Scam letter(s) from Elena Tkachenko to Martin (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hello from Ukraine! Thank you very much for paying attention to me as well! I must confess that you have caught my interest at once and i like you really a lot.
It may sound strange to you but i can't explain it anyhow.:)
My full name is Lesya. I am 30 and I live in Lugansk, Ukraine, it is not far from Russia border, so, my native language is Russian but i also speak English very well and i am proud to say that i write this letter to you by myself.:)
I have the most wonderful daughter called Katya. She is almost six and for me she is the best child in the world! People say she looks like me. I got divorced more than one year ago and now i live in a two-room flat together with my Katya and my mum. Unfortunately, my father passed away in an accident almost tend years ago. But i still miss him a lot... I work as a laboratory assistant (or secretary) in a locale college. When i studied my specialty was book-keeping but in Ukraine it is hard to find a job according to specialty.
I am looking for a man abroad because of my bad experiences in the past. Of course, my worst experience was with my ex-husband who was looking for fun and sex for one night when we were married already and who also drank but also my relations with other men before my marriage were not successful. Here men don't want family and long-term relations. They want games and sex for one night. So, i am here and writing to you. I really hope that it will work between us but not it is early to think about it, time will tell us everything!
If you are interested in me and what i write is close to you, then write me back immediately. if it is our change, i shouldn't miss any minute!:)
hope to hear from you back
Letter 2
Hi again Martin! I am very glad that you replied to my letter because i sincerely want to know you better and to try to create relations with you. Well, we will see where it goes and now maybe, i will tell you a bit more about me?
So i told you already who i am, how old i am and where and with whom i live and where i work. it is interesting for you, my height is 169 and my weight is 57. My eyes are blue and my hair is blond. I studied book-keeping in a college but i don't work by my specialty as you see.
I speak English very well and i am proud to say that i am writing this letter to you by myself.:)
As you know, i was married. My marriage lasted four and a half of the years but it failed because of my ex husband's bad temper. I don't say that i am perfect, nobody is perfect and i am not an exclusion. But i always cared about my home, my family and my daughter when my ex didn't do it. I can surely say that i tried to do everything to safe my marriage but i failed. Anyway bad experience is also an experience and i was not easily for me to forget everything and to start a new life. But after month i understood that it was not the end of my life, still i have a wonderful daughter and i have to be happy. So, i am here and my heart is full of hopes! Maybe, you will be able to fulfill them?
I was born and lived here in Lugansk for all my life and i have never been abroad but as i am looking for a man abroad, i know that i must be ready to move if i find him and i will be ready to do it. But only with my daughter Katya, i hope you understand. I am looking for a sincere, loyal, caring, romantic and trustful man. Do i want to much?
I am not looking for a handsome prince, for me inner world is the most important thing. What is more important for you, Martin?
So feel free to tell me what you think and want and also feel free to ask me any questions. I have nothing to hide.
hope to hear from you back
Letter 3
Hi dear Martin! Thank you very much for your letter and for telling me a bit more about you. It is very important for me to know more and more about your life and personality because i like you and now i am trying to understand what kind of person you are and what you want from life and i really like what i see in you! i think it is not in vain and it is a good sing already!:) what do you think, Martin?
i am doing well and my family is fine, what about you? how is your day passing? what is your typical day generally? My day usually starts at 6.30 when i wake up, cook breakfast and take Katya to the kindergarten. I work from Monday to Friday from 8 to 5 and after work i take Katya home and we spend evenings together of course. We read, draw, play and watch TV together. Katya likes watched cartoons and i like them too.:)) her favorite on is Sleeping Beauty.:) I teach her write and and read and count because she will go to school next year and i want her to be ready to it. She wants to school already!:) on weekends we also usually play and she helps me and my mum to keep the house. Also almost each weekend we visit my aunt's family who are our closest friends and relatives. But we miss a man in our family. I need my life partner nearby with whom i could share everything good and bad. It is hardly to be alone and not to have a strong shoulder nearby. I would give all my care, love and also cooking skills to my husband.:) Did i tell you that i am a good cooker? what do you like to eat and what do you like to do in your spare time, Martin?
It think it is enough for today because i have to go now. But i am already waiting for your reply and i wish you a nice day!
hugs and kisses
yours Lesya
Letter 4

Hello my dear Martin! Thanks a lot for the sweetest letter and for telling me more about your life and your personality. I don't know how to describe but each time i feel closer and closer to you and i think it is a good sign, don't you find? You know, i am really happy that i have met you here in this life period because you have already brightened my loneliness.
Martin, i know it is impossible to fall in love with somebody through the letters but it is certainly possible to have feelings. Through your lines i may see your personality, your soul and your heart and i believe that it may do love in Internet possible! Of course we can never know it for sure until we meet but i think that correspondence is a good ground for creating each other and your letters and your photos may tell me a lot about you. And i already like a lot about you and i see that we have lots of common and it is really great, do you agree? And when we feel that we are ready, we may meet in person and see whether we are the same like we were in letters. It is really nice, do you agree?
Dear Martin, i am just sharing my thoughts and emotions with you. i am writing you what i feel and think and i hope that my thoughts don't scare you.:)
Now i will stop and i want to wish you to have a great day. I hope you will remember me from time to time and you will write me back as soon as you are able. I am waiting for your answer!
Hugs and kisses
your Lesya
Letter 5
Hi my dearest Martin! How are you doing there? thanks a lot for such a nice and sweet letter that made me smile and that made my mood much better! Really! If you don't believe me, just look at my pictures.:) You know, Martin i like what you write in your letters and i must tell you that i am truly happy that i have found you. Now i know for sure that it was not in vain. My searches was not successful until i meet you. I have already begun to think that something is wrong with me (besides, after my divorce) but now i realize that i have just met wrong men on my way. As they say: God always sense us the wrong people to make us understand who is really the right one for us. The only good experience from my last relations was my Katya. I think i will be happy if i have more kids in the future. Children are happiness. But in case if God doesn't send me more kids, i already have my daughter anyway.
Dear Martin i want our relations to develop the same was further because i believe in our future and because i know it must be fate. Don't you feel the same? Do you believe in fate? Well i am leaving you now my dear Martin and i am already looking forward to you reply! tell me anything you want! All about you is interesting for me!!
Hugs and kisses
yours Lesya
Letter 6
Hello my dear Martin! I am so happy to hear from you again! Your letter is a sunshine for me and i am happy to know that you don't forget about me. As for me, i am thinking about you all the time and i cannot help waiting for our next contact. I hope you have the same feelings, my dear Martin. I do believe that we can have serious relations with you and that we can have future with you. It is really possible to my opinion. We just have to try! I think i have already told you that i believed that nothing happened in vain in our life. That fact that we have found each other here means a lot for me and i also do not want to miss my chance to happy. Of course, we have to know much closer each other in order to understand whether we are to be together. We have to realize that we can match. I am sure it makes sense. I know that we cannot be very close right now since we are far away from each other and it is not easy to understand each other this way. But nothing happens in one day. Creating of relations is a hard thing and we should not forget about it. This process demands time. Do you agree with me, dear Martin? So, Martin i hope that this letter will put a smile to your face and it will make your day better! I am waiting for your reply very impatiently and i am sending you my kisses.
yours Lesya
Letter 7
Hello my dear Martin! I want to thank you for making me smile and for making my day brighter. I hope that a letter from me will also make you smile and it will put a light into my heart.
How are you today? Did you miss me? Did you remember me from time to time?:) As for me, i think about you a lot and i am dreaming of the day when we meet with you!
You know, Martin i am of the opinion that a personal meeting only can give an answer whether we are to be together and whether we can match. I am also think that one meeting is better than hundreds of letters.
When people talk in person, the can see the natural reaction of each other, there appears a contact between them. When people look into the eyes of each other, they see everything that is written there and i know that eyes cannot lie. As they say eyes are the miracle of the soul and they show everything what you think but not tell in case if you do not tell the truth. That is why i think that the best way really to know a person is a personal conversation. Do you agree with me?
So, when will we meet Martin?
Well, my dear Martin, i am closing this letter here and i am sending you all my warmth, my tender kisses and my hugs.
Waiting for your reply passionately,
Yours Lesya.
Letter 8
Hi my dearest Martin! Thanks a lot for your sweet and amazing letter! I am so happy to hear from you again! How are you there? You know, your letters are really joy for me and i am so happy that i have met you here! And i want to meet you in person soon, of course! But i think that i don't want to wait for a long time! Maybe, it will be better if i come to you? I will be able to take a vacation for one or two weeks, for example, and come to you and spend some time with you. But i will have to prepare some necessary documents first. How do you like my idea? Would you like me to come to you Martin? I want to see you as soon as it is possible.
I am waiting for your reply with impatience.
Kiss you,
only yours Lesya
Letter 9
Hi my dear Martin! how are you doing there today? i hope that everything is ok with you and this letter will find you in a good mood. I missed you much yesterday evening and i was waiting for today when i have a chance to read your mail and to talk to you again.
My dear Martin, thanks a lot for allowing me to come to you. It is very important for me to know that i am welcome to your place. It will help me to see what is waiting for me in the future. But, dear Martin, will you be able to support me financially in preparing all my travelling documents? I am asking you about it because i will have to do an international passport, a health insurance and a visa. I just cannot cover the all expenses by myself since i am a single mum who raises a child by herself and i earn too little. I am very ashamed about asking you this but i have no another choice. What will you say, dear Martin?
if you need, i may send you a copy of my Ukrainian passport to assure you that i am real and serious. As for my vacation, i think i will be able to take two or three free weeks in order to spend them with you.
Is it ok for you? Please tell me your decision. I told you how important for me to come to you first of all because if we match with you and decide to get married, i will have to move to you and that is why i need to be sure for what is waiting for me there. You may come to my anytime but as for my coming to you, it will be one of the most important steps for me. And of course i want to see you in real life, to spend some time with you. I already know that you are a great man, you respect me and my daughter and you know how to treat a woman and it means a lot for me already but of course, we both understand that only a meeting face to face will lead us to a final decision.
I am waiting for your reply with impatience.
Kiss you and hug you,
your Lesya
Letter 10
Hi my dearest Martin!
Thanks a lot for the sweetest letter! I enjoyed reading it but i also became warm when i read it.:) You are my joy and my heart and i cannot help always thinking about the day when we meet.:))
Dear Martin, if i come to you, i will need an international passport, a health insurance and a visa. I went to know how much it costs and i was told that passport is about 250 dollars, a health insurance is 140 dollars and a visa to your country cost 100 dollars. I have never thought that it is so expensive but it is true. You may even check it in the Internet. So, this is what i know. Preparing the all documents will take about two weeks. First of all i will have to make a passport, then a health insurance and then i will have to get a visa. It will be a usual tourist visa. What do you think about this everything? Will you be able to help me?
My dear Martin, my greatest dream is to come to you and i do hope that it will come true. i really want to come to see you very much!
I miss you a lot, my dear Martin, and kiss you tenderly, and i hope to hear from you very soon.
only yours Lesya.
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