Scam letter(s) from Taisia Tsvetkova to Janis (UK)

Letter 1
Hi ,
It is interesting to receive your first letter. Forgive that I answer you with delay.
Would like to be recognized to you directly. On a site I specified the incorrect address of the residence. I couldn't make registration and specify the country of Russia. Therefore I had to specify other location. I hope it won't be a problem for our communication? I well know English language. Therefore I chose your country.
I am 34 years old. Was born on October 25, 1978. I live in the small settlement of Balahna. It in Russia. My name is Lubov. I never was married. No have children. My hair color the light.
Color of eyes green.
I look for only the serious relations. It isn't necessary for me any games. I want to construct the happy future. My dream in establishing a strong family in which there will be children and happiness. I couldn't find to myself the partner in the country. I was disappointed in men from the country. Therefore decided to look for in other country. From the relations I want to receive mutual respect, trust, fidelity, understanding. These qualities are the main criteria of my search. You what relations try to find? What qualities of nature you look for in the girl?
in the letter I will send you my last photos. One of them was made on a holiday New Year. I hope it will be pleasant to you.
I want as to see your photos together with your following letter.
You can ask me any questions, I with pleasure will answer them.
it is my first experience of acquaintance in the Internet. I think, we will be able well to recognize each other. We could become friends.
I will wait for your answer.
Letter 2
Hi! I'm so surprised that you did respond to me, and happy at the same time. Your English knowledge is fantastic.
I have to say you, that I'm not english, I'm from Latvia and now for four years I live abroad. I've been living in Ireland and now recently in UK.
I am 31 years young. Black hair, blue eyes, fit body. I don't have any children, I'm single for about a year now. I'm looking for only serious relationship, I want my own family some day. I don't have any special parameters of woman, just when I see the pictures or in a real life, I feel at the same moment, do I like her or not. About you, I can say that I really like You, You are very beautiful. I would like to try to build relationship with you, if you don't mind?
I understand and speak russian as well, just it's difficult to write, because I don't have russian letters on my keyboard.
I like sports, I was doing bodybuilding, not a professional,bu just for myself.
More pictures You can see on Facebook, Janis Smilga. How can I find You there?
When You are ready, than let me know what You are thinking about all this:)
I'will be happy to be Your friend and hopefully even more.
Hope to hear from You soon.
Letter 3
Hi Janis.
It is pleasant to receive your new letter.
Thank you for your photos. It is pleasant to me that you satisfied my request. It was pleasant to me to look at your photo. The photo shall help us to learn better than each other.
in the message you speak about such site as facebook, but you shall understand that I have no idea that this such. I quite recently started using the Internet therefore I don't know more many But I hope that you will train me in it and I could speak then about it freely.
But now I don't know that such facebook. You understand me? It won't be a problem for us in development of our further relations?
I write the letters using the computer at work . Now lunch break. I using this time for email check. The girlfriend made a photo me at work. I send it to you.
I to work as the assistant notary. I am one of many assistant notaries. I like my work. Collective at us amicable and cheerful. I am engaged in to help people to process documents correctly. That they not to make any mistakes. And then these people to go to the notary.
My work is rather boring. But nevertheless I am glad to that I have opportunity to help people.
Tell me about the work? You like your work?
Desire to learn about your hobbies. to what music you like to listen?
I like to listen to different music. Everything depends on my mood.
what movies you like to look? I like the comedy, historical movies, a fantasy and romanticism.
I want to tell you in more detail about my family. I live alone. in an one-room apartment. I have mother. My mother is called by Larisa Eduardovna. She is 53 years old. It on pension. Earlier it to work to nurseries the doctor. My mother to live in the neighboring settlement.
I have no father. He threw my mother when I was small. I was brought up by my mother. I very much love it. Yesterday I together with the girlfriend was on a visit at the mother. And I to do for you a photo with the mother. Quality rather bad, but I hope it will be it is pleasant to you.
How your family? Tell me about them. you often see them. You can send me them a photo?
Now I will finish my letter. I don't want that you were tired to read it.
I will wait for your letter. and your answers to questions.
Letter 4

Hi Janis.
How do you feel? How was your day?
It is pleasant to see your new letter. It is pleasant to learn better you.
Thank you for that you told me about the family. I am glad to that between us there are no secrets. Thus it helps us to learn better than each other. Say hello for them from me.
Thank you for that you to tell me about the work. It to look interesting. You to love the work? In my country there is such saying: it is necessary to work there where it is pleasant to you and then it will have positive result. You agree with this saying?
Thanks for your explanations concerning facebook. I will try to be registered there. But I would like to tell you that I have no registration even in But I will try to deal with it.
As you to ask me concerning my arrival to you. Whether I don't know at us something it will turn out in the future. But I would like. That concerning distance, I not to think that it can be a problem for us. I certainly never was outside the country. But I not to think that it can be a problem for us.
I will tell you in more detail about myself. I hope to you it will be interesting. :)
I'm ok. Weather pleases me. The sun shines. It doesn't heat, but it is all the same pleasant. I love a sunny weather. What weather is pleasant to you?
I like to listen to good music. I listen to the various directions: pop, disco, fate. I have no special preferences. I like to listen to music on moods. Still I like to watch good film. I like the comedy, historical movies, a fantasy and romanticism.
Now I want to tell you about my hobbies. I like to prepare. My friends say that at me well it turns out. Yesterday to me on a visit to come my friend. And I cooked onions and egg pie. To teach me to this pie my mother. It is very tasty and useful. Can you prepare?
What dish you can prepare most successfully? Still I like to be engaged fitness. it is necessary to keep the figure. :) In the summer I to be engaged swimming. In the winter I like to ski and skate. As I to have houses the exercise bicycle. Thus it allows me to keep at any time years the body in a good condition. In what sports you like to be engaged? Free time to me is pleasant to spend time together with my friends. To me it is cheerful with them. You like to spend time with friends? How you spend time together? It is interesting to me to learn about it.
To send for you some new photos for you. Thus you can see where I to cook pie and as my sports. I hope to you it will be pleasant.
I will finish the letter now. I hope to receive your answer tomorrow.
Write to me about your day.
I wish you successful day.
Your friend Lubov.
Letter 5
Hi Janis,
It is pleasant to see your new message. It is interesting to read your letters. How you spent the day? How you spend free time? I ask you to tell me. It is interesting to me.
I am glad know that you try to find time for the friends. After all without them life isn't possible. Friends are necessary always. True friends are more expensive than any money. But a true friendship shall be checked for years.
I really to have a good time yesterday in skiing. I am glad to learn about your sports hobbies. Thus I know that you to have aspiration for maintenance of in a good form. It is always pleasant to girls to know it. And to be pleasant to me it in you.
As I would like to agree with you with that that the distance can really be a problem of that it will be impossible to embrace or kiss the partner. It certainly is a huge minus. But there is as also plus.
for that time that partners are in the distance from each other. That they will miss. That is during their meeting there will be a lot of passion and desires. And it can not cease a large number of time. You agree with me?
Mood at me good. :) Only weather upsets. Sky gray. The cold wind blows. I don't like such weather.
Janis, yesterday on a visit my friend again came. (her name is Valeriya. I am friendship with it since the childhood). It very good.
I like to communicate with it. She always to care of me. Valeriya called me from the acquaintance in cafe. And I agreed. There we cheerfully spent time. We to eat cake. A few to stir. Then we went home.
Today on the street I to see the ex-boyfriend. It was with any girl.
I looked at it. I understood that I don't test anything to it. He became foreign person for me. He didn't appreciate our relations. It interested only alcohol and ***. Later I learned that it changed to me. I am glad to that I finished the relations with it. I want to forget all memories of it. now I know. Never I will allow the man to do negligence to me. I learned to be strong. Me adventures don't interest. It is necessary for me reliability.
The main guarantee of family happiness is: love, patience, respect and trust. Do you agree? In any relations there are difficult moments.
There can be disagreements, disputes and misunderstanding. But it is life. At such moments it is necessary to show patience and understanding. The prince on a white horse isn't necessary to me. I want to find the man who would be gentle and careful to me. I want reliability. I want to find the man with whom I could cast in the lot.
You understand?
I will look forward your answer.
Have a nice day.
Your Lubov.
Letter 6
Good afternoon,
I am very glad to receive your new letter. I like our correspondence.
It is pleasant to recognize you better.
How's your mood today? You had a good day?
Janis, it is pleasant to me to read your letters. You it is very interesting to write everything. I am interested in our communication. I like to know you better.
Thank you for that you to tell me about the last relations. It was a pity to hear about it. I am glad to that you shares my views about the relations. This main thing. The main thing that you as understand it.
It is very good. I am surprised with that fact that you to have already scrap with the woman from my country. But I can tell you that I am not such young girl as she. I am 34 years old. Therefore I not such windy as it.
Today I want to tell you about my regular day. I think to you it will be interesting to learn it?
Today I had a regular day. I to get up at 7 o'clock in the morning.
Then I do morning exercises. I try to do it every day. But sometimes laziness to do me it. But I force myself to do by effort of a will gymnastics. Then I have breakfast. After that I to go to work. My working day begins at 8-00. By this moment already there is a small queue therefore day begins rather intensively. When at me there comes a break, at this moment I to try to check the email. After all you shall write to me. And I am very glad when I can read your new message. Then I start to work again and I start accepting again people for the help to them in paperwork.
At 17-00 I not to accept any more any visitors. Because officially I it am the end of my working day. But I still to continue to work because I need to do the report for the chief. Therefore home I usually come by 18-00. Then I have supper. Sometimes I read the book or I look TV. Sometimes I to invite the girlfriend to myself on a visit to a dinner. We watch movies and we share various news. I like to spend time with my friend. Today it as will come.
usually I try to go to bed till 22-00. but when I watch the interesting movie, I can lay down later.
Janis, how passes your regular day? Tell about the schedule. As it is interesting to me to learn.
As I want to ask you. Send me still your photos. Well? I like viewing of your images.
I will wait for your answer.
Your Lubov.
Letter 7
Good afternoon Janis,
With impatience I expected your letter.
I very much am pleasant like yours the letter. For these some days you became interesting to me. Always I look forward your message.
Thank you for that you told me about the day. It was very interesting to me to learn it. Thus I can learn better you. it is better to understand how pass your days and than you are engaged. It is pleasant that you try to support our communication.
Janis, yesterday to me my friend on a visit came. Her name is Valeriya. I already told you about it. We cheerfully spent time. You can see our photo. I will send you together with this letter. we spoke with my friend about everything. You know, what such "female" gossips?
And therefore today you were in the center of our conversations. :) We spoke much, but generally we spoke about you. She was glad for us.
Valeriya told that is glad to our relations. She knows about my last relations and as badly they ended. It always supports me. Valeriya wishes us with you only the good!
Janis, she says hello to you. I will be very grateful to you if you are treats kindly my friend.
I am familiar with Valeriya long ago. We together to go in school.
I am on friendly terms with it since the childhood. It very good. By the way, at school I started studying English. And then I continued training at university.
I like our correspondence. It is easy and pleasant to me to communicate with you. You as like our communication? You seem to me very lovely and careful man. I like it. I consider you as the good person.
As together with this message I will send you a photo since my childhood. They old. On one photo I together with the mother and the father. it is the unique photo of my father. We have no other photos.
Can be at you as there is a photo since the childhood? It will be interesting to me to look what you were in the childhood. You will send it for me?
Accept my wishes about successful in the afternoon. I hope tomorrow to read your new letter.
Yours friend Lubov.
Letter 8
Hello Janis,
How are you? How is your mood?
Nice to receive your new letter.
I enjoy our fellowship. Like to know you better. You become more interesting to me. Do you like our communication?
I am glad that you pay attention to my girlfriend. I am pleased that.
I see that I'm really interested in you and your interest is my life.
So of course I will pass on your greetings to her. I'm sure it will also be very pleased to hear it.
It is a pity to me to hear that your mood bad. I hope that after reading of my letter, you will feel better.
My last relations to come to an end sadly. I even don't want to remember it. He never to understand about that what happiness I am for it. Never to pay to me it is a lot of attention and caress. But after all it is necessary for any girl. Therefore I to leave it. And it seems to me that you not such as it. You differ. You good.
I feel that with each new letter, we are getting closer. you feel it?
You're a very interesting person. I feel our closeness. I can tell you everything. I do not have any secrets. I am open-minded for you. I do not see how you spend your day, what you do in your spare time. With each your new letter for me I know you all better. You are to me interesting. I try to talk in more detail about me. I wish that you could get to know me.
Yesterday I was talking to my mom about us. I told her about our correspondence. I told her that I like to communicate with you. My mom said that she was glad for me. Mom said that the last time I changed.
I began to smile and shine a good mood. But my mom was worried about me. My mother said that I should be careful. In the world there are many bad people. Mom reminded me of my past relationships. I told her what you're good. Important to you a serious relationship. I told her that I am fully confident in you.
Janis, I have a serious question. It is very important to me. I want you to be honest. Do you have a relationship now? you have other girls? important for me to know the answer. I only have a relationship with you. I am serious about this. You're as serious?
Janis , I have an idea. It will be great to hear your voice. I think of a telephone conversation. You're interested in me. You're a good, nice and serious man. We could arrange to arrange our conversation. My phone was stolen. So you need to find another way.
Write to me your phone number. I'll try to find a way to call. I want to call out to you in the coming days.
Now I will finish my letter. perhaps you already tired of reading it.
Your Lubov
Letter 9
Hi my friend Janis.
Thanks for your early reply. I am glad to see your new letter. I always like to read your letters. It is always interesting to me. I hope also to you.
How are you?
Thanks. I am glad that you didn't forget about my request. Janis , thanks for phone number. I will try to call to you in the next few days. I will report in more detail in the following letters. It is good? In order that we could choose in advance time for a call. That it was convenient to both of us. It will be pleasant to me to hear yours a voice. It is an excellent method will transfer our relations to new level. You agree with me?
Today I have an excellent mood. The sun shines. Weather cold. But light of the sun pleases :). Today I to have the day off. Therefore I moved on a skating rink. To do figure skating. :)) But at me very badly it turns out.
My acquaintance will have a birthday soon. Therefore we with my friend to go today on shops to choose a gift for her. We decided to present it spirits. I think that it is an excellent gift for the girl.
You agree with me? And here we came to shop. And there was huge a goods assortment. And we very long couldn't be determined with the best smell :)). The girlfriend to make a photo me during a choice of perfume. I hope it will be it is pleasant to you and will lighten your mood :) .
I want to know about you more. How's your mood today? How your day?
Than you were engaged today? You are interesting to me. And I want to learn even better you. Sometimes I have a feeling. That we have acquaintance long ago. :) I feel proximity of our thoughts and feelings. You feel it?
Janis , I want to ask you a serious question. Who do I am for you?
why you correspond with me? At us with you to turn out the serious relations? I have very warm feeling to you. I can't precisely formulate. I can't give the name to it I feel. But this feeling I have. And what you feel? It are an important issue. It is important for me. I ask you to be fair. I ask you not to hurry. Well think. But be sincere with me. After that write to me.
I will look forward your letter.
Your Lubov.
Letter 10
Good afternoon Janis,
How's your mood today? How are you? I'm ok. You have new photos for me? You will send them tomorrow?
Today my acquaintance has a birthday. Therefore today we with my friend will move to cafe to celebrate her holiday. Probably many guests there will be. But I don't want to spend much time there. I want to sit simply there a little, to congratulate her and to grant a gift. After that I will go home. I don't know why, but it is possible because I would like to be on this holiday together with you. You would agree to accompany me? :)
I am glad to learn that you estimated my idea about a gift. And I am glad to that you agree with me. Spirits really will be an excellent gift. After all each girl has desire that she had a good aroma.
Therefore I think that we to guess with a gift. I think, it will like it.
Thank you for that you to tell me about the day. I see that you are really very occupied. But I am glad to what even despite all this, you try to find a method to write to me.
You say about that to buy food. But after all it isn't the correct food. It would be desirable once to make for me dinners for you. And that it was tasty. You would like it? I understand that already late, but nevertheless I want to wish you bon appetite. :)
I am glad to that you share my thoughts relatively skating. But I it is very bad to be able to do it and often I fall. :) Probably it would be a shame to you with me. :)
I am glad to learn that you now to remove the profile from a site. It is good. I removed the profile almost in the first day of ours with you acquaintances.
Today I to think of you much. You very much are pleasant to me. I want to know you still better. It would be quite good if once we have a meeting. I think we cheerfully would spend time. Could go to cafe or cinema. It is possible to walk and talk simply. With you it is very interesting to me. You cheerful and sociable. I want continuation of our relations.
What do you think of it? You would like to do to a meeting? You already thought of it? thought as we time we will be to see off together? Where you want that we went together? Where you would invite me? :)
I feel our proximity. You feel? I think a meeting it is an excellent method for continuation of the relations. To transfer them to new level.
To me 34 years. Need to conceive about the serious relations. And everything wants to do to me seriously with you. At the beginning of our acquaintance. We solved that we look for only the serious relations. And now our relations can be spoken the serious. I know. It is impossible to fall in love with the person by means of letters. But the strong sympathy can arise. Letters is opportunity to learn soul of the person. You as think? You would like to build the serious relations with me? Think well. It is very serious for me. Therefore think and answer me sincerely.
Janis, you very much are pleasant to me. To me with you it is easy and comfortable. I can tell you about everything. And you can do it.
You always understand me. You estimate my thoughts and soul. And not only my body. And I like this quality of your nature. You are the special person for me.
I have very warm feelings to you. I hope it mutually? :)
Now I need to go on kitchen. It is necessary to help with preparation. I hope to receive your letter tomorrow.
Your Lubov
Letter 11
Hi my darling Janis,
How do you feel? You're ok? at me excellent mood.
Birthday of my acquaintance passed rather cheerfully. She to call many guests in cafe. We rather cheerfully spent time. My friend to make some photo for you since a holiday. Thus today I with pleasure to send it for you. I hope to you to be pleasant. I to be during the holiday not long. I sat there a little. I listened to congratulations from her friends. After that I as to congratulate her and to wish good luck and love. And then I presented the gift. She to be delighted. It liked aroma which I chose for it. I am glad to that I could guess her desire.
It is very pleasant to me to see your new photo. Viewing of your photos always gave pleasure for me. Your smile bewitches and very much it is pleasant to me.
I have no house computer. Only at my work.
I am glad know that you too think of a meeting. It is a serious step for us. I am glad that you understand it is necessary this meeting.
This meeting is necessary for further development of our relations. It is necessary to transfer them to new level. Personal meeting will help us to learn better than each other. It will help us to understand our feelings. And further development of our relations. You are the special person. I want the serious relations with you.
today I thought of how it will be better to make ours with you a meeting. It shall be convenient to both of us. We have a work. It is necessary to approve meeting time so that it didn't cause any inconveniences at work. In 10 days I begin my issue. My issue will proceed within 1 month. It will be my one and only issue this year. I work in police. Therefore I won't be able to take vacation in other time. On mine to work with it it is very strict. Work in police it is very heavy. Because there isn't enough time for rest. My last issue was three years ago. Therefore I was very lucky that I to receive the issue this year. I am not sure of, whether there will be my following issue next year. You understand? Therefore I would like to see you now. Because I have an issue. My opinion is excellent opportunity for our meeting. For check of our feelings. To transfer our relations to new level. We can meet during my issue? What do you think?
Janis , you will be able to take vacation soon. You have, probably, an intensive working schedule, and for you it will be difficult to take vacation so quickly. Therefore I suggest to do our meeting at you.
That it was easier to you to spend time with me. That you had no difficulties with your work. What do you think?
you accept such option? write me your answer.
If you accept such option. That I will contact embassy of your country. To learn about all details about my trip to you.
It will be interesting to me to visit you. I never was outside the country. It will be interesting to me to see your city. To learn your culture. To see your house. It will be especially interesting to get acquainted with your close friends and relatives. It will be a good step to ours with you the relations.
Now I will finish my letter.
I hope to receive your answer tomorrow.
Kiss you.
Your Lubov.
Letter 12
Hi my darling Janis.
how you today? you had a good day?
I'm fine. I have an excellent mood.
Today I started being engaged in my travel to you. This afternoon during a lunch break at my work I called in embassy. I asked them about that. That is necessary for my trip to you. In embassy to me explained what documents are necessary for me for a trip. I am far from Moscow and therefore they advised to me will address in travel agency. they gave me the address of travel agency with which they have contact in my city.
after my working day ended. I went to agency which to me recommended in your embassy. I came there to learn everything more detailed.
I came into agency and the agent approached to me. she asked me, than she can help me. I told that advised this agency to me in embassy. I want to learn about travel to you. the agent told me that they contact for a long time to embassies various to the country and can arrange a trip to any country. also I told that I want to travel to your country. the agent explained to me that here I can write the application on receipt of all necessary documents on a trip. still the agency can be engaged in my tickets. we talked to it how it will be better to make my trip to you. everything suited me and I signed the agreement with travel agency. I wrote a visa application form and other necessary documents. The agent told me that on registration of all documents time is required. it can borrow from 5 to 7 days. still she told it it is necessary to know some details of my trip to you.
Janis I need to know your some data. I need to know: your home address, the name of the nearest airport to you. as I need to know as better to reach from the airport to your house. you will be able to meet me at the airport?
Janis, write to me in detail about it. It is important for our meeting.
I am glad that preparations for ours with you meetings already began.
After a while we will be able to meet you. It is very serious step for us.
for me it is important. I want the serious relations with you. I think, we will like a meeting in reality.
I wish you have a good evening.
I will look forward your letter. Don't forget to write me information for my travel.
have a nice evening.
Your Lubov
Letter 13
Hi Janis.
how you today?
I have bad news to you. I will write to you about everything one after another. My issue begins since February 26. And it will last for 6 weeks.
today, during a lunch break I went to agency. I called by it still data on my trip to you. The agent listened to me. The agent counted all necessary on my trip to you.
at first it is necessary to wait when all documents will be ready.
After that the agency will approve date of my flight to you with embassy. After that the agent will be able to reserve tickets for me.
In my city there is no airport. Therefore I should go to Moscow by train. From Moscow I will be able to depart to you.
The agent counted everything. The cost of my travel to you, will consist of cost: tickets, documents, and separate procedures.
I will write to you in detail about it.
The cost of tickets to Moscow - 130 euro. Under the law, I shall have in case of myself round-trip tickets. The cost of my tickets - 420 euro. I need to have the obligatory medical insurance on all the time of my travel. Insurance cost - 160 euro. The cost of the visa and the consular fee - 90 euro. as the international passport is necessary for me. Cost is 110 euro. Still I shall pay to agency for its work for me.
Agency a beret for work of 80 euro. The total cost of my travel to you constitutes 990 euro. Yesterday I paid 200 euro for agency. And I needed to pay 790 more euro.
Today I shall get my wages. But I not to receive it. I to go to the chief and to talk to him. The chief listened to me. My chief told, what not I one can't get paid. There was a mistake in financings of system of police of our area. Our management will be able to receive money only after vacation. With it you will make nothing.
Janis, I am very upset with these news. Me painfully speaks to you.
Now ours with you a meeting can not take place. Now I have nothing to pay the remained amount for my travel to you. I expected this money.
And I at all don't know now that to do to me.
I was very upset with these news. You are interesting to me. I want the serious relations with you. I already imagined ours with you a meeting. But now it will be difficult to make it.
Janis, now, probably, very strongly was upset? what do you think of it? for me your opinion is important.
I very much want to meet you. I hope, we will think up something.
and I want to tell you, I will do everything possible to arrive to you. I think that today after work I will go to all the friends, and I will try to borrow the money necessary to me for travel. I think that I cope with it, and all of us will equally meet and we will be together. Now, when before us such opportunity, I simply can't leave everything so. I am very upset that the chief so brought me, but I won't lower a hand, I will do everything possible to find money and to arrive to you. Janis, I hope that I not strongly afflicted you. You shan't be upset, I won't leave attempts to find money, and I will try to borrow tonight this money at the friends.
I was very tired today. And now I will a little have a rest.
I will wait your thoughts of it. Write to me. For me your opinion is important.
very sad Lubov
Letter 14
Hi Janis!
How are you? How is your mood? I have terrible mood. I do not get my paycheck yesterday. Our meeting is in jeopardy. It makes me very sad.
But I decided not to despair. I will fight. I have warm feelings for you. And I want to check out these feelings. To do this, we should meet. To put our relationship to the next level and see what will come out of it. So today I decided to go to all your friends and ask for help from them. I used to help them in times of trouble. And so I was hoping for their support as well. First I moved his girlfriend and ask her help. But she could not help me. She did not have any savings. She works with me. So this month, it also does not get a salary. She apologized, but she really could not help me. Then I moved to his other friends. But they also denied me. Part friends are spending money for the upcoming holidays. Another of my friends say that they lost work. Therefore, they are just as nothing can help me ... And here I am all bypass. But none of my friends can not help me.
Everywhere I be denied for various reasons ...
Cute Janis, in his report you say that I would move the date of its release. But I guess you did not understand my letter earlier. I have to tell you that unfortunately I can not cancel or transfer your holiday to another date. With the release of very strict on my work.
Distribute it in advance among all employees. Do you understand? His last vacation I get three years ago. Therefore, there is no guarantee that I will have a holiday next year. It is for this reason that I try my best. Our plans to become a reality. Do you understand? I will continue to try to do everything for our meeting. Today, my friends let me down. I am therefore has no choice but to move to my mom. She's my mom. She has to understand me. She wants me only happiness. I hope that it will be able to help me. Of course my mother is now retired.
And I know how hard it. But I'm going to return her the money next month. Immediately after its release. I do not want to give up our meeting. Because I know that this will help us in our senses. Help us in that we moved our relationship to a new level. I will finish my letter. I hope tomorrow to tell you only the good news.
I'll wait for your answer with impatience.
Your Lubov.
Letter 15
Hi Janis!
How are you? How are you? My mood a little sad. Because our meeting today is questionable. But I know that I will not keep trying and will try to make it real. Nice to check your email today and see a new message from you. With more care to read your letter.
Janis, I want to tell you that you have changed my life. I always think of you. And I dream about our meeting. I want this moment to become real as soon as possible. I have very warm feelings for you.
Every day I feel like our souls becoming closer. Dear Janis, are you asking about if I agree to stay with you. If I'm ready to leave everything for you. I can tell you that this is a very serious questions. And, in order to properly respond to them, we have to arrange our meeting. Because only the meeting will help us to identify our feelings. But if our sympathy will develop into love, I'll be with you. Us to live like a real couple. I'm ready to leave the country and live with you. But to do this we first need to meet and check out our feelings in real time. All this we will need to discuss again when we are together. And I'll be happy if we really understand what we want to live the rest of their lives together. About my family not to worry. My mother is very happy that I met a man like you. And she approves of my choice. If we decide to live together, I'm after some time be able to visit my mother. With you. Or bring it to us. For my mom's the most important is the happiness of her daughter. I am glad that you are trying to support me and not to abandon our meeting. So I feel more confident that I am not trying in vain to find the necessary funds for our meeting.
Very long night I could not sleep. Because I could not believe what ever of my friends will not be able to help me. To be honest I was a little shocked by this. In Russia there is a saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. And so it turns out. Before, I was trying to rescue them. When they needed my help, I never denied it. So I'm really surprised that they refused. I do not blame her best friend.
Because it just as I have not received their wages this month ... But from the other friends I did not expect such an act ...
Dear Janis, so today I fulfill my promise and go to his mother. Of course I knew in advance that there is little chance for her to help us. But I had to try. So early in the morning I went to my mom. I told her again for us. Our plans. The fact that we decided to meet. It endorsed our decision. She is very happy that I met a wonderful man like you. She just wants us to happiness. Then I told my mom about our problem. And ask her if she can help us to pay for the trip. My mother is very upset our problems. But my mother said that she could do nothing to help us. She recalled that we are with her to get credit for home appliances and made repairs at her home. Therefore, all of her savings go to pay the loan. Therefore, it does not help us. but then my mother asked me one question that I did not want to answer her. My mother asked me why we plan our meeting, and you do not want to help me organize this trip. I did not know what I should answer that. So I will try to translate the conversation to another topic.
And my mom forgot her question. Do not misunderstand me, but I could not tell her that the meet is now just my idea. And I did not ask any help from you, because it's my idea for a meeting and then I have to try to solve it yourself.
So my mother could do nothing to help us. And I am very upset by this fact. Now I have left the last attempt. I will go to the bank. I'll try to get a loan to travel to you. I think it would be a good idea. I hope it will work so I can come to you soon.
As you can see I have not deceived you, and I really try to use all possible efforts to make our meeting real. I try to fulfill his promise. I promise you that we will soon be together and I'll come to you.
Write you news about the bank tomorrow. I hope it will be good news.
The same will be looking forward to your answer.
Your Lubov.
Letter 16
Hello my dear Janis.
My mood terrible. I have almost everything to try different options for us to meet, but to my great regret, I could not. And I am very distance that.
Janis , Cute, tonight I promise you like walking to the bank to get a loan and come to you. This is my last opportunity to find a way for us to meet. I have to try all possible options. My friends let me down. My mother just could not anything to help us. I told you the reason. So today I took my passport and also extract from my work on my salary. Because all this is necessary.
When I went to the bank today and there was a long queue. So I had no choice and I had to wait. Because my desire for our meeting is a very, very strong. In addition to the tourist office awaiting the moment when I will be able to pay for the rest of my stay. Also, my vacation coming soon enough. Therefore, I need more to solve all these problems.
So I waited in line and went to the bank manager. The bank manager looked all the documents that I brought with me. Then he introduced me to all the information about the computer. And he went to have a talk with your boss. He was not quite a lot of time.
He then returned to report that their bank was forced to deny me a loan. And I asked him why. The bank manager to explain everything to me. I can not get credit in their bank, because I already have some loans from other banks. I told you about this yesterday. We took out a loan in order to make repairs to the home of my mother. I tried to argue and explain that we were recording as the guarantors of each other. In addition, these loans have been obtained from other banks.
But he reported that they can not afford to extend credit to me now.
For as long as I can not pay off your old loan. Do you understand?
Thus they deny me.
I walked out of the bank is very upset. I was hoping that the bank will not refuse me. This was my last opportunity to get the necessary funds. And now I do not know what to do. Time is very short. My holiday is approaching quite rapidly and soon I need to start making their documents. I am very upset. I know that among us there are great warm feeling. And you wait for me at home. We need to bring our meeting in reality, to be able to continue the development of our senses. I would think today about what other way can I get the necessary funds to us.
Now I'm gonna go home. My terrible mood and headache. Now I want to lie down now.
I hope to get your answer tomorrow.
Your Lubov.
Letter 17
Hello my dear Janis!
Pleased to receive your letter today. How is your mood? My mood is very, very bad ... I'm sad. Because our meeting is in jeopardy. We wanted to make our dreams a reality. We found each other in this huge world. And I think that we have to fight for it. I wish that our meeting place. And I tried. I tried to do everything for that. I tried various options, but unfortunately it will not work ...
I was with my friends. I asked for help from his mother. Tried to get a bank loan. But unfortunately I always turned down. Now I do not know what to do ... I want to continue to fight for our meeting. I do not want to give up ... But all the options ended ... Now what do I do, I do not know ... I am very upset. I wanted us to be together. So we checked our feelings with you in real time. To translate our relationship to the next level ... But I could not ... I have no choice now ... Cute Janis, you remain the last hope for our meeting. Because I have tried everything possible ... And I only hope now you ... Please dear, just try to do it all. Try to go to the bank, ask for help from friends or relatives. Try to get an advance on his work ... I feel very sorry for it now ... But I really do not see any other choice ... Cute Janis, if our relationship is really expensive for you and you want them to continue, please try you as well ... Try ...
Unfortunately we have to hurry ... Unfortunately my holidays fast approaching ... You remember that I can not undo it. I can not take another day. So we need to hurry ... Now the only convenient time for me, for our meeting. Because there is no guarantee that I get a vacation next year.
I look forward to your help and your support. I know you have a real man and you will find a solution for me to come to see you ...
I will eagerly wait for your letter. I hope you will not leave me and will help to make our dream a reality.
Your Lubov.
Letter 18
Hello my dear Janis,
To write sad news to me today. I very much wanted that we to be together shortly. Hope now only on you. It is a pity that to you to refuse bank. But we shan't stop. we shall continue our attempts.
Unfortunately we have no time for expectation. If we wait and keep means, my issue to end quicker. It can't be allowed. It is necessary to try to do our meeting real already now. You after all remember that in other time I won't be able to meet. Therefore we can't lower hands and to leave attempts to be together.
Dear Janis, try to descend in other banks. After all that you will be refused in all banks isn't obligatory. Can be as you should descend to other acquaintances and to try to ask the help them.
Probably they won't refuse to you. Or you can ask them by small part.
If you ask the several friends for 50-100 euros, thus probably you will be able to find all necessary amount. You will try darling? I as will try to do all this. We have no time for expectation. We shall try and try. And then at us the result will turn out. The happiness smiles only that who really to fight for it. You agree with my words?
I to believe that if we will fight for it, we will find happiness and ours dream to be performed. With impatience I will expect your answer.
Your Lubov.
Letter 19
Hello my dear Janis!
I again received from you the letter to me and it gives me great pleasure. I wait for my meeting with you because, looking in your beautiful eyes, I want to hear from you words about that how strongly you missed.
My dear in such remarkable day I can't but simply tell you what to be created in my heart!
Darling u I want you to please and to report to you very joyful news.
As you remember that we shall pay 790 more euros for travel company.
Today I was at the several friends. And to ask them about with what they the amount they could help me. Thus they to help me small parts.
I am very grateful to the friends, for that that they could help me.
Thus I managed to collect 380 euros. I am very grateful to them, they it made for the sake of ours with you the future. And in order that we with you achieved the dream and met you. Thus I now don't have 410 more euros. I hope that you will be able to help me with this amount?
You will be able to send me these 410 euros? Unfortunately now I really can make nothing. It was at most that I could make... Darling I ask you to treat it very seriously because, it was very difficult to me to find this amount. Darling understand that to me any more whom to ask for the help. I did everything possible. I made everything that was in my forces. And now I have only a hope of you one. After all if you aren't able to help me, we with you when we won't be able to meet. I love you very much and I very strongly want to be near you.
I will look forward from you your new and important letter.
Your Lubov.
Letter 20
Hello my dear Janis,
You wrote good news to me. I am very glad to that now our meeting will really become real shortly. It is really remarkable. Thus our dream will be achieved. And we will be able to be organized everything. After reading of your letter I to move to the chief and to tell it everything. I explained to him that I need to move to bank to learn necessary information for you. My chief to understand and permit me to take to be late during my lunch break.
In my the settlement doesn't have banks. Therefore I needed to go to Nizhniy Novgorod. I went there by bus. I arrived to the city and at once moved to banks. There to me advised to use banks of a money transfer system of "Western Union". And the employee of bank all in detail explained to me. This bank is a world leader of money transfers worldwide. They perform instant money transfers from any part of the world. It is reliable and safe. In order that you could perform sending your help without problems. You need to go to Western Union bank and to specify there the complete information about me: Name: LUBOV;
Surname: OREHOVA;
Country: RUSSIA;
City (in which to be the bank): Nizhniy Novgorod;
Settlement (in which I live): Balahna;
Street: Mira;
House number: 31;
Apartment number: 12; It is the complete information about me which will be necessary for you in bank. You shall be the attentive form during filling in bank.
It is impossible to allow any mistakes. As the employee of bank to say that I will need to know the complete information about you which you will specify in the bank. It will be necessary to know your full name the city in which to be bank, the exact amount and as a special confidential code of transfer which consists of 10 figures (MTCN).
Without this information I won't be able to read your message. You understand me darling? As the manager of bank to warn me that will be better if I could provide them the form copy from your bank. Therefore I ask you to make scanning of the receipt and to send this copy for me. Well lovely?
Thus I to learn all detailed information and now I returned again to the settlement and I write for you this message. I hope you everything to understand and at you there will be no questions. I hope that in bank at you everything will successfully occur and you without problems will be able to send the help for me. When you plan to go to bank? You will do it today or tomorrow?
I am very excited. Because I will be able to pay completely services for travel company soon and then I will be able shortly to come to you. I expect this moment with big impatience. After all the meeting will allow us to transfer our relations to new level. We will be able to check our feelings in real time and we will see their further development. I am very glad to that I could meet such remarkable person as you. I hope to receive good news from you tomorrow.
Your Lubov.
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