Scam letter(s) from Janet Mark to Morley (Canada)

Letter 1
Here are some couple photos of me and my mom, Hope u like them...
Letter 2
All for you the owner of my (HEART)..
Letter 3
Like i told you about my philosophy in life, I give it my all, remain true to my principles, try my hardest, love and forgive unconditionally. And if it ends...I have no regrets because I have given it my best effort.. I wish you all the best of luck in the whole world to find the woman your heart longs for.. The days we spent together will always be in my memories because it mean a lot to me.... Good Luck in every step you take and stay Bless always...
Letter 4
Honey we all agree on that if we are mad or having problems we will talk it out and sort it out together, So what really is going on with you there that you can't even talk to me any more... I thought i have found my second-half who will stand by me through thick and thin.. I explain it to my mom and i nearly commit suicide if its not the sake of my mom.. But I don't blame you for any of it,dating outside is a real big thing to do,there will be heart breaks and names being used on you but i know what i seeks in life and willing to sacrifice everything into it.I have learn't so much after reading your words from the very start of these whole dating stuff.. how can the kind of happiness we have both created for each other seems to be loosing now? I know i can't forget you in my life and i know you will find ways in your heart and understand me so you can explain all these whole thing which is going on your end to me... I know you may be confused by now but honey ask yourself, why do i always keep talking to you day and night and texting you all day if my love and care for you is not real? have you ever asked yourself why i keeps promising you all my love and life?do you ever think i will betray my christian values for selfish gains?.. For this little error that we are going through, I saw how much pain love could bring I felt sorry for those in love, when I saw how much joy love could bring I envied those in love and i always ask myself if i will also go through that kind of pain in life,honey why these sudden change of mind on me and what we have both planned for.I know every life has it's ups and down,people may try to break dreams and hope but if you have the courage and heart to face life and the future,you will always survive every obstacle that seems to be the stumbling block on one's life... I believe in US,i think these is the time we need each other my dear and i swear by the name of the good Lord that,am ever ready to love and share my life with you,i want to prove to you, your family and friends that,it's not every woman that lives outside your country is evil or that scamer you are talking about,i wish you will find time and understand my cry for you my dear... Give love a chance . Don't just think it will happen in a instant, it will suprise you before you know it, but it will be the most rewarding experience you will ever have,that's why i do believe in you and willing to go beyond the limit to let you know i really care and want you in my life.
Good Night and sweet dreams my honey and i want to you to believe me always and never doubt my love in anyway..
linda xoxox
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