Scam letter(s) from Kimmy Jacob to Stuart (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Bonjour, This is Mister Jean-Bernard the Officer in charge of Katie Carlton's case.
So Mister Stuart it will be good for Katie Carlton to settle up her charges here if not she will being taken to Court in 3 days.
This is my E-mail for you to reach me,since you cannot hear me on Phone. Jean-Bernard
Immigration,Republique de Benin.
Letter 2
Mister Stuart, You ask many questions but intelligent questions. I am Only trying to help due to the matter which Ms Katie Carlton approached me.She told me you are her Fiancee and you are willing to help her.I don't know you,but i do things out of my conscience cos we live in a small world. The evidence is so clear and Ms Katie also knows she committed an offence. I would not want to do anything to make me lose my Job,so i will never tell you what i cannot do.I will personal see to it myself and I give people my word always. If Katie Carlton pays the charges the case will be closed and no report will be filed against her which will enable her to travel to any destination. Jean-Bernard.
Letter 3
Mister Stuart ,I am just a Man like you am not a God.Like we have said,we can help Katie in her case.So we will be needing $5000 for her case to be closed here.If you will like to know more,call her phone tomorrow so both of you can talk ok? Jean-Bernard.
Letter 4

Mister Stuart,so what arrangement are you talking about?
Letter 5
Bonjour, Mister Stuart,I was in contact with you just to help you keep in contact with Ms Katie Carlton.I will no longer be in Charge of Ms Katie once she is taken to Court.I just want to assist you in case you want to speak with Ms Katie,cos she is not allowed to speak with anyone except her Lawyer cos she will be taken to Court in 2 days.Tomorrow is the last day for you if you wish to speak with her cos that is the assistance i can render,you just have to tell me when you would be calling then i will send the phone down to her. If she is to pay her charges my Job is to clear her of her offence and hastened all the processes. Jean-Bernard.
Letter 6
Bonjour, Ok Then Mister Stuart,I have done my part of Assistance for Ms.Katie Carlton.I will get this across to her. Jean-Bernard.
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