Scam letter(s) from Elena Matiash to Kenneth (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello dear Kenneth!
Thank you for nice words and feelings for me! I very much appreciate it, I am glad that you are happy in my company.
I congratulate you on receiving the Hollywood smile, I think it not the last thing in our life.
I will be happy if you give up smoking, I like people who prefere a healthy lifestyle.
Dear Kenneth, thank you for compliments about my English. Certainly I would like to improve it, often I can't find proper words or expressions..... Yesterday I was at this English school which was advised by Oksana. It is good school with a communicative method of studing in small groups, also on Saturdays a spiking with Englishmen. But certainly 150 euros per month it is a bit expensive for me, only if you can support me with this. In any case I already paid for some lessons, but if I continue they will give me books and disks. So you see. Of course your English is much better, because you use it for many years, I need to teach it still.
Today it was an interesting story. With my work I had a meeting with my former professor from university.
After a business meeting there was a lunch, he ordered a bit of wine. When he will a little drink, he starts to sing the Ukrainian or French songs. It was cheerful time.
And how are you today? What the news with your job? Maybe something changed with your neighbors?
Thank you once again about your words about true love, for me it is very important.
I wish you nice day,
I send you some photos, I thinking of you.......
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