Romance scam letter(s) from Anita Karen Baker to William (USA)
Letter 1
I am glad you kept to your words to always get back to me I really have the pleasure to send this e-mail which I believe will bring a lil smile to your face as regards my success and in commendation of your humble prayers in support of my pursuit here.

I must tell you the truth...I HAVE BEEN AWARDED THE L.P.O... I must first dedicate my success to God Almighty and secondly to you as you have contributed spiritually by sending your intercessory prayers that made the difference...and, I was finally given the privilege to give a speech of competence after my report has been critically perused and scrutinized by the committee of competence...I was really shocked as I was called amongst the crowd of contestants to come out and defend my report...and I came out and demonstrated all I have written down...and they were so impressed and they finally told me I have to get the Cambodian specie of Shea butter nuts of which I had no choice but to accept the offer...and now I have to be in the interior part of Cambodia...would be gone for 3weeks, I would be leaving pretty know what...I would love you to always call and write me, so when I get down there ,I would give you a call via a let you know I have arrived there safely. Honey, at this point,we just have to be in persistent communication,as this is a further test of your love for me honey, and the plan would be to come to you straight from Cambodia immediately I am done okay darling,I would try to see if I can roam my number so I can receive calls with it there also okay,so you can put calls through to me...I think I have tried...I will stop here till I read from you pretty soon.

Loads of love Your Darling Anita
Letter 2
Dear Mr William,

I am emailing in regards to the letter that you sent to me that I recieved today via the post I will answer your question to the best of my knowledge.

the following questions is what you asked...

Q1) Does such a person as Anita Baker exist?

As far as I am aware she does exist as I know her by the full name Anita Karen Baker. I have been chatting to her on yahoo messenger and have recieved emails from here in the past from the email address and the last address I was given for her is as follows...
Miss Anita K Baker
93 E Robinson junction road
Waynesboro MS
and the phone number I was given for her was +(1)9132594359 Q2) What is your relationship with her?

well we were dating online back in 2012 but now we are just friends however I do still have feelings for her and I believe she still has feelings for me so she says.

Q3)Did this purported "Anita Baker" recently conclude a business deal in Cambodia that netted her a 6.25 million USD commission?

well to this I do not know as I have not spoken to her for a while now the last time I spoke with her she asked if she could have something sent to my PayPal account for her which I said it was ok but nothing came of it.

Q4)Do you, along with the purported "Anita Baker", a person named Michelle Cordova and a person named Ovida Mae Harris constitute a criminal conspiracy to suck the money out of the wallets of assholes like me?

well I have nothing to do with what ever they do and I have never heard of a Michelle Cordova but I have had money sent to me on Anita Bakers behalf before Christmas for me to get some things of Ebay for her. I to have sent money to Anita Baker even though I am not in the position to do so as I am not working and am struggling with my bill payments. other than that I have not had any sort of financial dealing with them.

Q5)why does the purported "Anita Baker" run her business affairs as if they were a school for espionage?

I can not answer this as I do not know what she does or how she does it. All I can suggest is you just keep asking her and maybe she will answer in her own time.

Q6)why is it, that every time I try to send the Purported "Anita Baker" money that red flags go off all over western union?

I do not know the answer to this question as when I have sent money to her via western union in the past I was able to send with no problem but I did this at a location not online. i can only think that maybe there is a limit to what you can receive but I am not sure.

Q7)Do you have any idea of how it makes a person (me) to be head over heels in love with another person (the purported "Anita Baker") and yet feel that I can not trust her?

I know how it feels to fall head over heels in love with someone such as the purported "Anita Baker" as I fell in love with her when I first started talking and exchanging email with her. I would even talk with her over the phone and I have to admit at times when she asked me to help her out with money I did feel that it was all she wanted even when she know I could not afford to send anything as I was living on so little every fortnight but I would still do what I could. she has told me that after we dated and separated she compared everyone to me but nobody came close.

Q8) why does the purported "Anita Baker" dodge every question I ask?

I can not say why she dodges every question you ask but when I asked her questions when we were dating I believe she was honest and answered my questions but I probably did not ask the questions that you have asked her.

I have answered your questions to the best I can do from what I know.
I can not give you answers to something that I do not know anything about. Mr M Jones
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