Letter(s) from Svetlana Cherviakova to Martin (South Africa)

Letter 1

I wish you a nice Day ;)

For me that is pleasure to meet you here:) I won't hide - I feel worried now a lot about your reaction at my letter, I do hope you will have only good inside and smile..:) We lose nothing here still we can stay in reward!;) We are two people in this world who do not know each other at all but that can be changed - glad there is Internet:) Agree? Few words about me for you to have my general conception :) I'm a young Ukrainian woman, I don't have children, I have never been married. I am not in love but I desperately want to give all my care, warm, tenderness to my beloved. Maybe that will be YOU! Who knows?:)) I will tell you more about me in next letter, hope after you'll reply at this..:) I'm fed up with living and fighting saturated life on my own, everything is easier when there is a dear person near, whatever could be overcame knowing reason for making that! I want to make my dear man happy! I will be waiting for your thoughts and for your life story. I want us to trust each other and be honest from the very beginning. So, do not make me wait for too long. Hope to see your photo! ;)

Hope to see you soon;)
Warmly, Svetlana

Letter 2

Hello to you, Martin!!!
I am happy to see you here!

I am very glad with your answer!! You sincerely liked my photos?? I was chosen that long time before managed send that pictures in beige dress for you..;) Now, reading carefully your letter, I feel for sure I was not mistaken to make that first step and write you! You is very interesting person ;) Firstly I want to mention what a nice and stylish man looking at me from that pictures;) you is charming and very bright man! And then I see how life positive and kind you is - I like that!! I see part of your room at photo)))
looking cozy:) I see you and me here for happiness, for being sure in every day - that your family is your shelter!
this is what I also want to have! Life is a battle and family this is home front! Agree? I like so much that fact how sincere and romantic you is.. I faced man who are not tender and I am a woman - I want to feel that I am loved! I feel your care even through lines already! I would be honored being that kind of woman you search for. I do hope I will have possibility to make you happy! I have wish for that at least!) I also believe in happiness and I will be very happy and glad making my dear people happy! I think you is very wealthy.. and you even doesn't know that.. your soul and your heart are very rich!! you is full of care and energy!! nothing will fulfill that emptiness in heart when there is no love.. no books, not success at work.. that will give illusion of happiness, but at evening, coming home that emptiness will again and again cover you.. the same situation I have here. I want to be full, full with love and mutuality!! Now, as I promised in my previous letter, I will tell you about myself :) I'm 28 years old, I am Aries (if that means something..)), my B Day is on 12 of April. I'm from Novosvetlovka but that will tell you nothing, I think you could know Lugansk better :) Lugansk is a city where I got education and now found job. That is good and hard in the same time: I need to ride on buss to Lugansk and back to Novosvetlovka every morning and evening. I am not in position to rent flat in Lugansk... My main job is seller in women's clothing shop. And in evenings I have my second job - my safety-valve! - work as a belly dance trainer :) I have some pics from recent concert..)) can attach them in next letter, if you want..:) You might think this is not serious.. but believe me - that is also fitness and a lot of women wans to move nice! I also have two groups of children from 2-5 years;)) Such cute girls!!:) So usually my working day takes 11-12 hours daily. Saturated? Yeah :) My parents are officially divorced but living all together... Maybe sounds silly but Dad has nowhere to go. Long and hard story - in past he faced alcoholic experience.. But now he is free from addiction! Now you see, I simple has no time to find a man.. Glad there is SUCH way like we met each other. Who knows what we will have then?:) I belive our meeting is not accidental. Let's find out what is waiting for you and me, for US! I will be waiting for your next letter impatiently.
Please, write me. Tell me your thoughts. I will be waiting!

P.S. Now you can see more photos in this letter, hope they will keep your heart warm till next letter!

Good day to you I wish,
with care - Svetochka

Letter 3

Hello tender Martin!!!
I wish smiles to you!!!

I couldn't imagine letter from a man can make mood SO much higher! Thank you for your reply! I am thinking about you all the time. Your answer giving me confidence that I was not mistaken to listen to the voice of my heart and contact you. Of course my day is fantastic - I read now your great letter!:) and looking at your sweet photos.. Oh))) your air kiss this is something like a madness just!:) Thank you for that so much!! I would like so much to feel that kiss on my lips!! you is very nice looking and very bright man! I am feeling more and more happy we are getting closer with you!
you writing me here so much of compliments, so many of nice and tender words.. I am going crazy just with your care!!
You are realistic still at the same time you are so greatly tender and romantic! I thought there were no more people like you in this world! Despite intuitively I was searching for understanding, I simple wanted to find that who will hold my hand and hear my soul..:)Does that are familiar wishes for you?:) Your words gave shivers to me... I ask you only about one - please, saying such realize - I'm very sincere girl and when I'm telling something - that are not just words, that are my feelings! Hope you are acting is a same way,. do you agree?:) You are becoming more and more important for me here! Believe me)) I am simple girl and that is very nice for me to read such a compliments from you! You seems very gentle and very tender man! I would be very happy to walk with you and to have a day, then one more, then life together.) the more we getting closer the closer to you I feel! Every day I spent 1,5 hours at getting to my work place and then back to town where I live. That is not easy and taking a lot of forces but I got used for that, there is no other solution now in any case! I am feeling more and more happy with that we met not accidently and this is great we are getting more and more closer with you! you is well done with stopping smoking! this is serious and very correct decision! Hold on!! or probably, you feel already easy with this aspect?:) I am sorry for your parents.... I can imagine what pain you felt... I am sure now they are following you from skies and making everything to protect you! and also they will be happy you to find that only one woman and to make a strong family with her!! I adore hot chocolate!! :) that is so sweet drinking that in cold winter evenings..;) When last time you went to Walvisbay? Probably that is nice visiting place where your childhood went? Do you know here, in ex USSR area 8th of March this is an International women's day?:)) so here your B Day will be devoted to congratulation of women!:))) I too like traveling but I have never been abroad still!:) Maybe we should start together?:) Sport this is also a priority for me! But as for cricket I never tried making that! Will you teach me one day?:) I share your love towards children! I have no children but I think I would like... I love to pamper them, to spend time together... Of course this is hard and brings a lot of mess despite this is our future - our children!;) I feel hard to put all what I feel and want to tell you in one letter, you have such feelings??:) Few days ago we were living without knowing about each other even and now I am getting more addicted to your answers:) And no discomfort we are from different countries, right? If only you knew how often I heart from friends, when I decided to search a foreigner, that to have relationship with a foreign means to move to another country and to leave everything, and that would be too hard... But why everything? If love will be found!)) Besides I am ready for leaving Ukraine when that will be needed, on a way to happiness I agree at that! I believe that life without love is senseless, it is just an existence. Do you agree with me, my dear Martin? Please, tell me your opinion. I am caring, loving, very affectionate and devoted lady. I want to present all my feelings, my tenderness and passion to my second half! Unfortunately I don't speak English, I use services of the translation agency. But I am sure that idea wasn't senseless because we found each other! Agency provides us with translations of letters and Internet service. I sincerely hope that you are not disappointed in fact that right now I do not speak English. I have a great aspiration to learn English as soon as possible because I am serious in our relations! Please, tell me, do you believe in me, Martin? I started waiting for your next letter. I am interested in you!!!

your Svetlana

P.S. Here are my photos from concert of belly dance, as I promised. That is from end of 2012 year:) What will you say about these pictures?))

Letter 4

Hello unique Martin!!!
Hello baby, Martin!!!

I thank you for your letter!!! With more of your lines I am feel more secure about us! I am really glad that you understand how important it is to keep close contact with each other! you is so sweet looking at me hidden behind flower;))) nice photos;)) I want more and more!!:) our smile and your kind eyes making me charged with energy and positive for a whole day!! I am not a supermodel!) I think you cannot be neutral to me just..:) i am just a girl ho is getting more and more addicted to you, Matin:) I will think about v as about a thing we will surely make in our FIRST meeting day:) I would like to star our traveling from Walvisbay and then.. wherever we will wish to! :) I am yes, serious with you.. I am happy you is this way kind and serious also here with me! I am too not interested in pen pals! I only want to build future!! show me how passionate you is....;) In sex - I can make that what my emotions will tell to do and also that what my partner would love me to make... I have one thing..... I love to make oral sex to a man.. Especially when he is helping me with hands, I mean when he is moving my head forward and back... I love to hear moans and to feel pleasure also!;) And what about you?:)
thank you for that you is no angry about language!! Of course I will work and learn hard - I realize this is very much important for us and for OUR future! and I am glad you will support me.. thank skies for that they made us together!! Be sure - you will not eat one dish two times one by one!)) I will be not tiring creating new and delicious for your satisfaction..) but the way - I am that was creative in all areas..;) I never went camping.. I was always thinking how is that but I didn't go!! and with you I would love to take a tent and to sleep there with you.:)
what you think about this? or we will sleep not in tent? I too love nature, I adore dogs. .they are real and the most faithful people friends!! Husky are cute and soooo sweet and fluffy! :):):) I heart about Microsoft - this is very huge company!! this is nice to be part of that - you is well done! and feeling you is very hard working!! That seems to me I can feel you and your thoughts! I have familiar that situation - when after working home after work I'm returning home and there are no one waiting for me! And that moment I want to scream so loud - I'm here, I'm ready for love and relations! Why nobody still?... This is good there are such sites where people can find each other, do you agree with me?;) you is a super Dad and our children will be the happiest..:) I am sure in that!! life is shot.. let's start enjoying that!!:) Today's your reply showing how you treat me seriously, how sincere are your feelings. Actually all that what is important for me man to have - you has! You is well-educated, intelligent, you understands me like no one else. I like that how attentive you is. Never in my life I met someone like you! I feel breathless because of that happiness I have inside!!! My hot heart fills with joy when I think about you, sweetheart! Yesterday I thought what that would be like when we will meet one day. My heart melts and my soul is set on fire with desire to hold you, to spend with you the most magic first date! To look into your deep eyes directly. I want you to know in past I had bad experience, man hurt me, betrayed... That is why I was skeptical to open my heart, but you easily made all fears fly away!!! You became so special to me, so dear! I see that you is also very open with me. I have new sense in life, I'm glad you for that! Yesterday I told my Mother about me and you... I hope you is not angry?? She was happy that I have finally met a good man!! She mentioned already changes in me since we started our correspondence! Can you imagine that?:)
Martin, you is the reason I am happy! I am ready to share all with you, I want to promise you - I will do my best to learn language for making our communication easier. I will make all for not disappoint you. I give you a word! Tell me, please, do you feel the same way about me? Do you believe that we could be a perfect match?? I will wait for your next letter impatiently!

With care,
your Svetlana

P.S. These photos were made specially for only one man - for you! Hope, you enjoy them! I send you my kisses. Do you feel my care?

Letter 5

Dear Mr. Martin,
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Letter 6

Dear Mr. Martin,
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