Scam letter(s) from Vera Chugunowa to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my romantic man Gregory! I am glad that our relations are developing! We got a lot of information from each other in the letters. I fully disclosed to you, I have no secrets from you. I can communicate with you on any topic, because you are my future man for life. Gregory, I'm glad that my photos *** excite you much. I am not ashamed to show them to you, because God has given me such a beautiful figure. And now it is yours, because you're my man, you have to enjoy my body. Today, I am sending you the most intimate photos! I very much love you Gregory! I can not tolerate, I want to be near you. We need a meeting during this period, until we reached a maximum of emotion and ****** fantasies in the mail. This will allow us to develop our relationship. Do you agree with me? I am ready to come to your country, even if it's a big step in my life, but for the sake of our love I'm ready to do this. Today I learned about a trip to your country. I was in the office of the largest travel company with offices in almost every city of my country. Since they have a very large number of tourists, the prices are much lower than other travel agencies. They engaged in registration of international passports, and also through them to contact the consulate and make an appointment for a visa. Now I want to tell you what documents I need you to easily leave the country and fly to you: 1. I need to get an international passport. The cost of a passport is 234 US dollars. It can be obtained in two ways. Sign up for a free flow of documents in the queue. Just my turn to fit in two months.
Since many who want to get an international passport. There is another option fee to register an appointment to make an appointment to pay 85 US dollars! Then you can apply any day. 2. In parallel with the design of a passport, I will apply for a visa to your country. Immediately explain that I prefer to get a tourist visa in order to avoid failure on a visa. I will be visiting the country as a tourist! If a visa or guest work visa, there are many failures for him. Russian government against the brain drain to the West, and has introduced stricter requirements for these visas. Visa fee to your country 254 US dollars! It is designed for six months, renewable up to a year of her in your country. 3. Finally I need to be insured against accidents in your country.
Insurance policy will be worth 91 US dollars. And a medical examination that I completely healthy and do not have any virus infections. The cost of the survey 84 US dollars! That's all I need to do to prepare my documents for departure to your country. Travel agency I will enter into a contract under which they will be solely responsible for obtaining documents and purchase tickets. And to give guarantees that I will get the documents and fees to the date specified in the contract. As you can imagine I need 748 US dollars, to obtain the necessary documents for travel. Timing of receipt 10 - 12 days. I meant to pay for the trip, but I have only 130 US dollars! My salary is small, and I get only 180 - 215 US dollars per month. This is the average salary in my country. Me the money enough to live on and my needs. I do not know what to do uncomfortable to ask your help, as I meant to schedule an appointment. I also tried to talk to her friends and colleagues at work, but no one can help me this amount. I do not know what to do, and they are uncomfortable to ask for money from you. My love, I want to meet with you for a month.
Maybe you can help me 618 US dollars? This will speed up our meeting, and I'll fly to you within 2-3 weeks. I love you very much, I'm uncomfortable truth before you. I'm going crazy with love for you, and I want to be with you. I await your decision, if you agree. I'll go to the bank and find out how you can make money transfers. I'm waiting for information from you as soon as possible. Your forever Vera!
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