Scam letter(s) from Anna Selukova to Rich (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Richard!!!

I am really pleased to hear from you and yes i would love to know more about you. Well, my name is Yuliya.
I live in Russia, Izhevsk and never visited your country.
Im sorry, I have not told you that I from Russia, I hope it is not a problem for you. I think that the distance cannot be a big problem. If we should want, in the future we could meet.
I am 27 yearsg old, work as a fitness-instructor.
I am single and I live with my parents. At spare time i like all activity, most of all: shopping, reading, all types of music, sport (it is especially yoga play tennis and volleyball, I try to keep very fit), cooking. i like the outdoors like camping and walking. I love Travelling a lot and recently been driving a lot in parts of my area, Also i have travelled at Turkey.
I want you also tell me about yourself and send your photos.
So now i will await to hear more about you and what you enjoy and what you do not like.
Letter 2
Hello Richard again. Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your mail.
What do you think about my photo which I sent you? Do you like it? If you still like it. I can send for you more of them. I would love to talk to you on the phone, it would be nice to hear your voice!! Please give me your phone number. I have so many questions for you. You can tell everything what you want. You will be sure that you have a good friend who can listen to you and understand you and try to help you.
How long do you search for your second half? Why do you search a woman in the Internet instead of a real life? What are your most important values and objectives in life? I think you attentively read my profile and saw that i want to find serious relations with man. He must be honour, clever, careful, attentive, loving, gentle, considerable me to always know that I can rely on him in any situation. I haven't met the man whom I would decide to give myself and my life yet. But I want to find him. I think that is my dream number one now. I think money or career isn't the main thing in a woman's life. I think having strong family and love man is much more important for a woman. Can you tell me about your dreams? What the woman do you dream to meet? I'm sorry for asking you such a frank thing. You see we are familiar only for a couple days. But it's very interesting and important for me. I shortly have written the sides of my life, if you want to know something else just ask me. I'll wait your letters. Sincerely Yours, Yuliya.
Letter 3
Hello Rick. Nice to hear from you today. Your letters raise my mood and save me from boredom. Thanks you find the time to write me. I would love to talk to you on the phone, it would be nice to hear your voice!! Please give me your phone number. I would like to tell you more about my family. I have already Informed you that I live with family. With my mum and dad. We live in a cosy apartment, where there are three inhabited rooms and a kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom. I have my own room. I'm the only child in family. My father's name is Genrich, He is 61 years old. He is a policeman. So I spent a little time whith him in my childhood. He worked a lot. My mother is Mariya, she is 52 years old. She does not work for some years and she Is interesting in housekeeping. We are very friendly family, and I don't feel constraint living with the parents. I will send you some photos with my parents. I'd be happy to know more about your family as well, if you do not mind. And you could send me a photo of your family, if possible. As you have probably figured out, I want to find a man with whom I can share my life, the good and bad times. Of course, a man must be a support to me, a man that I can be completely sure. You think you can be this man for me? I can be confident in you? I believe that I can be sure you are 100. I do not know if I should talk about my last relationship? If you would like to know about it, I tell you.
Ok, I will finish my letter today. I hope you will answer me soon.

Letter 4

Hello dear Richard! How are you doing today? I am doing good and hope that you are well. Thanks for your phone number. You can call on my phone 0079648615792. I will be happy to hear your voice. Well .. I'd like to ask you. Did you experience the feeling of true love? Maybe in school or college time or in adult life. I want share mine experience with you. it was light and dark sides of my life. I met a nice guy, when i finished the second rate of the university. He was older than me for 5 year. First time i lived as in romantic tale: flowers, meetings, warm words, latters of love. After half year we have decided to live together and rented a flat. And **** has come to my life. I had to go home immediately after studies at university, i cooked food, cleaned rooms, erased clothes and I went to work, at that time I worked as a waiter in the bar in the evenings. At nights i was preparing for occupations at university. He only worked as a bank clerk and never helped me in the house, he indicated that greatly he got tired on the work, he lay down on the sofa and watched TV. All warm feelings and relation were gone. I did not conflict and bore, because I loved him. I lived as in a cage. I couldn't meet girlfriends, speak by phone, he was ready to be jealous me to walls, i was only at home in spare time and weekends. His mother was a real nightmare, she always found something in what me to reproach, he never supported me. I have collected things and left him after one year of our joint life. Love has gone away. I was young and silly .. but life teaches us. I believe, that I will meet the happiness and true love!
Now I finish the letter. Write me what you think about my last relationship? I am looking forward for your letter.

Your friend Yuliya.
Letter 5
Hi Richard, thanks for another email. How are you? fine i hope? I have had a very busy day. But it's my work. i work all day today, just finished hoping you had sent me some mail and you had, so i had to reply. I want to tell you more about my work. I work as a fitness-instructor for in the fitness centre of my city. I left school when i was 16 years old with no qualifications. I completed a degree in university in Business Studies. But I always took a great interest in sports, especially yoga. And now my hobby brings incomes. I have some groups of people to which I teach yoga. The majority of my pupils are woman. I loved this job the best job i have ever had. Do you have a dream? I have. My dream is to open his own school of yoga, but I have to work hard for it. Although maybe I'm exercising my dream in the future. Ok, I hope we can talk again soon.

take care

Letter 6
Hello dear Richard. I'm glad to see your message. I every day wait your message, because you are very interesting person, and we have an interesting dialog. Our exchange of opinions help me to understand you much more better, i hope it is interesting to speak with me for you! I call you from my cell phone. I hope we can talk next time. You know I consider It is necessary to overlook bad moments in a life, because life consists of white and dark sides. We became more strongly with life experience. I'm sure we'll be happy! Do you agree? Do you have any questions for me? I will answer honestly and openly. It is time to go. I must meet girlfriends for coffee and chatter. Next time I can send photos. By the way I told them and parents that i communicate with you. As you know my father is a policeman. To be honest I was afraid firstly to say him about our community. But he is kind and he understood me, but told me to be carefull. Hope you will not hurt me?
)) I think you are good man and I can trust you.

Take care and keep smiling please.

Letter 7
Hi lovely Richard! Thank you for a nice e-mail! You know every time your letter makes me much more happy .. Even I have bad mood. When I see your message I think there is one person who like me, who with an interest write me, tell me something every day, listen to me. It's pleasant! Thank you very much dear Richard! And ... I think of you every time when I am at different places. I don't remember if I told you or not I have a pet. This is only man in my life at the moment who is constantly with me all mornings and nights)). I have a dog called Toby, a mix Toy Terrier and Chihuahua. I will send you some pictures of my boy. And as I promised I send you pics from the sushi-bar. Mmm .. what I want to say .. We both had relations. I got a lot of experience as well as you I think. It's important to understand own mistakes. I think I understood. And I don't want to make it even ever.
Now I want to find the person who will share with me everything, who will understand what I want, who will want to create the family. Well ... It's my dreams, thought and I simple wish to talk about it to you now. Life teaches us, life is a huge learning curve because we always learn something new every day of our lives. Sorry for my short answer but I must go now. I & girlfriend will go in the ice skating rink and she waits me. Look forward to hearing from you again!! Your Yuliya.
Letter 8
Hello Rick! It is lovely to hear from you again, I hope you are well.
Today, it's really cold in my city, -19 ° C!!! I'm starting to think you maybe my soul mate, someone to share adventure with :) i do listen to most R&B music i love all music and i really love to dance! i think we would be good dance partners, maybe we learn salsa dancing together!! my friends have noticed a difference in me, i told them that you have brightened my life. Please tell me what do you want to happen between us? Today in the morning I suddenly had a dream. I'll not be afraid to share it with you. I would like to visit beautiful lake with you, we would float around in rubber rings, splashing each other, playing like children, laughing like friends and kissing like lovers. oh it sound too good to be true. At the moment we are far from each other and we have dialogue on the Internet. But its always a pleasure to hear from you Rick! I got to go to swim in pool in 10 minutes (like to swim time to time at municipal pool) so will leave you be. If there is any questions you have for me then ask. The best part of each day is reading a letter from you, i do feel a strong attraction to you and i would very much like for our relationship to develop more. I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Letter 9
Hi my dear Rick! Thanks for writing. I was happy to see your mail.
Today I had plans to go to the gym, I am very serious about staying in good shape, especially my stomach because I don't like too much ***.
Even if I tired or I'm in a bad mood your letters make me feel happy and puts a smile on my face. Thanks for your beautiful photos! They make my day happy! Tell me more what you like to do in your spare time? I am a really happy person always joking around and I try to take a life not too seriously. I enjoy making the most of my life and this can be going for walks, especially along a beach. I like to go to the theatre or cinema when there is something good on. I like going out for a meal or staying in with good food, good company and some wine, cuddling up on the couch and having a lovely evening talking, listening to the music or watch some film or programme. I like to try something new and I enjoy it. I dream too about romantic times with that special person. Have not holiday plans yet this year, who knows where i might be going to? What about you, more about your life? So tell me, are there no good women near you?? What do you want most from a partner? What do you not like in a partner? Do you enjoy closeness, sensuality between partners? I find you very easy to talk to and I like you a lot.You are a very open person with your warm heart.. For me our relationship is like a soft and pleasant flight in the air...
serene, unaffected, sweet, and waiting for something more interesting and flickering , very special. Every time we talk I feel we are getting closer and I so look forward to your e-mails.

Well on it I must stop. Please send me your pictures. I want to be closer...

Letter 10
How have you been today? I hope you had a good weekend.
Did you do some thing special? Perhaps you've had a lot of work?
I ask because I have not received your response to my last letter.
I hope I did not offend you, because you seem to be a very nice person and I want to continue our dialogue.
Ok, I'll go to bed.
Good night.
Letter 11
Hi dear Rick! How was you day Today? I have a nice day. I just have a nice shower, so I'm all clean. Thank you for your email, I enjoy reading it and then writing back to you. I'm sorry, but it seems I did not get your message on the phone. I would say that my feelings for you are more than friends i suppose all i can say is that i think you are very attractive and i would love us to meet up and hopefully we will get on really well and we would have a great relationship. I like to communicate with you. It's too easy to communicate with you Rick. I am so accustomed to you that I want to share with you everything! talk to you all .. You know I like to have fun with friends in my spare time. I am going to see my girlfriends tonight. We will go for a few drinks and have a great laugh. We will going dancing tonight but I'll be thinking of you. It's a pity that we're far from each other now. I would love to go out with you and dance, and I wonder what your imagination also tells you!! It would be nice to have fun together going out. It would be lovely to have an evening with you , drink and dance and see where we end up! I am often thinking about you and I wonder what you think about me. Do you think about me as well? do you have serious interest in me? I wish you would tell me - do you imagine us kissing? Holding hands and walking? It's not reality, but if we both dream about it at night then we can both meet in our dreams. you are an amazing wonderful person, I like you very much.

Take care and can't forget that somebody is thinking of you.

Warmest regards

Letter 12
Hi my darling Rick! How are you? Hope you are well. Your emails are always such a delight to read. I can not say exactly at what music I like to dance more, there are a lot of different kind of music and my choice depends on my mood. I would like to visit you in the future. I think we could spend a good time together. I agree with you, I want to make my future husband was also my soulmate. I think it is very important for the relationship. I'm ready to settle down. I do not deride you, I very seriously concern you. It would be lovely to meet you in person one day.. We had great evening in club with girls. First we had a good supper with a bottle of champagne. Then played a little in bawling and danced a lot. I have told about you and they are all very glad for me that I have found somebody like you whom I am interested in. You are the only man with whom I share my intimate thoughts and desires in life. There is none else in my life at all. I have a few male friends but they are friends only. When i see a couple holding hands or standing embracing each other, or a very close dance then I feel as if I am missing something in my life and wish to have someone with me always. They are together, they are kissing giving hugs, and I feel so lonely.. wish you to be here to dance with. We'd still be dancing this morning. I think once I get you in my arms I won't ever let you go. Many men tried to speak with me and try to get acquainted with me. But I did not wish it and sent them away. I constantly recollected you and your letters to me. I do feel lonely sometimes, but I just think about receiving your next email, and that makes me happy. I've been thinking about our relationship and where it might be going, so I thought I'd like to ask you what you were looking for and what you hoped might happen between us. I would like to see us getting together and spending our lives together. I would take care of you and make sure you're treated as special as you are and happy. What do you want out I would love it if we'd be able to go for a walk in the evening, to talk about how our day had been, share our hopes and dreams. You are handsome, sensitive and kind person. I dreamed about such..

P.S. I shall wait the day we can have our first dance together:-) If a girl come to you trying to know and acquaint you, you just talk a little bit and you go away? Do you feel it's not what you are looking for or how did you know it's not your type of girl?

Your Yuliya
Letter 13
Hi my dear Rick! Thank you for your letter. It rises up highly Temperature of my soul. We rather quickly find mutual Understanding, and it is the most important factor for me. Yes, we live in the various countries for thousands kilometres from each other, with various culture, standard of living, we speak different languages, but I am sure it isn't a problem for us. Do You think so? Not so long time ago me and my friend Tanya visited the The State Russian Drama Theatre of Udmurtia. I'll send you a pic with me and Tanya. She is my best girl friend! There was the premiere of play "Cherry garden" by Chehov.
Chehov is a big Russian author of the ** century. We were admired and pleased with actors game, it inspired us very much. I'd like to go with you. When last time you went to theatre? Today is excellent weather, a lot of sun in the street. Today I invited my neighbours for a dinner. The nice couple of the family with the three kids. I like cooking and I like to take the guests. Today It is a special cucumber-salad, some oven-baked potatos and on the grill I made some salmon and shrimps. Cooking it I am in a good mood because probably sometime I will cook for you my Rick. So maybe I make this work for you :-)). I am able to cook very well. I make various dishes and use different products. well Rick, please send me more messages and pictures I love looking at it.

I'm wishing you all the best

Kiss and regards

Letter 14
Hi sweet Rick! It was really lovely to hear from you and I'm really happy. that evening with my friends was very good. We had a supper and a few red wine. After watched TV and played various board games. There was a lot of entertainment, jokes and cheerful laughter. So I also told them about you because they are very good friends. They were very happy to hear that I met such nice man and it was really nice for me to notice that their joy was really genuine. Looking on playing and laughing children I as never felt earlier void in the life. All my loneliness and failure in private life... I would like to visit the theater in New York with you! My favourite colour is blue. My birthday on November, 10th. I did not say much about you from my father, but he knows of our dialogue. He hopes that you are a good person and do not hurt me, I'm sure of it! All I want out from life is to find the right person. I love romantic meals out or in the home spending quality time with the loved one. I do not care about other men more .. I feel that something warm and bright is between us. I can imagine my perfect romantic weekend with you.. it would be so... I would like to wake up early in the morning to calm down and go to cook a breakfast for you ... then bring it to you in a bed in our bedroom, and then have breakfast together joking and playing with each other .. after take a shower together ... oh .. it would be passionately! .. Then go to the streets when the sun shines bright and happy to fill our hearts with love ... a walk in the park, and then perhaps to visit friends. Then come back to our house to relax a bit .. I would like to light candles to a pleasant aroma reigned in the room , take a bottle of good wine and some fruits. Then see something nice and romantic film ...
something you gently whisper in your ear ... to give you gentle kisses ... you will feel the scent of aromatic oil on my skin ... you want me .... I will feel great excitement... and we'll be at the power of each other all night ... just thinking about the pleasure of the hours ...
I also love romantic baths together with candles and petals in the water,with wine to drink while we talk about love and being together for life. I always give full attention to my boyfriend and in the past have not seen friends because of giving full attention in every way.
When you meet the right person you do not have involvement with others of the opposite ***. As i said you are the only man in my life.. I don't know whether this is possible or not but I feel I am falling for you in a big way..I am ready and I really want always give you honest answers to anything you want to know.. As you know TRUST is the most important thing, without it you cannot have a relationship with anyone. My definition of Love is the last person I think about at night and the first person I think about in the morning. At the moment I think about you, morning, noon and night...... I know you not so for a long time but I can tell about you a lot because I have known about you so much. May be you feel the same. But we have too little time for our communication..I just need some more time to make things so much better for you. But I don't know how to do it in our such employed days.. I hope you have a very good and pleasant day today and everything goes well.

Take care

Hugs and Kisses

Letter 15
Hello my dear Rick, What a great pleasure to receive your email so soon after I reply to yours. I’m so very happy now and just sitting here reading it over and over again. I graduated from the Institute five years ago, I'm not now. I told you about it, do not you remember?
I want to share with you my secret desires. I long for being with the right person, to share romantic times together and feel the love growing between us. It is a feeling that wins over all bad things and with that you can survive anything the world throws at you. I am only a one woman for one man - I don't like involvement with more than one man - I think it is wrong to be involved with many. I am so happy that our relationship appears to be developing and please be assured that you are the only one for me. How about you - are there any other girls around at the moment for you? I have to admit I am a bit of a romantic and really do look forward to meeting the right guy and being with him. I love to share romantic meals, even if only prepared by ourselves and I like to give full attention to my boyfriend.I hope you are the one for me and soon you will see soon how romantic I like to be. I would love to spend time with you alone, just to be together to hold to kiss and feel those pleasures back to me. My main desire would be to make you satisfied in every way so be assured I will give you lots of attention and care. How about you, what do you want from our relationship? What things do you desire and enjoy best. I would love to hear from you so that I know just how we will make each other feel.
It is hard being so far away, I long to meet and hold you and let our feelings show. I like to hear those words whispered to me telling me how you are feeling and what you want me to do next and what you want to do to me....... I will go now and look forward to your reply - especially if you want to tell me your feelings too? Be assured they are between me and you only, just how romance should be.

Lots of hugs and kisses

Your Yuliya
Letter 16
Dear Rick. Thanks very much for writing. how are you and how was your day? We are developing a strong friendship though e-mail and i would miss your words if they were to stop. We must be honest though and admit that there is such a distance between us that it is difficult for us do much more. I do have feelings for you though we are both missing a vital ingredient in life and that is to have someone special to love. I want to find everlasting love and friendship in a partner - and I mean a partner with joint decisions and joint responsibilities.
I get good feelings talking to you and am sure you are genuine and hope you think I am too and that we can develop into good friends and a meaningful relationship. In the longer term then it will be exciting to meet and see our real feelings for each other. That will be such an exciting time and I look so forward to being able to spend time with you talking and just being with you! I hope that is how you will feel too? I look so very much forward to hearing from you again and look forward to when we can say loving things to each other and reach each other over the vast distance between us.

Until next time,take care

love Yuliya
Letter 17
Hello my dear! This is Yuliya! I do not know what's going on, but it seems yahoo has gone mad. I remember your password, but can not log in to your account. I started to worry that I might lose contact with you. Perhaps I missed your letters. You could send me your last letter again? I will answer you quickly. I'll wait for your letter, your Yuliya
Letter 18
Hello my darling Rick! Thank you for a wonderful letter again. how are you today?I am glad that this new email address works well and we can continue our dialogue. I would love to know when can we meet for a holiday first to get to know me, I know i like you 100 or more and i am really ready to settle and with you. have you any plans concerning our relations? I think, it'll be really cool, if we spend some days together It will strengthen our relations and help us to learn better each other. Probably in next month we can meet. I want meet you in your country. Understand me correctly, I cannot yet to invite you at my house. I live with parents and my parents are people of old traditions. They'll not understand, if man will stay at our house. And I would not want that my visitor lived in hotel. Between us there were only we messages and I think, that we must to try meeting for developments our relations, because only real meeting give us all alive feeling and emotions. I want to see and feel your embraces, breath, movement of lips, love in eyes in real life. Dear so we can make full opinion on us to learn about many things. What you think about it darling? I wait your opinion! All my love, hugz and kisses for you darling.

Love, Yuliya!
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