Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Alekseeva to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
I am realy thankful to the fate that it made us to find each other in big world. We'll become the happiest pair and see our life only in beautiful colors!!! I know that it will be so, trusting in our feelings I'm finding myself realy like a princess waiting for the moment when her prince will take her in arms. I want to speak you that I really very seriously treat our meeting. And I very much want to arrive to you. But I do not know that is necessary for me for this purpose. But I am ready to find out it. I know that in my city there is a travel agency. I want to go there and to find out that to me it is necessary for arrival to you. It is sure that to me will help with agency to find out that to me it is necessary to arrive to you. After I shall find out all I shall inform you. I hope that from me it will turn out to find out that to me is necessary to arrive to you in the near future. Probably I can go in travel agency this week. You want that I did it??? How you look at it??? Embraces and kisses.
Your Valeriya.
Letter 2
Hello my lovely !!! I have remarkable news to you.
Today I have decided to take advantage of my lunch time and to go in travel agency.
When I have come agency worked also very much was delighted that they work without dinner. Differently I again should go in agency after the ending of my work.
I liked conditions at them. As with me were very polite also the employee of agency has explained to me all that interested me. But certainly that I have found out the most important as I can arrive to you and what package of documents is necessary for me. That I might arrive to yours the country to me the visa is required. Without the visa I can not arrive to your country. The visa is one of the main documents for arrival to you.
To me as have explained what documents to me still it is necessary to receive that I might arrive to you. I can make out all necessary documents and arrive to you.
So our meeting is a reality and we have an opportunity soon to be together.
On registration of the visa and all documents it is required three weeks. So in three weeks we can be together. That my visa began to be made out to me are necessary to bring my necessary documents for this purpose and to pay all charges which I shall be demanded for official registration of papers.
I very much was delighted that all so simply and that we have an opportunity soon to be together. But on the other hand me that that has upset cost of all expenses for official registration of papers 420 $ USA. Unfortunately I can not pay these charges itself and without your help I can not arrive to you. Probably you may help me? You may help me? Certainly if for you it there will be big expenses and you can not help me I all shall understand. Sometimes in life it is necessary to refuse things which to you it would be desirable to do. But I hope that my dream will come true also we with you we shall be together. I shall wait that you will answer me and I do not know wants I to hear it whether or not. Because I very much want to be with you and to spend with you time.
Also I hope you too want it as strongly as well as I. If you can help me all there will be perfectly and soon we shall together. I very much want to do our dreams by a reality. And to do with you all that about what I dreamed.
You want to see me in three weeks??? If I shall bring all necessary documents and can pay all expenses for official registration of papers that in three weeks we can be together.
It is very tempting for me and I very much hope that we soon shall together. I shall look forward to hearing from you to me and I hope I shall see very soon it.
I send you many air kisses and gentle embraces.
And I very much would like to give you real kisses soon. Always your Valeriya.
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