Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Brian (UK)

Letter 1
hi, you wrote to me on russiancupid some time ago. yes, i would love to get to know you better. write to me if you still interested. kisses, Natasha
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Brian! Nice to hear from you. Well I am just single young woman 28 years old(although friends tell me that I show less). My age does not bother you? I have never been married and have not children. I live in Novocheboksarsk city in Russia. I'm fluent in English. You speak Russian? I do not smoke and do not use drugs. I'm looking for honest and serious gentleman, for start serious relationship and create happy and strong family in the future. This year, I graduated from medical university and now I have diploma of doctor (I'm a pediatrician). I still have not started to work on my specialty, but I plan to start soon. Now I work in nightclub as "Dancer Go Go". It is acceptable for you? Work in night club, this is my hobby which gives me some income. Exchanging letters, we can be only internet-friends and no more. So i am looking forward a real meeting and not for long correspondence. I've never been to other countries before, but I plan to go abroad in this or next month. Maybe I'll decide to visit you during my trip abroad. I think you have chance. Smile! Can you tell me more about yourself and why you are looking for woman abroad? I am waiting for your honest reply! Regards, Natasha
Letter 3
My dear, how are you? Today is Sunday and I decided to write to you. Please do not laugh at me, but the thought of you, do not leave my head. Dear, there are some serious things that I want to discuss with you today. Ok? I was born March 10, 1985. I'm sure you asked yourself many times why I am, so young woman, want to try with man your age. I am right? You asked yourself about it? I was not married, but when I will met my one man and be ready to get married, I'll do it once and for forever. I will unite my life just with serious and mature man. I see young men who is unserious and interested only in night partying and flirting with young new and new girls. They do not care about their future. They just burn their lives. I used to care about my future. I studied for many years at the medical university for stable life and a good job in the future. And only with mature man, I'm going to feel useful and safe. You understand me? Your age is not a problem for us. My last serious relationship was with man who was older than me by 10 years. We broke up two years ago. Dear, please tell me about your last serious relationship and why you and she broke up? When we can talk with you face to face, you will see that despite the fact that I am so young, I really mature girl who is really family oriented. I know what I want in this life! My parents brought me up that way. I think in near future, we will be able to contact via Skype or Yahoo Messenger. I'll tell you when I'm ready. ok? Please tell me about your family, about your parents. You wanted to know why I'm looking for man abroad? Ask me if there are things that you would like to know about me. ok? I am absolutely open for you! I will close now. Household chores waiting for me. Smile! Write me soon please, with caring and love ... millions of kisses and hugs to you ... Natasha
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