Romance scam letter(s) from Kristina Lobanova to Jason (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Jason! Thanks for your massage, i was extremely happy to get it as this helped me to understand that you are interested to know more about me. You wrote to me to another mail address but it was broken by someone and that is why i had to create a new one. Please write to me here. And of course it was a great [pleasure for me to get your picture which was so nice. Also it was a great pleasure for me to hear all your compliments. And of course it was a great pleasure for me that you have told me so much about you and your life as i am sure it is what will make us much more closer. By the way as for writing in Russian, there is no need as I know English and i am writing this letter by myself. if you want you can call me over the phone and we can talk! What do you think about this? It was wonderful.And now i think it is time to tell you little more about me and I believe this will help us to become closer.
So my name is Kristina or if you want you can call me Kristi)I was born on 2 of October 1983, in a city which is called Krasnoarmeysk and which is situated in Donetsk region. My city is rather small but it is very nice with beautiful nature.
I work as a veterinary doctor, i like my work very much as it is very important. I knew from the early childhood about the fact that I will choose this profession in the future because I adore animals and from small age when i saw animals who needed help, i was always trying to give this this help. of course sometime it is hard but i really like my work and I am sure that i did write when i decided to finish university as a veterinary doctor.
I end for now as I don't want you to be bored with my letter but I will be waiting for your soonest answer. It will be also a great pleasure for me to get your some pictures from you. I have attached some of mine. Hope that you will like them! waiting for your answer, Kristina.
Letter 2
Hi dear Jason, thanks for your answer, for telling me more about you as i was interested in this so much. It was a great pleasure for me to get your picture which i liked a lot and hope that you will send to me even more.
By the way as for me, i have never seen crocodiles. I think it is very dangerous, don't you think so?
By the way as for the city where i live, i have told you in my last letter, I think that on the site it was some mistake. Unfortunately I am not very good with the computer and that is why I asked a computer man to help me with the registration and i think that he missed something! i don't have computer at home.
Thanks for your number and of course it will be a great pleasure for me if you can call me over the phone, my number is +380509688402 and i will be happy if you can call me.
As I have told you earlier i am here for serious relations and I believe that ere i will have the chance to find a person with whom i will be able to create a strong family! i am serious and family oriented woman. For me family is very important, I love my family very much! My relatives always support me and I know that in any case I can come to them and I can be fully open with them and I will always get support from them. I want to create my own family now, i want to be for my future beloved the woman who will always support and on whom he can always rely. As for my family it is rather big) I live with my mother, and also I have 2 sisters. My mothers. name is Anna. My younger sister is 4 years old now and her name is Sonya. And my middle sister is 15 years old now and her name is Polina. I have attached some pictures for you of my family and me) hope that you will like them and also I have attached a pictures of me and my mother which were taken rather long time ago and to tell you the truth now everyone is telling me that i am very familiar to my mother. And what do you think about this? I like spending time with my family, I hope that my future family will be very friendly) And what is about yours? How do you imagine you ideal family?
I will be waiting for your letter, please remember that I am always ready to answer all your questions. hugs, Kristina.
Letter 3
Hi dear Jason, How are you? It is a great pleasure for me to get your answer which I was really waiting so impatiently. I feel that with each letter my interest in you grow.Thanks for answering my questions about your ideal of real family as it was very important for me to hear and to find out how much in common we have and of course thanks for telling me more about your family, it was a great pleasure for me to hear this.
It was a great pleasure for me to get your pictures which i liked a lot and hope that you will send to me even more as you are very handsome man!
It was nice to hear that you think my work is rather interesting and of course I work with different animals, as you know i live in a village and that is why i work not only with cats or dogs but with cows and horses.
As for my family, I have already told them about all this and of course they saw your pictures as they are very nice. You are my James Bond but not secret) I am very open with my hamily, usually we don't have secrets.
Thanks for telling me all this and i am sure that India is very beautiful country and of course I am sure that you have very rich culture which is very interesting and hope that one day i will be able to know each much more closer.
As for my favorite food it is sweets) different cafes and so on) of course Polina trying to help me all the time. have your ever tried Ukranian cuisine? Do you have some favorite dishes if you ever taste it? I have never tried Indian cuisine! What is the most popular dish?
I love the outdoors. I love the sea but unfortunately i don't have the possibility to go there. I have been there only once in my life. I like cartoons, I like action and sci-fi movies but not with a lot of blood, but I also like romantic comedies. Also i like to spend free time with my friends and relatives... I am not very good swimmer! And what is about you? may be you will be my teacher?
As for my English i was learning at school, at university and also by my own.
I was to be open with you and I don't want to have any secrets. I believe that if you are trying to build serious relations then honesty and trust are the most important things. last letter I have told you how much I love my family but I told you nothing about my father and of course you noticed this. To tell you the truth it is rather hard theme for me but i really want to share this with you as now I have a feeling like i can fully trust you and i really liked this feelings a lot. Do you have such feeling towards me? So my father left my mother when she was pregnant with my youngest sister Sonya. It was awful, really and only me and my middle sister helped our mother to overcome that. As you noticed my I have only sisters and when my mother was pregnant for the third time my father expected to have a boy, when my parents were informed that it will be again a girl, my father told that it is the guilt of my mother and he didn't want to have again daughter as he is dreaming about the son. So he left my mother and now he is married with another woman and he has a son. Unfortunately i was not able to forgive this him. For me it was terrible did! I can't understand how it was possible to leave us....
I will end this sad story as still it is hard for me to think about this( I am ready I have shared this with you as it means a lot for me. I will be waiting for your answer. kisses and hugs, Kristina.
Letter 4

Hi my dear, Jason! Finally i can read your next letter, it is hard to explain to you how happy i am because i miss you and your letters very much... Even a minute without reading your letters seems to me like a year... I am just now reading your letter and i am smiling, I can't stop doing this, and I even don't want to stop) I feel happy, and it is you who makes this with me)
Thanks for the pictures you have sent to me. I have never seen such a big mall and of course it is very beautiful on the picture but of course i can imagine that in reality it is even more beautiful!
It was also a great pleasure for me to get your pictures which i liked so much and hope that you will send to me even more as that will be a great pleasure and hope that you will send to me even more. i am sure this will be a great pleasure for me.
I saw Mr Popper's Penguins, it is funny and of course i know Jim Carrey!
As for my work, i work with different kind of animals because as you know i live in a village so i work not only with cats and dogs but with such animals as cows and horses! Also I work one time with a bear from the zoo. But i have never worked with wolves) may be in the future.
To tell you the truth right now i think there is no industries in Ukraine at all. I mean they have sold everything and it is really awful here.
It was nice, you liked my story about Gromila), now you know how it appeared in my life! And he is rather young I think. This year he will be 3 years old. And he adore to play))) He has many toys! So as you now in my life, the most closes people now is my mother and my two sisters. i love them very much and of course I like spending time with them. I am trying to spend them as much time as it is possible while i have such a possibility! We are very friendly sisters and we have never had problems in communication. I like spending time with them. When i have days off on Sunday i like to walk with my little sister. She adore ice-cream so we eat it very often) By the way I have attached you a picture of me and my little sister, from our summer walk) It was very tasty ice-cream. Also I am trying to pay as much attention to my middle sister as to my little one. We also like to spend time together and to have some fund)))) you can see that from the picture too. And of course as i am the eldest sister , i am trying to help my mother around the house. And what do you usually do in your day off?
I will end for now, but i will be waiting impatiently for your next letter as you became really a part of my life and i am not able to imagine my days without you! Hope that you have the same feeling. i am so happy I have found you! I wish you a nice day and hope that your thoughts will be about me)
kisses and hugs, Kristina.
Letter 5
Hello my sweetheart, Jason!
Thanks for your letter which is very important for me. What plans do you have for weekends? As for me it is my last working day today and of course i wish i was able to spend it with you!
of course as you know i am a doctor and they call me doctor) I work not at home, i work in local government hospital!
As for the International passport, it is not hard to get it at all. I need to go to the local passport office with my Ukranian passport and other documents which i need for application, pay 300$ and they will start my passport. After some time, i will come to them, they will take a picture of me, i will put a sign and then again after some time, i will come and they will give me the passport! The only problem is that it is very expensive for me.
if you mean to pay for the passport by credit card, it is not possible. There is no site of local passport office and to make the payment i need to go to the bank and to pay for it. Only me can come to them, fill all the forms, also put my sign and the payment must be done also only from me as when i made the payment, i need to put a sign also!
My correct address is Kristina Lobanova, Ukraine, Donetsk region, Krasnoarmeysk, Sverdlova street 3/12.
if you want to help me to make the International passport, you can help me with the funds and i will go here and pay for it. So what do you think about this?
thanks for answering my questions from previous letter, telling me about your attitude to horses. It is always a great pleasure for me that you are so attentive to everything I write to you. I wish i was able to ride elephant as i can imagine how wonderful this will be) I have never seen the film called Hidalgo.
I will try to find out my size and i will tell you! I will take the measure at home. But as i can see, i think United states size i have 0-2. It depends on a clothes.
You are right, we have here very good agriculture but unfortunately the price for it is very low and that is why people who grow all these fruits and vegetables, they can't earn good money on it and that is why right now it is not popular among the people because the work is rather hard but good paid.
I didn;t get your sms but please try to write it to me today, my number is +380509688402 as you already know. I will end for now and of course i will be waiting for your answer which is extremely important for me and of course i really will be the happiest woman if you can help me with the funds for International passport so i can make it ready as it will make me one step closer to you and i believe that will be great! waiting impatiently for you answer, kisses Kristina
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