Letter(s) from Anastasia to John (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi, dear!

Mynameis Anastasia, I’m simple woman from Ukraine. I attached some of my pictures to give you a look at me.

Seemslikewe both searching for love and happiness, why not to give itatry? I found your e-mail address on the dating site and decided tomake this small first step to show you my interest! I have no time andpossibilitytospendmuchtimeon the net, especially on the social sites or chats, that is why, if I`m interested in a man I write him on his e-mail address for more personal communication.

I decided to search on the Internet, because I want to create a family andrelocatetomyhusband if possible. I’m adult woman with clear goalsandI’mhere not for games, so if you really want to meet me, pleasebeseriouswithmeandI will appreciate it with my whole heart!Ihavealot of love, tenderness, care and passion to share withmybelovedman.What about you? Would you like to have a good wife, understanding friend and passionate lover beside you?

So,the rest is up to you, dear! Please drop me a line on this e-mail address, if you are interested! Have a nice day!

Kisses, Anastasia

Letter 2

Hello, dear John!

I'mpleased to receive your letter. I believe that correspondence can helpus to develop nice relationships. We never know! Recently I have readthestatistics of the most common places to get acquainted. Can youguessthewinner?This is Internet, of course. Where did I get your address from? A very strange question. Why don't you remember how yougaveyouraddressto me?It is a disappointment that you do not rememberme.Ithought I was the type of woman who men don't forget easily.Whereelse I could take your email address, if only you know itandonlyyoucouldgiveit to me?? Thank you so much for your lovelyphotos that you have send me dear!!! You are a real man!!! You aresocuteandI am very excited to hear that you have grew up in suchahandsomestrong and sweet man like you are now! I would like youtosendmeyourpicturesin your next letter;) I think it is importantforourcommunication, because I want to see my potential soul mate;). And of course, I didn't forget to attach my pictures too.
It would be very nice from your side, if you kindly tell me about your family background, your profession and your country. Actually, Ukraine isagoodcountry,butveryhardforliving.Andwith my sad experienceand painful memories this is the land of unfulfilled hopes forme.So,Iwouldlike to relocate to my future husband, if the things will work out for us. What do you think about it?

So, I suppose, now I have totell you about myself, despite that it isnot easy. I live in a north-west part of Ukraine in a Rovno region inthe suburbs of a little town Ostrog. I'm 30 years old, my birthday ison4 February 1983, so I'm in my thirties. My height is 172 andweight58 kg. Measurements 91-65-92, I could be a model, but I'm educated psychologist.This profession is not very valuable in Ukraine, thatiswhy I`m making a small living working as a social worker and helping people. This is very demanding job!

Ihavetotell you that in the moment the only man in my life is my littleson Rusya. He is now 4 years old. We are living alone in a big countryhouse;thishouseis all that remains after I lost my both parentsinacar accident, when Rusya was two years old. Father was rathersuccessfulbusinessman,butafter his death everything fell apartlikeacardhouse.I was alone without any support, without closerelatives.Itwashardtimes for us, but life is life and I understand that nothing is eternal!

I have granny, who is living in the Carpathian Mountains on a farm and Ivisit her sometimes. You can also see my close friend Marina on the picturewithme.Wespentourstudents`years together. This is somethingthat you have to know about me, if you are interested in me likeinyourfuturesoul mate! Hope you are not asleep yet. I will wait for your soonest reply.

Bytheway,youdon`t have to think that troubles made me rough or cold,I`mverylovingand caring woman with a nice sense of humor, they say. I agree with the statement of Jim Carrey "When everything is too bad, we have only to laugh!" Are you agree?

Igiveyouahugandkiss!Anastasiafrombeautiful Ukrainian Woodlands.