Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Naumova to Jean-Pierre (France)
Letter 1
How are you? It is a pleasure for me to have the chance to write to you mail address. I am happy as i have the chance to send to you some of my pictures, hope that you will find me attractive and of course I want you to be sure that i am serious woman who is in search of serious and honest man. i want to find my second half who i can dedicate my life and it will be a great pleasure if this can be you. So to find out this, I will be happy to get more information about you and your life.

waiting for your answer, Anya
Letter 2
Hi Jean-PierreHi my new friend, Jean-Pierre!

I am happy to open my mail box today and to see that you wrote to me. This made me extremely happy as for me this means you are interested in me and you want to know more about me. I am happy as i am interested to know more about you too. It was a great pleasure for me to get your pictures which i liked so much and of course i hope that you will send to me even more. So now i want to let you know some more information about me, I am sure this will help you to understand me better and to know me.
As you already know my name is Anna, some of my friends call me Anya or Anechka) You can choose any one you like. I was born on 28 of November 1983, in a small village in East part of Ukraine. The name of the village where i was born and still live now is Balabino which is in Zaporozhie region. It is small but quite nice village.
I have finished the pedagogical University as economist but unfortunately to find job according to education in such small village like mine is just not possible, that is why i work now as a shop assistant in a shop of women underwear.
I will end for now and of course i will be waiting for your next letter. I am ready to answer all your questions and to hear a bit about you. I have attached also some of my pictures, hope that you will like them and i will be waiting to get from you also)
have a nice day, Anna.
Letter 3
Hello dear, jp!

My mood is excellent as i was able to read your letter and to write to you. I have very strong wish to know as much as it is possible about you! I was very pleased to see your letter! It was a great pleasure for me to get your pictures which i liked so much and of course it will be a great pleasure if you can send to me even more.
As for my work, i am not able to find work according to my diploma because i live in a very small village and to go to some bigger town is very far and even there to find job without someone who can help you with that is very very hard. Only if you have some influence friends, you can find good job! My height is 1. 65 sm.I love the outdoors. I love the sea but unfortunately i don't have the possibility to go there. I have been there only once in my life. I like cartoons, I like action and sci-fi movies but not with a lot of blood, but I also like romantic comedies. Also i like to spend free time with my friends and relatives...
I have already told you in my previous letter that i am very serious and family oriented woman. i am here to find a man with whom i can create very strong, caring and loving family which is extremely important for me. And what is about you? How do you see your future family?
My wish to have such family is so strong because right now i feel very lonely and i don't have a family who can support me, but i want this so much. All my life my family was my granny which i adore with all my heart. But two years ago she died and now i feel very lonely. of course you can ask where my parents is... These theme is too hard for me because i lost them when i was little child. That day i stayed at night at home of my granny and my parents were at home. I don't know the reason but the fire happened in our home and my parents died. That night I lost my parents, our home and all the memories.... That time i didn't understand all as i was very little but the more elder i became the harder it was for me... of course my granny became my mother, my father and everything to me, i appreciate this very much and 2 years ago when i lost her it was a grief for me. And the most terrible thing is that I lost all the memories about my parents as everything was destroyed with a fire and for me it is almost impossible to remember how my father was looked like. I have only some pictures of my mother when she was young, the picture that was at my granny house and that was not destroyed with the fire....

I will end for now as it was to hard for me to remember all that again but i am happy that i have shared this with you. i am open and i don't want to have any secrets from the beginning as honesty and trust is very important for me. I have attached several pictures for you, hope that you will like them and the pictures of my mother which is very important for me!!!!!

waiting for your soonest reply, Anya.
Letter 4

Hi dear, jp!

Thanks for your letter which it was a great pleasure for me to get, as your letters became a part of my every day life and it is not possible to imagine my day without it. It is first think, i am thinking about. I was extremely happy to get your pictures which i liked so much and hope that you will send to me even more as that will be a great pleasure for me. Thanks for telling me about how you see your future family, as it was a great pleasure for me to hear that. I am happy i have told you the story of my family, it was very hard for me of course but i think that for good relations we don't need to have any secrets and it is great that i managed to share this with you as i feel easier when i can talk about this.
As for me, i am looking my second half abroad as in Ukraine men think that they are Gods and love just themselves and none more. He can drink and don't work, in that time you should love him and cook for him, buy something new and so on and also you should earn money, this everything is OK. Also I can tell you that they are usually not serious and they need just sex and nothing more but for me it is not good.
I like to be with a man, with a real good man in the private question, but also I like him to be wise, devoted and be ready to create a new step in his life once forever. I want him to be serious and honest as i believe without this it is not possible to create a serious relations. I'll give him all my devotion and care in an answer.
You may be interested why i am looking for a man abroad, not in my country! My answer will be very simple. i was not lucky in my search here. Our man is used to lots of women who is trying to find serious relations and they are used to attention as we have more women then men and that is why they are not looking for serious relations at all. Just to play and to have some fun. i am not interested in one night relations as i want to find a man whom i will love with all my heart and who will love me so we can build strong family! Hope that this will be you!
How is you day today? What plans do you have for evening? Today my friend is going to come to visit me. We were studying together at university but haven't seen each other for very long time so i will be happy to spend this evening with her) i am sure that we will have wonderful time together. i like spending calm evening in the company of friends. And what is about you? What are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?
I will end for now and of course i will be waiting for your answer, i have attached some pictures to you. Some is old , from university times but hope that you will like them!

waiting for your soon reply, Anya.
Letter 5
Hi dear, jp! How was your day today? Mine is wonderful as when i saw your letter in my inbox i have a very big smile on my face) i wish you were able to see it) It was a great pleasure for me to get your pictures which i liked so much and hope that you will send to me even more. Thanks for telling about your hobbies and answering my questions from the last letter as it shows me how attentive you are with my letters, it means that are very much interested in them and i am sure that this communication, answering the questions we are interested in will help us to understand each other better. What is your opinion? I think it is important to be open with each other and honest. Do you agree? So if you have some questions to me i am ready to answer all!!!
I am living today in my granny house but i live there with 3 other girls. In this house i have 2 rooms. I live with other girls because this way it is easier to pay for the house. From my salary, i am not able to pay for it.
As for the weather in my village, it is already rather cold. Today it is - 14 and it is expected that during the weekends the weather will be - 19. But the most big problem is that we don't have heating in the house ans that is why in our house it is just around + 10. can you imagine? All i can dream about now is heater and I feel so sad that i can't afford to buy it. I wish Santa can bring it to me) What do you think about this?
As for me, i like spending my free time in company of close friends. I don't like to go out to nightclubs, i like calm evening at homes. I am dreaming one day with my man to sit near the fire with a glass of wine) i think it is extremely romantic))). Also I like cooking a lot. i think it is possible to tell that cooking is my hobby as when i have free time, i am trying all the time new receipts. Most of all i like to bake! Do you have favorite dishes? I hope that one day i will have the chance to cook something for you) By the way i have attached a picture of my cooking) It was this Paska. i don't know if you have such a holidays in your country but we have here such. it is a holiday of memory, memory about people who are not with us any more. This days people go the cemeteries and they color boiled eggs in different colors and also bake Paskas.
Also i like to walk in nature. I like all seasons and i think that walking in fresh air is the most wonderful thing. In autumn, i like to pick up mushrooms a lot) Also I like reading. That is my main hobbies i think, and main thing I like to do in my spare time. Hope that soon i will have a person by my side with whom i can share this) Who know may be it is you)
By the way i wanted to ask you also do you have favorite animals? If yes then what?
I will end for now and of course i will be waiting impatiently for your next letter, hope that you won't be bored with my questions. i will be waiting for your answer) I am really interested to know you better.

hugs and kisses, Anya.
Letter 6
Hi my dear, JP! I am so happy that right now i have you in my life as i feel so happy and it is wonderful that i can share everything with you)You became a part of my everyday like. Hope that you feelings are the same. And of course it was a great pleasure for me to get your pictures which i liked so much and hope that you will send to me even more.
It was a great pleasure for me to get your phone as i want to talk to you a lot. My number is +380951954690 and of course it will be a great pleasure for me if you can call me.
I am interested in you a lot and as for the age matter I'm sure age is only number, but hearts and feelings are the most important in our relationship. I am sure that it is possible to built a very good relation is any age and with any difference, the most important thing is feelings... I believe that we can be the luckiest people in the world finding each other and opening our souls for each other.
By the way as for the temperature in my home, it is only this year, we have gas as heating but now no gas at all. i am at a loss and i don't know what to do. i wish you can be here with me to warm me up or may be even better if i can be there with you as I am sure that will make me feel much better. What do you think about this? And to tell you the truth i wish i was able to come to you! in a month i will have my holidays and it will be the best Christmas present for me if i can spend them with you! What do you think about this?
Thanks for answering my questions from the previous letter because as i have told you it is very important and it gives me the chance to know you better. Thanks for telling me about your attitude to animals) As for me, i like both dogs and cats. Unfortunately right now i don't have the possibility to have a dog as i think it is needed lots of attention. It is needed to walk every morning and every evening and unfortunately i don't have time for this because of my dog. But i hope that one day i will have the chance to have it. What is you favorite breed of dog? As for me i am dreaming one day to have Golden retriver. Do you know it? But I have two cats. One was a present from my friends on my birthday. The breed of this cat is sphinx. Do you have such cats in your country? It is without hair at all. it name is Thomas) and the other cat, i have found in the street and unfortunately i was not able to leave it there. It was raining evening and i was going from my work, the weather was already rather cool and this cat was so wet.... I took him hope and now this cat is so beautiful! he is white like a snow and that is why i called him Snejok) It is in Russian language means snow. i like them very much. I have attached to you some pictures and hope that you will like them.
I will end of now and of course i will be waiting for your reply, hope that i won't have to wait for very long time. You are all the time in my mind and in my dreams and i can't wait for your reply. Hope to hear from you very soon.

sweet kisses, Anya.
Letter 7
Salut JP
It was so wonderful to see your letter, JP! It made me extremely happy as now it is very hard for me to imagine my life without you and your letters, they really became a part of my day) It was a great pleasure for me to get your pictures which were so nice and of course it will be a great pleasure if you can send to me even more. And of course it was wonderful for me to talk with you over the phone! I was so happy that i can understand you when you are talking in french, it was wonderful! My sweetheart, i am very sorry but when you were calling to me in the evening, i was already sleeping and that is why i didn't hear the phone.
I am very happy that now you saw my cats and i am happy to had the chance to share how they appeared ion my life) Now you know everything!
My sweetheart, today i called to the travel agency to find out about my travel to you and they told me that it is not hard to organize this trip. I need to have International passport and medical insurance. With this documents, i need to apply for visa which is not hard to get at all and i am ready to go to you but the problem is that I don't have international passport and medical insurance. i have found out that it is not hard to make it but you are right, for me it is too expensive! To make International passport costs 300$ and to make medical insurance costs 155$ so in total to make my documents ready i need 455$ but it is too much for me. I am not able to afford this but I wish i was able to make this documents. it can be the best Christmas present for me. What do you think about this? I don't mind you coming here, but we have here - 20 today and till the end of the winter the temperature will be like that so you must be ready) Also unfortunately in my village there is no hotels so we will need to stay in some bigger city, i think the best is Kiev where we have airport but it will be very expensive to rent a flat so the lady told me that my trip to you will be much more cheaper , especially if i can stay with you)
I had nice evening yesterday) It was very unexpected but still very nice. My friend came to me, she told me that she came just for several minutes but as usual it became much longer and we have decided to try to make sushi,do you like it? they were very tasty and also we were watching very interesting film. We watched ‘Pride and Prejudice’. It was based on the book written by Jane Austen. We watched it, then discussed. We had a common view that the film was perfect. I strongly recommend you to watch it if you have a time. I am dreaming one day we can watch some interesting film together. Would you like to do that with me?) Do you have favorite films? After watching a film, we just sat in the kitchen and talked. I told her about our communication and she was very happy to hear about you. She listened carefully what I told her and then she support me with good words. When I was telling about it. I realized that I miss you, your letters. It is becoming a part of me.
I will end for now and of course i will be waiting for your next letter, i have attached some pictures, hope that you liked them.

sweet kisses, Anya.

PS J'espere qu'on aura la possibilite de parler en francais avec toi en realite, tu seras mon meilleur prof de francais!!!
Letter 8
Salut JP! Thanks for your letter. It was a great pleasure for me to get it and of course it was wonderful for me to talk to you as i feel so relaxed when we talk and i feel like we know each other for ages. You are right about the fact that in my night dreams i saw you) I was happy to hear about your nice evening) I hope that one day soon i will have the chance to spend such days with you) It is very important for me.
My sweetheart it was nice to know that you are so brave and you are ready to come to kiev but i don't think it is good. First of all the winter is very cold here and when it is - 20, believe me there is no wish to go outside and to sit in a hotel room is not good for the first meeting i am sure. Also to rent a hotel in Kiev is very expensive and you won't be able to stay for the long time and i am sure that to understand our feelings we will need more time. Also it is very important for me to come to you, to see your country, your home, the way of life and to try it together) What do you think about this? I really think that it is the best idea and if i come to you it will be much cheaper and better for our relations. My holidays will be for one month and if it is Ok for you, i can stay with you the hole month!!!! can you imagine how wonderful this will be?
My sweetheart, today i went to the travel agency and ask them again! I need to pay 300$ for passport and 155$ for medical insurance. Then around 70$ for visa and i will be able to fly to you! Please don't worry, i really think it is the best variant for us. But my sweetheart if you want us to meet in the middle of January then they lady from the travel agency told me that we will need to start it the nearest days so it can be ready till my travel to you! My dear if you want call the manager of the travel agency. her name is Oksana. The number is +380997761538. Also the mail address of travel agency is
I will end for now and of course i will be waiting for your answer as i am very serious about you and it is very important for me to come to you, to meet you and if you want me to come for the hole month of my vocation, this will be perfect!!!!! I want to be as long as it is possible with you!

je t'embrace Anya.
Letter 9
Dear Sir, JP
Thanks for contacting us. We will be happy to help you and your lady to organize the trip to France.
regarding Anna's trip to France she must have the package of Travelling papers: International passport, medical insurance and visa. We have attached the costs of the papers in Travel Service Invoice. If you choose our service we give you 100% guarantees of getting visa to France. While applying the visa, the tickets must be bought here, according to the place of Anna's registration for tourist visa. The cost of the ticket will depends on a date of travel. To find out the cost of the ticket give us the name of the airport. Anna told us that you are planning to meet in the middle of January. To do this, it is obvious to start the travelling papers as soon as possible.
The are no other duties for Anna's traveling to France.
We have attached the travel agency licence. You can see it. Also we have attached the Travel Service invoice for travelling papers.
Thanks for cooperation,
regards manager of "Super Palma Tour"
Letter 10
Hi my sweetheart, JP! how is you mood today? Hope that you are extremely happy to see my letter) It was a great pleasure for me also to get your pictures which were very nice and i really like it) The first picture was very funny really! My sweetheart as for the pictures, they were taken by different people as it is usually some of my friends who gives me the pictures as i don't have my own camera( My sweetheart, i was very sorry that we didn't have the chance to talk yesterday because when you were calling me i was at the shop and i think that late it was not possible for you to call me back! of course i understand everything but i am just little sad! Hope that today you will call me and se will talk! It is always a great pleasure for me.
I have understood about the travel agency and i hope that they will give you the information very soo as i really want to be ready with everything till the middle of january because I will have my holidays then and it is perfect time for me. i want to spend this month of my vocation with you!
How was your day today? As fir me everything was like usual, but today my colleague asked me why i am so happy last time. I told her that I can't understand what she meant but she told me that it was very easy to see the changed in me) She told me that i am all the time thinking about something, all the time smiling, that my eyes are full of joy) And the most important that i think she is absolutely right because i have notices that i am really thinking a lot about your during the day and after we start our communication I have noticed that for me the life became more careful. I am really began to smile more often and i have a feelings like i am not alone any more. i have a person whom I can share everything and for me it is really important. thanks for being in my life.
I will end for now and of course i will be waiting impatiently for your answer which is so important for me. I have attached some picture, hope that you will like them.

sweet kisses, Anya.
Letter 11
Dear Sir, JP,
Thanks for cooperation.
We are sorry we didn't notice the name of the airport in your previous letter. We have checked the price for the ticket and we have attache the invoice.
The total amount for organizing Anna's travelling to France:
- organization of travel papers 525$
- tickets 354$
Total amount 879$
Thanks for cooperation. Waiting for your answer.
regards manager of "Super Palma Tour"
Letter 12
Hello dear Sir, JP,
Thanks for cooperation.
The total amount in euro is 768 euro.
Money Gram is OK for us. The information of our top manager is: Katerina Grigorieva, Ukraine, Zaporozhie region, Balabino, Gaevogo street 21/2. You can send the funds to the name of our top manager.
We have attached the Ukranian passport of Anna.
Thanks for cooperation. Waiting for your answer.
regards manager of "Super Palma Tour"
Letter 13
Hello my honey, JP! Thanks for your letter and of course for your pictures which i liked so much and hope that you will send to me even more as that will be always wonderful for me to get new.
My sweetheart, today Oksana called me and she told me that you have already made the payment for my trip and they already started the process of getting my documents! i am so happy!!!! I can't wait to be there with you! I can imagine how wonderful we will spend the time together.
It is extremely cold today, the weather outside is - 21 and i have no wish to come back home. I don't know what to, nothing helps. I am tired of drinking hot tea and this doesn't help me at all. i am afraid to be ill as very soon I will travel to you! I am at a loss. I wish to have a heater but during the weekends, i went to the shop and it is too expensive for me. I wish the Santa really exists and he could bring it to me on New Year Eve. ))) But of course i am already big girl and i know that it is not possible((((
I hope that you will have wonderful Christmas evening, and i am happy as i am sure that next Christmas we will celebrate together. i wish you merry Christmas! I think your food would be perfect! I have heard about "foie gras" but I have never tried it. hope that one day you will be able to cook it for me) And i will cook something from Ukranian cuisine)
I will end for now and of course i will be waiting impatiently for your answer,
je t'embrasse tres fort je t'aime beaucoup, Anya.
Letter 14
Dear Sir, JP
Our top manager has already received the money in amount of 2900 euro. We have already made the travel checks for your lady. We have attached the copy of it.
As for the other documents, they are at the embassy, we expect to get visa tomorrow and all the documents back tomorrow also. As soon as we get the documents, we will send to you the copy of everything.
Thanks for cooperation,
regards manager of "Super Palma Tour"
Letter 15
dear Sir JP,
We are sorry for delay in sending documents to you. Our scanner didn't work. Thanks for your understanding.
I have attached the copy of Anna's tickets and also her International passport. We did everything we had promised to you.
Thanks for cooperation, we were glad to work with you and Anna.
regards manager of "Super Palma Tour"
Letter 16
Hello my sweetheart JP! You are like feeling when to call me because i just opened the letter to write to you and you immediately call me. I think we feel each other very good. My sweetheart, i have attached the tickets for you. Again i have missed the time, i am sorry. I was just little in panic because f all that happened last time and that is why i told you that the ticket is for 12:30. It is wrong. i have attached to you the correct one. This time the lady was proposed to me for Tuesday and that is why i remember it. Also i have attached to you that copy of the documents which i was give at the bank so on a customer, i will show it to the lady and finally i will fly to you!
I feel not very good as I have again headache so i think that i will sleep little and i will be waiting for your call. i know that you have very busy day today and because of me you had to wake up earlier, i wish i was able to help you already but you are in me in my thoughts all the time.

with love, Anya.
Letter 17
My name is Victoria, I am Anya's friend. We are living together.
I write you this letter to prevent you about the heavy news.I was called on my mobile from a hospital in Kiev, as they have found my number in Anna's phone. Anya is now in the hospital, she has got the beatings from her ex boy friend. he found out that that is in Kiev and going to you. Yesterday, he has found her in a hotel where she was staying, she was beaten by him. He knew that she is going to you, her future husband abroad. He is a very jealous and aggressive man, he decided to take the vengeance on her. He has beaten her heavy, she is in the hospital, she needs the treatment and she will not be able to come to you. She is conscious, but very weak. I was informed today night and that is why i borrowed money and I have fly on the first plane to Kiev today morning, she is crying all the time and she is asking me to write you, to let you know in advance that she will not come today, se is worrying so much. She is worrying so much about you, she is crying and telling that she loves you, and she hates her ex for breaking her life. Now the police is searching for him but still without result and she is afraid that he can come to her again!
He has also burned all the documents, but i will call to the travel agent and I hope that it is possible to restore them. Anya will stay in the hospital for some time, for more then a week i was told. She has a good doctor, do not worry, here we will take care about her.
She does not have the possibility to contact you because she is too weak and doctor does not permit her to talk on the telephone. I promised her that i will write you as often as it is needed to let you know about her situation.
I have to tell you, Mr. Jean-Pierre, she loves you so much and she is afraid to lose you. She tells that she is your wife and she will be forever.
I hope to hear from you soon I will be able to tell you more about her condition next time.
She asked me to make a photo of her for you, because she is afraid you will not believe her. But she is afraid that after this picture you can have no wish to be with her any more as she thinks she is very ugly now and that is why for her your words of support is very important now. I am really afraid of her.
I did it, but sorry, the quality is not good, i did it with my telephone.
Letter 18
Hi Jean-Pierre! Thanks for your letter. I am trying to write to you as soon as i can but as for the funds to help me with writing, I am not sure as if Anya find out about this I am sure that she will be angry and i am afraid when she feel better she will kill me....
Thanks for letting me know that you got in touch with Oksana because now without mobile phone, i even not able to get in touch with other people, it is not comfortable at all but I love Anya and for her i am ready to see everything i have as i just want her to be happy! I wish i was able to do more for her, to buy some fruits which she is needed as of course food at hospital which is give for free is really awful!
I have attached my passport as you have asked. The information about me which i have found out at the bank you may need is: Averina Viktoria, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region, Pavlograd, Poltavskaya street 3/7. Please don't be surprised that the place of my registration is in another town but it is where my parents live because as you know here we rent a flat and i live together with any but if you want to send the funds to me, you need to mention like it is written in my passport as only in this way i will be able to get the funds.
I will tell everything to Anya, please don't worry about this. And i am sure she will be happy to live with you and not to come back to Ukraine any more as she has nothing here, only bad memories.
And of course i told in my village like your told me but that didn't help because he thinks also that she is guilty in the fact that he was in prison so i am sure that he will never let her calm.

waiting for your news, Viktoria.
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