Scam letter(s) from Marilyn Anna Lane to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello and how are you doing today?
Letter 2
I am fine too and thanks for asking
Abass is 32 years of age single never been married,but i have once been in a relationship before,but didn't workout for me so now i am looking for someone who is caring,faithful,honest,kind,God fearing to share the rest of my entire world with,i caught my ex guy with my best friend having an affair that ended our relationship..I once live in the USA Chicago with my ex guy,but now in the west Africa Ghana to move on with my life,my ex guy was the one who brought me to the states i thought he love me as he was saying not knowing he is the one going to break my heart and let me down.I never knew he could do me such thing,but hey such is life and life must go on you know.I am one and only daughter of my parents i lost both parents now staying with my uncle who has been taking good care of me since the death of my parents,he treats me like his own child,i am very proud of him honest,he doesn't wanna see me hurt by anybody he always wanna see me smile or put smile on my face.well i am a nurse but currently not working because they dont pay of well and also they have poor working facilities which makes the work very difficult for us thats why i decided to stop but still looking for a new job but hard to find one..anyway enough about me,tell me more about yourself too..Take care and stay blessed
Letter 3
Yep you are right and i have tried many times to change it but i couldnt figure it out cos a friend of mine register for me.
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