Scam letter(s) from Shela Rae to Arthur (USA)

Letter 1
Hello and thanks for emailing me AM . I am glad you did write me and am hoping I got the right email. Email ASAP let me know I got the right email address
Letter 2
Hello and thanks much for sending me an email , let me start by telling you a bit about my self and what I do. I will be adding some few pictures of me and am hoping you going to like them.
My dad is from California San Diego , I was born and raised by my father since my mother divorced my dad and went on for another man and as we talk now she got three kids and am the oldest but with different man. she is Located in Ohio and still alive but have lost my dad in the past 5 years when we relocated to Ashburn.
I have been living with a room mate for a while , been in relationships but all seems just moving worst way. Yes working with a Christian Assembly of Pentecostal church in Support with Unicef.
I am in Ghana now , have been here for just a month and got just one month to get this done and get on with my life, I choose this to help and support the needy with my strength. I have been travelling to about 5 countries just within 6 month , been to Brazil , Uruguay, Ireland , Scotland, South Africa and finally Ghana and this my last country.
what about a pictures from you to me cause I will love to see more of you and get to know all about you till then enjoy your day and have a nice time
Letter 3
Nice reading from you and thanks much for the picture.
You looking awesome and that was a great fish. What have you been doing today ? do you have a cell phone that we can be texting each other to know more? Are you on yahoo messenger ? Yes I am having a great time and hoping you are too. Will be waiting to read from you soon.
Letter 4

Hi John
Well for me I have been doing nothing just relaxed over here looking at your pic you sent me. Yes I like hiking and will be nice to go hiking with you. Okay I got your cell number so will be texting you as soon as possible and am hoping you going to be able to text me back as well. what your work and how big is your family ?? I will add you on messenger also. when will be the best time for us to chat ?
what are your likes and dislikes ? what type of phone do you have ? will you be able to install whatsapp messenger on your phone from your phone store , I think it best for us to chat any where and any time right on our phone. I added some pictures of me and am hoping you going to like them.
Send me some if you will not mine. Will be ending here and till then talk to you later and will be thinking about you.
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