Scam letter(s) from Kimmy Jacob to John (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Dear John ,

how are you doing ? i am fine , It was nice to communicate with you at the dating site ! You know i glanced your profile over and over again got my attention and i was interested in knowing more about you as i guess we both seek same thing here , a soul mate . I will like to further this communication with you , i am inviting you to join me at yahoo IM so we can talk live if you wish , it remains the best form of communication so we know more about each other .

Here is little about me before we further our communication to see what the future have for us . I am from South Africa i was in Russia for a multicultural dancing program few months back but i am back home at Africa. I am mixed south African and the peoples republic of Benin also in Africa. My Dad a British south African , British descendants to south African his family migrated to south Africa in late 18Th century .mom also mixed Mauritius and Benin , I live with my single parent my mom and my younger sister here in peoples republic of Benin presently were my mother came from , city Cotonou .

I have now moved on to the next adventure in my life....Benin! I moved out here almost a year ago after the death of my father to be with my mom , me and my younger sister because dad other wife my step mom after taking over my fathers properties treating to **** us . We decided to settle here because mom wanted to die and be buried here and apart from that she is a true christian woman that hates trouble and believes she have a lot to give to the people of Benin being a christian woman.

I use to practise dancing , when I was in south Africa and I love dancing , I have it in mind that when i come here I will start teaching dance full-time by having and running a dancing school but i find it difficult because not much people are interested in it here , but still having fun with the little people that turns out to learn a foreign dance and I am also learning their traditional dance.

I also work a social services work as a social worker , working for the government of Benin with the assistance of some NGO. I work as a nurse and also educator taking care of the needy and also educating them . I am a single christian lady seeking and serious about finding my soul mate , a friend , lover , husband. I am a cheerful woman, fun loving woman, God loving chest kind romantic. I love cooking reading and travelling.

Am also a caring person i care for people mustily aged. I am patient,generous, kind, and loving. And like to do many things as sport, camping, go to the cinema, theatre. I am always upbeat, have a positive attitude about most things and I like to have fun. I enjoy music,theatre, movies and art . I am very affectionate, and love to walk hand in hand and cuddle. Very spontaneous. To me the most special aspect of a relationship is the secrecy and uniqueness of being alone together, when we can whisper to each other in ways that represent our own oneness to which no-one else will ever be privy.

I can't stand the idea of living a 'normal' life: I feel this is wasting my talents. I prefer extremes to normality, but this is more a romantic ideal than an actual way I might live! I love Jesus Christ more than I can say, and have been blessed with a deep knowledge of the scriptures and this does not mean i am religious. The more reason why i seek a foreign date is because its been a problem here to find a true man , matured and reasonable who knows the value of a woman and love me for me.

Men here in Benin are all selfish because of their tradition and custom even the so called christian , polygamy is part of their tradition ,that was why i broke up with my last date when he told me that after we must have been married he will some day get another woman for a wife as the tradition here allows it , i broke up with him as i don't want to fall a victim like most women here do , after marriage the husband will end up having a second wife or more under one roof. If i may ask do the white men there have the same belief in having more than 1 wife? or rather keeping too many woman ?.

Apart from that men here don't regard woman , take women as a second class people this is a way of life in African , i seek a man with a different culture and tradition , where men respect and see woman as a team a partner , not just a wife , lots more to talk about how women were been handled here. I am a matured christian lady and i know what i want in life , i cant live with such man as my husband under a roof , that's why i seek a God loving man to spend the rest of my life with. You , what do you do for a living ? how soon do you intend to get married? what is your idea of the first date? tell me what you think attracts you to ladies? do you think we could get started to have a fulfilled relationship? do you like kids ? .

We still have much to talk about our selves dear , i will be looking forward to hear from you , i have much to tell about me and what i want and seek , my family friends and more ,believing you too have much to talk . Will be looking forward to hear from you , have a nice day . Sincerely , Hennal . Attach are some of my pics .
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