Scam letter(s) from Ilona Porebrik to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Jean-Pierre. I am very glad that you responded to my interest. Our communication has started and I'm happy.
I have no friends outside of my country and I am very interested to learn you closer. I hope that we can find common language, despite the fact that we live in different countries. I know English, I taught English in school and in college. But I do not know it perfectly.
Sometimes I have to use a translator, but I do not see a problem with this. I think people can understand each other without words, if they have a great desire. At a meeting I can explain something to you through gestures and ****** expressions.
And I am sure you can easily understand me.
I want to tell you more about my life and for you to better understand me. I was born and grew up and live now in Moscow
My height is 168 cm My weight 52 kg. I do not have brothers and sisters. My favorite food is very diverse. Love is everything.
The main thing is to cook delicious. My favorite flowers are tulips. My favorite color is blue. I love the sea, beach and sun.
My childhood was very lively and happy. I confess that I was not a quiet child. I graduated from high school and college.
I have a secondary technical education of mechanical engineering. I completed courses hairdresser and masseuse, a hairdresser working in a local beauty salon. I am not the owner of salon, so my salary is not big. But I'm not complaining about life, I have enough to eat and sometimes go to the cinema with friends. I do not have a driver's license and have no car.
But I dream to learn to drive a car and plane. Jean-Pierre, you know how to drive a car? How do you feel about technology? Do you love pets?
What pets do you have?
I love horse riding. As a child I sometimes went to the racetrack. My friends were doing it professionally and I was very interested to observe the animals. My mother's four cats, three girls and one boy. Mama jokes and calls it a feline harem.
In my college there was a group of students who sewed costumes and learned to dance. I have great pleasure involved in amateur.
Teachers College is well encouraged our efforts and some exams I passed with no problems. We danced at various festivals and I'm very fond of my dance team.
But the study ended. Now I have very little free time, my schedule is very tight. I work 6 days a week. Sunday Closed.
Usually, my day off I was doing cleaning my humble dwelling. I do not have home internet, because my house is very old.
Internet-based company declined to connect the house to escape the Internet. I rent an apartment on the edge of my town.
It's not expensive and very quiet area. But even in this very quiet area are sleepless restless nights. My mother lives far from the city, she was tired of city life, and when I graduated from college, we moved to live in a village about 200 km from the city.
I did not find a decent job, and already 3 years I lived without a mother. I very rarely go to it.
Much time is necessary for the journey and I have no spare money to travel frequently to the village. But we often write letters to each other.
I love my mom and I sometimes feel sad without her. She works as a kindergarten teacher. I often spend time with my mother in kindergarten.
I love little kids. I do what I can not write about my father because I do not know him. He threw my mom when she was pregnant.
This is a very bad thing. I think that having a baby is a very responsible action, and future parents need to carefully prepare for this important step.
Jean-Pierre, how do you feel about this?
I finish my letter and sent you some photos. Frankly, the first time in several years, my heart is sincere smiles. It smiles at you, Jean-Pierre.
I look forward to your new letters and photos.
With best wishes and with a passionate kiss from Russia, your new friend Ilona.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Jean-Pierre. I am very glad to receive your new letter. Frankly, I fell asleep with great difficulty, because the upset.
I was worried after the first letter to you. And now I got your letter and very glad you wrote me. I've thought and dreamed.
And my dreams will come true someday. I really want to be a happy woman, caring mother and loving wife.
I graduated from college and began to think about family life, but I have no luck with partners.
At first I thought that my requirements are very high, but now I realize that I ask from life is very small.
I need a big warm pure heart of the beloved, who will look after me who will love me and respect my interests.
I love to repeat a very beautiful phrase, my husband will have the best wife. I'll try to get my man was the happiest.
And for me, will not be difficult to do so.
I'm not lonely girl, I have many friends, but they can not fill my life with bright happy colors. It can make only a real man, my man.
And I very much hope that our dialogue will lead us to the real happy meeting face to face. This is my dream, it is my desire.
I think everyone on this planet should be happy. And full of happiness must be very small, bright eyes, sweet smile every day, warm hugs, gentle kisses, care and respect.
In Russia, many men think that love can buy. I do not agree with that. Real feelings are not sold and not bought.
I do when not engaged in searching for a partner. I always thought that fate will bring two people in love.
But now I realize that I could wait all my life and stay alone. And I decided to take this important step in my life.
I wrote a letter to you. And I really want to know every nook and cranny of your soul, every thought, every desire.
What do you think of me? As you know love? What are your dreams?
Today was an easy day. There was a lot of work, but I'm not too tired. I encourage bright thoughts about the meeting with you.
My dreams and wishes to help me in life. They help me get up and go to sleep at night. Communicate with you gives me hope for the future.
I dream of building a strong united family, the children, the country house with beautiful garden and a swing. These are my dreams.
I often see dreams about it. And I'm not crazy, I'm a normal single woman. Now I do not feel lonely.
I think about you and I am very pleased that you think of me. I read your letter, and sincerely rejoiced at our communion.
Dear Jean-Pierre, I finish my letter and look forward to your new message.
With greetings from Russia.
Your new friend Ilona
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jean-Pierre. Again, I am glad your letter as a child happy gifts. Your letter to me a real gift. Your letter to me as a ray of sunshine in the rain, like a drop of water in the desert. I am very pleased and interested to communicate with you. We are lonely persons and our communion will not pass without a trace. A new acquaintance and new communication always leaves a trace in the soul. I am very good opinion of you, you are a great companion and
I am sure that when the real meeting face to face we will be happy to see each other.
Today I got into trouble. I was shocked for a long time incident. All the way home I walked and felt the feet of intense fear.
Someone else does not attach much significance to this, but I'm very sensitive girl and can not feel otherwise. I went to work.
Had a nice warm evening and the street was filled with people. I stopped at a traffic light and waited for the green light. Nearby stood a girl with a dog.
Dog was a little restless and fidget. She kept running around us. It was pretty funny pet. Suddenly the little dog jumped into the road and hit by a car.
On my eyes machine crushed dog. I was shocked, I'm still in shock. Girl mistress dog very much suffered the death of beloved animal. I tried to calm her down.
I could not pass. I felt it my moral duty to help this girl. We had a long talk with her. She said that this dog was the most loyal friend in the past few years.
She experienced all the problems and troubles and now because of the ridiculous accident she died and left her mistress in a creepy hysterical alone.
I am writing this letter, and really can not hold back my tears. It's very sad and I'm very scared. I do not see where the pet's death so close. I'm shocked.
And I still think about this girl and that she was sitting beside the road and weeping bitterly. It is very sad.
I'm not when I did not lose loved ones and I do not want that.
Maybe I should not have written you this sad story, but it's my life, my heartache and I hope you understand me. I want you to understand my sadness.
I want you to support me. Because I consider you my friend. And if you were with me today, I would be quieter than today.
And now I am writing to you and look forward to your understanding and support.
My dear friend Jean-Pierre, I will finish my letter and with impatience shall wait your new letter.
I need to communicate with you, because I feel calmer and safer when I know what you think of me. I want to know what you think, what you feel.
How was your day? How's your mood? How is your health? I would hope that you are well and write again. I would be very nice to read your letter tomorrow.
Until tomorrow I'll have internet access. And the first thing I check my mail, I will be looking to hear from you. Goodnight to you my friend.
With a hot kiss from Russia, your friend Ilona
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jean-Pierre. I can not find words to explain my joy and delight when I got a letter from you. In my soul spring, when I check my mail and find your letter. I always think that if we meet with you in real life. What will be our real meeting?
I constantly think about it. I guess I really want to see you in real life.
I think that our feelings are very similar and we can continue our communication closer and deeper. I have a very good example.
I have friends of a young couple. They recently got married and I am very happy for them. They are really happy. They are different people, they have different interests and different views on certain things, but not when they are not misused and do not quarrel with each other because their feelings are very similar. They find a compromise, they give each other and live happily and carefree. It is very important to listen to a loved one, it is important to seek a way out of difficult situations. Scandals will not solve the problem and not keep the family and relationships.
My former relationship with a man stopped, because he wanted me to do everything he says. He wanted me to be his *****.
I had to do against my will and against my principles. I am not a such person. I have my pride and conviction.
I am willing to do anything to save the family fortune, but I'm not ready to be a servant or a ***** my whole adult life.
When I said I did not want relations with him, he started to threaten me and beat me several times. After that he asked for forgiveness.
I felt sorry for him. But after the third attack, I did not regret it. My patience is over and I turned to my friends who are professional athletes.
They are very frightened him. Now he does not bother me. He left me alone. I think he's gone from my city or very well hidden. He is not a man, he is rag.
He raised his hand to a woman who was willing to do anything to save the relationship. But he wanted a lot without my opinion.
And I could not ask for help from the police, because my ex-boyfriend, was police officer. His officer's rank, and I could not help.
So I turned to friends. I think I am right thing. I could no longer tolerate the humiliation of this monster. Now I'm calm in my life.
I could say more, I'm happy because I met you and my life was filled with new bright colors. And I hope that our dialogue will continue and will grow exponentially. I am a single woman and I need a man who will understand me and respect.
My Dear Jean-Pierre, I finish my letter and I wait with great impatience, your new message.
I want you to know that my thoughts are only about us and about our meeting.
I can not express in words how happy I am to meet you and our conversations.
Hope to see you soon with you and hope you want it too!
With great respect and with a passionate kiss, your Ilona My dreams: warm relationship with a man who will respect me
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jean-Pierre. Thank you for this wonderful letter. It made me smile and cry a little. Tears of happiness streamed down my face and I can not express in words how much I'm drawn to you. I could never think that the Internet can bind two people together.
I always thought that without the actual meeting is not possible to know a person well enough. But now I realize that this is real.
One girl named Kate from my beauty salon met a foreigner on the Internet. Last year she got leave and went to a new friend in the U.S.
Two weeks later they returned to Russia and married. Now they live in the US. Kate phoned us. She is very happy. And we are all very happy for her.
It is great that not scared and decided to take this important step. And I'm not afraid. I am also ready to build my life with you, my dear.
I'm ready to go to the edge of the world for a bright and happy future with my lovely man.
My dear Jean-Pierre, we should meet as soon as possible. I can not endure for long, it is the nature of my body and my soul.
I do not want solitude, this is very difficult, it is very sad and very painful. It hurts in my chest when I see the happy newlyweds, when I see young children on the playground, and their happy parents. We can meet very soon. We have a very good opportunity for our hot meeting.
After half a month to begin my long awaited vacation and I dream to spend it with you. This is a real possibility and I do not want to miss a chance to meet with you, I do not want to miss this opportunity to be a happy woman.
I dream I'm out of the aircraft in an unfamiliar country for me. Around new people, new home, new life, and in a crowd I see a very beautiful bouquet of flowers. That you're holding a bouquet and your eyes looking for me.
I can imagine it and my body trembling covers. Oh how much I dream about it. I never will travel outside my country and this trip will be very important to me and very interesting. This trip changed my life and I'm sure that will change in the good side, because you are very remarkable man. I'm probably a crazy girl, because I decided on this, but my madness explained my feelings and emotions.
I am full of confidence and passion. I'm ready to move mountains to see you face to face. You dwell in my soul new bright and happy emotions.
I am very grateful to you for it. I am thankful for our friendship.
My dear Jean-Pierre, tomorrow I will update the date of my holiday. I hope to rest 30 days. This is a really good opportunity for our meeting.
I'm constantly working on, I have no free time. All year I will work and if I do not arrange my life, my happiness in this holiday.
I do not know what will stimulate and replenish my body vitality. I do not want to spend another year alone. We must meet.
I feel that every cell of my body, every hair, every happy tear, which is now flowing down my face.
I finish my letter and look forward your new mail. I dream about us and about our meeting.
With great respect and Kisses, Your Ilona PS: It's a good idea to talk on the phone. But I'm sorry, I have no connection to the phone. My cell phone was stolen on the bus two months ago.
And I can not buy a new phone, because I am a poor girl, and my salary is very small. I'm not dying of hunger, but I can not spend money on things, and phone.
I'm not easy to live here in Russia. This is not easy to find a good job.My house is ready for demolition and I rented an apartment is very cheap in this house.
There is no gas and telephone. In my home electric stove, and sometimes turning off the lights. It is true my life that I was not nice to say.
I'm sorry, that told you this. I'm not complaining, no. I just told you about my financial situation. But I promise to call you as soon as possible.
I really want to hear your voice.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jean-Pierre. Thank you for this wonderful letter. This is really happiest moments of my life when I read new letter from you.
I enjoy our fellowship and meeting face to face will be memorable for me. This meeting will be like in a movie about love, like a sweet dream.
Every moment of my life I got more and more I think about it. I think how wonderful it is when the long-awaited meeting of two happy people.
This is a very romantic place at the airport. I imagine our meeting, I dream and fantasize, I can not think about other things.
I guess it is very important to me and I am very serious about this. My heart began to beat faster, and thoughts in my head was a thousand times more.
This is an unforgettable sensation. My Dear Jean-Pierre, I would like now to take your hand and talk and walk with you in some romantic place.
This may be a park or beach. This may be a simple street. I guess it does not really matter. For me, one thing is important, that you were beside me.
Colleagues at work say that I was happy and cheerful. And this should not stop, it should continue as long as possible.
I think this development is something very big and clean. I do not want to stop half way. I want to continue our dialogue in a more intimate way.
I really want to be with you, it will help us determine future plans, it will help us to understand each other better.
Today I was talking to my friends who are very much traveling. They asked me for a long time about you and about our relationship.
I told them of our acquaintance, our pleasant conversation. Friends are happy for me and they advised me to go to a travel agency.
This is a really affordable way for me, because I do not have an international passport. And I do not have much free time to arrange my own travel documents.
I agreed to work on that tomorrow, I need a few hours of free time. I want to visit a travel agency and learn all about the journey to you.
My friends told me it was my only opportunity to execute documents for the flight because my vacation will begin very soon.
Travel Agency collaborates with the embassies around the world and can easily arrange a tourist visa. Just my friends told me that the design of an international passport takes a very long time, about 3 months. It is not available to me.
I must abide by the rules of employment contract and I can not change the date of my holiday. I'm afraid just to think that our meeting can not be.
I chase these sad thoughts away from my head and from my heart. I believe the best. I do not want to be sad and sorrowful. I'm going to enjoy our acquaintance.
I like it and it brings a lot of bright colors in my life. And I see by your letters, your life will also become brighter and happier.
And it is even more get me started.
My Dear Jean-Pierre, today after work, I arranged to meet my friends again. I will consult with them. I want them to have prompted me to do.
I trust them one hundred percent. They advise me to a travel agency that will help us to meet. I feel all over our closeness and our understanding.
And I want that our meeting took place as soon as possible. This happy band of my life. This is something unbelievable, I could not hope that these feelings will visit me again. But it happened, and I thank fate for these wonderful moments in my life.
With best wishes, happy smile, happy eyes shine and hot kisses
from Russia, your Ilona
Letter 7
You can ignite a fire in my chest. I'm very lot of time is not have a sensation of such wonderful feelings. you're the only one man who can do so, and I want to say thank you for this feeling. this feeling called love. at that moment i full of this beautiful and magical feeling. every night I can not sleep quietly, because the thought of you troubled by my head and heart. when I see my friends and they are happy in marriage. they receive so much love and affection to each other, but i want to feel it, too. Unfortunately, I still can not get this love, because you are far away from me, but I know that we will soon be together. I can enjoy your love in real life. we can sit near to each other, drink coffee and talk. I want you to put your head upon my laps and I can rub the hair on your head. We can laughing and play games together. I will be happy to even just sit and watch you doing what any business. I always look at your photos and look forward to the moment when I can touch your cheek and kiss you. I am waiting for good news from you and from the manager of the agency. I love you very much and I want to be with you now and always Ilona your angel
Letter 8
Hello my beloved Jean-Pierre
I just want fall asleep in your arms, to wake up from your warm breath.
Sit cross-legged, and watch as you cook.
Watch movie, put my **** on your chest.
Inhale your scent, so fresh and warm, to bury one's nose in your neck.
Take you by the arm, leaving the street.
Fall asleep to put my head on your knees and feel as you pass your fingers over my back.
Go with you on the street, hand in hand, sometimes squeezing the fingers, so that you warmed them to me.
Like a cat, compress fists, glaring nails into your hand so as not to scratch you.
Just watch your smile when you sleep, your silhouette a baby face, your nose and correct such kind eyes with long eyelashes.
Come up and hug you, feeling like you kiss my hair.
Standing side by side, to feel like you tightly pressed against me, because you had tired, but all difficulties easier to pass together.
Pressed my cheek to your cheek.
Feed thee with orange hands.
Listen as you squeeze breathing in my ear.
**** on you so you turned around and kissed me.
Lie beneath thy hand, gasping, but not daring to move, so as not to wake you up.
Wake up from your kiss, a gentle, warm, morning.
Remembering you feel like are cold fingertips.
Know that under your shirt is a secret known only you and me.
Be confident that between us will never get up the other woman. This simply can not be. I know.
Sleep in your t-shirt, feeling your smell.
Die of tenderness, falling into your arms.
I want. To be. So. Always.
with hot kisses and hugs
your angel Ilona PS: my birthday 14 march 1977, size clothe M
Letter 9
Hello my beloved Jean-Pierre
I know how you find it hard these days
I would love to be near...
I knew how it was bad thoughts ... sleepless nights.
I know that we are separated by thousands of kilometers
But you can hear me.
I am always with you.
We are together in grief and joy ... you know it.
My dear, MY ONLY - Jean-Pierre!
I really want you to open the letter and submitted the feeling with which I embrace you! Because very miss you.
As the sun caresses of the sea, the bodies of people sunbathing and gives them the warmth! So I am giving you all the very bright!
A warm breeze is going through your hair - you know that I did.
You hear the noise of the waves - this is my confession to you.
But a shower after the sea - these are my kisses, let them scatter all over the body.
And you will like very much you love and miss you.
I want to invest in an envelope all that is in my heart, but it does not fit.
You can not even imagine how dear to me your feelings and your soul ...
How he wanted to run to meet you on the beach, or forest path ... breathe together this air.
Built on the banks of sand castles, swim.
You'll teach me to drive car, and I'll scream - I'm afraid!
Then we will bask in the sun.
Or at the edge of the forest to collect wild berries, we have a lot of them.
Breathe the fragrance of the forest, listening to the rustle of leaves.
To walk with you hand in hand, look in one direction.
To achieve this goal.
Just live and love!
You want something to tell me ...
But I can guess.
You always wanted to say, but do not know ...
How long do you waiting for me ...
You doors to the first counter, so often opened.
But the heart you said that I'll open one.
(I thought of myself - ******). Let it be a better way!
I want to you to the island of happiness where the heart would jump out of my chest, and lips will repeat the name of the only Native-man!!!!! Your name! Lovely Jean-Pierre!!!
I want to be a good witch. You there, my distant and close ... You're not sleeping...
And I will sleep sweet - sweet ... And see a beautiful dream ...
You quietly walked into my dream ... You see how I'm smiling in my dream.
You sit on the edge of my bed. Gently touch to my hair, to my face.
You gently kiss me in my nose and wheezing soft, gentle, tender lips...
And I feel your warmth ...
Let hundreds of kilometers, but it's close to you ...
It gets into me, enveloped from head to toe and warmth.
I'll be ironed Your hair ... Slightly **** to your eyes ...
You're tickling and this funny you frown, I smile ...
I think that you are beautiful sleep ... I think I can sit long beside you, watching you sleep, ****** and kiss you sleep ...
Dreamer, perhaps, you think .. Yes, so what, just want it!
That the sun will rise soon! I'll ask it, let it kiss you from me, warm rays! But soon, this will do myself. I want to wake up every morning with you together and wake you up first - a hot kiss! I promiseeeeee !!
I love you darling. Your Ilona!!!
Letter 10
Hello my beloved Jean-Pierre
This is great news and I am very happy.
I received an invitation from the manager and to-morrow morning I will go to the agency to sign a contract.
Of course, I'm your girl and you're my man. And when I come to you, we are the happiest people on this planet.
I imagine our first meeting at the airport. I can not hold back tears of joy and embrace you for the neck, I kiss you and weep with happiness.
You reassures me, kiss and we take each other's hands and walk towards the exit.
it is like a dream in my head, I see these pictures all the time.
You are very dear to me and very thankful that she brought us to you.
I love you with all my heart and soul
Ilona your angel
Letter 11
Hello my beloved Jean-Pierre
Thank you for these wonderful days of happiness that you give to me.
And the butterflies in my stomach and I'm very distracted by work. my boss and colleagues note that I'm flying in the clouds. I became a little scattered and forget some of the job. My boss always says, I went down to the ground, he was kidding me, because it understands I'm in love.
Do not hesitate and do not worry, my dear, the agency time to arrange all documents on time, I'm sure at 100%
I sleep and dream with you
I need you like air
I love you
Ilona your angel
Letter 12
Hello my sweet Jean-Pierre I took your idea of ??cleaning in all seriousness. There is not what a strange and shameful. I am a girl economical and easy to give in order thy house. I'm not ashamed to talk about it when I was studying at the institute, I moonlighted as a cleaner. I washed porches, floors in the hospital nursery. It was the only immediate profit at the time. I think that I have not lost at the airport. this funny situation, if I get lost. Just meeting me at the airport. I'm leaving on Sunday, July 1, my flight at 21:25. So I'm not afraid of getting lost. I saved your number in my notebook, they are always with me. If anything, I just call you and you will find me. But I hope that everything will be fine and you will meet me with flowers and a strong gentle arms. I kiss you very sweet and gentle looking forward to our meeting for all your angel Ilona
Letter 13
Hello my dearest and closest man in the world! Jean-Pierre. My love, I am very happy that we'll be together very soon. It remains just a few days and I'm in your arms, kiss you and whisper sweet words. I see that you are also very happy. My dear, today I called the travel agency manager and asked him to reserve a ticket. Can you give me a short tour? I'm sure you lot I can show and tell. I am afraid that I will be hard to see all the sights of your city, because I'll always look at you! :) My beloved, Jean-Pierre, tomorrow I need to go to the corporate party. Tomorrow is the birth of my boss and I can not miss this party. I want to be there because I have to take a special paper to work for my trip. This paper confirms my pay overseas. Manager of the agency said that the data I need to tell him. Manager will send the data to the embassy that they did for the visa stamp. After that I will be able to travel freely in all countries of Europe. I'm so glad! You, my dear, I have discovered a new life where there is you and me! I am writing you this letter, and tears of joy welling in my eyes. Only you can make me the happiest woman on this planet! My dear, today I bought myself two new dresses. One thing I will wear to a party tomorrow, and another will leave for you. I want to come to you in this beautiful dress. I hope that you too like it. I have it look like a real lady. :) I hope that your weekend will be happy and joyful. I think you deserve a good rest. Your holiday will be the best! Do you want to ask why? I tell you! Because you will be with me!! I know that you're happy as I am. My dear, now I need to get ready for bed. Time is now evening and I have to go early. And I want to lie in bed and sleep with thoughts of you and our beautiful future! Kiss you many times. Your Ilona.
Letter 14
My love Jean-Pierre! Dear sorry that I did not answer yesterday. I just could not. I got into a terrible situation. And now I want to tell you about it.
Something terrible happened to me! Hard .. so hard ..
It was a terrible! It's scary just thinking about it again, but I think you need to know what happened the yesterday and today.
Darling, the yesterday, at a party, it all started as a rule, they were friendly and positive. But not all! Only my director and partner who is the manager... They quickly got ***** and started behave very rudely. At first they asked me to sing a song I sang.
Then they asked me to sing one more, and I also sang.
Later, my director asked me to go with him to talk about work separate room in the club. I immediately thought, incorrectly, but squeezed my hand and led me to just push forward.
We had to go almost through the whole club, and nobody paid any attention to us...
Oh, I do not think that I worked with this man for 5 years.
He opened the door and I saw where he was an **** companion.
He sat on the couch and drank ****. My director pushed me inside and started conversation. Darling, I'm still in shock, but you're the only person I can say everything! Dear I'm sorry, that was unable to write to you earlier, I just was not able to, I do not want anyone to talk and share my thoughts.
I realized that in Russia. Could not possibly go on living because everything is purchased for the money here if you do not give in to anyone that, then you will try to deny power to trample in the mud your faith and hope for a brighter future. Dear I love only you. If you were close at this moment.
Hi began to talk about you that I'm going to go abroad for my upcoming vacation, our long-term partnerships...
He was very ***** and said all nonsense! I tried to interrupt him, but he was silent, his partner yes sings him. It was for him as entertainment, present. Then he started asking questions. It was like questioning. I burst into tears and asked them what they were released me and stopped to determine how to live. And at this moment is worse. My director grabbed me and started to undress, I strongly pulled forward and bit his arm, and he has weakened the grip...
I flew out of the room, knocking people on my way.
The last thing I heard the loud laughter of his friend and my curse Director. Now he is not my director ... He shouted to me as follows: "Get out, selling a *****, you're fired!"
I was running and crying, not believing what had happened. It was a real shock.
With this man, we worked and he did so vile in front of everyone guests...
All night I cried at home, I was disgusted at heart, I was never able to get online in order to write you immediately about the incident.
Yesterday I had cried all the night and thought what to do. Dear, I waited for this morning and write you this letter.
Only you can understand me, read my soul, and bring joy to my heart.
When I awoke, I realized that I need to withdraw money from a plastic cards, and my manager did not freeze on my account .. But it was too late.
At my credit card had no money. He did not pay me anything the last few months... How he treated me terribly.
Jean-Pierre my love, I am very sad to say this, I hope that you love me Support is... I love you...
I immediately realized that this could be a problem in my journey.
When I filled out the forms for the preparation of an international passport and visa I indicated that I have a job and to renew my solvency. But now, when I lost my job, I felt it necessary contact a travel agency.
I remember that the manager told me that in accordance with the laws of Russian Federation
The Russian Tourism and travel abroad - I need money on my bank account. My dear, the law is very difficult, but I try to explain ..
The minimum amount of 1800 Euro, for Europe. I have two of the country with such a trip must be entered for the tourist.
This amount received will be show on custom serves at the airport, before I can get on the plane.
This is law of Russian Federation therefore it is necessary.
Manager Prohor Mitrich found a way to solve this problem.
I can get a new bank account. The travel agency has a partnership with the bank "Alpha".
Prohor Mitrich had to speak with the manager in the bank, and inform him of this situation, and he gladly agreed to help us. Jean-Pierre they will begin to organize my new bank account tomorrow.
But they can not create a bank account of the necessary amount of money.
Dear, I do not know to whom I can ask for help...
After all, what happened the yesterday and today a bad day...
Honey, I'm free to work, I'm free to my dream of modeling, and I’m broken.
I can not get money out of thin air, I'm so sorry. Dear, if you can help and send money to the customs services for the travel agency to create a new bank account for me...
I learn everything, because I so want to be with you my love Jean-Pierre.
Creating a bank account will require 2-3 days maximum.
If everything will be done on time, on our part, account will be ready for June 28 and we will see each other on July 1 as had been planned.
Once the bank account will be ready and the money will be there.
I will have a bank account and can travel abroad and prove my ability to pay abroad.
This bank account and a card with the money I can get on custom service and fly to you across Europe. On that day, when I fly to you, my love, we can proceed to ATM and withdraw the money together!
You must understand that this procedure is only formal and have to be shown at custom service at the airport. But I lost work and can not approve my ability to pay abroad in accordance with the law.
But it is law of Russian Federation about travel so that is why it is so important.
My love Jean-Pierre now I can only hope on you. Only you can help me. There is no one to whom I can ask for help.
Darling, please write a letter to a travel agency and ask them how you can help me!
I count on your help and I do not know what I can do now. Remember, you swore to me that will help in any situation, always support me. At the moment, is a complete disaster. My love I need your help right now.
Please write a letter my honey and help me.
I just want to be with you on 1 of July. This situation has to be agreed as soon as possible because without this money, I can not fly to you. And I do not want to delay our meeting!
And after all that is happening now... I lose everything and want to be with you only...
I love you.
You should know that I gave you my heart! You can dispose of them as you like. My heart belongs only to you. Your faithful angel Ilona.
Letter 15
Hello my love Jean-Pierre
I hope you understand me and my position. I could not write to you before and now I am very afraid to go out.
This morning I saw the car of my former boss about my entrance. I was very scared and hid.
I have long watched the car. But none of it came out. Perhaps he was waiting when I leave the apartment.
Black car window, and through them or you do not see. But I do know that this machine is my boss. I was very scared.
I closed all the locks and wrote a letter to my friend Nina. She was out of town. But after my letter, it came to me. While Nina was riding with me, my former boss had already left.
And now I'm writing you a letter from your computer by Nina. She can not stay on long because she has a lot of things that it should be done today.
I am in complete reservations and I am very scared and lonely. I wrote to the manager. He said that if you agree to help me and you will send money to my bank account, he would invite security to ****** me to the airport on the day of my departure and check my departure. All the documents he will give me at the airport. It can provide me security, because that Nina knows influential people who asked for me.
Now about my visa. My return ticket has an open date. That said, I can stay with you for half a year, if you want. But if we now start to make out another visa invitation, this is a very long time and I go crazy with fear and loneliness. I need to move in with her mother and find a job. But there is no work in the village. There, I dried up from boredom. Do you understand?
I have to leave Russia as planned, and I have the opportunity. And only you can help me, only you, my darling, my darling, my only one.
I'm sorry to lose you. But today I was thinking all day that you turn away from me and leave me here to die of longing and love for you.
you know that only my bank card with the amount of money 1800 euros separated me from you? you realize that this is just a formality. and you realize that this is the only way for us to be together? there is no other way for me to come. Tourist visa, my only hope for happiness and love in your arms. And now I have a very tragic situation. This is a real danger, a threat to my honor and dignity. And I fear this more than life. I lost my virginity at 23 years. I took care of me for the love I have a serious relationship. However, neither of which has not turned out good. He beat me. And I'm sure that my former boss will find me and beat. This is the best. His passion for the animal, he would not stop beating, I'm sure. I remember the monster that night at the club. Only a miracle has helped me to avoid ****. And I want you to help me to leave Russia immediately.
You are my lover and I ask you for help. If you send money, the manager will change the next flight. Manager of the agency and the manager of the bank are ready to help me. Only your help I am missing now. And I'll be really rich if you do this translation. I'll be rich in spirit and happiness and love, and you return your money.
I look forward to your wisdom and support
just imagine how difficult it is to me now. just imagine, my dear I can not stop, I cry constantly
Ilona your angel
Letter 16
Hello my Love Jean-Pierre I missed your letters, you can not imagine. I am very sorry that I did not write to you yesterday. I came from a village very late and could not write to you. My neighbors were already asleep and I did not want to disturb their sleep and wake them. But I really wanted to write, really. I thought of you half the night and then sweetly fell asleep, I was wrapped in a blanket, I imagined that it is your arms. I imagine that you're stroking me and kissing. My body was on fire from the thoughts of you. I received a letter from the manager yesterday. He said that Russian banks do not operate on weekends so I'm waiting for news today. Today, your translation should come and if it happens, I immediately booked powder my manager the next flight to Marseille or Paris. My impressions from a trip to a very good mother and she was very much satisfied and I was surprised and inspired. My mother gave me two gold rings. These rings vintage engagement. They got it from her grandmother, they are passed from generation to generation. And now I won this gift, because I really found my love and I'm a happy girl. These rings, I want to take with you to engage with you, my love. This is a big step in our lives and I'd like to link our destiny and the soul of these rings. This is a very symbolic and traditional. But this is not a simple ring, my mom asked me to become engaged with you. This is her request and I want to do her request, if you do not mind it. You know, this is a very good idea about paintings and drawings. I am very pleased to help you and support you in this, I love painting, I love to draw, but I can not professionally. I am a creative person and I like the idea of ??colors. Now I have some things around the house. I will check mail later, in the hope of an invitation from the manager. With love, big as the universe, strong as a nuclear reactor, as the mighty Roman Empire, as it is a beautiful summer sky with clouds of flakes. I love you, my dear Jean-Pierre You really need me Ilona your angel
Letter 17
Hello my Jean-Pierre you can not imagine how pleasant to think of you. You are my, you're my man, you're my angel who came down from heaven, and you bring me happiness and joy of life. These words mean so much to me. These two lines of letters bring me great joy and happiness. You can not imagine how happy I am that Thursday will see you. My flight to you 11:20 am Moscow time. My plane will arrive at the airport in Paris SDG at 1:10 pm on your time. take into account the time difference. I hope you understand my latest letter. I am writing to you from a neighbor. Today is the day of farewell to my friends and loved ones. We drink wine, and I cry with happiness and love to you. My dear, I can not believe that all my problems solved. You're so fine, you're my hero, you're my man, the most real, most caring and kind. Oh, I want to go on the roof and shout that I love you more than life. I love you!!!!! I'm a little ***** and a lot of crying. I want to kiss your feet for the fact that you saved me, and for what you did for me. All my friends tell me that I am very happy woman. Now it is very difficult to find a real man and a gentleman. And I found I was in love with him, I need him. This is the greatest happiness to be with you and be with you in one piece. I want to marry you and live with you all my life. I want to give you all my most gentle and kind feelings, and be your single woman I love. Good night and sweet dreams to you, my love Ilona your angel
Letter 18
Jean-Pierre, my love!!!!
My love, I am writing to you from the police department, with a computer Sergeant Strygkin near the airport.
I am sorry, my love I am hard to cry right now tears on my cheeks.
I am alone without you....
Jean-Pierre, I love you very much! We already made all for our together life and I am have a hard shock right now!!! Jean-Pierre you made for me all, and I am do not has a nervous when I seen your support, I felt your care and now I am again need in your help! And you know, I am very being ashamed to tell you about this situation. And again I need to ask you about help... I am sorry, Jean-Pierre, please read my letter and understand me.
I have a problem right now. I want to tell you about that. My love do you remember I told you that my mom gave us a wedding ring. These rings are the value of our kind of family. They are passed from generation to generation, from father to son, from mother to daughter.
And now when I was in custom service I was checked to Russian custom service. And honey they find this two rings and told me just terrible things. These rings are national patrimony of my country. Until law of Russian Federation they can not be transported abroad. Try to transport this rings abroad is a crime!
It is hard to believe, but I need in your understanding!
I need in you. You know, that you are my soul mate, I looked for you all my life and now I am alone and I am very afraid!!! Very afraid!!!
Dear, I, it is a really hard to explain and give you my thought and feeling in this moment, because I am sad and cry in one moment twice!!!
I try to explain you what are we need for my fly to you!
Jean-Pierre, I was penalty from custom service and this penalty cost 85 000 russian rubles (2100 euro)!
I take this money for penalty from plastic card 1800 euro . Now I need to pay 300 euro for custom service and they give me the freedom.
Oh, my dear, please, do not worry I will do my best for us. I promise.
Oh, Jean-Pierre, it is a **** for me. I am very sad, I am very afraid, I have a panic and I know that only you can help me. Only you! And you know this too....
you know I'm in the police department, and I am very scared here, I have never been in a cell for prisoners, when they brought me here and put to the chamber where the terrible smell of human ***** and excrement, just sat there, a ********** who told me that they are ***** and above them bullied policemen who work in this department. My love every time a policeman approached the cell, I was afraid that he wants me to ****. Dear I am very scared, I have a shock.
Jean-Pierre, I love you!
At first I called to the travel agency and tell Prohor Mitrich about my situation. Oh, my God! He is shock, but he told me that they will make all for us and very fast, Jean-Pierre, they wait your letter and they know what we need make in this moment. I hope, I hope my love.
Jean-Pierre, now I need to pay this money for police and custom service to be free then I can go to you my love. I' am now with out any money. I have only your plastic card to go abroad but I cannot pay penalty. I understand that it is really hard to believe and I will give you proof my penalty, I want that you believe and trust me, how much I believe and trust you. Understand, if i will not pay for penalty - i can go to the jail.
That's why i need pay for penalty. I ‘m so scared!
I was taking off from registration of my flight, and I didn't loose the tickets.
Agency told me that they can change the tickets for me to the end of this week.
But it will be, if you can send tomorrow needed sum of money on agency's dates.
They are ready to give you these dates. Their manager will pick up your money and transfer it to account custom service.
And then i will be able to flight to you at the end of this week! But we must Jean-Pierre.
You need to take decision fast! Will you help me and meet with me in France? I need your help!!!
You know that without this money i can't cross abroad.
Please write to them, Jean-Pierre, I am already made all what I can. I hope you can understand me. And remember how much I love you. Dear I have no money even to call you. But I will try.
Jean-Pierre, they said to me that soon will be a court and if I would not found this money, I will go to jail. I wont that. I want to be with you and live together all my life. You know, I am even do not know when I will check my e-mail box. Therefore, I am waiting for your help, because only can do that for me.
Honey I am waiting your letter. Please forgive me!
I love you!
Letter 19
Hello my love I can not find words to thank you. I was just crying like a little girl, crying, and I can not write a letter, because my hands are shaking. What is happening to me? I can not stop the river of tears. I can not! I love you so much, so passionately that I was being turned inside out. How can I be? what can I do for you, you to be happy? I thank you? I can not think of yourself. Help me, my love! Come to me in a dream and I can not let you go, and when we did not wake up I love you I love you more than life Ilona your angel
Letter 20
Hello my love Jean-Pierre I am writing to you on an optimistic note, because I was talking to a lawyer and he said that he would send me to France this week. He said that if I can not fly on Thursday, then he is a bad lawyer. Yesterday, he again spoke to the judge, I gave testimony and the investigation was carried out the experiment. The judge said he will close the case and on Thursday I'll fly to you. Manager of the agency said that as soon as all documents will be ready for release, it immediately to reserve tickets for me. I feel that all is well, a smile on my face and tears of happiness. On my body trembling and wild excitement. I want to in your arms. I want to feel your smell, I wanna be with you as one. I love you, and on Thursday we'll be together oh how much I look forward to this Ilona your angel
Letter 21
Hello my love Jean-Pierre I am very sorry that I have not written to you before. The day before yesterday I received a telegram from the village. My mother is in hospital, her blood pressure problems and heart. I immediately went to the village and has been with her all these days. Now I am back today around noon and immediately went to the agency. I've got everything you need for travel and new tickets. my plane and a half hours and I am writing to you from the cafe at the airport. Nina with me. She accompanied me and she said she would go to her mother in the village and take care of her. I am very grateful to her for help. And I'm grateful to everyone who helped me. But most of all I thank you for that I was sitting at the airport and I was shaking from fear and the desire to meet you. Oh, I can not stand, my legs were shaking with excitement. My dear beloved one and only Jean-Pierre I love you Meet me at 23:25 pm
Letter 22
Hello dear Jean-Pierre
I'm Nina, a friend of Ilona. Probably Ilona told you about me. And you you know, that I had a good friend. I do not know where to begin my letter.
Maybe I'll write at first that I'm not saying I do not know English. And my I am translating a letter with an electronic translator. I hope you understand my words and my anxiety.
On Thursday night I spent at the airport Ilona, she went to the cafe, to write you a letter that takes off to you. I went to her mother in the village because her mother Galina is very ill and lies in the hospital. Ilona told me that as soon as the call arrives to you.
But till date I have not received any news from her public. I am very nervous and worried. I ask you, if it is near you, ask her give us a call. Her mother, Galina, and the procedure starts to recover. but If she learns bad news, I'm afraid that her weak heart survive. Now I am going to a travel agency and make request for her flight. I'll talk to the manager. I hope that you answer me as soon as possible.
Nina Mashkina
Letter 23
Hello dear Mr Jean-Pierre.

I have some bad news for you. All these days I spent searching Ilona. Ilona - a client of our company and I am genuinely interested in what happened with her. I sent a manager at the airport to find out whether Ilona had been on board. The answer was negative. She did not credit in the list of passengers flown. I contacted the local police, ambulance and I had learned that Ilona is in hospital with serious knife wounds. I talked with a police officer and he told me that Ilona was found bleeding in one of the yards near the airport. Projections of the version of the investigation - theft with ******* and grievous ****** harm. A person who commits a crime declared to the police search, under investigation. As policeman told me they looking for in video near with this place there was a Caucasian man in black clothes with hat and sunglasses.
Ilona is unconscious, she is in a coma, she is in critical condition and doctors say they may need heart surgery. The most serious stab wound inflicted in her heart, Mr Jean-Pierre. Now doctors monitor her condition before taking further action.
Mr Jean-Pierre, we are all sorry about the situation, but I think it prudent not to panic, but to await the decision of the doctors operating with Ilona. Now we are powerless to do anything. I will keep you informed of developments.

Best Regards, Prohor Mitrich
Letter 24
Hello dear Jean-Pierre We are all very concerned about the state of Ilona. The doctors said that it is necessary to have surgery this week, or her heart can not pump blood, and just stop. I am very afraid and worried, I'm afraid of losing a friend. I love Ilona and very well know it. She did not want this turn of events. Doctors say that when it brought in a sense, she momentarily regained consciousness and tried to say I'm sorry, loved Jean-Pier! Oh, I can not believe my eyes. I just came from the hospital. She's in terrible condition. She may die, and we can not help her. Only doctors can do a miracle and save her. But our country is very greedy and hospitals, thousands of people die because they do not have the money for an operation. And it is perfectly legal, because health insurance can only provide free vaccinations and blood transfusions. Ilona received a blood transfusion and over again. "Once a day, they make her a transfusion. She's in a coma but her eyes are crying. I saw it and could not help it, I fell to the floor of the House and sobbed bitter tears. Doctors have warned that if you do not have money, you can advance to say goodbye to Ilona, because it requires several operations. And the doctor who makes the complicated heart surgery soon to leave. And the first heart surgery should be this week. I do not know the value of this transaction, but the life of Ilona much more than any money. I'm ready to give all my money, but my guy blocked my account because I was unaware of treason. He saw my letter to you. Please, can I not going to call you. **** me if he finds out that I called you. I asked him for help He said that all of its assets invested in the business and he had no money. He just does not care about my friend. And I'm happy to throw it, and cease to live with him, but I'm really afraid of Russian men. They are able to destroy the man and his life . Sometimes I think that this crime was planned by the former boss of Ilona. I can not understand why she is? why in this day when she was at the airport? it's awful! if I found this monster, I was strangled by his own hands and was not afraid of punishment and prisons. These people should not walk on our great land. I am very sorry that I am writing to you all. But for those few days in my head has accumulated a lot of worry. And now all I need to think about it. I would like to sell my car. But I bought it on credit and it is owned by the bank, as long as I do not pay the entire bill in full and repay the entire loan. Now what to do, Jean-Pierre? where to go for help? Ilona will die and then her mother would die together. It is in the hospital again. She became much worse when she learned of the tragedy. And now I run from side to side and I can not do or anything. Why am I not rich? Why? I ride 600 miles a day and do not understand or anything when I sit behind the wheel. I'm going from village to regional private clinic, where is Ilona. I just cry and think about Ilona and her mother. I pray all the time, I pray to God that she survived, but doctors say the opposite. And they do it very quietly, as if they have no soul. But they can understand, they see death every day. And when I did not see the death of my friends, and do not want to! and I ask you, Mr Jean-Pierre. Only you can help. Please! if you are able to help with money, I beg to reply. I do not know whom to ask, very little time and need a lot of money. But why are not all that fair? where the justice? I go to the hospital to Ilona, ??I just came from the village of her mother. She tearfully asks you for help. I ask. respect for life and Ilona
Letter 25
Hello dear Jean-Pierre I am very sorry that I did not write earlier. I had an accident and broke the machine. My laptop crashed Beech. He had just been gathered in the studio. My car has been hit hard. And now I'm not mobile. Ilona's mother is still in the hospital. It is OK, but very worried about her daughter. I told her everything and she is constantly crying. It is your other help. If you do not send money, Ilona die. Who does not do surgery without money. Do you understand that? I understand that you lost a lot of money. But do not lose your love. Ilona loves you and we all go to donate blood. All her friends donated blood, every day, do a transfusion. Help please! I'm on my knees in front of you. Only you can help her survive. The first operation is 1500 euro. And I ask you to contact the manager and send 1500 euro. After surgery, the result will be seen, and it can save Ilona. please help, please! with respect Nina
Letter 26
Hello dear Mr Jean-Pierre. My name is Prohor Mitrich. I'm manager of travel agency Almika Travel.
I had talking with Ms Ilona Gavrilovna Porebrik. She needs international passport, visa and flights tickets. I had made a price list for you. You can see all cost of travel there.
We are preparing all needs documents in short time.
Ms Ilona Gavrilovna Porebrik will conclude a contract between her and travel agency. It will be guarantees a safety of her travel. If you are agree with price then I will send you the invoice.
Please, dear Mr Jean-Pierre, inform me about your decision. Best Regards, Prohor Mitrich
Letter 27
Dear Mr Jean-Pierre. I had made the invoice for you. You may find there all costs of trip.
Also you will find there the way of payment with details of our business bank account. You will need to make transfer by SWIFT from your bank account to our.
After you transfer please send to us a copy of paper from your bank to confirm your transfer. Best Regards, Prohor Mitrich
Letter 28
Hello dear Mr Jean-Pierre. You just need to make transfer like at first time.
IBAN is the same with the number of our bank account.
Here you this details one more time: Beneficiary's bank Alfa-Bank Moscow
27 Kalanchevskaya Street, Moscow, 107078, Russia
BIC 044525593
IBAN or Beneficiary's Acc. 40817978608490002321
Descryption of payment: Material Aid under the contract #EN-9103 After transfer please do not forget to send to us a copy from bank. Best Regards, Prohor Mitrich
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