Letter(s) from Natalia Klochihina to Richard (Australia)

Letter 1

I hope you received my letter and write me soon. I'm still waiting for a letter from you. Here, the cold weather and rain. As the weather you have there?
I'll wait for a letter from you and wish you a good day.

Letter 2

I hope you received my letter and write me soon. I'm still waiting for a letter from you. Here, the cold weather and rain. As the weather you have there?
I'll wait for a letter from you and wish you a good day.

Letter 3

Richard I am glad to receive your letter. I waited for an answer from you. I I think that the answer you give me or not? Will you remember me or not, and glad that you are responsible.
Richard I want to tell you about myself. I am 27 years old. I was born and live in the area Nigegorodskoi, in the village Perevoz. I live in Russia, in my profile that I am registered in another country say it is because I could not be registered in Russia. I hope that this does not frighten and not to stop you? I work in a cafe cook. I am very good cook. I think that if you tried something you liked. What do you like eating out? What kind of food? Richard I do not know that you are still interested. I think you to represent me in the photo. Like it?
Today, I am sending you a picture. from does my friend. I hope you enjoy. This is a good photographer? Richard I did not communicate through letters to anybody. But I could not find A man in his city.
And recently we had an Internet cafe. They are working on a large plate. They say that the signal goes through satellite. I do not understand. But glad that he got to meet you. Richard Can you tell me what you like girls? What would you like to know more about me? I'll wait for your answer.
I hope you read my letter and answer it soon.
And to be honest. I like sincerity.
Your new friend Nataliya.

Letter 4

I come to the internet cafe and still waiting for a letter from you. I hope you have a good day there and get my letter? Why do not you answer me? I wish you a good day out there and wait for a letter from you tomorrow.

Letter 5

Hello how is your weekend there? I do not hear from you, and I hope that tomorrow you will write to me. I'll wait for a letter from you and wish you a good day there.

Letter 6

Richard I am glad that you write to me today. I hope you have a good day out there?
Richard I hope you begin to answer my questions and tell us more about yourself. Because I want to know more about you. You are interesting to me as a person. I'm looking for someone for a serious relationship.
Richard I do not know what to tell you about my family. Because I, it is not. I lived in a boarding house. Here orphans brought up. Then I found a job, and I've learned. I can work in restaurant. Cafe. One day I went to the orphanage he lived with his girlfriend. We did everything together. We went to dances, movies. Then she went to the big city. Seen in the last month and said that she married. He told me how to create e-mail. And said that she would write. I look forward to writing for almost a week. Probably not profits. But soon write. And in anticipation, I decided to get acquainted with a man, too. I decided to contact you. Richard I met with the guys, but fail. I have not met a man with whom I want to be a lifetime. I'm looking for someone in your country. I could not find the the man in my country.
All with whom I got acquainted sex interested only or they were alcoholic. They were not ready to serious relations. I do not want to tell that I do not love sex but I want to be engaged in it only with the favourite person. I not against alcohol but I think that was necessary to know when to stop in its use and to not drink each day.
And I keep a man whom I love and With which we will be happy forever.
I love it when communicating with I am sincere. If you do not cheat.
Rejoice when you are doing surprise. Do you want someone to be with me. But such a person. Maybe you? I thought a lot and I think that even this is possible.
Richard I hope you are not tired of my letter. You looked at my photos?
Like it? Post your own? I'll wait.
Richard Tell us about your family. At the close ones. About her life. I want I know. I never thought that people can communicate over thousands of kilometers. And now I'm communicating with you. I'm so interested.
Your Nataliya.

Letter 7

I really hope that you are all well and you should contact me. I still do not hear from you. Did you receive my letter that I write to you?

Letter 8

Today, the bright sun outside, and I was glad that you write to me.
Richard I would like more you learn about their hobbies. What do you like do. How to play? What movies to watch? Where to go? where go?
With whom? What to do with friends? Richard I love to walk in nature. In the park, for example. As well as lakes and rivers. I do not like big cities. Maybe that's why I been there only once. And back. I did not like. And, maybe, because I can not live alone. I do not know. Perhaps in your country better than the big cities in Russia. Who knows. I also have a good dance read poetry. I even know some of your classics.

To be or not to be, that is the question;
Lee 'is nobler in the mind to suffer
Slings and arrows outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And the opposite, to put an end to them.

You know, what does it work? Richard I like to watch sports channels.
Dancing, hockey, aerobics, gymnastics. I also love to play different sports games such as volleyball.
Richard I hope you like what I'm talking about myself. I send you pics.
I look forward to your reply.
Your Nataliya.

Letter 9

How is your weekend? Are you okay? I'm still waiting for a letter from you and I hope that soon you will write to me. I'll be waiting.

Letter 10

I really hope you have a good weekend and that will soon write to me.
I do not hear from you, and I will wait for you to answer.

Letter 11

Why do not write me? Did you get me e-mail? I wish you a good day and I will wait from you.

Letter 12

How is your day, is it? How's the weather? It is very cold and I think that soon the snow will be. I hope you get my letters and write me soon.

Letter 13

Today I come to the internet cafe in the morning before going to work but did not get a letter from you. I'll be checking my email every morning and I hope that tomorrow you will write to me. I would love to see from you. Have good day!

Letter 14

Richard I went to the internet cafe today to write a short message, I must hurry to go to work today because a lot of work, in cafes and visitors in honor of the silver wedding of one of the cafe visitors I have to cook many different dishes for them. I hope that Tomorrow I will have more free time, and I will answer your letters. I'll wait for you tomorrow.
Have a nice day!

Letter 15

I hope you get my letter and reply me soon. I still do not hear from you. What plans do you have for this weekend? I'll wait for your letter tomorrow.

Letter 16

Richard I am glad to receive your letter. Unfortunately I could not answer immediately. We had to do a lot of dishes.
Richard In our cafe, to celebrate the silver wedding. This is when Husband and wife living together for 25 years. And it was very much people. I enjoyed it so much. I thought they would be very adult. and they provided over 50 years. And they were married when they were 20.
They both look good together. I was very happy for them. I love See, when people are happy. And I love to make these dishes would all like it. And they told me that all surprisingly tasty. And that they will return.
Richard Do you have lots of friends? I have many friends. But real friends, Only two friends. They join me in a boarding school. We met with the their childhood. One went away. Remember I talked about this.
second life in a nearby town. She decided to live there. In general, with me always my neighbor. It helps me in everything, to give a lot of advice. She was about 60 years. She lived a hard life and Very wisely. This is for me as a teacher.
Richard Can you tell us about your friends? How often do you communicate with it? I used to. We meet in the park. When the weekend or holidays.
on the way yesterday, when I told her about it. She had many questions. I said that you are very good, and we recently met. And all You do not know. I send you greetings from her.
I hope you're not offended that I could not answer immediately. I We look forward to your responses. A lot. I hope you write soon.
Your Nataliya.

Letter 17

I do not know why you did not answer my letters? Are you all right? I check my e-mail at an Internet cafe every day but did not get a letter from you today. I wish you a good day and I will wait from you.

Letter 18

Richard I am glad to receive your letter. Again as the sun is my light and I felt warmer. I like you more with each letter. I have never experienced such feelings. I do not even know how to call it.
My friend did not think anything bad about you and your years old.
Yes, I would like to find someone with whom I can have a serious relationship and move to Australia, I do not love Russia.
Richard I want to know more about what you do every day. Ordinary day.
As he begins what is happening and how to end. How would you like, what would it be? For example, I wake up, wash, assemble the bed. I go to work. Write the menu. That I will cook. Then cook. Lunch and dinner at work. Then I go home. House cleaning to do, watch TV. And sometimes in the morning and sometimes after work, go to Internet cafes. And getting your letter. I am very glad that we're acquainted.
I would like that to every morning I would wake up not one. Cooking light salad. Kissing, and strive to get home from work to a beloved man. And now I want an Internet cafe. And see you, you are very Richard to change my life.
Richard I hope you tell me about yourself.
I'll wait for tomorrow, Richard What you think, when going to bed? What you see in your dreams?
I miss ........

Letter 19

Richard I am glad that you have not forgotten about me and write me today.
Richard I hope that everyone will have with you all will be well. I I want to tell you about their relationship. I was familiar with the guys. First, in a boarding school. But we're just friends. and Becoming a student, they all went to different places. And we do not more satisfied. When I was then met the guy. And he even said that he marry me. But it turned out that he is cheating, because all beginners. And I do not talk to him.
Then he met another guy. He was always drunk. And it is good. But then everyone started to spend on alcohol, and I realized that this kind of Life does not want to. And have not seen more than one good man. Richard I do not know why, but I love you. In what you have. Or a secret or the wisdom of experience? I do not know what it is. But I like it. I like to communicate with you.
Richard Why are you lonely? Do not have a girlfriend? Or is it you have and you still talk to me? I have no one to talk, except you. And I hope You are right. Or am I wrong? There is a secret from me? Or something? Richard I think you should not have secrets from each other.
we know each other, and if we have a secret, then this meeting will be surprise. What do you think?
I look forward to your reply.
Richard I hope you can see beautiful dreams, and your day will be successful.
Your sincere Nataliya.

Letter 20

You get my letter? I write to you yesterday but did not get any letter from you. I hope you are all well and you will soon find the time to answer me. I'll wait for a letter from you.

Letter 21

Richard The weather today is bad. But I feel good, because your letters to warm me.
Richard I think a lot of us. What and how we will do next. our confidence in each other. We're like two climbers, or passenger train.
Who go to the same goal. And in the end of the road understand what to expect. And for that you should always speak with sincerity and truth.
What do you think? Am I right?
Richard I have told you about a neighbor. Remember that? Who lives in the next room. One of them, no longer young. She was about 60 years old. But she looks 45, and all the while enjoying life. She has three daughters and All married well. She says that women are very difficult to live without people. And I was very happy when I met you. Said that she would like to that we would all work out. She is very interested in how we communicate. Says it is very interesting. And who are you to tell us about you. What are they saying?
Richard I have a very good cook. I cook. What would you like that I Are you ready? You know that the mantle? Or herring, pickled in oil?
Fresh. Or Chi? Do you like to try interesting dishes. I love you.
Every person interesting, as I worked as a cook in order to stay slim.
I do in the morning training, and run about one kilometer. This is very useful.
Richard I think about you and me. What can we expect? Happiness, love, tenderness, passion, affection, play? Or disappointment? And The more I know you, the more I realize that we'll be happy. And I believe in it. And I think it would be like. What do you think?
I send you my picture.
Where do you keep them? You print them? Look at them in night? Tell me.
I await your response.
Your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 22

Richard I am glad to receive your letter. I do not know that today, with the my mood. Maybe because the weather influences. I am sad. I can get from You are only one letter, and do not know how to contact you. And so willing to talk with you more. Maybe you have some way? Maybe you know the way? How long will e-mail? An hour? Two? Or they just come to you? Maybe try to talk fast? Maybe there's a chance? when You usually get my letter?
Richard May, as soon as you get my email reply to me? I will be in Internet cafe to wait for your answer. And if you get it right answer.
Try? The next time I will send you an email and I will wait Your answer about an hour. I think it's enough to get any email address.
Richard I feel that I can not imagine a day without you. I can not sleep yet they do not think like you. I think when I sleep, you still would work. I fall asleep with thoughts of you. So, you want your point of view, smile, hear the laughter, feel the breath, pull over to the You.
And to understand. We have created one after the other or not. What to do Do you think? Richard Do you want that?
I'll send you this photo. Richard Do you like them? Tell me. What would We'll do if bad weather on the streets, electricity off, do not want to go. What we have to do with you? you I think that we could find a way to enjoy life? I think so. I think that You'll never be sad. What do you think? I can make you happy? that You want what I would do, what would you be happy?
Richard I am waiting for your response. I hope you're not tired of my letter. And to answer all my questions.
Richard I have something going on, I do not know what ever experienced anything like this.

Letter 23

Richard I am glad to receive your letter. I'm very bored. I do not know it was the last time. I was, why it is very sad. I hope you did not become sad after reading the letter.
I woke up today on what a ray of sunlight illuminate me. I forgot to close the curtain, staring at the sky. I remembered the legend of what people are stars. And that when one star lodges, then there is a big one. This happens when two people meet. When they created one for another. I do not remember exactly how this myth. But he was very handsome. We were told at the boarding school. Today at work I prepared a lot of different dishes. And one of the girls told me that some dishes are even tastier than they were. And she said what. And I remembered that when they do I think of you.
Richard I want to thank you for what you bring into my life that new.
What changed it for the better. I do not know how you do it. But I was much more interesting live. And I hope it will not end abruptly. I really want, what would you and I know each other more and more.
Please understand that I can not be a long time in Internet cafes in the online and therefore we can not talk about the way in which you offer me. it will cost me a lot of money, it is hard for me. I hope you understand me?
Yes, I read your letter and I myself deal with my feelings and I do not think it's working fast, I know what I need.
I love your picture and your age is not a problem for me.
Richard I so much want to ask you. About many things to write. But perhaps you're tired to read my letter. Or not? Do you like? I hope so. Richard What has changed in your life after our acquaintance? Tell me. Or is it a secret? We have no secrets from each other. True.
Richard I want, what would your date was fine. And each day brings you happiness and good luck. You are a very good person. And it is I like you. I did not experience such feelings more than ever.
Richard I believe that you'll be fine. Do not leave me. Okay?
I'll wait for your answer tomorrow.

Letter 24

Richard I increasingly feel that we are approaching one another. You know what love is? You get this feeling? I do not even know what it is. How to identify the man created for the woman, or she for him?
Have you any way? Probably only life. What do you think?
Yes, I think we need to discuss some serious stuff. I realized that I love you and would like to come to you to meet with you and try to start together life. You like my idea?
Richard I already can not stop thinking about how you are. I do not know what it is. I even think about what you eat today. And ate it?
How to sleep? Good or bad? I saw in a dream. What made the evening?
Tired at work? Or not? So many thoughts. And all of you. What about you? You feel that it is the same?
Richard Yesterday I came up with a very tasty cake. I'm sure you'll like.
When we meet and I will be able to do it. I will definitely do that.
And you try. I called him your name. Yesterday, in a cafe to everyone who tried it, liked it. It's called, cake "Richard".
I hope you are fine. And the field how do you get my letter, you feel better. And your mood improves.
Smile, think of the good. Imagine that I kiss you. Are you better? How mood?
Richard, I miss ....

Letter 25

Richard I am glad to receive your letter. So I want to feel the touch of your hands, lips, kisses, and passion. And I can only receive your letter. But I believe that everything will change and we will soon enjoy our affection and tenderness. And now happy that I got your letter.
I send you a photo with the cake "Richard" yesterday. Yes, I want to have a serious talk with you, I want to come to you. I do not have a passport but I will gather information for the trip to you, I'll keep you posted.
Richard I hope that everything will be fine. What would you like you that we did together. For example, when left alone? Or strolling in the park? I would like to go with me to hold my hand? Or bear arms?
Maybe what I would have carried you in my arms? Joke.
Richard Can you do massage? You must have very strong hands. I would like to feel like you do me a massage. How to warm up every cell in my body, and I have the pleasure to fly to heaven. If you want, what I would do you a massage? Today we have come a woman who teaches massage. Showed a lot of different kinds. I thought that you would have been nice if I'll get a massage. What do you think? Or you can teach me this?
Richard Yesterday I watched sports on TV. You love to watch sports?
Sports games? What? Basketball, football? Gymnastics? Figure skating?
I love all sports. I am so excited to see how people fight. How did they achieve, any of the results. Or nice ride on the ice. You would have gone with me to the competition? Richard You were in big games? I just saw them on TV. Can come together when they meet? I would go with you.
Probably have many questions and you're tired to answer. I'll know more about you tomorrow. Send with the letter a kiss that will give you tenderness morning dawn, warm the first rays of the sun. And your day will be fine ...........
Richard I already miss you ...........
Your Nataliya.

Letter 26

Richard I am so tired. Today was a lot of work. And go to bed tired, but my shoulders. I want to relax. And I felt a little easier when I receive your letter.
I want to build a serious relationship with you and is willing to put up with my journeys in the future.
Richard How you present yourself to our meeting? Have you thought about this? First kiss, first date? The first meeting? How all this will happen? Tell me. I would love to hear from you what you think. And then I tell you about my thoughts. Okay?
Richard I ask about this because I like you very much. And I'd like to meet. But I'm still a little unsure. And when I'm completely sure I go and visit you. We translate our dreams into reality. Okay?
Richard What is your weather? We have sunshine. And the light is very bright. As your letters lit my life.
I miss you Richard !!!!!
And I'm waiting for your answer.
Your friend Nataliya.

Letter 27

Richard I think a lot about us. That would be, and how. I thought about what we do every day. Wake up, work, go to bed. What else? I want to wake you with a kiss. See how you sleep. I want to feel like you're hugging me. I want to see how you enjoy the food I cooking. Together with you to go swimming. Dancing, swimming. Play. We will do this together?
Richard I wish that we had with you were the happiest man and woman in this world. If we are together, between us there will be no cheating, no secrets. Because it is very painful when learning that deceive you.
I hope you will agree with me. What do you say friends and family about me? They do not mind if we together?
Richard All of my friends and colleagues at work are already asking when we meet. That they would like to see a photo where we together with you. Richard And what are your relatives? They are glad that we are familiar with you?
Richard I am sending you my kisses. Light as a feather, soft as silk, sweet as honey. And I hope that when you read my letter they warm your heart.
I miss you. I really miss.
Richard Are you?
Your sweet friend Nataliya.

Letter 28

Richard I am glad to receive your letter. I was bored and waiting for your answer. I really thought a lot about you and me. I think that we would be happy if met. What do you think? I would like to see you and get to know you better.
How do you like my photos today? Like it?
Richard I know that I trust you as myself. I have no secrets from you.
And I know that I can always tell you the truth. And I love you for it. For what do you understand me? I do not like it when the hype. It hurts so much. I do not call her a friend anymore.
Another girl. So tell me about it. She said that she had found his own mother and she needed the money that would go to her.
Richard I give her. It turned out that she just lost it all in the cards. And then came to ask her. I did not say not another word to her. And I know what the pain of cheating someone. I hope that you will never deceive me. I like your sincerity. And it seems to me that I feel the warmth of your sincere heart my heart. I think we complement each other perfectly. And we'll have a good time together.
Richard I right? Or not? I hope so.
Richard I think of you. Think about what we do? What are we going to do. We can communicate as another way? Not just email? Do you know another way? Through the Internet? I have little understanding of the Internet. But if you say - I know.
Richard I miss you and await your response. I hope that you will say the answer soon.
Your gentle and dreaming of your kisses Nataliya.

Letter 29

Richard I am glad to receive your letter. So bored and waiting for your letter. I have for you good news. But it later.
Richard I do not know what and how we can improve our communication, so that we can still learn more of each other. In my only have one exit.
I'll find out tomorrow and come to you. Okay? Can you meet me? I'll know tomorrow and let you know, when I can come to you.
Richard Are you glad? I'll be with you. We meet again. We can cuddle together to go to dinner, to make that dream. And it will be the best days. I'm cooking your meals, you've never tried it.
Richard I do not want to wait. You'll be able to have the time, what would greet me? I do not know how much and exactly when to arrive. But know and soon I come to you.
Richard I feel fine. Because soon I will be able to see you, hug, see your tender and passionate look and feel your gentle hands, to feel the sweet kiss, enjoying our passion. Cooking meals for you and me. I want to fly from happiness when I think about it.
I LOVE YOU Richard
I'm not saying these words to you. I rarely say it. But I think you're just one single, most intelligent and gentle man in the world, for which I created.
I will tell all tomorrow.
Kiss, tenderly and passionately on the lips.
Your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 30

Richard I can not come to you. I do not know what to say. I have no words. I do not think that will tell you that. Sorry.
Richard If you can forgive me, forgive me. I'm just stupid and did not know. I never thought that this might be so. I thought it would be much easier. Is very difficult. I met a half hour with the forces that would tell you. I can not come.
Forgive Richard!
I hope that you understand and can forgive and write me tomorrow! I'll wait for a letter from you and explain.

Letter 32

Richard Sorry that not all told. Yesterday I was in a travel agency. I learned about the trip to your country. And I was told that the minimum cost would be around 1300 dollars. I have no idea how to find such money. I thought it was not difficult. And it turns out that I did not have enough money for even that would draw up the documents.
I've never traveled so far. Therefore, no idea what may be the price.
Richard I hope you will forgive me. I would have done it. But we need a very long time that I was able to do so.
Richard I ask you not to leave me. If you go out of my life, I can not live on. Now I know what to feel for you. And I can not without you. I do not what to live anymore.
Richard I hope you can find what you need to do.
I love you Richard!!!!!
I want to be with you, and I hope that we will.
Your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 32

Richard I've been thinking about what to do. As we meet. I do not want wait so long. I want to meet with you and have to live on. Life In short, it is possible. And we will continue to live, not met? It's wrong? Can I correct saying? Everything must be done to be happy. And for this we must answer.
Richard I have decided that I will do everything myself. And after two or three weeks, may be with you. How do you like this idea? I thought how to find the money. I'll try to find the money themselves here. I think I'll managed to raise the necessary amount. And I'll be with you. Are you happy? Richard Will you meet me?
Richard I will know what to do, and I'll tell you everything you occurs.
I think that will do it. I do not want to live alone. I I want to be with you. Are you the one who opened my eyes to the world, and I think it worked. I know everything about everything and I will do. Richard Soon we'll be together. I'll do it. I love you, Richard!
I am sure that when we meet, we'll be happy. Because your letter brings me joy. And you give me happiness. And I will do everything You, too, was happy.
Richard I adore you!
Soon I'll be in your arms.

Letter 33

Richard I really miss you. I miss you, that could not immediately come to You. I try to find the money themselves here. I think that do, perhaps go to the bank to wanted to know about credit cards. Just try to ask for help from friends.
Richard I know everything, and very tired. But for the sake of meeting I'm all ready. I so want to see you. Richard What do you do Today? What to do? How to wake up? What is? What do you think Now what? I collected all the necessary documents required for registration passport and visa. However, I need to make a few calls, and all all will be well. I was told that you might want to hear from you. The fact is that you have invited me to visit. I hope that, if necessary, you can write?
Richard I am sending you a picture.
Richard I hope you like it. Or not? Would you want to be with me photo?
I send you my kisses. That they will comfort you, and you feel better.
Now go home and see what else you need that I can be with you. Richard I miss you and await your response.
I love you, Richard!
Promise me that you read my letter, I dreamed.
I'll be waiting.
Loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 34

Richard I am pleased to receive your letter. I can not sleep. I must improve the English, and I try to do everything be with you. I hope that everything will turn out. And I can Finally, feel that your kisses, love, tenderness and affection.
Richard Are you happy with it?
Richard I am bored I like to imagine that I will be with you. We'll go together to wish for. Fortunately, no one can ever destroy. because we are the happiest. I do everything to make you happy. What do you see what I look like, and I can get to I know when I arrive at the airport. Richard I was able to come to you sleep? What do we do?
Richard I will do. Succeed. Yesterday, talking to neighbor. She said that those who fight for their happiness, achieve it. The main thing that would have to be together. And then do it. I I am sure that you will support me, and, if necessary, to help. One must be that some of the documents from you. I clarify and say to you. I hope you no problem to collect them. Then we can be together!
I love you, Richard!
Richard I miss. I send you a lot of my kisses. Look at the sky. Night.
Do you see the stars? With each star, I send you a kiss. I I hope that you will get them, and your mood will be good you will be fine dream.
I miss Richard!
Waiting for your reply.

Letter 35

Richard I am pleased to tell you the good news. I'm a bit of money from my friends help. I so glad that I was able to find most of the amount needed. all receive, and we'll be together. I'm sure of it, because I've seen beautiful dream.
Would you like to tell us? In the evening, and you can tell. I walked along the way, I saw your silhouette. Richard I ran and stumbled and Then see your hands to catch me. And we hugged. I felt so good. I feel your care and tenderness. And you kiss me. I probably even My dreams licked his lips. I so want to try your kiss!
Richard I missed you. I was told that a letter from you we do not need.
I'll be without them. Only need to collect information from the employer. And all will be well. I will able to do myself, and we'll be together. You look at star? There are my kisses? Well, how? Want to try it? I'm sure you want.
Richard I have a contract and pay the first part. Others. Part be paid after the date will be announced and the airport, where you fly. Can you tell me? At which airport you will be able to meet me? I it was said that you need a better city and the name of the airport. Or code.
I do not know what it is. Tell me what I know, and I'll tell them. OK?
Richard I'm so happy that I can start. If everything goes well, This means that everything will be fine. I know what it is. Because we made for each other. Because we will be good together, and we can make each other happy. What do you think? I can make you happy? I I know that you can. Because I'm very glad that you met. I think that all will be well.
Richard I miss you and I want to see you.
I love you, Richard!
So you want to cuddle up to you soon! Very, very good!
Your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 36

Richard I am glad to receive your letter. I'm very bored without it. I believe that today you write. I saw a beautiful dream about us with you on the island. I would like what would it become a reality. And I'm sure it will happen.
I'll tell you the details of my flight in a few days.
Richard I just asked if I have friends who can meet me. I said I have.
And I was told that I would write down a phone number. You can tell your phone number? I was told that the airport is no problem to call And I could do it even from Moscow. And I do it as soon as the chance.
You can tell your exact address. Whatever I could tell where and to what address to go?
Richard I hope you meet me at the airport and nothing bad happened. And it is not necessary. But it's better that I would have this information. What do you think?
Richard I learned about the progress of documents. Said that everything will report later. What I would come in two - three days. I so want more already feel your hugs and kisses. And I'm sure it will happen very soon. And we'll be together and happy forever.
I love you Richard!!!!!
Richard Soon we'll be together !!!!!!
I really want to be with you.
Your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 37

Richard I'm so glad that everything works. I miss and think of you constantly. I'll go and see what's happening, and can Will soon be known to date in our meeting with you. And I'm glad and I believe that it will happen very soon.
My dear why do not you want me to come and take care of you after the surgery? But if you want I can order your ticket after Christmas. I want to come to you for a few months to start a serious relationship with you, and if at any time without all the good that I would like to stay with you forever and be your woman.
Richard I have the whole evening to prepare for the interview. Research questions. Repeat answers. I'll be well prepared. It was all perfect.
that there would be no problem and I was able to get a visa and be with you.
Richard When I close my eyes, I see a beautiful dream. I feel good.
Sometimes I do not want to wake up. I want to sleep and more dreams.
Because I'm with you. And it's all too much.
Richard You to prepare for my arrival? I'm so excited. I think too much about it. And every day of our meeting is getting closer and closer.
soon All our dreams come true. Can you imagine? All I think imagine.
Richard I think this would be a great time.
Richard My friend and neighbor, to prepare for the gifts. I'll take them with you. They are not expensive. But it is nice to get such a thing.
I am sure that you will like. They send you greetings.
Richard I am sending you the tenderness and affection. And believe me, it will give you strength, and you will feel better. I really want to be with you. Only with You forever. And I believe, and I am doing this to happen.
I miss you and I am waiting for your answer tomorrow.
Your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 38

Richard today I broke down and go to the agency to find out what and how to travel to you. And they told me that is still being processed, which will soon be answered, and knew all the time. I so want to know more, when will I be able to try your kisses, passion and tenderness.
Yes, my visa to allow me to stay with you for so long, I hope that we can live together forever!
Richard I am even a bit thinner. But I hope that you will not be disappointed. Really? I really want to be with you. I dream about what we with you were together. I hope that you will not be upset when I arrive. I think I can surprise you and make happy. We will be happy together.
Richard You have a camera? I think we should do a lot of photos of us together. What would then watch them and remember. I do not have a camera. I hope you have it. Or we can buy it, when will be together. I think we're going to look good on a photo together.
Richard My friends and a neighbor asked to teach them how to use email that they could communicate with me. But I do not know what is your keyboard? I can write on it in Russian? They are poorly know English.
And therefore will not understand. We can do it?
Richard I'm bored. When I go to bed imagine that you're with me. I hug the pillow and fall asleep. I hope that it will soon change.
I love you Richard!!!!!!
Kiss a sweet tenderness. Feel?
I await your response.
Your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 39

I'm still waiting for a letter from you but do not get it. I hope you get my letters and have a nice weekend there! I'll wait for a letter from you tomorrow.

Letter 40

I hope that your surgery is successful!

Richard I created today are new e-mail to my neighbor. I'm so tired. I I do not think it's so hard. But now it seems that everyone remembers or. And I can easily get away with you a letter and a photo. want write to them? They said that they will check e-mail after I'm gone.
And what would I say to them.
Richard I believe that all will be well. We'll be together and happy.
Nobody will ever be able to separate us. Our happiness would never end. We will. I can not stand, and I go all learn from them. I hope they will tell me more about that going on, and when I get the documents and when I fly to you.
Richard I have a lot to think about what things to take. I never flying.
I'm scared. But I will do all that we would be happy with you forever.
I do to overcome this fear. I I'm afraid that I'll be in the air. I will never fly. And you? What should I do? Can you tell? What should I do? What to do? Where to get Parachute, if that?
Richard I have a lot to think about it. And when you understand that the end of the road, I'll be with you. In his hands I forget all. Because I'll be with you.
I love you, Richard!
And it's fortunate for me that such a good, smart, beautiful, and the best person in the world is waiting for me. And I'll be right with him. Richard I dream of your kisses. Can you send a couple of the following letter? I'll be waiting.
I love and look to the future with a genuine love for your answer and kisses.
Your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 41

Richard I am so pleased to receive your letter. I was up all night to prepare for the interview. English better? You do not notice my letters? I write more clearly? Or not? I learn more conversational English, and So is likely to change little. But to say that I have become better. I think that That when we are together, you can understand me without problems. I really wish that we could understand each other. it The most important. What do you think?
I will have tourist visa for 6 month, yes I can work.
I am sad that you have in the hospital and I hope that you will feel better!
Richard Do you like my picture today? Like it? Soon we will have photos, we'll be together. And these are the best days for us. I think that so.
Richard I was at the agency. They say that I will come tomorrow or the next day. They let me know about your flight, which I will come to You. I'm so happy. Never fly airplanes. The most important thing for me, when I know that you were there. And wait for me. Most of them do not want anything. Just to be with you. And in your hands forever.
Richard I am counting the days until our meeting. I was not happy to Many years. Last months for me months of happiness. because I met you.
And I will do everything in my power. And we will together. I wanted to touch his lips, feel your hands, lips, passion, tenderness, affection, hugs. I want to be only yours!
I love you, Richard!
Richard I am waiting for your reply. I hope that your answer can not wait. I have to write an answer? I'm waiting ... Your letters give me the strength and energy that we can be with you together.
Your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 42

I go to the Internet cafe every day to check my email but did not get a letter from you. Why do not you write to me? You are busy in there?
I am always glad to hear from you and will be waiting for it tomorrow.

Letter 43

Richard I am pleased to inform you pleasant news. I am approved for a visa, and I can come to you. Only need to get it in Moscow and have an interview to which I am so prepared. They gave me a flight on which I will come to you.
flight EK132
Boeing 777-300ER
from Moscow Domodedovo November 27 1:05
6:20 in Dubai November 27 Dubai Intl Arpt
Dubai transplant 4h 5m
flight EK434
Boeing 777-300ER
Dubai from November 27 10:25 Dubai Intl Arpt
6:40 in Brisbane on November 28 Brisbane Intl Arpt
Richard I am so happy that soon I'll be with you. There are very few, and we will be together. From these thoughts I want to fly. To flap wings of love and to be in your arms. I love you Richard !!!
How to find the right pay and will come to you. I think it will succeed. My friends and acquaintances had promised to help. I think I can collect all of tomorrow and pay. And we're together !!!!!!!!
Richard I sell everything and how many do not regret it. Because I'll be with you. And for what to feel your tenderness and affection I am ready to give it all.
I love you Richard !!!!!
I miss you and await your response. I hope that you will be able to meet me. I am sure that your days are good. Soon to be even better.
Because we will be together.
LOVE YOU !!!!!!
Richard you are my man and I want to see you!
Your loving and gentle Nataliya.

Letter 44

Richard I'm sorry for the short letter. Nobody can help.
I will look for more. You need to go to her friend in another city that would have to ask her for help. Then everyone will tell you. Do not worry. We'll be together.
I love you Richard!!!!!
Richard I believe that all turn out. The main catch to pay for a few days. I do everything to be with you. You're the best. Our dreams will come true.
I just yours, loving and gentle Natalya.

Letter 45

Richard my love I would be happy if you have helped me! I cannot think up way as to me to solve this problem now. I thought that my friends will help me but they have got in a road accident and now I cannot ask from them more money in a duty. My darling I have a duty to agency of travel of 600 dollars and should pay to them soon. Richard understand that I have a term of performance of my contract with them and if I do not carry out it and shall not pay to them in time that me will a problem with the law. The agency has told to me that can submit on me in court from for that that I shall not pay to them. I love you and very much I wish to arrive to you! I have made this big step to be with you together and have gone to agency to conclude with them the contract. Now I do not know that to me do and nobody can give me here money. Richard my darling you tell can send me the help that we were together soon! I hope that you will not throw me here and with your help we was together to have love and happiness is fast!

Letter 46

My dear sweet Richard I'm sorry but I want to say a very unpleasant news. Today I was at a travel agency and they told me that I reneges on a contract travel agency. I've got to pay for their tickets which I paid half. I sorry but I have to abide by the contract that I signed with the travel agency. If I do not abide by it will impose on me fine and will be dealt with in court. My dear I am very afraid of this and I scared that I will plant for non-compliance. I can not terminate its contract with a travel agency. If I do that I will lose all documents and part of the ticket price. I do not what does not return. I still have to impose a penalty. I hate this. All of my friends who helped me with my trip will not be very happy if I can not pay the tickets to you. I do not know what to do. I do not want to be with me that something had happened. What do we do my boy Richard I can not pay for the internet cafe and I am afraid that I will close access to it. If it does, we can not talk to you. Now my eyes, tears of the fact that I am in a difficult situation and do not really know what to do. I scared my dear Richard I'm scared that I'll lose and we did not when there meet you. My darling, I love you very much and all my life only in you. If you go I will die. I do not need this life. Life for me is only you in this world and I live alone because of your love for me.
What we think we've got quite little time. I love you my dear Richard.

Letter 47

My dear, I have a critical situation with the travel agency here if I did not perform the contract and did not pay them soon I'll have a serious problem, they can file a lawsuit against me and I just could never leave Russia. I make the best of their efforts and found a little bit of money from my friends, I ask all who know and collect a little but I still miss the $ 350. My love, I ask you to help me, you can send me the 350? I really need your help. I just want this all ends soon and I sit on a plane and fly to you. I hope that you do not leave me here, and together we will break this barrier and will be together soon. I send you my kisses and will wait from you.

Letter 48


flight EK132
Boeing 777-300ER
from Moscow Domodedovo November 27 1:05
6:20 in Dubai November 27 Dubai Intl Arpt
Dubai transplant 4h 5m
flight EK434
Boeing 777-300ER
Dubai from November 27 10:25 Dubai Intl Arpt
6:40 in Brisbane on November 28 Brisbane Intl Arpt

Letter 49

My love did you get my flight?

Letter 50

I Can change my flight the next month, I just have a term contract and have to pay them now. I hope you understand me. You can send me a help? I hope that you do not leave me here.

Letter 51

Ok my dear, I think I can do it [postpone flight]. I hope you can help me. I will come to the Internet cafe tomorrow and I hope to hear from you good news.
Have good day.

Letter 52

Richard I have now traveled to another city, and learned all about how can I get your help. I'm really glad that you will help me and do not leave me here, I really miss you and look forward to meet with you. I found a branch of Western Union and told me so that they can help us and for them it is not a problem. In order to be able to help you, we need, what would you have sent aid to my full name, Natalya Klochihina and told me the following information:
Your full name of which you have when sending help.
Address of Western Union, where you sent the money.
Control number.
And the exact amount of the transfer.
Richard Can you help us? If you can help then we're going to embrace each other enjoy our affection and tenderness. We have already so close to one another, and soon we will be able to enjoy our affection, lie in bed and enjoy our passion, and kisses. I'm waiting for that day. I wanted to meet the man of her dreams and met. And did you Richard, and I want to be with you. I feel like I'm born, that would be with you. What would you and I were together. Because if we are not together, we will not be happy. I want to see you. And I'm so happy that I have a way to make all our dreams come true and I hope you can help us in this way. Can you?? Richard I will wait your letter tomorrow.
I am very tired, but I'm happy that I learned the way how we can be in place. Can you imagine? if you can help us, then we'll be together.
And be happy for life. And all of what we think and dream of the first day of our meeting will become a reality. All that we are looking for and wanted to find a reality as well. Can you imagine? I am extremely pleased with this and my heart wants to jump out of my chest with joy.
Richard I LOVE YOU!!
Your and only your loving and gentle Natalya.

My full name Natalya Klochihina.
The address office Western Union
Country Russia
City Nizhny Novgorod
Avangard Bank
Ulyanova, 26/11
Zip 603005

Letter 53

Hi my lovely the man..
My future husband Richard...
Today at night I am very sweet slept.... In my ideas you were a number...
Near to me... We were in two..
We had big love... It will Be fast this love for us real... This love will not die..
She will not die, because we live with you, we are engaged in love, we like each other...
I adore you my sweet prince... I can not wait when I shall find myself in your embraces...
When our lips will merge in a wild kiss, in wild desire, in desire to make love...
I love you... I can not a demon of you... My heart burns down in a hot flame of love...
In that love which belongs only to us with you...
I feel you beside, I feel your gentle touch to my body, I feel your gentle kiss...
I shall go with the sum. I do not know that with me is created.... I can not constrain the feelings which are torn to freedom....
Which I want to give you... To give with the body... To give with all love... Love which is pulled out from my breast
Which is worthy only you... You my husband Richard.....
Forgive that I write you it is everything, but I can not any more..... I want to be with you... I Want to be your wife...
I want to live you... I Want to give you all... I Want to give myself.... I love you my gentle Richard.........
Rescue me, Rescue my heart which can not without you... Without your touch... Without your caress...
Forgive if I that has told that not and you my angel that that has offended in my words...
These are my feelings which I can constrain to you Richard Each time when I write you the letter I depart... I Depart in the dreams about you....
About ours with you happiness.. About ours with you love....
I love you. Liked yesterday, I like today, I shall like tomorrow and I shall love you always... To you spoke sometime, What you are a wizard, can work miracles?! If is not present, That I speak it to you... You could change my dreams and my hobbies, My life and my sights to it - to change me... Yesterday you could transform pity
Grimace in a natural and easy smile, which has placed-
In loudly knocking heart..... And unless exist in the world of a word which could
Is full to characterize you?! Certainly, no... Those people which thought out them,
Simply were not familiar with you.
But not about it now … I write to tell you the unique word: "Thank".
Thank for that person which I began, due to you; thank for
Happy smile and shine in eyes, which now do not descend from my person;
Thank for those things, on which you have opened to me eyes - in a word, thank THAT YOU ARE!
I love you...... And my love is eternal. I yours Richard. Forgive but I notice in your lines about love
Words not trust to me are well hidden. I know my lovely to you terribly. You can not trust me.
You try to me to trust but you are afraid. I feel it. My lovely husband... I want only one I want to be yours... I want to love you... I want to feel you... I want that you trusted me as I trust you.
I know that it difficultly I want to help you love mine... Listen to the heart and make that that it wants... For me are not necessary
Money your love and your presence near to me is necessary for me. Money it is the help which to us will help to find with you happiness and our life
Together. I want it above all instead of your money... I feel your love she very strong. Both of us dream to be together
And we should be together. I very much hope that we shall soon together. To you to solve my lovely Richard my destiny.
My heart is at you in your gentle hands.

Letter 54

1) I do not understand on what your questions, I still have not answered?
2) You can not pay a travel agency, I have a contract with them, and in his condition, I must itself pay them in cash.
3) I am sad that you are rude and cruel to my feelings and not to trust me.