you came into my life
nothing has been the same.
I've experienced love to its fullest,
and I've tasted a beauty that never ends,
because you're where my happiness begins.
I'm incomplete without you, and
I'll never stop loving you.
You're the world to me,
in brilliant colors.
You're my best friend,
a favorite song that will never end.
And together is where we should be.
Someday soon, I pray,
that you'll walk through the door
and take this heartache away.

Sweetheart thank you for your love and for accepting me into your life..We are mean forever ***..
Letter 14
Hello ***,
This is for you..
F- is for the Friend you've been to me. A- is for Appreciation i'm sending your way. T- is for Teaching me wrong from right. H- is for Helping me through the hard times. E- is for Everything i can't remember to thank you for. R- is for Remembering all the good times. S is for Special just like you are.You are my lil dad..Hope you like it that way?lol..I love you so much Chris..
A best friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have. How lucky I am, having you as my best friend and my everything!
Letter 15
Hello Darling Chris,
How are you doing today?Please always take your time to eat well and relax and also make sure you always keep away from trouble.I love so much and i care about you.This is for you my love.
look below.theres more love ya

Miss ya love so very much.the skys empty and the wind doesn't ****.it was sunny out today & thought of our love every minute & what u looked like,memorized,as i glance down the road only thinking of u.dreaming of us in each others arms,holding each other so very close the snow melts,the wind blows,the birds cherp & sing our song.the sky fills up with white clouds as the gods r dancing our love,celerbrating our joy.our love goes on & on through the heavens and reaching the ice forms crystals on trees,thinking how fragile our love is ,like being reborn.can we have times to meet on here.what times r best for u.i hope u love this e-m from my heart.deep whole self is yours & yours only,my heart is pouring now like it has never done before.longing to sway u away to a different demension all to myself to honer,love cherish in health and in sickness.i shall be there to pull u out when u get there for each other.noone deserves love more than we souls who were lost but found each other in just in timeUpgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsi mean it when i get or soon is deep when it hits me and i don't want to ever loose u honey ya.i'll try to stay up a little longer.just for uuuuu.i miss uuuuuxoxoxoxoxooxo hugs and kissesUpgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationslook below where we can fly ya soooo much.
I cant wait to be with you Darling............
AM YOURS FOREVER...................
Letter 16
Hello My Sweetlove Chris,
How are you doing today?I hope great?I hope you really had a pleasant weekend?Darling let me start by saying that i thank God every night since i found you.You came into my life when everything seemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way.I've never been so certain of anything in my life like i am of us.You have totally changed my outlook in life and i thank you for that.I never thought that someone could love me like you do but guess what?I love you that much too.I feel as if i'm walking over clouds just thinking about you.You make my life complete.
I love you and for you and U alone.I would do anything.I love you so much.Today i promise you that i would do anything in my power to make you a great person,outstanding father and loving husband. I LOVE YOU!!
My Love do you know that a 1 day without you is like one moment without air and also like 1 day without food and a day without water?
1 day without you is like a month without sunshine or shelter.
1 day without yourmail is like a year absent the sound of music or of birds or of rain and thunder.
1 day without your comfort is a week without sleep for my heart knows no rest and my nights give no peace.
1 day without your love and my days are empty of beauty;though i see about me everywhere others whom are called beautiful, none of them compare with your visage as i gaze at your mails.
1 day without you is like a year in a prison; though I may come and go as I please, my soul knows no freedom.
1 day without you in my life is like no life at all!
I love you forever,
Yours Forever...
Letter 17
Darling Chris,
I really dont know what to call you again..Should i call you my lover,my soulmate,my partner,my better half,my man,my boyfriend,my angel,my buttercup,my sweetheart,my darling,my hunnie??Well i will rather call you my all in 1..
Darling you have really given me so much to look forward to everyday..You are my everything and i thank you for coming into my life..Sweetheart here is my details,
Address....#12 QUEEN'S DRIVE,

Here is the location where you can go and have the funds send ***..

Tomorrow's Hours: 08:30 - 21:30

Hope you got everything intact ***?Thank you for your love ***..All what you need is just walk in at the location and tell them you wanna send money to someone..You will be given a form and you can ask the cashier to put you through if you need to know more about it..I can only get the funds here with the codes so *** i need the codes to get the funds here..Thank you so much for your love always..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU CHRIS..I love you with all my heart..
Letter 18
My Darling Chris,
*** am really so sorry about what i made you went through yesterday..Thank you for being there for me always..Sweetheart i really want to learn more about swimming..Are you sure you gonna teach me?lol..Cant wait to learn it and will you teach me how to ski ***?Hope i aint gonna get hurt when i do it ***?I thank you so much for all your love and for the understanding and the honesty..You are such a wonderful lover for me..Darling you are special to me and i will forever love,adore and cherish you..Dont doubt our coming together ***..We will meet soon..Sweetheart the road to true love is never easy but now i'm standing strong saying I love you till the end of time and will do anything to be right there with you....I cherish you alot and cant stop thinking about you..You are marvellous..
Letter 19
My Beloved Buttercup Chris,
Darling i need to let you know that my love for you is burning very brightly this morning as always.My heart longs for you.My heart longs to be filled with joy by your smile.My heart longs for my love,respect and adoration to flow to you as i gently want to kiss your hands.My heart longs to be warmed when i will hold you in my arms.My heart longs to feel the passion as i want to caress your face,stare into your beautiful eyes and tenderly kiss you.My heart longs to see our love for one another grow as we sit on the couch and we share from the heart.My heart longs to express my love for you as i rub your leg while we talk.My heart longs to be calmed and comforted as i lovingly kiss and caress your bare arms.My heart longs for me to cup your face in my hands and draw you in for a tender, loving and passionate kiss.My heart longs to feel the sensual passion and desire as we feed each other grapes.My heart longs to express its desire as i tenderly and lovingly touch your lower back.My heart longs for me to feel the love and desire of your gentle touch.My heart longs to experience the sensual passion between us.My heart longs to feel the love and joy of us cuddling and snuggling close.
I adore you my love.
With all the love of my tender heart,
Letter 20
I so much appreciate your love for me ***..I will be back online at 12.30 today..*** from now on i will be calling you my Marshmallow Man because you have the softest,sweetest heart i have ever known.I'm not letting you go and will never let you go.I would be the biggest fool ever should i do that.You have spoiled me,made me feel so special with your love just more than that you have made me whole.Without you i am incomplete; there is a great void in me.I dare not imagine life without you for the mere thought terrifies me.You are my world,my life and my love always.You didn't just steal my heart; you are my heart,my soul,my everything.There have been so many mistakes made,so many wrongs that cannot be undone. Oh how i wish i had a magic wand and could take away all the pain i have caused you.Let me make it right.Let me show you how much you mean to me. Please give me the last chance.
I love you so much.I can't lose you.I won't give up on us.I love you more than i can possible tell you.Please just let me show you.I promise i will love you like you ought to be loved ... forever.
Love always,
Yours 1 And Only..
Letter 21
Thanks so much for your message and your love always..My mind is really at rest now..Darling its a natural thing to love and when you fall in love you feel the real love and the main feelings come straight into your heart..Do you like the **** massage?I promise to pay that in full.. In the silence of the night i wake up and focus to find you my love.....You there but after a while you drift away...That is only because you so far away...My soul is beginning to reach out for yours,your gentle words are like a spark of light that iluminates my soul and as each sound grows deeper you make me whole.My darling i'm lost in your magic,my heart beats within your chest as i think of you every morning and dream of you each night...I think of your arms being around me and cannot express my delight and whenever we say goodbye you should know that i hold you dearly deep inside my heart.
Always remember these seven words and i pray you hold true
'Forever And Always,
I Will Love You'
Your Love,
Letter 22
My Darling Chris,
*** i want you and always will and there is nothing that will ever change the way i feel about you ... I love you! Love can make you do things that you never thought possible. See Darling there's a place in me where your fingerprints still rest,your kisses still linger and your whispers softly echo.It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part me.I promise you that you will always be in my heart.I love you so much that it hurts whenever i think about you living so far away from me.I love you so dearly and believe me i try my best to prove it to you.The only other way that i can think of is to finally meet you in person ...I hope that when we do all your doubts,worries and troubles will fly out the window -no more insecurities! I love you so very much Baby - I give myself to you - mind, heart and soul.
Your Beloved Forever,
Letter 23
Am Happy Now My Love Chris,
Thank you so much ***.Hunnie ever since the first day we met i knew you were the one for me.There was no doubt in my mind that we will be spending the rest of our lives together.The past few weeks have been hard especially since you're not here with me but no matter how far you are just know that our love will flourish and bloom in each other's heart.I await the day we will be together as am missing you so much in my heart and most of all i want to hold you in my arms and caress you tenderly..I want the whole world to know that i love you and nothing will ever change that.There is no other man for me and there is no other woman for you.We were created for each other to ease each other's pain and sorrow and replace our sadness with love and happiness.
Coming home soon!!
Letter 24
Darling Chris,
Thank you my love for loving me and for giving me a chance to show you how much I love you and how much you mean the world to me.I know we're a thousand miles apart right now but i'll be right there with you soon.. My love i love you always and forever.I really wish that you were near me and when i needed help you would appear and help me.I want to do the same for you too.However knowing that you love me so much is enough and if i can be your wife and then this would make me proud for the next 50 or 60 years.Remember you need to take care of me for 50 or 60 years and so you've got to take good care of yourself to do it.Sweetheart you're the only one that i want.
I just want you to know that i am very fortunate and very lucky to have you in my life.You're the best thing that has ever happened to me.You made me very happy and you made my life complete.You're the one who taught me how to love again.You gave so much happiness and so much love to my heart ..Just keep in mind always that whatever happens, "You're my one and only love."I love you with all my heart and soul.
Cant Stop Loving You,
Letter 25
Hello My Beloved Sweetheart Chris,
How has the day been with you now?Hope you had your lunch now?I hope you are still well and taking care of your self my love?I sat looking at your mails and your pictures and with every word i read my heart skiped a beat and sometimes i have to pinch myself so that i know that im not dreaming and i really have found the most perfect man in the world.I love you more and more as every day goes by and think about you nearly every waking moment and dream about you when im asleep.I am the luckest woman on earth knowing that i have found you my soul mate (you)It was really great talking to you today i wish we could talk forever till we can be together as one and like i said i love you for who you are and how you make me feel inside and not for what you can give me or do for me but just you.I long to meet you and hold you in my arms and to be able to sit and talk in person and make our union complete cos thats how you make me fell inside.You complete me my darling.
yours forever and always,
Letter 26
Hello Honnie Chris,
I know work has really been so hectic this past week *** but dont worry everything will be fine when am there..I will relief you of so many jobs..I hope you want that ***?Please kindly take your time to eat well and take time to relax.Hope you are enjoying yourself?I thank the good Lord for given me the opportunity to love you and also being loved by you.You know what i dont know what to say than I LOVE YOU.In less than some weeks we met you have already proven to me that love means everything.I want you to know that the love i have for you will forever be pure,natural and share with only you. My love for you looks not with the eyes but with my heart and my heart has chosen you.Finding the right person is just like choosing the right pair of shoes...Find the comfortable one and you'll be happy.I found you and am happy.
Do you know that love is everything?It is the key to life and its influences are those that move the world which is why you have made me to move the mountain as well.LOL.My love for you is not rude,it is not self-seeking,it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.The sun has risen and the sun has set and the moon has gone down and it has arisen, but I have seen nothing but your LOVE.
You are the light that helps me see.My heart aches to be loved but the pain of losing love overcomes my heartache when i found you.
Your Forever Angel,
Letter 27
My Sweetheart Chris,
Honnie inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside,where my highest hopes are kept alive,where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm.I find that you're on my mind more often than any other thought.Sometimes i bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter but more often you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts.There are even times when i awaken and i realize that you've been a part of my dreams.Then during the day when my imagination is free to run it takes me into your arms and allows me to linger there knowing there's nothing i'd rather do.I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander they always take me to you.Only the most special things in my world get to come inside my heart and stay. And now i realize how deeply my life has been touched by you.
Honnie i cant just imagine myself living without you again in this world.You are my everything so will never let you go till the death do us part ***..Darling know that not even death can take away your thoughts in my mind forever..You are a rare combination of so many special things. You are really amazing.
Letter 28
Darling with u my life is full of joy and happiness.U always inspires me.I thank u for ur luv,care and concerns u always shower on me.Will always love u.I care.
Letter 29
This tree comes with a lot of blessing u can ever imagine so i decided to buy it for U.Handle it with care cus it's quite precious.Luv u.**
Letter 30
Thank u so much *** for ur love and honesty.U have given me so much to be glad for in life.How i wish am there with u now.I want to love u more and more.I care.
Letter 31
Where are u now ***?Still with the family?Are u having a party?Is mom back home?Where is Sean and dad?How i wish am there with u.Am missing u so much ***.Luv u.
Letter 32
Chris i can never love u less.U are my 1 and only and forever i will love,adore and cherish u.Are u home now?Where are u?Cant wait to be in ur arms on Tuesday.
Letter 33
Hi Darling Chris,How are u this morning?Hope u are great?What time did u arrive home yesterday?Hope it was not late?How are u *** today?Are u working now?Luv u.
Letter 34
Love u ***.Glad u are okay.Am really missing u ***.Darling i cant wait to be there with u next week.Hope u are ready for me?Do u want me in the motel or ur home
Letter 35
*** what time do u want me to be online today?I hope u got my details?Text me and let me know what time i should be online today.Thank u for ur loving.I adore u
Letter 36
Am online now ***.Are u busy?Can we chat now?How has ur day been?Hope not stressful?Thank u for your love and concerns.Did u receive the text messages earlier?
Letter 37
Are u there ***?Hope it is easy to locate the location?I will be back online at 6:20.p.m.*** send the money in U S $.I love u so much ***.Thank u for everything
Letter 38
Sorry about that ***.Where are u now?Have u find the location?Do u want me to text the agent phone number to u?Thanks for all ur love akways.Please text me now.
Letter 39
Dont worry ***.Go back home.Can we chat now?Thank u so much for all ur loving.U are the best for me.I love u so much ***.Can u send it via moneygram?Let me know
Letter 40
Ok lets cht then ***.Am online now.Thank u for everything.U are my true love and will love u till the end of time.Am online now.U are so 1daful chris.Love ya.
Letter 41
So sorry about today.Am on my way home now.Will u text me when u get home?I love u and want to be with u soon.Thank u for everything.I keep loving u everyday.**
Letter 42
Are u back home ***?Do u watch footie?Which team is ur favourite?Are u a football fan?Am a liverpool u home now?Where are u ***?Please text me.Love.
Letter 43
Lol.Why dont u watch footie ***?Its really interesting and fascinating.Am in the room watching footie.(Man u vs Celtic)champions league.*** we will sort it out.
Letter 44
Darling dont worry i will be online @ 8:30.a.m tomorrow.We will sort something out about that ***.Missing u already and cant wait to hold u in my arms forever.x
Letter 45
Yeah ***.Can u get that send tomorrow?I can get it *** through the MONEYGRAM.Is the post office close to ur house?How many minutes to the post office from home?
Letter 46
enough ***.Just want to secure my seat for Tuesday.Am so glad ***.U are the right man for me.Text me please.x
Letter 47
I dont need more ***.Its okay my love.Thanks so much ***.U are so wonderful and so special to me.Cant wait no more to hold u in my arms.I will be online @ 8:30.
Letter 48
Will be online in the morning ***.MONEYGRAM is okay ***.Do u still have my details with u?Have u got ur inhaler?Darling we need to pray about ur asthma.Text me.
Letter 49
Thank u ***.I know we will be the best and the happiest couple in the world.Dont worry we will plan about our future when am there.Will get the money in d bank.
Letter 50
Time to sleep ***.Are u on the bed now?Have u had ur dinner?Is mom back from work?What about sean?Home?I will be online tomorrow morning.Missing u so much ***.x
Letter 51
Darling with u my life is full of joy and happiness.U always inspires me.I thank u for ur luv,care and the attention u always shower on me.Will always love.***.
Letter 52
Hello Darling,How are u today?Hope u had a pleasant sleep?Mine was short cus am thinking about u.Will be online @ 8:20.a.m.I love u so much and forever do.xxxx.
Letter 53
Thank u ***.We aint gonna give up on each other forever.Thank u for being my everything.Cant wait to be with u.Am home now and will be back online @ 12:30.Okay?
Letter 54
In the room thinking about U.Sweetheart u are the best for me and i will keep on loving u.My visa will be ready tomorrow *** and i will be with u on Tuesday.***
Letter 55
Are u working?Hope it aint too stressful?How has the day been?Missing u so much *** and cant wait to be in your arms.Darling u are my perfect lover.I adore u.**
Letter 56
Dont understand what u mean ***.Why are u saying that?Who warned u?About what?For what?I hope it has nothing to do with me?Please tell me cus am confused.Luv u.
Letter 57
Am always honest with u *** and will forever do.I aint scam ***.Am smither and u know that.Are u doubting my words or my love for u now?I want u Chris.Thats all
Letter 58
Why is love always treating me so hard?Chris u are all that i want and nothing else.U have to trust me to love me ***.I love u cus u are who u are.Ok?Love u lot
Letter 59
Why will anybody call me scan?My name is smither and not scan.I will forever be honest with u ***.U are my 1 and only and the perfect lover for me.Where are u?
Letter 60
Its okay ***.I can understand your doubts but do u know i feel the same way here too?That is why i want to come to u.Darling am ready to come to u.I care alot.x
Letter 61
Where are u ***?When will u be back online?Are u @ the post office?How much time do u have to get online?How has ur day been?We will be together soon.Love u.***
Letter 62
Do u want me online now?Can we chat while u work?Hope i have not taken so much of ur time this 2 days?What people warned u ***?About what?My look?Tell me ***.**
Letter 63
I will have my flight book today as soon as i can and get the flight details to u.Is that okay with u?Am coming to u next week ***.Hope the transfer was easy?**
Letter 64
Its rainning now *** but will be online soon.Need a shower now and have my lunch.How did it go?Westernunion or moneygram?*** get something to eat.Text me please
Letter 65
Will be online in 15mins.Have u had ur lunch now?Its raining but will be online soon.Love u lots.
Letter 66
Traffics everywhere ***.Am on my way to the bank ***.Will get it sorted today and will be online @ 5:20.p.m.Will let u know as soon as i can ***.Love u lots.**
Letter 67
Got the funds *** and am on my way to the Airline to sort everything out about my flight.Will be online @ 5:20.p.m.Thank u for ur love ***.U mean so much to me.
Letter 68
Thank u so much for your loving.Cant wait to be in your loving arms.Are u online?Have gotten my flight booked.Am missing u so much ***.Love u with all my heart.
Letter 69
Thank u so much ***.I so much appreciate ur luv for me.Am in my room and just thinking about u.Are u home now?U are the best *** and cant wait to be with u 4eva
Letter 70
Will u be there on the 31st @ the airport to pick me up home?We will visit places and have more time to be together for the weekend.Are u sure u are ready?Luv u
Letter 71
Love u so much ***.Are u home now?Hope all is well with u?Mom back home now?Are we gonna live together or stay in B & B for some days before coming in with u?
Letter 72
*** are u okay?Hope u had a good supper?Are u ready to sleep now?Am missing u so much ***.In bed now and thinking of u.Take care *** and have a wonderful night.
Letter 73
Hello Darling,How are u this morning?How was ur nite?Hope it was pleasant?Did u dream about us?Are u missing me *** cus am really missing u.Will be online @ 10.
Letter 74
*** u need to see ur Doc about the Asthma.Have u got a new inhaler?How worst is it ***?So bad or u will get better?Please dont get stressed up.I love u so much.
Letter 75
*** i will have to re-schedule my flight again.I want to take care of u and always be by your side.What do u think?Re-schedule for wednesday?Please text me now.
Letter 76
Am glad now ***.Darling u need to pray to God and tell him to cure u of the asthma.Am also doing the same here *** and i know he will do it.Cant wait to hold u.
Letter 77
Hello ***,How has the day been with u?Hope not stressful?Have u had ur lunch?Thank u for ur love assurance always.I promise to love,adore and cherish u forever.
Letter 78
Darling Chris,Thank u for ur concerns,affection,understanding and the love u shower on me.Are u okay?Hope no more asthma attack?I love u so much.Missing u lots.
Letter 79
Hi Darling Chris,How has the day been with u?Hope u are doing good?Are u through in school?Where are u?Hope u had a pleasant lunch?Am missing u so much ***.***.
Letter 80
Cant wait to chat with u ***.Will be online tomorrow ***.Get more food *** and be ready for me cus am gonna shake u in for my being blunt.Love u.x
Letter 81
Hi Sweetheart,How has ur day been?Hope pleasant?Mine has been so boring *** without u.Thank u for your love always.I will never doubt ur love for me.Where are u
Letter 82
Hi ****,are u home now?How was ur day?Hope u had a pleasant day @ school?Thanks for ur love always.Will be online tomorrow @ 10:00.a.m.U had ur supper?Text me.x
Letter 83
Cant wait to chat with u too ***.U are my dream comes true.U are my perfect being and will love u till the end of time.Thank u so much ***.Thinking about u now.
Letter 84
Umm thank u *** for the gift.What kind of gift is that?Am on the bed thinking about u.Wish am right there with u now.Had my supper about 2 hours ago.Loving u.**
Letter 85
Hello My Beloved Lover,How was ur nite?Hope u had a pleasant nite sleep?Are u awake now?Cant wait to be online for my gift.How u are much better today?Love u.**
Letter 86
Morning Darling Chris,How is your health now?Hope no more asthma trouble?Have u got ur drugs from the Doc?Will be online @ 10:00.a.m.Thank u for all your care.x
Letter 87
Sorry ***.Comp is acting up again.Will be back online now.I love u so much and will forever do.Thank u for being there always.Cant wait to hold and caress u.***
Letter 88
Hi Darling,Are u okay?Hope u are enjoying yourself with ur mates?What are u eating tonight?Mcdonald's?Domino Pizza?I had my supper now and thinking about u.***.
Letter 89
U are my **** ***.Cant stop loving u Darling.Are u okay *** with ur mates?Hope u aint gonna drink much?Please take good care of yourself for me.Will love u ever
Letter 90
Hello Sweetheart,Are u home now?Hope u had your dinner and what did u ate?Am on my bed thinking about u always.Its raining heavily here *** now.Take care ****.x
Letter 91
Still out with ur mates?Well u need to be with them now cus am gonna always be by your side.What time are u going home ***?Please dont get home late.I care alot
Letter 92
Sent 5 messages *** its time to sleep now.Please dont walk home late.Will chat with u tomorrow ***.Have a 1daful and pleasant Friday night.Luv.
Letter 93
Hi Darling Chris,How are u this morning?I hope fine and how is ur health?Hope no more asthma attack?I so much appreciate ur luv,understanding,belief and care.**
Letter 94
Hi Darling Chris,How was ur nite?Hope u got home before midnight?How is Sean?Are u awake now or still sleeping?Well *** take care of urself for me.Chat soon.**.
Letter 95
Am so happy ***.Thank u for ur luv always.Darling u need to see the Doc and get some drugs for ur asthma.Is that okay ***?I will be online soon.I love u so much
Letter 96
Got back to my room now ***.Thank u so much for ur loving.U are my true love and i will love u forever.U mean so much to me *** and cant wait to be with u ever.
Letter 97
Darlin Chris,U are my reason to be alive.U are my source of inspiratioon and my 1 and only.U have given me so much to be happy and will love u forever.Love u.**
Letter 98
Darling am thinking about u as always.Where are u ***?Hope u are good?I love u so much Chris and cant wait to have u in bed with me.U inspires me so much ***.**
Letter 99
Are u home ***?How has the day been with u?Are u with ur mates or alone?Thank u for ur love always.I love u so much *** and will adore ur love forever.Take care
Letter 100
Am good too *** and on my bed too just thinking about u.U are my man and forever i will be the best wife for u.Cant wait to cook for u and be by ur side always.
Letter 101
Am okay *** and just had my dinner too.I had rice and chicken.How is mom?Sean is home now?Are u alone at home now?Thank u for ur love always and for being there
Letter 102
My **** i just cant imagine living my life without U.Only u gives me so much fulfilment,love,joy & care.I will always love u.Cant wait to be by ur side.LOVE U.
Letter 103
Time to sleep too ***.Hope u had a wonderful day today?Mine is so boring cus am missing u so much.Darling take care of urself and dream of us.Will love u ever.x
Letter 104
Morning My Love Chris,How was ur night?Hope u had a pleasant sleep and how is ur health?Did u dreamt about us?5 days more.Am getting ready for service.Love u.**
Letter 105
Church starts @ 10:00 ***.How are u doing today?Hope u are much better with ur asthma?Darling u need to see the Doc and get the asthma drugs.How are u feeling?x
Letter 106
My Darling Chris,How has the day been with u?Hope u are feeling much better now?Cant wait to be with u ***.Have u had your lunch?Where are u ***?Home or out?xxx
Letter 107
*** u need to get some drugs for your asthma.Will u try and see the Doc today?U really need to see the Doc as soon as possible.How is Dad and everybody?Love u.x
Letter 108
Why are u worried ***?Please tell me what the problem is ***.U mean so much to me and i want to be with u and take care of u forever.Why are u worried ***?xxxx.
Letter 109
What is the problem ***?Why are u getting worried?Is mom home?What about joe and sean?Please tell me why u are worried ***.I love u so much and will always do.
Letter 110
Where are u ***?Hope u are home?Are u alright ***?I cant wait to be with u.Darling are u alright?Where are u @ the mo?I really want to know ***.Where are u?
Letter 111
Am glad u are okay ***.How is Dad?Are u enjoying urself?Am good too ***.Watching the t.v and thinking about u.I can get online @ 9:45.a.m tomorrow.Is that okay?
Letter 112
Am good ***.Had pancakes for lunch and feeling hungry u for your love always.U mean so much to me *** and i promise to love u forever.Take care.
Letter 113
Hello ****,How has the day been with u?Are u home now or still with ur dad?Have u told him about me yet?Hope u are feeling much better now?5 more days.Love u.xx
Letter 114
Forgot my age?Why ***?What are t thinking?Will be 24 in december.What has that got to do with us?Hope u are much better now?Why do u want me online early 2morow
Letter 115
Yea 2mor nites fine with me wot sorta time
Letter 116
Yeh thats fine c u then
Letter 117
Is that 45 pound or 450 ? im at work at mo so cant find out till later but will let u no
Letter 118
Go ahead and do wot u need 2 do with laptop chris. Do u want money 2day
Letter 119
Ok thanks chris
Letter 120
Ok just let me no when
Letter 121
Great - thanks for that - good piece of work :-)
Letter 122
Letter 123
Thats great chris how much do we owe u . Do u wanna *** round bout 6ish
Letter 124
He only thinks he had 2 pay 40quid and i dont think he wud hav had it done had he known that so im not sure wot hes gunna say
Letter 125
Wot else did u hav 2 do 2 it then . I cant say at mo if he is willin 2 pay that . U shud of asked if it was ok b4 buyin it
Letter 126
ok im tryin 2 get hold of him im sorry 2 go on at u but i feel bad havin 2 tell him
Letter 127
U will b even more out of pocket then tho. Just leave it as it is
Letter 128
Thanks - good effort :-)
Letter 129
Yeh we did thanx chris we done wot u said and took battery out
Letter 130
Chris do u want me 2 pick u up from college 2morrow luv nan
Letter 131
Hi Chris,Thanx for the text.Did u receive the mail i sent u today?How was the race?What do u mean by up 2much?Am home too and very bored.What are u upto tonite?
Letter 132
What happened ***?Why did u came late in the race?Are u not well prepared for the race?I felt so bad about it.Darling dont think much about it.Will be online.xx
Letter 133
Hello Darling Chris,Thanx so much for the love assurance.Are u sure this is what u want with me?Am thinking about u right now.I hope u aint gonna break my heart
Letter 134
This is my new number jake mellor!
Letter 135
Am so happy ***.U are all that i want in a man and i know we will be happy together.How are u enjoying ur day?Do u pray?Where is ur mom?I hope she will like me?
Letter 136
Prayer is important always.Yeah i like but i want to luv u most.*** pray more regularly and believe in God.I do swim often.Thanx u so much.U are a 1daful man.xx
Letter 137
*** am home now but will be online @ 1.p.m ur time.I will reply your mails and hope to chat with u soon.When will u be online?I cant wait to be with u
Letter 138
Are u okay today ***?Where are u?@ work?How is ur mom doing?What are u up to today?Are u still working on the programming?*** please take ur time to relax.luv u
Letter 139
Hello Darling,How are u this morning?Hope u had a pleasant sleep?How was ur nite?Did u dream about us?Thanx for the message.How is work today?Am thinking abt u.
Letter 140
Hi ****,Thanx for the text.Just chilling in the room now.I'm really so happy to know u want me with u.I want the same with u and i cant wait to be by ur side.xx
Letter 141
Thanx for the text.Are u home now?Are u sure we can cope living together?Will u care for me forever?Will u be there for me whenever i need u?Please text me now.
Letter 142
*** i love u and want to be with u.Am missing so much now and want to be by ur side always.Are u home now?What about ur mom and ur brothers?Thank u for ur love.
Letter 143
Hi ***,How are u this morning?Hope u had a pleasant sleep?Did u dream about us together?What are u up to today?I will be online at 5.p.m.Take care of
Letter 144
Darling am really missing u too.How are u today?Hope not stressful?Darling will u have enough time when am in the U.K?I will be online @ 10.a.m.Missing u lots.x
Letter 1425
do u want me 2 pick u up 2morrow from cirencester luv nanx
Letter 146
Hello ***,Are u home now?How has ur day been?Hope it aint stressful much?Please take good care of urself and always know that I LOVE U.Text me when u are home.x
Letter 147
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU CHRIS.THIS IS FROM UR LOVE SMITHER JENTY.How are u this morning?Hope u had a pleasant nite sleep?How is Sean?Im missing u.
Letter 148
Cant make it online again tonite.Darling am also thinking about u right now and always.U are always on my mind.How is Sean and mom?Take care and be good.Love u.
Letter 149
Thank u *** Chris.Am really so glad for our love.Cant wait to show u more love in person.U are all am thinking of every minute now.Have a great nite ***.Love u.
Letter 150
Monday to sort out my Visa.Thanks so much ***.I keep loving u more and more.Chris darling u are a great lover
Letter 151
Morning Sweetheart Chris,How was ur nite?Hope u had a pleasant sleep and did u dream about us?Thank u for all ur luv always.U are a special gift to me.I adore u
Letter 152
Letter 153
Hey Darling Chris,I saw ur messages.Thanx so much for the love and the affection.U are my world and i will adore u forever.Cant wait to hold u in my arms.Luv u.
Letter 154
All ok ? Find hotel ok?
Letter 155
Hiya chris any luck with laptop yet ?
Letter 156
Hello Chris,Thanks for the text.How are u now?What are u upto tonight?Are u still working on the program?Am here just thinking about u.Have a great
Letter 157
Its time to grow up and behave like an adult
Letter 158
How are u this morning ***?I hope u had a pleasant sleep?Have u prayed this morning?Am missing u so much *** and cant wait to see u.When will u be online 2day?x
Letter 159
Sorry Chris for disturbing u but i've to warn u that d moon&stars are planing to kidnap u cus they are jealous that u will make my world brighter than they do.
Letter 160
Hello *** Chris,How are u this?Darling HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u.Wishes u many more happy years with good health and happy family with me.I will always care for u.xx
Letter 161
Thank u so much *** for your love and concerns at all times.U have given me reason to be happy again.Thanx u for loving me like no man has ever did.I adore alot
Letter 162
Fulfilled months,Bright weeks, lovely days,granted wishes.The list goes on &on.May each day be better &more fulfilled than the other.Happy Birthday my dearest.X
Letter 163
My **** Chris,I have come to realized that i cant keep u out of my mind.U are all that i dream &think of.I cant live without u.U give me joy & gladden my heart.
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