Scam Letter(s) from Olga Odintsova to Bruce (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Bruce,
Already evening... I have arrived by the bus to Moscow. Now I in Moscow.
I was in embassy in the morning and I had interview with the consul the officer.
I sat in turn in embassy about 2.5 hours to enter into an office as I have come into an office I have seen the documents Olga Odintsova, city Rostov.
As I have come it have started to look my documents. We have begun interview. I have explained it the purpose of my trip.
Well the first question was, as well I know English, and he has asked me, how are you doing? I have answered that that I'm fine.
Bruce, today I have visited embassy and the airport. In embassy I have written the application for visa registration.
It was pleasant to me that in the visa centre affable people work. To me have helped absolutely in all. I have given all necessary documents.
Also I have made photos for visa registration.
In embassy to me have told that I should get 2 air tickets. Air tickets are necessary for visa registration. ticket and return ticket.
To the airport very much a wide choice of tickets. Well all to depend on the price of tickets.
I have considered air tickets on the end middle Martha!
Tickets to stand 810 dollars Usd 36 Cents I need this sum.
Bruce, already I said to you that your help will be necessary for me. Now I do not have money to get air tickets.
As I told that that my expenses on a food, on transportation to Moscow, and registration of a paper of the visa.
You can help to get to me air tickets? Already I said to you that I should get air tickets in Russia.
I have learnt that that there are two banks in which it is possible to receive money safely. It is bank Money Gram, and Western union.
I have learnt in banks what information is necessary to transfer money.

Bank Western address union: Country Russia, Moscow, street Valovai, 20 index 115054. Full name Olga Odintsova.

Bank Money Gram address: Russia, Moscow, street Varshavskoe Shosse 37 index 117556. Full name Olga Odintsova.

After you will transfer me the help, the employee of bank will inform you MTCN. You should tell to me MTCN that I could receive your help.
I hope that you have understood me. When I can receive your help? After such as I will receive money I will send to you a copy of tickets, flight, time and arrival date to you that you could meet me at the airport
I hope that very soon we with you will together. I have very much got tired today. I will go to sleep now.
I wanted to ask on how many to me to arrive for 2 weeks or 30 days?
Please, do not leave me without your letters. I am perfect one here, and your support is necessary every day for me. I love you!
I do not have photos now to send to you. All my photos remained at home. Olga Odintsova



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