Letter(s) from Ilona Ponchik to Gregory (UAE)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Gregg.
I am very pleased, that you have written to me back.
I would like to correspond to you.
And now it - is a little about me, My name - Marina, I live in small city which address to as Kazan.
To me of 29 years.
My city is in 850 miles from city of Moscow.
I of 168 sm of growth and my weight of 52 kg.
I have left school and then studied at university. I have studied philosophy of the various countries and the English language for this reason I and I can speak English. I work in shop as the seller. I not so similarly to my work, but something I which bett find unfortunately, could not. When I operated to study at university, I thought, that my future trade can be useful, but then I have understood, that with my trade I can go to work only at school, and I I do not want it, because on those wages which pay to teachers it is impossible to live. Therefore I also have left to work, to shop.
That is possible to tell about my hobbies, I very much love cinema! I think, that I can remain at cinema all the day long, (I joke certainly).
Well it is simple to me, the interesting cinema is pleasant to look.
I prefer to listen to music on mood. I can listen in the evening to classical music, and in the morning I can include radio and jump, while I prepare for a breakfast.
I have no any harmful habits, I do not smoke and never used any substances of a drug.
It happens, that I can drink easy alcoholic drinks, but it happens only during holiday and in the company of my girlfriends.
I have been never married, and I have no any children.
I do not know, why, but I could not find the pleasant person for dialogue of an opposite floor, I was possible, have not met the person necessary for me.
For this reason I also have decided to address in this agency.
I hope, that with the help of the correspondence I find second half.
If you have any questions which ask me, I with pleasure shall answer it!
I shall wait for your letter.
Your friend Marina.

P.S. Send photos please.

Letter 2

Hi my dear Gregg.
I want to inform to you, that I very much waited for your letter.
Your letter is filled with honesty and kindness.
My lovely Gregg you can not worry, as in my life
Difference in the age of it not the main thing. Main his this heart and soul. You
Very lovely person for me and I do not want you to lose. At me, except for you
It is more who is not present. You at me one and unique.
You very good and attractive person!!! It is a pity, that we are far apart now.
I think that I might be the good wife to the husband. Each woman searches for the person who will love and respect her.
I want the good relation to myself. I want the person who becomes the good father to my children.
Also I want the man which yours faithfully concerns to me, and will love me.
I search for serious relations with the man, who may understand me and who will be understood by me.
The relation between the person and the woman very important. The man should address with the woman well, with love and respect.
He should be with her beside in bad and good times and care of her.
The person should give the woman all love and care. He should make so that his woman was the happiest on Earth.
Also woman should do the same for man. To support him always, to be with him beside when he needs.
And I think, that the love is very important for relations between man and woman.
- that type of relations which I search for it.
My ideas are close to yours?
Inform please, for what relations search you?
You should know, that I live not in the best country. I want, that my children had the best life, than I.
I very much want, that we have continued with you our relations.
I think, that you, that the person who is necessary for me.
I shall look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours.

Letter 3

Hi my love Gregg!!!!!
How are you? I am fine.

At me all is good. At work too all is good.
Has received your warm letter. It very much was pleasant to me.

Yesterday I went to look at competitions on an improving aerobic.
At these competitions my cousin acted. To her of 10 years.
She is engaged in an aerobic since 7 years. She very much likes an aerobic.
I earlier too was engaged in an aerobic slightly. My cousin already has won some competitions.
She further wants to continue to be engaged in an aerobic. She wants to begin the best at competitions of Russia.
I very much am proud of my cousin. She has won today's competitions.
And in the evening I with my cousin and parents have gone to cafe to celebrate her victory and to eat a cake.
The same evening I write you the letter my dear.
I constantly think of you. I have thought that when we will have children they too may become champions and very known sportsmen. All depends only on us.
I constantly think of you. I constantly search for time faster to go in the Internet of cafe and to receive from you the letter. Which I very much very much wait each day.
All my ideas about you my love.

Kisses and love.

Letter 4

Hi my dear Gregg!
I am glad to receive from you news.
Now at us bad weather.
Snow has fallen and on the streets is lot of snow, I would like that there has faster come winter. Will not be so darkly. How weather at you? I hope not such bad as at us. It is a pity you are not beside. I with pleasure would nestle on a strong warm shoulder.
Slightly sadly.
This very short letter. Because I already should go, and I type not so quickly. Nevertheless I wait for your letter! You see your letters it is one of few pleasures in my life.
Wait for your letters.
Your Marina.

Letter 5

Hi my sweet heart Gregg!!!
With me all is good. At me remarkable mood.
Last night I long looked at stars and thought of you my gentle.
I have named your name the brightest star in the sky.
My lovely Gregg I'm fine, forgive, that I did not write to you earlier Simply I leaved to the grandmother and we with mum worked for the grandmother in a kitchen garden.
So you can not worry. Forgive, that I have warned you not At once, as I very much hurried up. But why in August? Why not
Now, in fact I am free also I could arrive to you now to anyone Time.
And now if to me I become sad simply I leave in the evening on street,
I shall see the necessary star and to me at once it becomes easier love mine.
Now I frequently shall look at stars may to be to me it will be possible to think of desire.
I already know that I shall think. It is very a pity to me that we are divided with thousand KM.
I so want to feel you all body. I would like to embrace and kiss you.
When I close eyes to me it seems that your hands concern my body.
They slowly slide from the top downward on my gentle skin mentioning intimate places,
Leaving pleasant sensations.
To me near to you I very much would be desirable to be lovely.
I sincerely want to make you the happiest the man on the ground.
Also believe me I can make it because I love you more life.
You my ideal you the most fine and most gentle person for me.
On it I shall finish the letter.
I hope you pay attention to these words and on my recognition.
I shall look forward to hearing from you my gentle prince.
I like, whole, I adore.
your snow Queen Marina!!!!!


Letter 6

Hi my love, my fine future husband Gregg.

I am very pleased to receive from you the letter so soon.
My honey I on you very much missed and very much grieved.
My lovely I it is very strong you I like. I adore you.....
My sweet I very much want to be fast with you. I do not dream
About this day when we shall be together. I ask the god that he has more soon approached this day, day when at me and at you will begin Happy life and we shall be without mind from each other. Honey, you want this day? I each night dream of it.
I present myself as we meet For the first time, when we search each other in crowd eyes. We feel Affinity each other, our hearts are beaten promptly from that that we very much Close we are. And when we find each other eyes,
we is prompt We run on a meeting and my eyes are full tears, these are tears of happiness. We are thrown Each other in embraces and our lips merge in a long and deep kiss.....

My dear Gregg I have found travel agency suitable to me and
I have learned there, that for trip to you it will be necessary for me of all 510
The euro, but at me is not present this money and I do not know, that to me now to do, I
I hope there can be you can help me with trip to you. I can
To arrive to you up to the end of August. If can help me with money in
Monday or on Tuesday I can already be with you on Saturday. I
Has already ordered the visa and other documents on trip and they will be ready
Next week. Now I need to know in what your airport
I need to arrive to be closer to you?! Gregg I hope, that you Can help me with money as for me it is very big And I do not know money, where to me them to take...

My sweet I wait for our meeting as the schoolgirl, expecting the first appointment. I can not live without you, I do not want to look at the sky because you are not present with me beside....
Lovely I all life waited such love which I test only to you.
You my destiny and you my angel sent to me by the god from heavens.
I now understand, That I only waited for you and that the love may be such strong and covering. My love to you does not give me normally to sleep, normally is, is normal itself a message.
The love to you does me without mind. I can am quiet shout in the street where full to people, That I you love and that my life it you.
And I am created only for you my honey!!!!!!!!!

My ideas do not cease to think of you, my head is hammered by dreams of you and mine Actions only for you. For the sake of you I am ready on everything, my love. For the sake of you it is ready On all barrier
which life creates to us. For the sake of our love if it is necessary,
I am ready to give the life. I shall be patient and I shall wait for you.
I shall wait You as morning. I shall wait for you as the sun.
I shall wait for you all life. I know that the god on our party and he helps us.
The god has made for me most Dear gift in my life and it you my love.
I shall devote all life Only to you. I am intended for you.
I a key for your lock. I am simple I can not It is more to live without you.
I want to see off with you my days, want to be with you in happiness and in mountain.
I want to divide with you both pleasure and crying. My native if you will laugh,
I shall be pleased together with you and if you will grieve I I shall cry for you...
You understand me my love?

I awfully want you, I want to kiss your body, I want to be given you entirely.
I know that we may not To live without each other. We are necessary each other as the sun is necessary for day as stars are necessary for night....
I understand, that for our meeting it is necessary not only time, but also our aspiration, our desire And our hunt each other. Honey I very much want our meeting, our connection and our happiness. I know that my love to you will live eternally and will not be lost when. Our love will not steal who, Because I shall not allow to make it to whom. Our love can live and then when we shall be Very much far apart as now, but it so is painful for me. My native, I not iron The woman, it is not tolerant when feelings should be transferred the through these letters.
For the person It is peculiar when he likes other person to feel him, to touch him, to know that this The person beside and any minute to have an opportunity to be near to him. You agree with me? Even a tree Dries up when beside there is no other tree. It for a long time is incorporated by a nature in us, in alive organisms, That the love on the present is strong then when she has two half and is than that one, the whole. My love, you understand, that I very much want to be with you beside, together. All my desires not looking On anything only also repeat that we should be together... You want it, my dear? I want to cast in the lot with your destiny faster and to begin with you to single whole.
Only then We can achieve all that we want, my honey. The god appreciates that that two loving persons connect With each other the lifes and he always helps them. And it is not important for me where we shall meet you.
My love if you want to come to me and to visit our country I only shall be happy to this,And if you want to invite me to yourself it too happiness for me.
But our meeting should be held And it is very fast my love because if us to not meet that it will be suicide as for me And for you.
I do not want to lose such pure, gentle and sincere our love.
There is no our love it Means and is not present me and you.

You understand me my honey? I understand, that our meeting demands many victims and time. And one of victims is money, but for me Money in comparison with our love do not mean anything. Money it is simple one of barrier, which
There is between us, my love. Only one god knows what for the person has thought up and has put above Themselves what - that papers, but money should not be for our love a barrier, yes my love? We should trust each other because the trust is very important thing between two people,When at them attitudes are under construction. We should not hide from each other anything, we should trust Each other, because between us should not be uniform lies.
I so hate this word,Because on light so it is a lot of people which tell lies or hurt other person to the Lies. I hate such people, I am ready to kill them.....

My love, I think that I have clearly written all in this letter. Please, re-read him some times
And you will understand my feelings to you, my desire to be together and that that I want for you only happiness.

My honey, is very a pity to me, but I do not have time to write to you further, it has left.
My love, I shall miss very much on you and to wait from you for the letter.
Remember that I very strongly love you and I can not without you......
I am strong, strong whole you in your gentle lips and let this kiss accompanies with you
Within today and the next days......
Your love and your bride Marina!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 7

Hello my lovely Gregg!!!

The nearest embassy is in Moscow. So to me it will be more convenient
First to go to Moscow behind the visa, and then I at once can take off from
The Moscow airport and up to destination and there you can meet me. Yes,
Will be necessary money and as I have already written it 510 euros. To me familiar
Friends have prompted, that will faster send money through bank
Western Union. My data will be necessary for you that you could to me
To send money. I at once shall write them to you.
The country Russia
The city of Kazan
Pushkin's street 48-15
post code 420503

Name Marina
Surname Smirnova
My dear these data will be necessary for you in Western Union for sending
Money. As you will send them, so to you will give number consisting of 10 figures
MTCN and you it will send it to me the priest to mail and after that I shall go in
Bank also I shall take away this money, and there I already shall go to travel agency,
To take away documents. Do not overlook, that when you will send money,
That your data will be necessary for me. It is your country, your city (from where
You have sent money), your surname and your name, and also MTCN.
I shall wait from you for the letter with the big impatience, my dear Gregg.
Your bride Marina!

Letter 8

My dear and precious Gregg!!!

My prince, my world, how you today? I hope, that in you all is accomplished, about me always ask about you, and your family.
My lovely Jean I want to tell to you, that is not necessary what invitation From you as when I have ordered the visa in travel agency to me That have not told. My visa will be already soon ready, so you can not To worry, and I to unpack the passport and I shall send to you through electronic Mail. Gregg I shall be very glad meetings with you!!! I thank for warm, frank letters. I re-read them many times, and have received many pleasures from your words. You speak me so sincerely and about the big love, I feel it, and it is very pleasant to me!!! I truly
like, I trust and I believe in you!!!!! My full world is replaced around of you, and I - am serious blissed to have you in my life. You - seriously my heavens on the ground and without you, I completely became a case of a basket emotionally!! I should inform you, that you operate my heart, air that I breath and a life directly which holds my mood intact. Nobody ever touched me a way which you have and to tell the truth, anybody ever will not be. You - heart and soul of everything, that I ever wanted in the person. Your inspiring and loving words warrant me constantly, that I have no anything to be afraid and that you will never leave me!! You as should entrust to my words, trust to me, I definitely to know, the fact, that I am true, that I love you. My words, my letters should prove to you, that I shall not betray your feelings and hopes concerning the future with you!!! I should speak thanks for being you and to know, that from my prince for us the magic fairy tale soon comes true! It will be time of speed for me to prove to you, that I who, I speak I am and I remove any remote ideas, you can collide as an obstacle of how I really feel about you. You really have pure and kind heart, you have made me the happiest individual in the world today! There is no I take it back, the second happiest person! Force, bravery and desire to surpass anyone andall obsticals - is clear persent in all your remarkable letters. You are always positive and so full a life, and you never the egoist! The love which we have developed for each other, will never stop. You know, we learn from and we teach each other how to be better the best person for us, as one in all that we do two. It is necessary completely not for a long time to wait, and the god will connect us.
Your love Marina!