Scam letter(s) from Mary Lamptey to Mike (Canada)

Letter 1
Not sure if you know or not, I live along way from where you are? Little city in GHANA .. I find it unbelievable you have not managed to find love? Really liked ur photos, you look amaizing!!! Well I have had some good times and some bad? However I would have to say mostly good! OK , I was Born in Wayne NA ,USA ON ..Nov 24 1981.
At a very early age I was naturally fond of Boys! Had a neighbour next door, he was 7 and I was 6 and am still in touch with him as we have always been friends with a big distance between us and he lives in the states now.
Went to Primary School just over the back fence from home!
Lived 4 years in Dallas TX , Finished High School back in Wayne, NA,in 1995
Please don't think the wrong thing of me in what I have said, and what i am about to tell you, because I am honest and not arrogant! After finishing college i Lost my dad in a serious motor accident ...And because of having a house in Wayne, we moved back into that house, with a train journey of over an hour each way to go to work. Through work, I met Steve and were in Relationship for 1 year without having family. he was a compulsive spender and told lies about him spending of huge amounts of money and tried to hide all of the evidence!
I then met andy and were married and together for a total of 5years. Separated more than 2 yrs ago. Wasn't happy for the last 1 years or so.
andy and I were going to counselling and on the fifth meeting at the very start andy announced that he wanted to make a statement!
he stood up and said " Linda I have a statement to make to you" And I said OK? "Linda, I want a Divorce!" I do not want to have any further communication with you, and if you do? It will be through my Lawyer!" I was not hurt, but deeply shocked a way that I never could have imagined?
he became venomous over everything. he never wanted a child in the first place? His mother and I were so happy of the news when he became Lonely! he was so so so upset!!! he was the one that took himself off the pill thinking that he wasn't going to get lonely anyhow??? he had a terrible loneliness for the whole yrs!!! Once he had Daniela, Lady, the tables turn!!! All focus was on Daniela and I was left out in the rain!!! I continued to do my own thing. Riding and competing on the horses. andy went on breeding his lovely beautiful cats. I was also running a couple of businesses without any help from him and I could have done with it!!!
Over the years we seem to be getting further and further apart??? When I say that I am a very affectionate person, andy didn't want it. Never forced for I was being very patient and totally faithful!
Yes I was totally frustrated. For me it was a form of torture!
I just didn't have any answers, for I was to close to the problem - may be??? I don't know if I'll ever find out???
Spoke to my lady friends and found some moral support...
Went through a very difficult time and I'm now trying to get 50/50 custody of my mum?
With what I am writing, you will have no doubt lots of questions? All I can say to you is that I am very sincere and extremely honest.
Some things that I see now and that I didn't see at the time, was that andy had a plan and therefore had a big jump on me when it came time to defend my position?
In other words the timing of the separation. The reason? I still don't really know as I was still being very supportive. I can only say is that we had grown apart, and for that andy had, had enough? andys parents are Dutch and that is where some of the blame must be realized??? I JUST WANT SOME ONE WHO LOVES ME FOR THE PERSON I AM??? This is only a token of what has happened in my life, however this is based on the most serious of relationships.
Regards Linda
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