Scam Letter(s) from Irina to Jean Pierre (France)

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Letter 1

Hello Jean-Pierre! How are you doing today? How is your mood? I hope that you everithing is great.
Thank you that you gave me your e-mail. I think it is great that we have the opportunity to know each other better.
I think that it is a beginning of something good. I hope that you have the same opinion. :)

I hope you would not ignore my letter and we will start our aquaintance. I'm a serious in my intentions. I want to find a person that will love me and respect me.
Who knows maybe it's you. What do you think? So I want to know you closer and to start our friendship. Maybe it grows to something bigger. ;)
Some things about me. I'm a simple Ukrainian girl with enigmatic smile. I hope that you will know me closer and read a riddle of my smile. :)
I like to spend my free time with my friends. I like to help people, I think that it is very important to help to each other. What do you think?
So tell me some basic things about yourself. I will be happy to see some of your casual pictures. I think it is a good way to know you closer.

Waiting for your letter.
Have a nice and a sunny day!


Letter 2

Hello, Jean-Pierre!

I'm so happy to receive your answer!! How are you today? What is the weather in your region? I'm glad that you find time to write to me. I hope that my letter would not put you into the deep sleep. ;)

Thanks for your nice pictures. I think you are real gentleman. as for me it is not important that we have age difference. I think that for love there is no barriers. I believe that older man, just wiser and caring for their sweethearts. What is your idea?

You know, Jean-Pierre, I'm happy to hear from you again. We start our friendship from this letter, I hope you don't mind, do you? In my opinion all serious relations between man and woman must start from friendship. What is your idea?

Some facts about me. My name is Irina. I am a simple Ukrainian girl.
My friends tell me that I'm very optimistic person. I was born on the 5th of May 1987 in Lebedyn. I love my parents and they love me. They are simple people. My father is working at the plant and my mother is a housewife. I lived with my parents in the small town called Lebedyn (Sumy region). There are more than 50 km from Lebedyn to Sumy. Now I live and work in Sumy. I'm a secretary in a firm. So as you see there is nothing interesting in my job. But I like this simple and quiet job. I'm working from Monday to Friday. I'm renting a flat and I create there a cosy place just for me. ;)

I want to confess, Jean-Pierre, my English is very poor. I know just some words in English. I'm sorry about that. Firstly I tried to use on-line translation programs, but there are a lot of mistakes and this would cause great misunderstanding between us. So I use the help of translation agency. They help me to contact with you and to translate our correspondence. I want to be honest with you from the beginning. I hope that this will not be an obstacle for us. I hope you understand me, and we will continue our dialogue.

I like animals and nature. Jean-Pierre, I like to walk with my friends in wood and to gather flowers or mushrooms. I like to go for a picnic with my friends. Also I like to have a romantic dinner at the seashore or at the glade. I think that it is very romantic to watch at the sunset and kiss my beloved person...

Jean-Pierre, I think we can become closer when we will know more about each other. So tell me more about your interests. Maybe you have some interesting things just for me.

I hope I did not bore you by my letter. I wait for your letter with impatience.


Letter 3

Hello, Jean-Pierre!

Thank you that you have found time to write to me. I see that you like to talk with me and you are interested in our communication. Thanks for your invitation to spa, I would like to visit it one day with you!

How are you today, Jean-Pierre? I have a busy day at work. I sat buried in the papers and wanted to hurry to escape, to write you this letter. And how was your day at work? I hope your day wasn't so difficult as mine.

Some days ago my best friend was celebrating a birthday. I tried to do this day special for her. I think she deserved. I like to organize holidays. So I come to her apartment in the morning with a small cake.
We drink a coffee and eat the cake, then we go shopping. We have a lot of fun. Then we go home and call our friends. We gather a big company, we went bowling. Jean-Pierre, do you play bowling? I like to play bowling, so I like to beat strikes. So this birthday bring my friend and to me a lot of positive emotions. I want to share my good mood with you!

I want to tell you about my favorite childhood memory... When I was a child, most of all I loved winter. I loved sledding with friends, play snowballs and making snowmen. It was very fun when a big company is building a snow fort and then we play in snowballs and hide behind the snow fortress. What is your happiest childhood memory, Jean-Pierre? Do you like winters?

I will stop my letter now, I'm sorry I have a lot of work to do. I hope you will share your feelings with me.

Your Irina

Letter 4

Hello, Jean-Pierre!

I'm so glad that we continue our conversation. I'm glad that we have some similar features. How are to today?

I want to tell you, that I'm so glad to hear from you!

I told you in my previous letters that I like traveling inside of my country. So every summer, I try to go to the seaside. I like Crimea.
There is amazing nature. Last summer I was in a small town, but their was an picturesque place. I went there with my friends. Every day we sunbathed, swam in the morning and at the evening. After midnight we went to our place, slipped or prepare dinner.

At the evenings we like to go to a cafe and eat some tasty food. I like to eat fruits like peaches, watermelons, melons, raspberry, strawberry. What is your favorite fruits, Jean-Pierre? So every evening we had fun. We made barbecue, drink some Crimean wine. We have a number of famous vineyards and plants that make the wine. Do you like do drink a glass of wine when you have some special occasion? You know that I'm a social drinker, but I like Crimean wine.

How do you spent your last vocation? I wish to spend my next vocation with you. I dream that we are sitting at the beach, we look at the sundown, hugging and kissing. You treat me with coconut milk. I have never tasted it, but I think it is very tasty. Am I right? I wish to travel with you at one of the tropical countries and spend a romantic week alone with you. What do you think, Jean-Pierre?

I hope you like my ideas, so tell me your opinion about that. Maybe you like mountains more? I hope to hear your story about perfect vocation. Waiting for your letter with impatience.


Letter 5

Hello, Jean-Pierre!

Thank you for such an interesting letter. I hope you are ok. I like all of your ideas and I wish to travel with you anywhere. I will try to learn some English by myself, but I think it will take a lot of time. :( Yes, last pictures where made in Crimea.

I have bad news for you. I have no possibility to write to you any more. I have serious financial problems. I got under the reduction at work, I have cut salary in half. I need to pay the bills and a lot of expenses for daily needs. So I can't pay for the translation services now. I hope you understand my situation. I'll be very grateful if you can help you. I want to continue our conversation, Because it was very interesting to communicate with you. Our acquaintance is very important for me, I think we can became more than just friends. I wish to stay in touch with you with all my my heart and soul.

Best wishes!

Your Irina



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