Letter(s) from Valentina Sokolova to Astor (Netherlands)

Letter 1

My beloved Astor, I do understand that my request to help with paying for translation of our letters may seem strange but I really don't know what to do more as I can't continue covering expences on translation and I don't know when I get my sallary, that is why I even can't land money at my friends as I don' know when I will be able to give it back. And my friends have families and they have many "holes" to shut with this money.
Unfortunately we can make this and discuss many other aspects of our life only through letters.
Of course I was looking for the cheapest alternative and I tried to use different translation programms, but you know, each of them continued a faiure. the translation was so awful that i even couldn't understand the meaning of the letter. That is why I have decided to use the help of real translator but not of a computer one.
Honey,I also was thinking about how to transfer money to me, as post is unsafe way.
I talked with my friends and they told me about Money Gram and Western Union services. But Western Union requires more % for their services, so, Money Gram will be cheaper to use.
I have called at their office here, in my city and I talked with the manager, she said that for transfering money here you will need to find Money Gram at your place, go there and give them the following info about me:

My first name -Valentina, my last name- Sokolova, Country -Ukraine, City- Zaporozhye

My address- str. Gagarina 3, Zip code:69000,

After making a transfer you will receive mts number (it will consist of numbers) and you will have to give it to me too as I won't be abe to pick your money without knowing it.
I will be able to get your transfer in 15-30 minuter after you made it.
So, everything seems not very complicated.

My sweety , I hope you will be able to make it, as I really don't want to lose you.

I kiss you and will be waiting for your news,

Yours Valentina.

Letter 2

My sweetest Astor!This is my new mailbox!

I am so happy to see your letter again, my sweet and sexy! How are you doing there?
Admirable that all the necessary papers and documentations are ready and in a day or two i'll travel to Moscow for practice meeting at the local consulate. This is a very latest news so i was so hurry to share it with you Every time i found your letter at my email i feel so good, so warmth, so excited. I believe it's unusual but somehow i miss you as if we know each other for a years. I learned that you are so gentle and passionate person and it's so easy and pleasant to keep a dialogue with you :)
Birthday i talk you about passed well, nothing special. As i told you it was a little uninteresting and i thought all the time, what if you could be with me now. I am single now and sometimes it's hard. There is still a big sexual needs in me. Well, i have some ways to release it with my toys, if you understand ;) It's a little shameless but know i can tell you that. This all nature's gifts, desire, passion, sex and i need it as a young woman.
And i want to ask you- would you like to see me with my toys? I can get a shot special for you ;)
As i see our communication goes in right direction, and from my point we should not hide anything, be absolutely sincere in our actions and talks. This is a relations i was looking for) But first, i must warn you, there are so much unrevealed passion in me and you must be ready for a lot of it! Hope it doesn't sounds kinky or something :)
I'll need all the passion you can give when we will meet, hope you are ready for that! Hope you don't mind about this straightness...
I think there is a reasons why i have no partner or boyfriend. I guess it's all about me. Besides, i'm going to leave this country so there is no point to look for boyfriend here. But the main thing, in my opinion, is that man's here are so ordinary, i don't know how to say- with lack of passion and fantasy, they are so bounded in sex. Let's just take oral sex. I think it's something so hot and exciting, sometimes i think it could be better than just a sex, and how about 69 pose?- this is so fascinating. I would like to feel cum in my mouth or on my face, just a thought about that really makes my pussy wild! But i never experienced all of it!! And i want to try it at last!! And i thought, we could try it together!?
What do you think Astor? And there are lot of things besides oral still need to try...
I guess i never had appropriate partner... Man's here often thinks that oral is something wrong, but i don't understand why?
After all we should be free in our love and passion! So, i just can't fulfill my fantasies here, as i'll be considered like a dissolute girl or worse like a hooker. This is so illogical and unfair. I think that sex should be like something bright and full of joy without any prejudgments. I want to watch some porno together, it's so exciting, then maybe try to fulfill some scenes. You see, there is a lot of things that i want to know from you regarding sex like, what do you think about all this, specially oral sex? Could we try that one day? But i am asking you to understand me and don't think of me like a whore, i am a good girl after all! I told you all this, all my fantasies cause i think i can trust you! You are a first man i have such a free dialogue regarding sex, this is so new for me! )) I think you'll agree with me- no real relations could be without sex, it's very important thing to talk about. I am sure you think the same way, who knows, maybe it's a fate that we meet each other!
I need worthy man in my life, to whom i can give all my sincere and deep passion and love!
To keep your interest i'll send you some new photos made for you only. I must confess it's a little nervous to send this kind of photos and i can only trust your actions and words and hope you'll not show them to anyone!
Hope you still think of me like a sexy attractive girl but not like a slut or something...
And if there is something that repels you, please, don't hide your thoughts and write them to me! Ok?
So, could you do something for me? Can you make some special shot, where you cumming on my photo, so i could think like you really cumming on my naked body, my face? I what to play with myself while thinking about that! Is this possible?
I like you so much Astor and i really enjoy thinking about we having sex! Let's be sincere with each other!
I became so wet while writing this letter, so it seems i must finish it and then finish with my pussy ;)))) I'll go get my toys)
Hope, after reading this letter you'll get so excited as i am now!
Waiting your reply with huge impatience!
Hundreds of hot gentle kisses!
Yours Oksana

Letter 3

Honey, please, don't worry I have a correspondence only with you. You know, I don't need many men around me. If I write - then only to one man, if I meet then just with one it is my life principle!!
)) my lovely, I am correspond only with you, why do you ask me about it???????
My love I don't confuse you ))))))I never will be tired of you)))))))
My sweety i want to be with you, live together and share every moment ))
I want to be your wife and I would be the happiest to call you my husband. I have never thought about such opportunity to meet such person like you, I have never thought that this man will be a foreigner)) I am ready to face with all difficulties on the path we are standing, I am ready to struggle to come to you just because our feleings are mutual and we want one things.
I love you. I love every little thing about you)) You complete me. You mean the world to me.
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the one I've always wished for.)))I love you
Your Valentina

Letter 4

Dear Astor,

You write me such words like - have I found someone esle??
Are you crazy??? Did you read my last letter??? I wrote about my love to you and how much I want to be with you....
You made me mad with your letter.

And what a nonesence are you writing about your ejaculation????? I told you once that it is not a problem for me and we will solve it when we together... so, stop talking about this ok?

Astor, I need you and you are the one to me.

You can make a transfer. I give you my ok.