Scam letter(s) from Natalia Gorkovets to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, this is Elena (girl444x from Passion). I just saw your profile in internet, you are beautiful guy, you really impressed me. I would like to start a friendship so let me tell you little bit about me. I'm very active person and enjoy be with friends, I do all kind of activities, recently during this summer we've been playing volleyball and love to go to the movies, but basically I'm open to any activity. I'm single and have no children. What do you do for a living? What activities do you do on your free time? I'm open and honest. About me: I'm living in Germany but now I work in Russia, I will go to United States soon and I'm looking for friends. I like *** very much and I don't want to be alone in u.s. I work as the waiter in russia bit I think it's more better to work in usa. So if you are interesting in friendship with me please reply. It will be cool to have fun together. I can send you my pictures also. Can you send yours?
Letter 2

Thank you for answering my email. As I promised I send you my pictures.
I'm sorry for delay it's because I didn't want to email without pictures. Sure you must know and see the girl who emailed you. My pictures are **** and I hope you like it. I'm really havn't **** pictures because I don't like to make **** pictures and I think it's not a problem that I havn't it. I want to understand what you want from girl which you want to find. Please explain me correctly do you want to find friend, lover, bride or wife? I can be friend or lover for you but if oneday I become a bride or wife I will never betray my groom or husband. I'm still single and free. I'm cheerful and like to have fun! Hope you're too. My real name is Elena and I want to know your real name also. How people call you? How can I call you? Please let me know how you prefer ok? I hope you are real and don't playing any games because I'm real and I hate any false. I will be open with you and will tell you all what I think about, please be honest with me also and tell me all what you think, ok? I watched the internet sites like passion, match, yahoo and saw a few males which I like, I send them messages and received one answer from you. Thank you again for your answer! I don't know why I have the one reply from you but maybe those few guys found girls already and it's the reason but I don't care of it, I'm interested in knowing you better. Now I want to tell you my story. My parents was born in Russia and they come in Germany with me in 1982. So I was born in Russia also in 1978 in Kirtish city. My parents wanted to leave the country because they thought that the life in other democratic country is better. The automobile accident taken away their lives in 2003. I havn't parents now and any brothers and sisters. I'm alone in this world but I have some friends and few relatives. In the beginning of 2005 I come to my native land Russia. Now I'm working as waiter in restaurant but I decided to travel in United States or Canada because I like to see new places and I like this continent for visiting. I make documents for my trip now but I don't know the place where I can come because I havn't any friends there. Maybe if we become friends I can come to you and you will show me the country and tell me about life there. Maybe I will stay in your country for living I don't know now but it's more than possible because I don't like live in russia much because it's the time of changes here. I'm 27, was born 20 march. My height is 5'5''-5'6'', weight about 123 pounds. I'm young and ready for changing my life I was never married and havn't children. I hope we can become friends maybe lovers maybe more but it will be very cool to meet you in your country if you want of course. I dreamed about having relations (friendship) with foreigner or having lover relations because the foreign accent is very **** thing for me. Please answer my questions and feel free to ask ok? So I will wait for your email and recent picture if you decide to develop our relations.
Letter 3

Today is monday, I'm sorry I couldn't email this weekend because I havn't access to computer. I hope you had a nice weekend. I'm sending my another picture today hope you like it. I want to tell you a few important things so I hope you understand me. I'll try to be honest with you and I need that you will be honest also, please let me know if you are not interested in knowing me I don't want to play and I hope you are real. When I tried to know about my coming to your country I'm found much information about it and I know that many people tried to come into your country also. I know that many people tried and trying to make money near this problem also. Please understand that I'm not poor girl and I have prosperity. My papers for coming will be ready in the end of this week. Please answer my serious questions. Do you want if I come to your city for knowing you in real? Will you glad to meet me? If you feel that you don't want it please tell me today. I'm sure that emailing through internet is fun but the best way to know each other is real meeting. Hope you think as me. During this week I could pay for my ticket and I could come to see your country and meet you. I hope you will be my friend and you will show me your country if it will be possible. Today I called in my bank in Germany and asked about opportunity to use it in your country, they told me that it's possible so I want to have fun when I come. If you don't want to meet me in your country I will employ guide for my visit but I will be very glad if I found friends in your country and you will be number one. I will wait for your response about it,
please don't hesitate.
Letter 4

Thank you for your email Michael, I'm glad to read it but when I tried to read it again it's gone. Maybe I casually pressed wrong button and it was deleted. But I'm not confused much because I hope that I will get another email from you Michael! I'm not send the picture today but I want to ask you: do you want that I take the new pictures to send you or it's enough I sent? Can you take any but special most recent picture for me? You must know that my pictures was taken by my girlfriends in different times from 2 years to 2 months ago, but I looks like the same as in pictures. Michael you know that I'm 27 now and I'm 165cms height and 56kgs weight, what do you think about my proportions? I told you that I lived in Germany for a long time. Here is the address where I lived: westring 2a, 66424 Homburg, germany near the cities Zweibrcken and Saarbrcken.
This is very silent area near railway station if you want to know. I'm still remember the S1 bus route and "Wal Mart" supermarket. My parents had business but now I havn't parents and any business but they make the bank bill for me in germany and I think that it's enough savings there for my travels and my requirements especially I have percentage charges for using bank and I receive the grant because I'm orphan. This is my financial situation, but I like to work and now I'm work also but tomorrow I will finish my work in russia because I want to travel to your country. Now I'm living in Kirtish but I will go to Moscow this week because I must visit the embassy and receive the visa and other passport. I returned to russia because I wanted to visit my native land and city I was born in. Michael you must know that I'm not only write english, I can speak it also. I don't know how long I will be staying in your country, maybe 2 weeks, maybe one month, maybe all my life, I will make the decision later. I want to see world also but I like united states or canada more than other countries because it's the most advanced countries, am I right? I think I will stay in hotel when I come for visit as variant and I will depart from russia, if everything will be good I will come next week. More about me: I have high education, I learned in russia first, then in germany in university for economist speciality. I want to tell you about my intentions. I could buy the ticket for arriving near your city and stay there in hotel. It will be good if you could meet me, but please be honest with me Michael, I'm trying to be honest, so if you don't want to meet me or you don't sure please let me know honestly and as soon as possible because it's serious, hope you understand. I will be very glad if you will be my first friend in your country. I could ask the advices from you when I will be there about visiting other places in your country and of course we can visit it together. I think it's soluble problems. I will finish my email now and I want to ask you to specify and check the right spelling of your real address and email it to me. Also please let me know the exact and abbreviation name of closest airport to you and 2 variants of other nearest airports. Also please tell me how to dial your direct phone number where I could call and hear you Michael. Please specify how to dial it in your country and how to dial it outside your country, it's very important things hope you understand Michael. I will wait for your email. Elena. p.s. you can try to dial my cell number (because I have only cell) but they told me that I can't get calls from countries outside europe. It's 90389588971. The country code of russia is 7. I'm sorry if I missed your questions because I've lost your email, but you can ask me again, am I right Michael?
Letter 5

My dear friend Michael. I'm not emailed you because I've a trouble.
Please forgive me. I don't know what to say now, the german Sparkasse bank suspended transactions with russian bank "Vneshtorgbank", so I can't get the funds. I'm asked today how much time the problem will be and transaction manager told me that it's not known time. I asked him is it the problem with russian bank only and he told me that it's only vneshtorgbank problem. It's a sad, but I'm trying to think up something because I want to come and meet you Michael.
Letter 6

My dear Michael. Today I went to the bank and asked about ways for decision what to do with my coming to you.
I was speaking with main manager and he told me that they can't transfer funds from my german account into russia because they must settle contracts between german and russian banks and it's will proceed few months.
I've asked him if I will travel to germany and take money by cash and bring it to russia then I will come to you and he told me that there are many restrictions on country borders, the customs control. I've asked him about getting money from credit card in your country from germany to my name, he told me that it's possible in your country but impossible now in russia, so if I come to you I could take any money from my german bank account. Then I asked him, could I transfer funds from my german bank account to my friend Michael and he could send it to me. He told me that it's possible if Michael received the funds from me earlier, if not they must sign the contract with your documents Michael, he also told me that it will be much expensive to do it also. So if I come to you I could use my account with credit card and receive the money from germany, and I can't get it here. It's so sad because russia have bad credit card international operations. I want to ask you serious question because manager asked me about my plans and he told me that I can ask you about helping. If you could help me and give me funds for my coming to you, I will come and give back it to you and I could give back more because it will cheaper for me. Please tell me Michael, can you help me? If you will, I will come and give back your help. I understand everything, all what disturbs you Michael, I'm sorry that I ask you this question it's not pleasantly for me also because I have it but the situation don't allow me to take it. I'm so sorry and so sad because I don't know what to do, please tell me what can I do? I'm sorry that my email is not so good but I must tell you what's going on. I will wait for your email as soon as possible.
Elena Thats it
P.S. her pics are enclosed
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