Scam letter(s) from Shela Rae to Glenn (USA)

Letter 1
This is really said to begin with my Words..but i have nothing to do than to voice it out... As i never suspected such a Bad Motion so late in Life.... What has really happened to make this our Relationship disperse this way... I thought we had faith and trust in each other like we always say to one another....Love is something that can't be Bought with money..But its something that is eventually Develop from Day to Day.
I never think this is the best way to kick someone out of your you really think that person means a lot to you...Well, i went to the DHL office today as i left hear around 9-10am my time..and got there around 2pm.. They declared to me that, You have sent a Mail ordering them to return the Package.. It sounded so bad in my EARS..but i have nothing to do than to Find a public Internet Cafe' so i could chat with you to find out how its happening that way.... That even took about an hour and Half before able to get a public internet cafe' ...but later when i got online, you weren't on there so that begun to bring some kinda ideas on my mind..... I took it normal as i thought, you told me, u would be fixing your brakes Today.... I decided to get back to Breman Asikuma. I got home around 10pm and i never took my shower nor neither ate anything.but i runned to the Cafe' here very quickly so i could see you online ..but it seem to be the samething...
I will leave here and would get back online tomorrow as tomorrow is Saturday.... will hope to chat with you again shortly..byee for now.
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