Scam letter(s) from Razel Ruiz to Stuart (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi Stuart I came online to meet your mails...THANKS for them... the photos were beautiful...
Eli is such a handsome boy... he is a model... will be really nice to meet him
The Church is awesome... is it catholic? i am catholic. i will love to worship there when i visit even if it is not catholic.. i have been in China for over 3 years now... It is a very beautiful country..compared to mine!!!!
will love for us to discuss china when we chat.. it will be more interesting that way... i will try to chat with you from 3.30-- 4.00 your time to 5.00 - 5.30 daily... will be better cos boss usually not home then.
I will try to make that time free from work... Thanks for the phone.. there is western union service here.. we also use it to send money home.. u can send through my Ate.. (Older Sister)
at our employment agency.. she helps us to send money through western union... Her name is Maria Martinez. I choose not to keep up late today cos u said ur day will be very busy..that is why i chose to send mail... after i checked u in ym but ur light was off.

Letter 2
Dear Sir, Request for your Service to get Tourist Visa to Australia My name is Razel RUIZ. I am in Shenzhen China. I want to find out if u can help me to get a tourist visa to visit Australia.
If u can i will like to know the information you will need from me, how long it will take and how much u will charge for the service. Thank you. Yours Faithfully, Razel Ruiz...
Letter 3
Sorry i will not be able to make it on line today...
My boss daughter is not well i go to take her in the school now with driver ... and we go to the hospital... I go now to the school of my boss daughter to..
Letter 4

Mmmmmuuuaaahhh my love. I Hope you are having a fine day day at work.....
Just to tell you i love more than ever today... see you later my love
Letter 5
Good morning Darl, Just to let you know that my tickets are here with me and my flight with China East Airline departure time is 27th
at 12.55pm.. i will leave for the airport at 9.30am.. and will arrive Melbourne at 10.00 am on 28.
Please hurry to send the travel allowance. I am already on my way for shopping. MMMUUUAAAHHH
Letter 6
Dear Mr S., Thank you for you true honesty towards the well-being of our organization which has made us aware of the of unscrupulous activities being carried out by non staff of our organization. We regret the inconveniences that this has put you ,miss Razel and our esteemed Mrs Xie Lee.Our internal investigations has revealed suspects who were former staff of the organization.A report has been made to the Police Authority of the Peoples Republic of China who are currently conducting an investigation on the case. We use this opportunity to emphasis that World Over Travel Links & Tours is an organization founded on the core values of integrity,customer focus and Quality service delivery to our customers..This has earned us a very high value reputation from esteemed Chinese and International clients. Also we have awards of good corporate citizenship from our department of commerce of The Peoples republic of China. You and all concerned shall be informed officially about the outcome of the police investigation.
Once again we thank you for the prompt report of your observations and promise to reassure your confidence by the quality of service we shall always deliver to you and all our esteemed customers. Now please find a copy ofthe new ticket for your girlfriend attached to this mail. About the amount she should have before she makes the trip, it is normally calculated at $50 a day which makes it $4500 for the duration of three months. Should you have any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be glad to assist you. We look forward to rendering you the best of our professional service. Sincerely,
Linda ****
Letter 7
cannot do that as i have made my pride little in her sight already by begging for so much concession from her.
i know you will not understand bcos you are not a woman. Asking that will make matters worse for me as i know the behavior of Chinese when it comes to such issues. I will rather work the money out myself as i did with my secret.... I payed 500usd to her with the 1000 you sent for guarantee of my return. I shall get the money and in my time come to Australia. Thank you.
Letter 8
Good morning my love.
Just want to wish you a sweet week ahead,,,
17 more days to go,,, I love you so much
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