Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Danilova to Martin (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear friend Martin!

Many thanks for your interest to me. You seem to be a nice and interesting person and I would like to go on in our communication. I guess, it's a little bit difficult to learn someone just through letters, but if this person appears to be your real soul mate there can't be any distance for your love. I would like to have your photo, could you send me one, please? And I will send you mine, because it will be much easier to communicate if we see at least pictures of each other. My name is Taya, I am a young lady of 32 years. I live in Novyi Rozdil, This is Town in Lvov region. My birthday is on the 9th of August. I graduated from the East Ukrainian State University, with the diploma of a manager. Today I work in one of the Lvov private firms, as a secretary. it is not the biggest and the most famous one, so my salary is also not the biggest one. So as business goes not very well, my boss pays me also not very well and not regularly. It is bad, but unfortunately I don`t have another choice.

I live in rather small family, which consists only of three women: me, my Mom and my sister Oksana, just the three of us. My Dad left us many years ago. My sister and I were very little girls and hardly understood what has happened. We understood that Dad left us forever only when we asked Mom when would Dady come home.
She looked down and answered that never. From that time all our problems began. My Mom is a teacher, so I think that you understand that her salary wasn`t enough even to buy us all necessary clothes. We understood everything of course, but still it was very painful to see other children playing with their Dads and dresses beautiful modern clothes. And this made us more close to each other. Now I try to work hard in order to give my mother everything she needs, like she did before, though it`s not so easy, because, like I`ve already mentioned, the firm where I work is not able to pay me much and to find another job is a difficult thing. Yeah, sometimes I`m sorry that I can't go out to the cafe with my friends or to buy a new piece of clothes, because I have to buy food and medicines for Mom, but it doesn't matter. These are not the things I dream about. The only thing I long for is to find a real love, a man who would be my soul mate, who would always understand and take me just the way I am, who would care not about what I am wearing on, but who I am inside, and who would never betray me. I dream about stable life with a serious man, whom I could trust and share all hopes and dreams, and I would try to make his life bright and happy. Because in me he would find not only a faithful lover, but also a friend and a companion, who is always ready to listen and to help. So, if you are interested , write me back soon, and I`ll be waiting.
Eagerly waiting for your answer,

P.S. Thanks for your photos, I liked it a lot! and want to say that you are very hansom man.

Letter 2

Hello, my dear friend Martin!
Thank you for your letter and your very very nice photos. I read it with great pleasure.
I was really glad to hear from you. I am glad you liked me...
Though people say that I`m usually good on photos, I was a little bit afraid that you won`t find me pretty enough. So now I can calm down:-) You know, I don`t have much friends. I try to communicate only with people, whom I can really trust, whom I can tell everything, and I know they will never betray me. The fact is that I`ve been often deceived by people who were really close to me( I`ve already told you about my father, who left us, and there were some more unpleasant experiences of that kind in my life), so now I try not to make friends with people too fast.
Nevertheless, I still believe that most of people are good, and there is real friendship, and love at first sight. It`s when you see a person, start communicating and understand that he`s the one you were looking all your life. That is how I start to feel about you, it`s just like I`m getting letters from someone native whom I know all my life. Do you believe in such things, or, maybe, you have already felt something like that before? As you can see, I try to keep my heart open and my soul light and romantic, in spite of all the difficulties and sorrows of my life. I hope to find true love with a man, who would love me just the way I am and who would never betray me. And I would give everything to make him feel on the top of the world. I really believe that I will have a happy family, and children, who would live in the world of love and care of both of parents, like I never did. And I`m looking for someone who would help my dream come true. I think, I would like you to be this one:-) Write me more about yourself, because I really want to get to know you better. And I have to end for now.

Dear friend, I should tell you one thing. I don`t speak English. I write to you with the help of the translator, I use the service of agency. It is not very important, I hope.

But, I do understand that I need to study English and want to do it very much, but unfortunately it is impossible to learn it without the help of the professional teacher who can explain me the pronunciation and grammar rules. I've tried once to study by myself, but then realize that I would do only worse, as I would learn the words in a wrong way.
And for the moment to attend the courses with good teach is too much expensive for me. But I am longing for studying English and will surely do this in the future. Hope even in the near :-)

Hopefully waiting for your letter,

P.S. It is a pity to me that your parents perished in road accident :-((

Letter 3

Hi Martin!
How are you today? How was your evening?
Thank you for your letter again. Again it was a real pleasure for me to read it. I am fine. Actully after reading your letter I am perfect:-) You know, every time I read your letters it seems like there can`t be anything more sweet, but your every next one proves me that it isn`t so. Your words are more and more sweet in each letter, and, of course they make me feel more and more happy and charming with you.
I`m doing fine, actually as usual, nothing special is happening, and I used to be sometimes a little bit upset with this, you know, absence of adventures, yesterday looks like today and tomorrow, but now I understand what was my problem. Even if my life was overfilled with different events and communication, I don`t think I would be satisfied, because only love can bring light and joy, and bright colors even into the most boring life, only when you love someone you feel the sense of life, at least, this is how I feel. And just now I feel that something is going on with me, something that tells me that I am starting to fall in love. Guess with whom?:-)
I wonder how it feels with you, does our relationship influence your life in general, and if yes, in which way?
What have you been doing? You know what is the main thing I like about your letters? They are warm, I can really feel it! They are warming me up, like nothing else does. I also try to fill my letters with it, and I really hope that they make you feel the same as yours make me.
You know, I`m glad that you don`t mind discussing different things, and, I would love to hear more about the way you life in our country.
I`m very interested in everything that concerns you in fact.
I have never thought that it is possible to get attached to a person so much in such a short time, but this is exactly what happened to me. There is something in you, in your words, in your face, that charms me more and more, and, to tell you honestly, most of all in the world now I`m afraid of of loosing this connection which seems to appear between us.
Write me soon, I would like to know as much as possible about you.
Write me about what you like to do and what you dislike, about your childhood, about your interests. And of course you may ask me any questions.
I will try to answer all of them.

In free time I like to go in for sports. 3 times a week try walks in a gym but as I like to go to the pool. Sports this my hobby :-)

I like cooking a lot, and can even say that this is one of my hobbies.
Everybody likes my dishes, so probably they are really tasty. Mom taught me how to cook since my early childhood, so now I can cook masterpieces :)

My favorite color is blue because this is the color of the sky which is so close and so far. I consider this color to be very romantic.

As to are favourite films. From films it is pleasant to me AVATAR, Transformers 1 and 2 part here I look forward when there will be 3 part, As set of films with Jackie Chan
As I am pleasant like serials, "prison break" all 4 seasons, "BEYOND BORDERS", "LOST". And you like to look serials?

Well, I think I have to go just now, but I will be back soon, and hope to find a letter from you waiting for me here.
With affection,

Letter 4

Dear Sir,

We are writing to inform you about the situation Taya (the lady whom you are corresponding with) has. As you know, Taya is a client of our agency but now she does not have an opportunity to pay for the translational services we provide.
Taya called at the agency to ask a permission for writing you this letter and explaining the situation she is in now. Taya asks to tell you that she is very interested in you and wants to get in touch with you but unfortunately because of some financial problems she can not do that.
We are writing from her e-mail address in order to avoid all the misunderstandings between you and your lady. If you are interested in our services and want to continue correspondence with Taya, please inform us and we will send you all the necessary information as soon as possible.

We are always ready to answer your questions and help you.

Faithfully Yours,
Agency "Real relations"



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