Letter(s) from Irina to Gabriele (Italy)

Letter 1

Hi sweetheart Gabriele!

This is very nice feelings when i get your letter!!! When i get your printed letter i smile broadly and even don't want to seat, as i start to read it right in the middle of bureau!! =) This is true!!

I hope your day started well and you have cheerful mood ;))
I have it, as i understood how lucky i am to find you! You are very interesting, intelligent, charming and real man! I feel this through your words and i believe you are very sincere! I also promise you, Gabriele, top be always sincere and share everything from my mind. So i want to share something with you, Gabriele ;) Today i woke up and first thought was for me "How wonderful this would be to see you now in my bed". Just to touch you, to kiss you and feel your wonderful scent. You may think "I bought her coffee and she has already saw herself in wedding gown", but no, Gabriele, i just say what was in my mind in the morning =)

I did some modelling before, but in this business you shouldn't be honest and should do many dirty things. I didn't want all of this and didn't earn a cent by this =)

I am sure with such great gardener i will smell and look amazing ;))

What is your favourite dish, Gabriele? i will always cook for you the tastiest dishes, as i love to cook and i can cook very well. I always make beautiful table for my family and it's such a pleasure for me. But also i can imagine our naughty moments on the kitchen ;))) Can you imagine i cook pancakes, lots of flour and you come to me and kiss me.. i appear on the table.. we are all in flour... Oh, sorry for my wide imagination =) It works very good ;)) Or maybe you want to continue my imagination? ;)))

I need your advice in a very important aspect, Gabriele. I told you i use help to translate our letters, as i don't speak English. I pay for this service. Today we faced a big problem at home: our canalization system was broken and now we need to repair it. If we don't repair it fast, we will not have a shower, toilet, water... So, this is really terrible problem. We put all our money for this, as it's really huge amount, which we don't have even... Now i face a big problem, as i paid for only few letters at translation company. I don't have money to pay for our letters. I don't want to finish our communication and development, as i think we become closer and we had some sparks between. If you really want to continue and don't want to stop also, can i ask you to help me to pay for our translations? I am not used to ask for financial help, but there is no other way for us.. Let me know your thoughts, please! i need your advice and support, Gabriele!

Have a nice day and reply me quickly, please!

Your Ira