Scam letter(s) from Olesya Trofimova to James (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my love!
How are you there? I miss you a lot and even in fact that we talked to each other yesterday evening - I miss you just more and more!!! It's not enough for me! :* Well, I passed some your letters and want to answer it :))) First off all be ready to prepare that delicious burgers for me, I hope of course that you will do it when you will come, but I also don't want to bother you with needless things, only if you will like to cook something for me or with me - we will do it, if you will not - I will take all care about you! You even can't imagine how I want it :* Baby, I understand and support you absolutely on your point of view about healthy food. I also like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, I like a lot fish :) But in the same time, like a true Ukrainian I can't imagine my life at least with a bit of meat, so sorry, but it's all me :) Next one - I'm looking forward to hear from you and I hope that we will have some more conversations and we will not cut off. I hate it, really!!! :/ Ahaha! Thanks for your support and I will do all my best to have a nice look. You wrote right words about body and I think that we definitely should care about it. But there is not difference - as woman, as man should care and think about it. I'm in fact don't understand America's women and as for me will never understand. I'm not crazy on my appearance, but I want to look at least nice. And for myself it's pleasant to see slim and pretty girl in the mirror. And I told you already about men...Can't understand what that women expect to have. A beautiful prince? but what they do for it and deserve them to have a price?! I have nothing wrong and it's a personal matter, I understand that they could have a great personality, but as for me it's not enough...Whatever, let's forget about it, it's a personal case, so if they like everything in their lives, why we should care about it ;) About passport, independently about amount you will send for phone, I will ask for passport 1st March and then I will try to find some decision if you will not able to send 300$. I hope that you will, but I will find other way, I hope! ;) And right now the most pleasant part of my letter, at least for me!!! My wonderful!!! My wonderful!!! My love!!! I was so happy to see your tickets!!! really you even can't imagine it and be sure that when you will call me in this evening I will scream very very very loud!!!! I'm so happy that soon we will be together!!! yes, we have one month more to wait, but I believe that it will be like a one minute! :* :* :* I'm absolutely agree with your schedule and if with your work everything will be fine - I have nothing wrong and I will find someone who will change me with kids and lessons! I will be all yours and you'll be all mine!!!!! :* :* :* I'm really so happy because it all and baby, I will look for a nice apartment for us. I'm not sure that it will be possible to live at my own with my parents, and I don't think that it will be comfortable for you and for me, so apartment is the best way, 'cause we have no hotel, at least that ones which I really can named hotels :/ SO, when I will know something I will write you and I will try to have some photos of apartments I'll find! :* Boris knows his case and I'm very happy that you have such a nice person next to you, really :) Except see me you will spend a night at Vienna...Gosh! I jealous you! :))))) Baby, I should return to work and I'm looking forward to hear you today evening! :* :* :*
Yours Olesya.
Letter 2
Hello, my wonderful!!!
How are you there? I miss you very very much!!! :* :* :* Thanks a lot for your greeting card, was very pleasant for me to see it! :* I will tell your regards to granny and to mom, i think that it will be a big pleasure for them ;) You are so cute, wonderful! :* sorry that I kept silence for this days, I just bought a phone and in the same time I bought a new phone card, so this is my new number - +380665927562. I will wait for your calls, I'm so sorry that i didn't write it to you early, I think that my old phone rings and rings, don't worry please, everything is fine and I'm here waiting for you!!! :* I was with granny this days we went there all family, to celebrate a Women's Day. So this is the reason of my silence, I hope to hear you today evening, after Internet Cafe I will do to Gym, so will be so nice of you will call me in the evening, maybe somewhere after 18:00 p.m. Please, don't be offense to me, I beg you, I understand that I'm guilty now, but i hope that you will forgive me and my chicken memory! :*
I also made a decision about apartments where we will stay. I send you some photos, but the problems is - that we should pay for is in the nearest time, before you will be here. Bur it's not a prepayment, but all amount. Well, apartments costs 60$ per 24 hours. if I count everything right way - you will be here 6 days and, in the morning 18th April we should go to the airport. So I discuss everything with lady and she said that it's possible we will be 18th in the apartment to the time we need, all morning, without pay for it. So it means that we should pay 360 for this apartments. I thought about everything and made a conclusion that I could pay for a half, 'cause we need to pay for the end of March, it's owner's condition. I understand that you have too much spending and I will try to find a half, but I can't promise that I will find all amount, so sorry about it... :( It's impossible for me. I also thought a lot about how you will come here and as for me the best way to take a taxi. I asked about it too. And take taxi in my town, go to Kharkov, to airport and then come back to Dergachi will costs something about 120$ , with wait for you there, in airport. And because of the weather for now it costs such sum. Maybe, if weather will be better, price will be lower. Well, right now you know everything and I think that it will be nice to discuss it all when we will talk via phone :))) You will call to my new phone :)))))
I miss you very very much my love!!! :* Thank you to the picture, but I still have no idea what is it and what you do at work, one thing I understand that it's very very hard and I beg you - please take care of yourself!!! I worry about you very very much and miss you a lot! :* I also like song you send, it's very nice, I want already so much to listen something with you, together!!! Oh! How I want it!!! :*
I send you my the sweetest kisses and please send my regards to your mom, with Women's Day, I understand that I'm pretty late, but whatever, it's better then never :*
I Love you and waiting for your call! :* :* :*
sincerely yours Olesya
Letter 3
Hello my wonderful!
How are you there? I hope that you are fine there? Is everything is fine with your trip and so on? :* I miss you and I waiting impatiently to your call, wonderful...I am in sorrow now and don't know what to do , my love, I have not very pleasant news, my dear.. I live in the block of flats on the fifth floor and today in the morning the water at my home was turned off, I was upset , I was alone at home and was in a hurry to my work so for me it wasn't a great problem after I unscrewed all the taps at home, I realized that there is no water at all I find fast some water to wash my face and run work. Few hours ago I was shocked after call from my parents as they were shouting at me cause I didn't twist the cranes and this was lead to a big flood , but it is not very terrible if compare with the fact that we flooded our neighbors:((( They are wealthy people and have a lot of expensive things in the flat which they value a lot and they recently did a repair of their flat. They are respectful people in our small town and I am afraid a lot cause they threaten to my parents and need a lot of money , it is a big sum for my family, they want 1200$ to repair their flat, my parent find only 200$ in such a short period and angry neighbors say that if we don't pay they do that my parents will lost their jobs...It is awful... Sorry for telling you such bad news, but you only the one person to whom I can complain. I don't know what to do know and how to solve this problem...Hope to receive your letter soon , my wonderful. Please, e-mail me back as soon as possible, I really need your support and understanding... I have nobody to hope for and nobody to protect me! I have been thinking how great it would be if you were close to me, would give me a hug and tell me: "****, everything is fine, your man is with you..."
Kisses to you...
With love yours Olesya.
Letter 4

Hello, wonderful!
Hope that you are fine there? Thanks for your support, I appreciate it very very much and I'm very grateful you for this. It's very important for me to feel that you are next to me and not so far like it is now...But I have some more unpleasant news for you...Neighbors came to us today again with a lawyer and made a new condition. I told you yesterday that this people threatened my father, but today it got terribly momentum and I just do not know what to do. True. It's better to remain as yesterday...A lawyer told that if we will not pay till the 21st of December, they will start a trial. In the end of which is possible that my dad will go to jail.....I don't know what to do and for me it's all too hard. And don't called me today even once...Yes, you are absolutely right, it's life truth - everything turning around money and you can't change it. Even you! Remember...yesterday, you told me something about 15 times that it's a pity for you that I have such problems, but I must go, cause you paid for my ticket. You told it to me many times, not about my parents, but about ticket.......I don't know what happened with you, but it's not nice. I didn't see it in you early....
Hope to hear you soon....
Love you, Olesya.
Letter 5
Hello, my wonderful!
well, what can I say....I hope that you are fine there and this snow in the morning doesn't bother and made you sad a lot :*
My love, whole day I'm running with my family, 'cause I have an awful news about granny...Something wrong with her heart and she needs an operation...I'm amazingly sad and you even can't imagine what's going on with dad...I can't see him in such state...I lose my mind when I see that my dad, this strong man, in fact have tears on his eyes...I don't know what to do...I talked with aunt who is there, next to the granny, it's my dad sister...News not good, very very very much not good...She need an operation and it's not very cheap...I was whole day in asking my friends for some help, the same did my parents and in fact we have very little amount to this...aunt from Russian said that at all we should find something about 2000$ and we have already 500$ and some my friends and at work I was told that maybe will be possible to find some more 200$ but where to take all other amount...whole family has no idea...I'm in terrible state...this operation and money for this father's sadness 'cause he can't do, I know what opinion you have and I'm very sad that I should ask you for such things, but this operation should be in nearest days if not...the end will be too sad...Wonderful, please, if it's possible for you to help me and my family, could you do this...My parents swear to give everything back little by little. If you want, they will write you a receipt where they owe you this amount. is it possible??? I cry now, 'cause I don't want to say this all to you...But I have no another variant...everything is awful and you are that one who can improve it at least a bit...Please, answer as soon as possible...I can't write anymore...I feel myself like in ****, 'cause I don't want you know this all and moreover I the most in this world don't want to ask you for something..........Just answer to me please, I will understand everything...We just have not a lot of time.....
Yours Olesya
Letter 6
No, this is not a reason why I'm not with you now. I just believed that someone can understand Ukrainian people, someone from another country with good mentality, not such bad like we have. And I thought that really, it's just a water and they will make everything in calm way, 'cause you made me calm! I believe in it with all my heart and when I was in Kiev, in airport already...Gosh! Mum called me and said that it was not joke and that neighbors started a trial and my mum summons and policemen came and take my dad....I don't know what to though and I simply must left everything and return home....sorry, but i just had no possibility to talk with you, I was with mum, and you even can't imagine what happening with her now...she completely exhausted and we have very big problems and also for me it's awful that such situation arose between us I don't know what to do with this all!!! I am at a loss, in a panic! Why everything is so complicated!!!!....Gosh!....sorry, love, wonderful! My wonderful James, I will tell you more, if you are interested in listening of this whole story, on Monday, I should go to my mum.
Love you! Kisses! And I'm so sorry again and again and again.....sorry......
Yours Olesya.
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