Scam letter(s) from Ashley Morris to Richard (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi, I'm Kim
How you doing?, how is ur day? I'm new here and i wanna meet a very loving and caring man to give my heart to..I Fell in love with your pics and your page. it looks so real. I just wonder if you still exist. I will surely love to get to know you more if you don't if you exist, pls drop me a here..lovingkim4u at HOT MAIL dot com or LOVINGKIM4U AT HOT MAIL DOT COM I hope to read from you soon
I admire you..I'm not always online here because of my Busy Schedule at work. So Pls i will prefer you writing me in my personal email...I will tell you all about me, when start Exchanging emails(That is Emailing Each other), privately and personally, Hope Understand.I promise send you pics of me whenever i get a mail from you..pls you should write to my mail direct cos am not online here always pls....
Att Hott Mail dot Com LOVINGKIM4U
Letter 2
Hi ****
How are you doing? I hope you are really having a nice time out there..How is work and how has life been treating you over there.? I'm new at this online dating cos i was introduced to it by a friend and you are the first person am meeting online....Anyway, thanks for hitting me up with a message on here, i appreciate it..So how's everything been with you?...I think I'd take this chance to tell you a little about myself......Am Kimberly Jackson 26, 5'5 tall, Light Brown hair,hazel eyes blah blah blah. I am single with no kids and currently seeking for a Serious relationship that will Last, but not in any Rush. I quite have a diverse background, My dad is from Ashland Wisconsin and mom is Mexico).I'm presently working as a nurse attached to UNICEF....that's a bit for now am gonna tell u more when i get your Response.looking forward to hearing from you.
Letter 3
Hi ****, how are you doing today? Its nice to read from you.i really love all you have said about yourself. Well i live in Portland Oregon with my Uncle but presently im on a working trip with the UNICEF team on a mission to war ravished countries in western part of Africa and we are going to be back in 5weeks..Things are going well for us out here and I hope we can meet up then when i get back. I enjoy going to pool, watching movies,dancing mostly salsa, playing video games, reading magazine and novel. I have passed through a lot being in a relationship and wouldn't allow the past to ruin me again, I believe failure teaches success and building my future with the experience I had is a real plus for me. I believe that the inside looks would determine if couples are compatible or Not, though attraction is part of it but the most important thing that does it all is personality traits. I am seeking for a man that's caring,understanding,faithful,honest, trustworthy,patient ,supportive ,gentle,responsible and intelligent. I don't know what you still wanna know, but I'd be glad if you ask.. Your turn? TTYL..Take care of yourself and be safe . Kim
I like Older men, cos they know how to love and Respect a woman. they care for them as if she was their Daughter..You look great in your pics and am very sorry for all your loses I so much care.
Tell me more about yourself pls: What is your Full name?, what do you do for work?, where do you live?, Have you ever been married before?, any kids?, How long have you been on a dating site trying to find a soul mate?
Is Distance and Age problem for you? Send ,me a pics of you pls...My Job takes me round The globe, hope you don't mind..I have been in some States in America (USA) and in some parts of the World
Letter 4

Hello ****
Thanks for getting back to me, I like your approach to life and i Appreciate all you compliments and kind words, You really made sense in all you have said in the email. Your email has become the Highlight of my day. Don't worry, I do all type of kissing and as a matter of fact, I love kisses so much and it its really a way of communicating with the body sensually. Yeah sweetie, I will like to meet you in person as well. I think i will try to Redirect my flight to Australlia so i will come pay ya a visit there. and spend some more needed time with you, I will not be going on anymore trip after this one, I will just look for a Nursin Job in any othe Hospital or Clinic, close to me, I seriously hope that you be the end to my search for a soulmate. I like you and am happy we are connecting so well, I just hope that we continue this way until we meet..Actually i was posted to west Africa after our mission in Liberia,Iraq,and Aphganistan..So UNICEF posted me and a UNICEF team to come down Here in a country called Nigeria in west Africa..The people are so lovely and there Culture is very Unique and Different..Oh i wish i had someone back home to talk to but unfortunately i have no one..My Father is dead and mum left me after my Father's death and got married to another man which i don't get to see her again(they now live somewhere in Australia)..I was raised by my Aunt who is now caught up in drugs and alcohol,i really loved her and it Hurts me that she choose to live that way that was why i decided to stay alone and work with my team, but back Home i sometimes stay with my Uncle(Who was a truck driver before he got an Accident and he broke his spine in 2009, but i guess he is doing well now, and i know he is out of work till he is Recovered fully). i didn't feel comfortable living with my Aunt anymore..I just had to tell you about my personal life,cos i want you to know what I'm facing and what i have Faced in life..But anyways I'll not and I'll never allow that to pull me down/back in life..I just have to be strong and move on with my life..I pray the Lord guides and protect me and lead me through the right path...This is my first time of coming over here in(Nigeria)..But they look at us like angels Here...I'm new at this online Dating of a thing cos i was introduced to it by a friend out here in the camp she told me that she meet her husband online that i should try it.You are the first person am meeting online..And i hope you will not hurt me i want to be your best friend and i also need your advise in life and your support as well to archieve my goals and dreams in Future. and i don't want to be hurt any more..Hope all this make sense to you? Take good care of yourself and be safe. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. I care.
Letter 5
HI ****, Woow! Thanks for the lovely mail and thanks for taking your time to write me and telling me alot more about yourself again,thats really nice of you and i appreciate that. Thanks for the word of encouragement,thats so sweet of you and i appreciate that alot....Anyways, I really love all you have to say about yourself,i see you have a really bright prospect and i like your outlook on life..I can see you have such a wonderful goals in life,thats really good and i pray you achieve all of your goals real soon..Well I'm sorry i cant give you a proper reply now as i have to go on duty in about 10mins so ill have to send you an email when i get off duty.
But that doesn't mean you shouldn't send me an email back when you get this:). I'll have to spank you if you have to go now though...Take care of yourself! Kim
I'm so happy to meet someone like you, I'm targeting to be done here before Christmas, so is probably, I will make an effort to arrange a change of flight, from USA to Australlia, that is i will ask the Agent to change the Arrival Directions, that will mean booking another flight entirely. Yeah might look for Mom if i so want that, cos she really hurt me and am Disapointed at her.,Not that i can't chat, but Due to my Busy schedule, I don't have time to sit and Chat am sorry about that...but will make out time and will try to chat with you, My PC, Don't have a Webcam, if that is what you wanna do or see.? Alright am done now, I need to run before I get to Duty late
Letter 6
Hello My Deare ****
How are you doing?, how is your day been? How was your weekend. I emailed the Agent about she changing my flight direction from USA, to Australlia, she asked why, I told her i wanna go meet with Fiance over there and also spend sometime with him, so she said when am ready she will help me book the Flight, so what have been happening with you sweetie, Well,sorry about the last time that i couldn't give you answers,i was running late for duty then.As per the questions i asked here are answers. Well,one of my goals is to have a very happy and God-fearing family in the future with lovely kids and also have a successful career and run a midwifery clinic for pregnant women and Nursing Mothers,its really something i have always dream of and i'm really working hard towards that direction. I also want to have a very happy family,a happy home with about two to three kids. lol. How about you?...I'm sure that cant be complete without a honest,responsible and caring husband,someone who really know the true meaning of what we call a Family. Well,hopefully fair enough everything works out good for me:) .
Anyways,I see relationships as one of the most natural things that can happen in life and i believe a good relationship is built on trust,honesty,togetherness and prayers. I have had my fair share of relationships and i have been hurt in the past but it doesn't put me off totally instead it only made me stronger and am learning from the Past Experience to be extra careful to whom i give my Dear heart to,Will you be the Lucky One(You might be). I like having fun and i like going to the beach to watch the sunsets with my man and also going for a long walk on the beach with my man. I really like that and i like privacy a lot too but it just have to be with my man:). Much to say but so little time..I have to jump in the showers now and then get something to eat and get some rest..I'll be hoping to hear from you soon..Take care of yourself and get back to me when you can... I care,
Letter 7
Hello My Dearest Sweetheart ****
Thanks for writing me back, and thanks for all the complements and kind words, you have really made my Day your emails have become the highlite of my Day.. Yeah i see you as my Lucky One, that was why i use that Phrase" Fiance" Hope you liked it and i hope to be the Lucky one for you as well sweetie...Yeah my goals are wide but i hope to achieve most of it. as for the kids stuff we can plan and discuss about it, when we meet and then we can begin planning our life together..I went around town today when i was on break from work with some of the natives out here and i was really surprise and shocked about how people live out here,everything I'm seeing out here everyday makes me thank God and it makes me appreciate my status of being an American,i mean me having a different background compared to theirs. I'm not saying that to criticize them or being a racist or anything of such but just to express what I'm saying to you so you can understand. That's all! .I'm a very good girl with the fear of God at heart,though i didn't live with my parents cos my father died when i was young and moms got married to another man which i don't get to see her again so i had to live with my Aunt in which gave me the time to do whatever i want. I mean be a bad girl and do anything ,but I'm very glad i didn't do such thing,instead i chose to be a very good girl with the promise of being someone great in life..I'm a goal oriented person and I'm really working hard towards achieving my goals and I'm sure God will definitely help me out on that:) . Well,I hope you had a nice and fun filled week unlike me out here though. Take good care of yourself and be safe . Have a blessed week ahead of you I Care,
Letter 8
Hello My Dearest ****
How have it been with you lately? and how is life going with you sweetie, how is the weather over there?, how is your family doing, hope you do hear from them there, Thanks so much for writing me, You sound so sweet and Intelligent, I like you very much for that, Yeah, I'm very good at studying the Environment around me. That is what makes me a very strong and couragious young lady.. Thanks so much for all your sweet compliments, You are a sweetheart..Well i don't really have much to say to you right now...i just want to tell you a little more about my work...UNICEF works for children's rights,supports,survival,protection,and development through education, advocacy,fundraising/ or donations. UNICEF which stands for The United Nations Children's Fund helps children living in poverty in developing and war-torn countries .UNICEF is the world's child survival authority..UNICEF is helping kids in over 150 countries mostly African countries and territories. UNICEF's work includes immunizing and educating boys and girls in war ravished countries , and protecting them from the terror of abuse and also protecting them from war and neglect.. Well enough said!. I have to go now but i'll be hoping to hear from you real soon but until then,take good care of yourself and have a nice time and be safe!:) I care,
Letter 9
Hello My Dearest ****, I did not read from you today, hope all is well with you ****. I hope that you are doing fine, I just missing you here and worried about you honey, hope to read from you soon
Letter 10
Hello My Dearest ****
How are you doing today?, how is your Family doing? how is life with you ****. I so much can't wait to be with you honey, I'm so glad to read from you here, I was thinking about you always. Honey i wanna be with you. I wanna spend forever with you...You never told me about your past Relationship..Well my last relationship is something i don't really like talking about cos i don't like to remember it..But i'll definitely tell you about it cos i believe is a way of knowing each other much better.But anyways, My last relationship lasted for almost 2 years and some weeks but basically i think he got tired of me and decided to try new things. After 2 years of being the relationship,he started to find fault for everything i do and i still yet i tried all my possible best to make things change but he just made things worse . But instead of him to have told me that,he just decided to act on that and the only way he could do that was to hurt me by having an affair with another girl which i got to find out and that was when he told me he doesn't need me anymore right in-front of the other girl i caught him with .. That made me very very miserable and i just couldn't believe such thing could ever happen to me:(. I like being honest in anything i find myself doing..I have always been very honest in my past relationships but what hurt me is that i don't tend to get that honesty back in return from my partner,its really stress me out but its just make me know much more about life.. I was very honest and loyal to my ex and everything was going smooth until he started changing is character towards me,i talked to him to stopped that cos i made him know i understand what was going on then but he didn't,and i guessed we weren't compatible anymore so we had to call off the relationship cos he wasn't honest to me,i really wanted to do something serious with him but i guess he was not ready for that.. I have been single for some months now but i don't want to rush into any relationship cos i don't want the same thing that happened in my last relationship to happen again,i want someone that i can always call my own and my own only cos i'll be his own only too. I want someone who's really ready for a serious relationship and ready to prove to me that it pays to respect,love and cherish a woman and i'll definitely prove to him back that it pay's to be honest to a man. I want my next relationship to be my very last one which i have been praying to God about and i'm sure he won't let me down. Well, I hope that makes sense to you ..Well, I'm feeling very weak and sick now.I really need some rest and then find something to eat. I'll be hoping to hear from you real soon though but until then take good care of yourself and have a nice time and fun filled week even if i dont. I think i'll have to go and see the doctor if this persists.I have to go now though.
Be safe and talk to you soon! Thinking Of US
Letter 11
Hello my Dearest ****
Thanks so much for taking your time to write me, You are darling. I'm very sorry to hear about your past Relationship, well just as mine hurt me so bad that i decided to seek for someone who will love me for me and will be there for me whenever i needed him and not cheat around. You sound very nice and understanding, You are my kind of man and i really pray that we can meet as soon as i come to Australlia so we will kick start this wonderful beginning of happiness. I will see it in my view that we both have some stuff in common and i know we can get along very well. I'm happy that Destiny has brought us together and i so much pray that everything works out for us the way we planned. I'm ready to be that kind of woman you have ever want to spend the rest of your life with. I think about you always and i get to miss you whenever i don't read from you, I guess that is a good sign of true love springing up, hope that soon it will come to reality.,I got to figure out somethings yesterday. The doctor said i got sick cos of the food i eat here..I knew that already but i don't think i have any other choice than to just eat the food they serve us here..The first time i ate the food i got really sick so i had to buy my own food stuff for myself and i have been doing that ever since ..But what pains me most is that everyone out here is eating the food and nothing is happening to them Maybe because am Allergic to some kind of food, That is why i stick to my own kind of food stuff..My food stuff finished some weeks back and that was why i have been eating the food they serve us out here which is what made me sick..The doctor advice me to get my own food stuff since that's what i have always done, and it works for me and my Health status until sometime last week when i used the last food stuff i got,i asked the camp commandant if she can help me in getting the food since we're not allowed to move out of the camp site cos of the fighting going on outside the camp and she said she can help me get it since she's a native out here but where the problems is that we haven't been paid yet,though i'm working as a voluntary worker out here but i will be paid some amount of money when i'm back home but right now i don't have any money on me to buy my food stuff for myself. I'm really broke right now and i need to get some food stuff for myself cos i don't want to eat the food they serve us out here anymore,. Its making me sick and I'm scared:( ..I'm just confuse right now and i don't know what to do:( But anyways, I hope you've been having a good time unlike me out here though,things aren't working fine for me down here at all and its really making me very sad and unhappy.
Anyways,i have to go now as i'm tired of typing and boring you out. Do have fun and have a nice day even if i don't as i'm sure i won't cos of my Health. I care,
Sad Kim:(
Letter 12
Hello My Dearest Sweetheart ****
Thanks for truly writing me back, I love your courage and compliments, i truly Appreciate Them. how is life been treating you over there sweetie and how are you getting ready for the Christmas? cos i might be with you before then, I have emailed my sisters that i will be going to Australlia to see my Fiance ****. they said they are happy for me and that i should have fun, so i will be planning to get home to be with you as soon as am healed..How is the weather over and how is life been with you lately, the weather here is 50 degree, not too bad, How is it over there honey?..The food they serve us here is mainly their local food here and sometimes bread and tea and all that messy food. I had to buy my own food stuff sometimes back since i couldn't eat the one they serve us here but my food stuff finished some weeks back and thats why i had to eat the food they serve us here since i haven't been paid yet. I'm sick and i don't want to eat the food they serve us here anymore but i'm broke right now and i don't even have any money on me to buy my own food stuffs.:( I have been trying to patch up things, but it's getting out of hands now i dont really like getting too forward though but things has been hard for me out here so I just have to ask you for a little favor,i'm sure you know i need to get some food stuff for myself out here but i cant cos i havent been paid yet..So i thought i should ask if there's anything you can do for me,i mean if you can help me with some bucks so i can use it in getting some food stuffs for myself out here,i'll really appreciate that and i promise to pay you back if you dont mind but thats gonna be when i get paid..I'm working as a voluntary worker here though but i'll be paid some amount of money when i get back home which is just to tell me thank you for a job well done..I'll pay you back from that when am paid.
Please try and understand me,i really need a helping hand out here and i hope you can work something out for me real soon..I hope im not too forward but i just wanna be open with you..I hope to hear from you soon and until then take good care of yourself and have a nice time and a nice day even if i dont as i'm sure i wont cos of whats happening to me right now:(I Care,Very Sad Kim:(Here is the Info to pls help me with some fund to get my food stuff and also pay some Bills to be treated. Honey i will be needing you to pls help me with $350 Dollars, I will so much be happy if you can help..the Doctor has been trying for me here..I'm very tired and very weak honey if you send the Fund with Doctors Info, He will help me go pick it up and then will help me get some food stuff with the List i will give to him. pls honey am too tired and weak, can't even see all what am typing very well, all my body hots now..Here is the Info..
Receivers name:
David Macdon(Doctor)
State: Lagos
City: Lagos
Zipcode: 23401
Country: Nigeria
Question and Answer Section..
Question: Husband:
Answer: Wife .I will be expecting to read from you soon, I know you will never Disappoint me or let me down..You can send the Fund through Western Union Money Transfer or Moneygram. Thanks so much..Yours
I like the pics you sent once to me once again, The Fund that you will send will cover all the Hospital Bills and help me get some food stuffs. I love you so much honey....I can't wait to get out of this hospital...I'm sending you a pics of me before i was helped by my friend to the Hospital...I LOVE YOU MORE
Letter 13
Hello My Dearest ****
Thanks so much for writing me back. I know Ashly Martin [sic s/b Morris), but that is part of life, some people get to resemble you but they are certainly not you. Honey, I'm wondering why you said you will not help me at this time, The did i say anything to upset you?, or is it that you don't trust me? I truly need your help now and you know that honey, If i can get treated of this Ilness, I will be happy, so i can go back to Duty and finish up my work here, I should be coming home by the 20th of this month, but that is if i could get out of here. Pls ****, I truly need your help honey. I really do, If i got another way out, I wouldn't bother you at all sweetie. I really hope that you will put yourself in my shoes and see the pain I face here. Honey I'm not after your money, I want you to know that..I'm just weak and sick here sweetheart. I really need a helping hand. Whatever you decide pls let me know, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend ahead. I love you more...Yours Always Kim
Letter 14
Hello My Darling
How have you been, how has life been treating you over there?, How is work going with you?, I hope all is going well with you, Sweetheart, you don't know how much you hurt me when i don't read from you. I have had my life and hope on you, I pray for you always and i always ask God to keep you save for me, is been a while now since i last heard from you, does it mean you are no longer Interested in me anymore?, if you are not Interested in me anymore, you should write to tell me and i will know what to do, You hurt me more whenever i don't talk with you. You never wait to finish our last Discussion. I'm so worried about you now, If you know you still love me and you got some Respect for me as a woman, Pls say something to me. I will always love you till the day you write me and tell me that you are no longer interested in me. I love you from the Depth of my heart and i will always love you. You always be the favorite man in my heart. Have a wonderful Moment out there and always Remember that Someone Over here Loves you very much. Yours Always kim...Honey Am Done with work here and am ready to come home to you, just that i need $260 to pay off the hospital Bills, so i will beallowed to start processing my coming home, Pls will you help me out with it?...
Letter 15
You speak in harsh tones and in a way that says you can't help me, If UNICEF was offering me any help you know i will never bother you, but this issues with me are personal, so you really can't help me right
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