Scam letter(s) from Larisa Rakova to Hamid (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hi!! How are you there??? Hope everything is ok??? Do you have any desire to talk to a nice young girl who is single and wishes nothing more than to find a reliable serious man for marriage??? Are you interested in it??? If not you may close this message and never back to me again:(( But if you are single too you should take a chance right now and drop me some words about you because you have all my attention!!! I will appreciate if you will tell me everything about you, your life, your habits, your work and surely your character, because character is the most important in a man for me, not his appearance, age, money or any other thing, only his character and ability to love plays the most important role! So if you will write me I will answer you in the same way, I will send you all the information about me and my life here in Ukraine, I will send you a lot of photos of me and my family, I have a lot of photos for you to send by the way:)) including the professional ones!! To find a husband in Internet a girl has to make some investments in good quality photos as men love with their eyes first of all as you know:)) I hope you like my photos and in my next letters I will send you much more photos if you surely want it:) But I am sure you do!! Yes?:) Oh, I am sorry I forgot to introduce myself:) I am Larisa!! I live in the east of Ukraine, I love my country but I will not mind to relocate for the right man!!! But my goal is not to relocate to a foreign country, my goal is to find a good reliable man and if he will be a foreigner it will be not a problem for me to live with him in his country. So it is not an issue for me. I can not find a serious man here for marriage that is why I decided to take a chance in Internet, I have heard a lot of girls go abroad for marriage and they are happy!
So I am not sure what exactly can I expect from this search in Internet but I want you to know that I am ready for big changes! I will be waiting for the news from you hope for your soon informative letter with photos!! My e-mail address is
Kisses!! Larisa.
Letter 2
Privet, my dear Hamid!!

"Privet" means "Hello" in Russian! It's Larisa speaking!!! How are you doing? I hope everything is ok. Thank you for your letter, I am glad to hear from you today!! I like your photos a lot! Thank you so much for them!!! I am glad you took your time and wrote me about yourself.
I highly appreciate it!! I understand you were pretty busy! Is it hard to live between two countries? How is your business going? You work so hard. You need to take a good rest! It is nice that you like traveling! Which countries have you been to??? As for me I have never been abroad yet. I like your sign of Gemini a lot! In 5 years I see myself happily married!!! I have not a personal computer that I why I can not chat with you on msn sorry:(

I am so happy that you are interested in me too! You know, dear, I am in Internet now because I want to find my second half. And I know that it is possible, I am inspired with the experience of my friend Katia.
Can you imagine that she found a husband in Internet? She got acquaintance with a good man from Australia through Internet, they correspond for three months, fall in love with each other and two weeks ago they had a wedding! Now they live in Australia and they are very happy... So I am now in Internet because I know that it is a very good way to find a love... What do you think about it? I was aware that a lot of girls in Internet are not serious and they cheat men for money, but I want you to know that I am not such a girl!! I am not for money here! And I understand if you will have some doubts in me until we meet:( But time will show you that I am a honest girl!!!

I will tell you now more about me. I was born on the 7th of September, 1983. I am a Virgo if it is important but I am not too much into astrology:) I live in Andriivka town, Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine, it is in about 700 km from the capital city Kiev. My town is very small but nice!! Very green and has beautiful nature! I am Christian by religion and I believe in God.

I am many-sided, outgoing and they say nice person, but I am afraid I am just average. So if you are looking for someone special it is not that variant. I don't smoke and I drink very rarely, only socially.
From my family I have only my brother and sister-in-law. They are my only family and I love them dearly!!! We live all together in two rooms flat. We lost our parents in 2001 in the car accident:(( I was 17 years and my brother Kolia was 25 year when it happened:( So he took care of me and I am so grateful him for this! As for my job I work as an accountant at the local school. I have a higher economic education as I have graduated the university. During my studies I had to work as a baby sitter in the kinder garden to earn money for my education so I am very well with kids! Also my brother helped me a lot with my university fees, he went to Moscow for season works that time and earned rather good money there, but two years ago he quit working in Moscow as he got married here my sister-in-law Sveta. He is a worker at the local private enterprise now.

I want to meet... well, I don't really know. I just don't want to make any patterns and imagine some definite person. I think each person can bring something good into your life, and everyone has a chance. But anyway, in men I appreciate decency, care, intelligence.

What’s to say about my week-ends and spare time? Usually I meet friends. We go shopping, watching people (yes, yes, women like it!), have dinner, make a grill-party or go out in the evening to dance or to visit cinemas. In the wintertime I visit museums, theatres, go dancing or I enjoy a rest at home with a good book and music or I watch an interesting film. And last but not least, I have also to do my housework. I have never enough time to do everything I want to.

About my hobbies and the town I live in, I will tell you in my next mail. I am also very interested to know much more about you! Your dreams, your future goals, what kind of woman do you prefer and what you like or dislike. What are you afraid of?

Darling, it could be really great if I could give you my phone number, you would call me and I could hear your nice voice... I want it so much!! But I have not a personal mobile phone:( I will think about what number can I give you,ok? It is very important because through communicating by the phone our relationships will be more real. May be I will give you my working number or the number of my coworker I don't know yet.

So I hope to receive your big and detailed letter soon!!! Larisa.

P.S: I forgot to tell you something, I don't speak English and I have to use the help of translation firm, but that is ok because I am going to do my best to learn English as quickly as possible. I hope you are agree with me that the language of love is the most important... My friend Katia used this firm too at first but then she learnt English and everything was great! She says it is not so difficult to learn English as it seems! So may I ask you to be more talkative in your next letter, if it will not make you a trouble?:)
Letter 3
Hello, my darling Hamid!

Thank you for your nice letter! How are you today, dear? I hope you are in a good health. I am sure you have already understood that I'm really interested in communicating with you?:) And I would like to know you much better, please write me a lot about yourself in your next letters. I believe that Internet is a perfect place to meet each other!!! You know I really like your photos!! Thank you for them!!! It is good that you told me more about yourself today, your efforts are highly appreciated! Thank you for telling me about your dream, I think I have the same one!! I am going to start learning English as sooner as possible!! I understand it is extremely important. Just please be a little bit patient with me ok??? Language of Love is universal! I am sorry for your previous experience in Internet but I will prove you that people in Internet are not all cheaters!!! In this letter I will intrust you my phone number. Actually this is not my personal phone, this is the number of my girlfriend, we work together, she is an accountant too. So when we are at work you can call me and she pass me the receiver. The number is +380935642346. My working hours are 9-18.
But don't forget that neither I no my girlfriend Vika speak English:((
So I will not be able to understand you unfortunately. But to hear each other's voice will be nice, yes?

Now I'll tell you something about myself. I'm just a common girl with my feelings, desires and my dreams. You know may be it sounds ridiculous but I believe in people. I believe that all the people are kind and all of them are worth of trust and we have to trust people, I'm sure of it, because if we shan't trust people our life will never get better. What do you think and what are your thoughts about it? I want to know, it is important for me.

Have I told you that I have two main hobbies: cooking and gardening? I don't even know which one I like more!!! I adore cooking for me and my brother and also I like to plant fruits, vegetables and flowers in our small garden. Every summer I plant there tomatoes, cucumbers, water melons, strawberries, potatoes and other plants!!! Surely my brother and his wife help me but mostly I do it myself. I really like it!!

Sweetheart,I feel something special in your letter... May be it only seems to me, but I feel that there is something between us! We couldn't meet in the Internet incidentally,I am sure it have a meaning... What do you think? Don't you feel the same?

I think you want to know something about my past relationships, you know I have been hurt in the past very much, among the men in Ukraine I didn't find my second half which would full the emptiness in my heart... So that is why I am in Internet now with a great hope to find my happiness, that only man whom I will give all my love, all my care to, and who will give it back to me as well....

What else interesting can I tell you? Today was a usual working day,as usually I did all my best with the papers. On my work are just papers and documents, documents and papers... And Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my friend Olya. It was so funny! I really enjoyed last evening! I can say with a proud that I have many friends, which I can spend my free time with. But as one wise man said (I don't remember who exactly, so I think I am not so clever as I thought to be:)) "you can have only one or two real friends, all others are just pals". I have one real friend, whom I can say anything I feel, all my happiness and sadness and I am sure that she will understand me always in the write way.. It is Olya, who had the birthday yesterday. I am so thankful to God that I have such a friend in my life... And I have already told her about our correspondence:) She is very glad for me that I correspond with a good man from abroad.

Dear, please tell me in greater details about your hopes which you want to find in the Internet, tell me also about your feelings you had in the past. So I think I'll be finishing my letter to you,hope for your soon answer. Don't make me waiting too long! Who knows what can happen tomorrow... I hope tomorrow you will write me! I send you a special warm kiss from me.... Sincerely your Larisa.
Letter 4

Hello,my sweetheart Hamid! I am so glad to read your new letter! Your letters became like a ritual for me already! Dear, video connection is very weak here in my village I need to go to Zaporizhzhia to make a video chat with you, I will see when I will be able to do this.

Darling, I want you to know that our relationships are getting more and more serious for me and you are now a very important person in my life,I hope a lot for our further true love and I will be so happy if your feelings will be the same...Because it is really very important for me... My life has become much more interesting and complete when you came into it, my dear, I hope I have found that serious man I was looking for... And I wonder, are you ready to start a serious relationships with me? I really see now that you are very serious man,the only thing I want is to make a happy family with you. You know,I feel that my real goal is to be a good wife and mother. Family is so important for me,I will do everything to make my family the happiest one!

I talked to my brother and his wife yesterday about you, I told that I met a wonderful man in Internet and may be I will not mind to leave Ukraine for him in the future if he is the right man for me. They told me not to worry about them, because they want me to be happy first of all! Of corse they will miss me but nevertheless we will visit each other sometimes and also it will be possible to communicate a lot with the help of Internet:) The distance can be a problem but who says that to have a great love and so easy, God gives us strength so that we can achieve everything you want, you agree? Let us prepare well in order to reduce this distance between us right beautiful. Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none...

Honey,I would like to know you very deeply,I want to know everything about you,about your life,your feelings,your dreams,and, of corse, your expectations about me! I think two loving people have to do all they can to make their relationships as more deep and sincere as possible,because people have to trust each other, they have not be afraid of saying each other absolutely anything they want and they need, it is very important, I think. Love is not the one main thing in relationships, loving people have to respect each other first of all and of course to love each other with all their hearts... These are my thoughts aloud about the perfect relationships between two people, and what do you think about it?

Also I would like to know what are you waiting for of your life, I think man has to make some goals and then to do his best to reach them, and when the goal is reached you have not being disappointed in life and you have to make other goals, only in this way life will be interesting and exciting! So tell me what kind of goals have you made in your life, it is very interesting for me, really! So, my dear,I will be finishing my letter for today,I will be waiting for your answer impatiently and don't make me waiting too long! Tender kiss...Yours Larisa.
Letter 5
My darling Hamid!!!

Thank you so very much for another letter from you!!!! Honey, how are you doing there today? Hope ok?? Yes I want to be yours too...

Darling, I don't know if I told you or not that I used the translational firm to write you, I have no other possibility to contact you as I don't speak English at all and don't have a personal computer at home. Also the Russian-English Google translators are very poor, I have tried it already but then quit this idea:(( So the only way for me to write you is through the translational agency. But here there is another problem and I don't know how to explain it to you:((
I have to pay for the translations, 5$ per one letter, before starting my search I put 80$ on the account and now they are over already. I used it for Internet service and also for the translations. Today I am very frustrated because I have not money now to continue paying for the translations and also I am so used to your letters, I really enjoy them and never want to lose our contact!!!! So I don't know what to do, it seems money is always an obstacle:(( But I don't know may be you can help me to pay for some letters? How is your situation??? If you could help me to pay per at least several letters it would solve most of the problem!!! I will try to save some money in future but right now I have no opportunity to pay:(( I understand may be you are tight of money too, money is hard everywhere, but if so than I am at a loss what to do at all:(( I strongly need your advice, honey!!! Please lets solve this problem together. I feel that you are interested in me too, please don't give up on me ok???? I will be waiting impatiently for your answer, honey. Please write me sooner!!!! My friend's number is +380935642346 don't forget to call sometimes to hear my voice pity that I can not understand you on phone as I don't speak a single word in English. Love you.... Larisa.
Letter 6
My honey Hamid, I am so happy to hear that you want to help me with the translations. It is really a big relief for me!! Thank you thank you thank you! You may send money through Western Union or Money Gram.
My full name is Larisa Rakova. My address is 71140, Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia region, Andriivka town, Stroitel'naya street, 34. I will appreciate your help very very much!!! Here are the options:

To translate one letter costs 5$. "Unlimited translation" - translation services without printing or scanning photos: - one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD
- two month "unlimited translation" - 300 USD; "Unlimited correspondence" - not only translation of the letters but also printing letters and scanning and printing pictures: - one month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 200 USD
- two month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 350 USD

I will come to the agency tomorrow to see if there is a news from you.
I kiss you!!! Larisa.
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