Letter(s) from Natalia to Thomas (USA)

Letter 1

Thanks for that you have answered my letter! My name is Natalya. First of all I wish to tell you about my intentions. I am searching only for serious relations!!! If you have other plans for it. I think, that we have different ways. And then I can only to wish you good luck in your searches!!! I communicated with many mans throw the Internet. But the majority of them wanted or naked photos, or suggested to become their mistress!!!! And some wanted too much from me! If your intentions are good, and we are similar in search, write to me! Natalya.

Letter 2

I see your letter, and it means that we search for one and too. As I already spoke you my name Natalya. I not married also have no children.
I live in the city of Chishmy. I the cheerful and sociable girl. I like to achieve objects in view. In other on what, I also have spent the most part of my life. I have loyal friends, it is a lot of colleagues. I always in the attention center because I work with children. But so that has turned out in a life that I have not met till now the love. I very much wish to love and be favorite. Therefore I here! I would like to know why you here? What reasons at you? Are you lonely? I am very glad that you are looking for a serious relationship. I love your intent! I am very glad that you're not going to ask my naked pics! I do not use my profile because I wish to continue dialogue only with you. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Many people, seeing me, speak that, I am happy!!! They make conclusions, looking that I always smile, respond on all requests I participate in many actions. I conduct a vigorous way of life. But who does not guess at all as it is bad to me to come into apartment in which not who does not wait for me, to lay down in cold bed, and will fall asleep only with thoughts on that tomorrow. And in the morning having opened eyes should whom near to itself. Earlier I did not give it such value but now when I became more adult I start to reflect on it more and more every day. This thought does not give me rest. I wish to meet second half. Washing the soul has got tired of melancholy, and I hope that dialogue through Internet probably that will change. In my spare time I like to go for a walk in the park or in the forest! I enjoy nature! These photos were taken on one of my walks. Do you enjoy nature? What do you like to do outdoors? I hope, that I was not sad in this letter and it to like you. I will look forward to hearing from you! Your new friend Natalya.

Letter 3

Thanks for your letter! How there was your day? Than you were engaged? I had today very intense day, and I am very tired. But, not looking at this weariness, I would come what to write you the letter here. Tom as I wish to warn you that, I cannot probably write every day as I write to you from library. She to be not far from my house, but on holidays she does not work. As I sometimes leave to parents. But I will necessarily warn you in advance if I cannot write. Ok? I look from the inside, I think that you have an amazing heart! I very much hope that we shall continue ours with you dialogue and we shall learn each other better. Today I to you wish to tell a little about the life. Tom, I was born and have grown in small town Kalmashevo. As there I went to school. After my school life has passed, before me there were many ways and it was necessary to make a choice. I think, that it for the child the first adult choice which to it to have to solve most. Tell to me about the first independent decision? If certainly you remember it! And so, as I always was the creative person, and during study at usual school I in addition was engaged at school of arts. My choice has fallen on Institute "Institut Iskusstv city Chishmy". In ours a city of such institute was not also to me it was necessary to leave the native house and to leave in the city of Chishmy. I consider since that moment, my adult life has begun. I as now remember tears on the face of mother when she saw off me. We would not like to leave, but we understood, that so it is necessary. And here in 2002, I began to study and aspire to the dream. The student's life was everyone and poor and hungry, but during too time was a lot of cheerful. Tom, we lived in a hostel five together in one room, we had one kitchen on some rooms and when in the evenings we came from study we went to prepare. I think, what exactly there I and have learnt to cook food. From there I has learnt many recipes and ways of preparation of dishes, I looked, how other girls prepared and tried to make it as adding in a dish the highlight. At night we long did not go to bed talked and dreamt of our further life. We tried to study, was not so easily. But at institute understood it and allowed to students to have a good time. At us spent many actions, concerts in which we acted. Every year we were typed experience, became closer with girlfriends, there were many new acquaintances. It became gradually easier to study, and to live in an unfamiliar city. And so in 2007 I have finished institute. After that I have decided to go home, all the summer long I have spent houses. It was fine carefree time. But the summer has very quickly passed. And in the autumn, I have returned back in Chishmy. Has rented small apartment, and it was arranged on the work in "Music School", in a direction from institute. I have grown fond at once of the work, and till now I remain in the same place. Now I recollect that as began an adult life with a smile on the face though it was at that time very difficult. But I was steady on the legs and went only forward. Probably I could not make it if in me not who did not trust. Tom, I am very grateful to the parents and close girlfriends who always were with me and supported me. This is a photo taken in my student years. Tom, tell you about how you got education? How you became the adult and independent man? It will be very interesting to me to learn about it. I hope, it will be interesting to you to read my letter, and to see my photo!!! Tom, I as very much want, that you would send me the photos, that I could consider you!!! Tom if it was a photo where you after the study termination at school would be healthy!!! I wait for your letter and I hope your photo!!!! Your friend Natalya.

Letter 4

I am glad to see your letter!!!! How at you weather? We had all the day long a sun, it very much cheers up!! You love solar weather? In independence of that the winter or summer when in the street the sun brightly shines, at me happens good mood. You know, speak, how you will begin day so it and you will spend? We have such saying, in Russia. On it I try to begin morning always with a smile. My day has passed today well. I weigh day was on work. Tom, I very much love the work. As I spoke, she is connected with children. I work as the teacher throughout 5 years. I teach a choreography and piano lessons. And you play on what or a musical instrument? Tom, you would like to learn to play a piano? I think, I could learn you to it! At me three groups of children. In each group on 15 persons. To me so to like to learn them to dance, discipline and music. I very much love these children. Tom, at times that seems to me that I replace with it parents. At them always changeable mood, sometimes they are capricious also to me to have to calm them. And to me to like to make it. When at children with whom I am engaged, something turns out to me so pleasantly to look at it. We have many concerts, performances. As every month we have a concert for parents where children show the successes. All parents of children who are trained at me, very much are grateful to me. And I am happy from that I make something good for people, and I bring it pleasure. My day always is filled by smiles and vanity. But when I come to become home to me is very empty. Tom, you understand as it? It is very difficult, I always think only that there would pass night faster and in the morning I again will be not one. But I do not despair!!! I always try to be good to people and all heart I hope, that sometime I will meet that man, and between us the fine feeling love will flash!!! I think, that each person should love and be favourite!!! Tom, and you as think? It for you is important? Tom, earlier I thought, that it will come in due course, but now I have understood, that it not when will not come itself if not to open heart. And I so would like to make it, but only for the unique person!!! Tom what completely to trust it and to love its all heart not being afraid to burn. Tom, and you tested sometime the true love? Or you just as I wait second half which is appointed to you by destiny? And in general in my life such motto “everything, that all does not become to the best”! It is such optimistical motto which always gives to me of forces. Especially for work as a lot of energy what to charge there is required to her of my pupils. Tom, tell to me about the work! Whether you love her? Or you simply are engaged to her for this purpose what to live? That helps you to cope with every day difficulties. I am very glad that you like my photos! I understand that you very busy your work, but I very much hope that you can write to me your letters longer and you can tell to me more about you and your life! I wait your letter, and answers to my questions it you will help me to learn better you, about what person!!!! I hope, that you as set to me all questions which you interest.
Tom, whether as I wish to ask you all you understand that I write to you? Tom, I learnt at school English language and at institute, but all the same it not so is good, and I sometimes not understand all that you write. On it I wish you to warn, that you would not take offence, if suddenly I do not answer your question. Probably I simply have not understood, that it you had to a kind. Tom, on such cases I wish you to ask what you have simply written this question anew!!! Ok? On it I will finish the letter! Good-bye!!! Yours Natalya.

Letter 5

I am glad to see your letter!!!! Very much to like me that you write to me!!!! How there was your day? What the interesting has occurred?
Know, Tom, you to me become closer!!! That seems to me that, you very interesting man and with you are about what to talk. Therefore today, I have removed all profiles from a site, and I will communicate only with you. I would like, what you as wrote only to me! What do you think about it? It is interesting to you with me? I am very glad that you speak me more about you and your life! That you speak thanks me about your work. I also am very glad to learn about that as you spend your day! I do not have any pets! This morning I prepared to eat, and have cut a finger. When I bandaged a finger I have recollected, how in the childhood I ran on a ladder and have fallen. I very strongly cried, mum has heard and has carried away me in apartment. I on a foot had not a big scratch, but I very much was frightened also to me seemed that I cannot go any more. Mum has calmed me and has bandaged to me a knee! In the childhood I often fell and got various traumas as I was very curious child, and tried to learn all. I rose on trees from where then could not go down and then my daddy had to remove me from there. Tom, my parents have made for me much, they have given me good education to much have learnt me and have presented to me all caress and love.
Tom, I am very grateful to the parents for all that they make for me. Mine mum and the daddy already on pension, they live in small village Irek. They have moved there after have retired. My daddy the real man. When it puts before itself the purpose, he achieves her!!! For me it an example of the ideal man. He has devoted all life to us with mum. It had a dream to meet an old age with mum in the house which it has constructed the hands. Ten years prior to pension he was engaged in building of this house. It put all forces in this house, and at last two years ago they have moved to small village in this fine house! There it is very beautiful, nearby there is a pond where the father goes on fishing. To me too very much to like to go with it but, it is more to like, probably, to go for a drive by a boat. At my daddy the big rubber boat when on her you float, you feel yourself as by the ship. You like to go for a drive on a boat? You have a boat? You would like, what we with you would float together in a boat, and round us sang birds? It very much to like me, we is frequent with parents went earlier to float on a pond what to listen to singing of birds! I think, it will be interesting to you to know names of my parents, a name of mum Galina, and the daddy call Yuriy. They are two fine persons who always support me, love. At times I so do not have not enough them and so it is melancholy from that we not together. But I often go what to visit them!!!! And when I leave from them so it would be desirable to remain for day, another. Tom, tell please to me about the family with whom you live? Tell about the parents? It is very interesting to me to learn about it and I hope, that you will tell it in the following letter. I am sending you a picture with my dad. This is the only picture of my dad, I do not have a photo with my mom. I will wait for your letter!!!! Whether as I very much would wish to know I to you became little bit closer!!!??? Natalya.

p.s Tom, I will be very happy, if you can send me a photo, on which you and your family!

Letter 6

Today when I went from work I have met one of the girlfriends. Her name is Marina. We with her together studied at institute. Last time at us not often turns out to meet. As at me the husband and two children is a lot of work, and at her. We were so are glad from that have met, and She has suggested me to come into cafe to have a drink coffee about cakes. I have accepted its offer, and we have gone to cafe in which often happened in student's years. She to me has told that the meeting of graduates of institute will soon take place. I have been very surprised, as after the study termination should one meeting. She to me told about the life much, that at her has occurred the new. Marina, has asked me as my private life. I have answered her, that I talk to you. She very much was surprised that I talk on the Internet. She has asked, why I cannot meet someone here. I have told to her, that I wish to meet the good, interesting man, that to us to it would be to talk about what. I think that the person from other country it very interestingly. In the person for me the main thing his soul, that I can learn from letters, and all the rest for me costs on the second place. In general I consider that dialogue through letters, allow to learn more about the person because in letters it is possible to tell that will not tell in the opened. And on the one hand it is very romantic, as two enamoured sent letters to olden time each other with pigeons. I think that it can be compared to it! Tom, and you as consider? Tom, I wish to meet the man with good manners. That does not suffice in Russian men. Marina, already second time in marriage, its first marriage was not happy. First her husband, used alcohol and when it got drunk beat Marina much, called, broke all in the house that it was possible to break, and turned out. She spent the night at me very often earlier, I remember, how she cried at all nights without a break. To me was her so it is a pity. Marina, thought that there will pass time, and it to change, but went year after year, and it all remained same. Then she has dared and has divorced from it. Now she is happy, she has met the good man, he practically does not drink, and to care of her. At them children were born. When I see them together, I am glad to observe as they are happy. It so is fine!!! We talked with Marina much. She to me has told, that I would be cautious with you, that I would not repeat its errors. In the end of conversation we have promised each other that, will be more often to see and call on to each other. She is very good girl we with her have much passed together, in all troubles and pleasures she always was with me. As well as Viktoriya. We are familiar With her since the childhood, we went to one school and lived in the next houses. When have left school, have together gone to study, only she studied on Vladimir . We not when are not separated from her. Now we almost see every day, we come to each other. She married. I think that Viktoriya, is very happy in marriage. I am very glad for her!
Husband Viktoriya call Vladimir , it often leaves to work on the north because in our city not so it is a lot of work. And they wish to give birth now to the child, it is very difficult to contain children In our country. He tries, earns for a family, for this purpose what they had all well. Viktoriya, understands it and with impatience each time waits for its returning. When Vladimir leaves, we with Viktoriya often gather at my place what to sit to talk about a life. When there is time, we go to walk somewhere. She to me as sister. I think if you knew her, you as have told that she the good person!!! At me only two girlfriends, but they true and I can always rely on them!!! And at you it is a lot of friends? You could not tell to me about them? Age does not matter as long as there is real honest affection, and love! For me age does not really matter because I look from the inside! I wish to continue dialogue only with you! That you speak thanks me more about you and your life! I also am glad that to you like a photo with mine the daddy! I'm sending you a photo with my friends! My friend Marina dark blond. My friend Viktoriya brunette. I hope, that you do not take offence on Marina, for that she about fear has concerned you!!! Also has asked to be me cautious. I think her it is possible to understand, to her much was necessary to go through. And she does not want, that I would repeat its errors. I hope that you will not be offended on her for it!!! On it I will finish the letter. I will look forward your answer. Yours Natalya.

Letter 7

Your letters, please me. In independence of that with what mood I have come to library, it to become better when I read your letters. Tom, tell to me about that as there was your day? Than you were engaged today? It is very pleasant to me to learn about your friends. I am glad that you have them. Tom, today I went to a hairdressing salon to have hair cut. Usually I am am cut by one woman. But today she was not, and I was cut by other expert. It was very unusual me. In the beginning not so it was pleasant to me. But then already at home I have approached to a mirror have looked also to me that seemed that I became more cheerful to look. Tom, but I think that this business not in a hairdress.
I think, that I became more cheerful because, that I communicate with you! Tom, and you will come, great value to the hairdress where you have hair cut? You have any constant place? Tom, you know when I was small and only have started to go to school me my mum cut. I remember, it so was pleasant to me. My mum very much watched me. And on it at school friends rumpling named the woman of fashion. Tom, and you had any nickname at school? Children always think out something. Yes, at all only children here for example now me the girlfriend name Dolly. Tom and how you name your close friends? I am sorry that I could not write you this letter yesterday. The library was closed and I did not have access to the Internet. I am very glad to see your photos! I am very glad that you speak me more about you and your life! I like to walk on a wood and to listen to singing birds As me to like to look comedies and films about love. I very much hope that we shall continue ours with you dialogue and we shall learn each other more close. I am sending you a photo where I had such hair, this hairstyle I had before. This hairstyle I liked, but I changed it I will wait for your letter, I hope soon, very soon it to see! While, so long!!! Yours Natalya.

Letter 8

Tom, with each letter you become to me more and more interesting. Already it seems to me, that at us it is a lot of general. I impatience wait for your letter because they to me I cheer up. I at all have not noticed, how there has passed week. And you like to receive my letters? I very much would wish to please you with the letters!!! Today I have come for the work, all my colleagues very much liked my new hairdress. Tom, tell that you like to make and what to you brings a smile? Tell to me about it. It seems to me, what you like to observe sports meets? Whether so it? I think, I with pleasure would keep you the company in it. I like to watch TV, various programs. I very much like programs about history. To me to like to learn how was earlier. And you know about history of the country much? You could not tell to me about it? I do not know much about your country, but I very much would like to learn your culture. It for me would be very informative!!
! As I like to gather the company and to play various games. More often I make it on work. When I see, that children have strongly got tired I speak to gather it in a circle, and we play a blind-man's-buff!!! All over it is children's game. You sometime heard and about her? You know, what is it? If will be over to you interestingly, I can tell to you about it in the following letter. I am very glad that you like my photos! To me it is very pleasant that you love my hair style! I also am glad to learn that you have a special haircut place! I am glad that you speak me about that as you spent your day! I shall try to send you a photo about which you ask me. Library administrator told me that I can not use skype because the speed of the Internet in my area is very low. I think that to us will have to continue to exchange letters better to learn each other. And at you is, what or a hobby? My hobby is an embroidery, knitting by spokes. To me to like to be engaged in it. To knitting and an embroidery when I was small, I was learnt by the grandmother and after that, I did not cease to be engaged in it. In the beginning I knitted for dolls, then have gradually started to knit, something bigger. Now in my clothes a lot of prophetic which I have knitted. As I often carry out various actions on work. You remember, I to you told about concerts of times in a month on which children act for the parents? I hope, that you remember!!!! And so I always bring, something new in these performances. Each time I think out different dances in which children act. It so is healthy. I am assured, that very much it would be pleasant to you, if you saw it!!!! And you like to dance? Tell to me, you visited, ever children's concerts? Tom, you know to me so easily with you, communicating with you, I can speak about all. I nothing I do not hesitate. I am surprised, how I become, is opened to you!!! Please, tell to me more about how passes yours put! It is very interesting to me to know your way of life! I look forward your letter!!! Good-bye Tom!!!! Yours Natalya.