Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia to Carlo (Germany)
Letter 1
SCAM? Who? Me? Are you in your mind? Why do all the men think that they can outrage an innocent woman who is looking for a serious man and real love in the Internet! For you everything is easy here, you write woman, offer her sex or something else that she can't afford and think that she is cheating you! That's not true! So if you are really interested in me and want to try our destiny, you shouldn't start the relationship with violating!!! Besides you write to many women and if they write about their feelings in same way you make a conclusion that it is standard letters!!! BUT, have you thought that English language is lack of words and that is why expressing is the same! Nobody is guilty! You should overview your behavior and attitude towards Ukrainians and finally the main question: WHY DO YOU CONTINUE YOUR SEARCH BESIDES WOMEN FROM UKRAINE??? Ah? I have an answer! You know that you can offense to their feelings and you won't be punished! STOP IT!!! There is not a person alike another person and nobody is perfect, so think about it! Have a nice day! Natali
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