Letter(s) from Olesya Aktanaeva to David (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings, David!David, how your mood? At me very good because you have answered my letteragain. For me it is very interesting to correspond with you through theInternet because I never did it earlier. David, probably, I do many mistakes?But I hope, what you understand my English? David, please, write to me aboutit in the following letter! OK? David, I very much liked your last letter! AsI know, the majority of the American men are very good, and they it is muchbetter to concern to women, than Russian men. At us in Russia it is difficultfor women to keep the independence and individuality as the Russian menfrequently put forward various requirements in relations: sit at home, toleave the favourite trade, etc. As it is done by husbands of my girlfriends.Our men prefer to see the woman who stands at a step below them. Thereforethe majority of Russian men do not appreciate and do not respect women.Besides they drink alcohol much. Last my guy of saws alcohol. We met him about one and a half years. Andduring first time of our acquaintance he almost saws and if also that is nota lot of saws. But in due course he started to drink more. I very much lovedhim and hoped, that he will throw this harmful habit. Because of it he hadproblems on work, and he frequently changed places of work. In a result Ihave understood, that with him at me not that to fail, and he not when willnot stop to drink. And I for myself have decided, that we should leave. Itwas very hard for me. But in due course, I have understood, that it is betterto be one, than with such myself not respecting, weak spirit the person.Therefore I do not like, when men drink alcohol much and cannot throw thisharmful habit. Means, they are not valid will and they are very weak spirit.I like strong and self-assured men who achieve the planned purpose in a life.But, unfortunately, such men at us in Russia remained very little. To me 33years, and I yet have not met the the man with which I would like to live allmy life. Also can be it the man appear you, David. No I would not like tohurry up. Time will show. Whether not so, David? I want to tell to you, thatfor me the nationality and religion has no value. I think, that the main thing in the person not his appearance, and hissincere qualities. And I hope, what you with me agree, David? As to myreligion, I of Christians. And I believe in God Jesus. So I was brought up by my parents. And I am very glad and proud, that wasborn and have grown in such good family. My family small. She is the daddy,mum, I and my younger brother. I live with my family in one apartment. Tomine to the daddy - 58 years. He works as the driver of the lorry in firm ontransportation of cargoes across the Russian Federation. He transportsvarious cargoes on different cities of Russia. To my mum - 57 years. She themathematics teacher also works in one of schools of city of Orenburg. To my younger brother Sergey 23 years. He to study as the architect atuniversity. Our family lives very amicably. We always try to help each otherin all. Also we very much like to gather on our family holidays - the Birthday, Newyear, Christmas. It so is healthy! I think, that due to my parents I have received good education and education.And I am very grateful to them for it. I have ended the Orenburg institute ofeconomy and culture with good estimations in 1996 on a speciality < economyand the finance >. In Russia this speciality is considered very prestigious.But, unfortunately, in Orenburg it is very difficult to find highly paidwork on a good speciality. Therefore after the ending of institute I very fora long time could not find good work on my speciality. But now I work insmall Orenburg firm on manufacture of wooden doors. I wrote to you about itin the last letter. The firm in which I work small, it was formed morerecently. Therefore to me to have it is a lot of to work, sometimes I work onthe days off. But I love the work. And it for me the most important. David,also it will be interesting to me to learn about your work? Whether to likeyour trade to you? I the bookkeeper on wages. Also I work basically on acomputer. Therefore I have access to the Internet, but only after the workingday. Our boss does not allow to use to us the Internet within the workingday. He considers, that it distracts from work. Our boss the quite goodperson, but he is very exacting to us. Therefore, David, do not take offenceat me if I shall not answer at once your letters. OK? Especially I have nocomputer in my house. My parents not so rich and they do not presume to buyto themselves to us with the brother a computer though they understand thatis very good and convenient thing in the house. But I hope, that in duecourse we shall buy a computer home. David, on it I shall finish the letterto you. And I hope, that we shall continue to learn about each other further.It will be very interesting to me, if you will write about your family, yourcountry and city, where do you live, about your hobbies and as you spend freetime from work. David, write to me as soon as possible! OK? I would not liketo learn about you even more! Good-bye! Yours faithfully Olesya!

Letter 2

Good afternoon, David!
How you? How do you feel? At me all is fine! I wanted to tell that my formerguy used (to drink) alcohol. I liked your picture. I am very pleased, that wewrite, each other, because through letters we learn about each other more andmore! And the more I about you learn, the it is more you to me like! And I hope,that this sympathy is mutual! I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn about my hobbies, tastesand preferences, how I spend a free time. And now I would like to tell to youabout it. As I wrote to you earlier, I have very few free time, therefore I try to leadthe leisure as it is possible better, more interestingly and more variously.To me to like to carry out the days off with my girlfriends. We like, to goto theatre, on exhibitions, presentations or is simple at cinema. Also welike, to sit in cafe at a cup of coffee and to talk about all. To me has verymuch carried with girlfriends. They are always ready to help a difficultminute. I very much love them! But most of all on the days off I like toleave for city with my native or girlfriends. I wrote to you already aboutit. I love rest on the nature, walks on a wood, to listen to singing birdsand to inhale aroma of colors. It helps me to relax, forget about allproblems and to have a rest from city vanity. Still to me very much to like to look at a sunset. It so is beautiful andromantic! Also I very much love sports, is especial on fresh air. It charges me energy,removes a pressure and weariness! In a youth I was fond of ball dances, therefore sports take not last place inmy life. I very active and vigorous girl, therefore from sports occupations at me amalways cheered up. In the summer I like to run, go for a drive on a bicycle, rollers or tofloat. In the winter I frequently skate also a ski. These are the mostpopular kinds of sports at us in Russia. David, whether you are engaged in sports? If yes what? And what kinds ofsports are most popular in your country? But when in the street bad weather I prefer to do something houses: to tidyup an apartment, to prepare for a supper for my family, to esteem books ormagazines, to listen to music. As to music I like to listen both Russian, and foreign executors. Myfavourite Russian executors - Valery, Zemfira, < the Machine of time >,"DDT", DJ Groove and many others. David, it is interesting to me, you heardabout these Russian musical groups? From foreign executors, me Selin Dion,the Madonna and many many others like Sting, to E.Dzhon, A-Ha. In general I love good and modern music.But sometimes, on mood, I listen to classical music. Very much to like meVivaldi and him < 4 seasons >. This music cheers me up. David, what music ispreferred by you? It would be very interesting to me to learn about it.Also I very much like to read books, especially Russian authors, such asPushkin, Chehov, Sorokin. Still very much to like me poetry. My favourite Russian poets: Ahmatova,Yesenin, Cvetayeva. From foreign poets it is pleasant to me R.Burns. In my opinion, his versesare very beautiful and melodious. David, you love poetry? But sometimes Ilike to esteem and love novels, detectives or simply cognitive books. Itdepends on my mood. David, what you like to read most of all?As to cinema I very much like to look comedies, fantastic and historicalfilms. Very big impression on me was made with films "Troy", "Alexander", < the Lordof Rings >. I think, you looked these films. But most of all I liked film In my opinion, it is very strong film. I think, that ithas deserved Oscar. As the director of this film, in my opinion, one of themost talented directors in Hollywood. David, you with me agree? As to myhobby me very much to like to raise indoor plants because I very much loveflowers. I have in my apartment about 25 kinds of indoor plants. Therefore ourapartment is similar to a small greenhouse. One of my favourite is a tea roseand an azalea. Still I very much like to prepare. In opinion of my native and friends, I wasvery good and is tasty I prepare. And it due to my mum. She has learned me toall. And you, David, are able to prepare? My most dishes pel'menis, borshchand pancakes are favourite is. David, whether you sometime tried theseRussian dishes? It is very tasty! Still I very much love a fish, freshvegetables and fruit. From meat I prefer pork. I like tasty and healthy food.However I very much like sweet. Also it is my weakness. Fortunately, myfigure allows to not refuse to me this pleasure. To this electronic letter Iput one more photo. In hope, that you estimate it very well! Probably, on it I would like to finish my electronic letter to you. David, please, write to me about itself as much as possible. Well? All willbe interesting to me. For example, you prefer what music? What your favouritefilms? Than you are fond? What you most of all like and do not like to do? I hope, that you will understand my questions and will answer me them. I shall look forward to your answer, David!Good-bye!Your friend, Olesya!

Letter 3

Greetings, David!
David as I am happy to receive from you the letter again. My name not that isnot meant with it simply very beautiful. You agree with me? I am given withhuge pleasure to read your electronic letters. David when I read them Imentally I present your image and I hear your fine man's voice. I very muchwant to hear your voice. I think, as you want to hear my voice also. David if you write to me the phone number in the following electronic letterwhenever possible I can call you in the near future? And then we can, hear each other. Under your letters it seems to me, that youhave very pleasant voice. But, there is one small problem. Unfortunately, Ihave no phone in my apartment. You, probably, will not believe me, but it isthe truth. At us in Russia it is possible. What to install a telephone houses it wouldbe necessary to rise in turn behind it. As many want to have phone, but the telephone company one and it does notcope with such amount of works. And to have for a long time to wait for the turn. This turn moves ahead veryslowly. But I want you to please, approximately in some months our turn approaches oninstallation of a telephony and we shall have phone of a house. The cellular telephone at me too is not present as it costs even moreexpensively and many money is necessary to pay for its use. I cannot afford such luxury, in Russia solvent and rich people use cellulartelephones only. As to phone on work this variant also is unacceptable.Because our boss does not allow to use to us phone for the personal purposes.I have thought and have decided, that I shall call to you from Telegraph. Ithink, that it is the optimal variant. What do you think of it, David? It is more than all from seasons to me the spring is pleasant. I wrote to youit in the last letters then summer autumn and winter. And at you what mostfavourite season? David, I heard, that at you in the country mark Festival of Spring. It is thetruth? It would be interesting to me find out about it! Spring for me themost favorable season because blossom not only flowers, but also my soul! In the spring my soul sings with happiness, and heart would like love! As well as each woman, it would be desirable love in the spring. Now I feel,that there is one person who can take a place in my heart. David how youthink who it? The majority of my girlfriends is already married and have children. Ialready for a long time am ready to beginning the wife and mother. In myopinion, I have enough lived for myself. I very much like the big families, feasts, the common family holidays. I toodream of the big family. In my opinion, it is dream of each woman. Also I want to tell to you, that my girlfriends tried to acquaint me withfriends to the husbands or with fellow workers. But they did not like me. I have told to girlfriends about you. And they are very glad for me becausethey want to see me happy. Also I consulted to my parents about my acquaintance to you through theInternet. They estimate it positively because they care of my future life.And they want, that I was happy. I have told him, that you are the good anddecent person. Therefore they are pleased with our correspondence through theInternet. But I do not want to hurry event. First we should learn well eachother. Whether not so, David? It is very important for me. Therefore through our electronic letters we should learn about each othermore to not make a mistake at once. I hope, you will understand me correctly,David? David, do not overlook to write in the following letter to me yourphone number that I could call you. Well, David? It will be very pleasant forme to hear your voice! On it I finish the letter and I speak you. Good-bye!Sincerely yours the Russian friend, Olesya!

Letter 4

Greetings, the my dear friend, David!I want to tell to you, that I am glad to each your electronic letter! Itwould be very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter written by yourhand but I think that it is not necessary to do it. As I already wrote to youin the last letter that can steal your letter or it can simply get lost in road. To me enough your electronic letters.Especially letters sent through post office will go up to me about a month, it very for a long time. I ask you to notsend me the letter and what or gifts. I did not think earlier, that I shallget used to your letters so soon. Now I feel, that they are necessary for meas air. David, in your letters I have found something unusual and attractivefor me. And I never assumed, that I can tell about myself so interestingly anddirectly also. David, in my opinion, we know, about each other already it is a lot of, butwith each your new letter, I continue to admire and be surprised with you. From your messages I have understood, that you the good, clever, sincere,decent, very interesting and inquisitive person. It very much to like me!David, it was always interesting to me find out, how people in America spendthe holidays. David, where and how like spend your holiday? How many the countries you already have visited? Write to me, please! OK? Itwill be very interesting to me. Unfortunately, I cannot allow myself holidayin other country. But if I had such opportunity first of all I would visit Italy, namely Romeand Venice. It is my old dream. I think, that Venice is the most romantic city of a planet! And you were inItaly, David? David, you love a camping, rest on the nature or you prefer totravel in more civilized way? I very much like spend the holiday outside ofcity, in camping, travelling on foot, floating on canoe to ski or skate. Itso is healthy and is extreme! At us very beautiful landscapes, it is especialin Buzulukskom to a pine forest. In the woods located near to the city ofOrenburg, there are many various trees such as pine, oaks, birches, rare andbeautiful colors. I hope, you know, that our Russian woods are extraordinary beautiful. Ithink, that you in America too have remarkable places on beauty.Also on the middle of a wood there is river Bobrovka. It is surprising a place of our nature, therefore we with my family very muchlike, to go there to a camping. We pack, backpacks, we take the big tent,necessary products, my brother takes the guitar, and we are sent in acamping. There we bathe, we sunbathe, play a ball, we go for a drive oncanoe, we fish, that is we enjoy the nature. David, you like to fish? Mine the daddy and the brother very much like tofish, and we with mum like to prepare an ear. It is such soup from a fish. I hope, what you tried this soup? It is very tasty!In the evening I very much like to sit with my family at a fire, to listen tosongs of the brother under a guitar and to look at ardent declines above theriver. It so excitingly and romantically! Such minutes I feel absolutely happy andcarefree ... David when I read your letters I feel happy also. I feel, thatour relations it is more, than friendship!??? You feel the same??? Because I cannot without your letters now. I constantly think of you. By the way, my parents ask about you all time. They are very glad ourcorrespondence through the Internet and to our relations. They transfer yougreetings! David, on it I shall finish my electronic letter to you. I as shall usually look forward to your letters, the my dear friend David!Sincerely yours, Olesya!

Letter 5

Good afternoon, the my dear friend, David!David, how are you doing? I, simply perfectly! Your messages cheer me up andforce to beat my heart very quickly! Now my ideas only about you and about our relations! I think of you alwaysand everywhere: on work, houses, at theatre, on a visit ... I sincerely want to tell to you, that you to me are not become indifferent. David, you have changed my lonely life, have made its unusual. - my parents, girlfriends, fellow workers - have noticed all, that I becamevery thoughtful, my person shines happiness, the smile does not descend frommy person, and cheerful fire burns in my opinion! Probably, it is the mostwonderful it is time in my life because the destiny has reduced me with you!I cannot believe, that it occurs to me! Recently I have found out, that my former schoolmate has married theAmerican. She also has got acquainted with him through the Internet. Now they live in America, at them the child was born. She is very happy with him, despite of the big difference in the age of (her- 32, to him - 51). And I am very glad for her! And for all women who havemarried Americans. Because our Russian men are not able to love, respect and appreciate thewoman as it is done by men of America! David, I am right? And I very much hope, that our relations will not end only with electronicletters, that sometime we shall be together. In fact we should not miss such opportunity once to be together. Whether notso, David? I feel, that, at last I have met the man of my dream: strong, courageous,self-assured, decent and understanding! And it the man are YOU, the my dear friend! You, probably, are surprised withmy words? But it is the truth, trust me! I speak these words with specialcare and respect for you, David. Due to you I again have felt happy andcarefree! Your letters give me the big pleasure and pleasure in my lonelylife! I want to tell to you, that is very difficult to be lonely, especially, whenall my girlfriends already have family, the husband, children. Everyone ask me, why I one why I can not find to myself the man. The publicopinion in our country is still formulated on old stereotypes. In our country to the twenty years' girl says goodbye her loneliness. And ifthe woman is lonely in thirty years at her look with pity. But the opinion ofothers is not important for me. Simply I did not dare to begin closerelations with the man because it is too much a pain to me my last fight -friend has brought. I wrote to you a little about it in the last letters, and I would not like tocome back to this theme. But you, my dear, have helped me to forget the past, due to you and yourletters I have felt happy. I am ready to repeat these words constantly! Because your letters havedemented me. I think of you day and night. You became a part of me and my life, yourletters help me to live. And I devote these lines to you, my dear David! Iunderstand with special an acuteness In long and painful separation, As yourvoice is necessary for me, Your strong embraces. And heart is beaten, timehurrying. And meetings the instant of imagination is bright... Really I havenot invented you? For what to me from destiny such gift!?On it I shall finish my love letter to you, my dear! I shall wait for yourwarm mutual letters! With ideas on you! Sincere yours, Olesya!

Letter 6

Greetings my most dear the man, David!I in the seventh sky with happiness from your warm words on my last letter! Ifeel, that we each other are not indifferent! After your last letter I for along time reflected on our acquaintance through the Internet, about you,about your letters and on us. And I have understood, that I cannot live without your letters any more, andcertainly without you, mine David! At leisure all my ideas only about you. Ifeel, that we are created the friend for the friend! Probably, it is love?But as still it is possible to name my feelings to you, David! Yes, yes mydear David! You have correctly understood me, I have fallen in love with youvery strongly! This feeling has come to me so quickly and unexpectedly, that I cannotbelieve in it. And in that I have not invented you that you really exist on this planet! Iwant to tell to you, that I love you, my dear David! I love you all my heartand soul! I very much for a long time did not test similar feelings. And consequently Ifelt emptiness in my soul without love. But now my soul sings with happiness,for pleasure of a life, from love to you! This feeling to not explain words! I hope, you understand me and feel to methe same warm feelings, as well as I, David! My life became similar to afairy tale, and I want, that this fairy tale did not come to an end! Therefore for the sake of our love I am ready on all: to leave my family,girlfriends, to give up work and to arrive to you, the my dear friend. Because I very much want to be with you, to feel your breath, your touch!David, and I hope, that you too want it. I believe, that if very strongly to want something it will necessarily cometrue! And if our desire is mutual, we necessarily shall together, and that to us init will not prevent! Whether not so, David? But I would like to ask to you one very important question for me: you haveor write to other women, except for me? I hope, you will sincerely answer me this question because I do not want tobe deceived again. David, I very much love you, and to me it will be very bad, if you deceive mein our relations. We should trust each other. Whether not so, my dear? I wantto tell to you, that many men try to get acquainted with me. But they are notinteresting to me and not nice, because all my ideas only about you. Now for me the most important in my life are you! And nobody is necessary forme, except for you, my dear David. But the only thing that connects us and our feelings are our electronicletters. And I so love you. And separation from you becomes for me intolerable. I very much grieve onyou, my lovely. Therefore I am ready to arrive to you, to your country, what to be near toyou and to love you. My dear, what you think of it? I have told to parentsabout my feelings to you, and that I want to be with you and to leave to you,my dear. They have been a little surprised, that I want to leave all and to leave toyou for America. But they see, how I am happy, as I want to be with you, andit for them the most important. My parents hope, that I have made a correct choice. Also they understand whatto live in Russia very difficultly, and that you do not want to move to ourcountry. Therefore they have no objections that I have left to you. Certainly, duringfirst time I shall grieve on my native, but at the same time I cannot withoutyou, my loved David. I have so become attached to you, to your letters, that I cannot live withoutyou now. I speak it sincerely and in all sincerity which is filled with love to you.And I want to be with you as soon as possible. David, my love, you want, what I to you would arrive??? I cannot without youand you are very necessary for me. I have asked my father find out about allnecessary documents to arrive to you to America. He has left for business trip to Moscow. He works as the trucker. I wrote to you about it earlier. I the daddy promised me find out in embassyUSA that is necessary for departure to America. He should arrive one of these days and tell to me about full details. And Iat once shall write to you about it. Well, my loved?My love, on it I shall finish my letter to you. But in the conclusion of my love letter to you, I would like to write to youthis remarkable poem of English poet R.Bernsa. O my love a red, red roseThat's newly sprung in June:O my love is like the melodieThat's sweetly play'd in tune.As fair art thou, my bonie lass,So deep in love am I:And I will love thee still, my dear,Till a ' the seas gang dryTill a ' the seas gang dry, my dear,And the rocks melt wi ' the sun.And I will love thee still, my dearWhile the sands o ' life shall run.And fare thee weel, my only love,And fare thee wee a while!And I will come again, my loveTho ' it ten thousand mile!Good-bye, my dear and loved David! I very strongly love you! Take care! Yoursfor ever Olesya!

Letter 7

Hello my loved David!Today it is very pleasant for me to receive your letter.I very much want to travel and enjoy with you ours love.If you will send me of money tomorrow that I can already arrive to you in a week and even is faster.Your letters of steel for me necessary every day.When I receive your letter my day to become light till the evening.Loved, I very much hope, that soon we shall together.Yesterday, I together with the brother went to cinema " Star wars - 3 ".We liked this film.It was the first part which I looked. It was not clear a little but my brother explained me.I did not see any Russian film taken off so well.It is interesting to me, and at you show our Russian films?Or they such bad, what even do not show them to you?As though I would like, that on a place of my brother there were you.That we sat having embraced and looked film. You want it?I very much would like to feel your strong hands, a man's body.My parents send the regards to you.All of them time ask as us with you affairs?When we shall be together?They understand, that by own strength I cannot arrive to you and they are very glad, that you will help me to arrive to you.My loved, I want to warn you, that one or two weeks my letters become shorter, as now at us on work accounting week.It is necessary to do many reports on work of firm for last quarter.I very strongly love you.Olesya.

Letter 8

Greetings my love David!!!I am very happy to read your letter.I completely trust you and as you will tell and will be.Only tell to me when you plan this vacation, for that that I could plan the.I think that to Europe to arrive more more easy, than to America.I think that 2000 $ which you can send, to me to suffice for that what to receive the visa, to buy tickets aboard the plane up to any city of Europe and to reserve a hotel double room.I am madly pleased, that you write to me such good letters.I just as you would like it, I was your lady of a life. You actually want it?I cannot live and 15 minutes which are not thinking and you, my love and all my ideas are connected only to you. My colleagues have noticed that I very happy and joyful. I every day to hasten for work, what only it is more probable to read your letter.I spoke about you with my friends, and they are very pleased for me. You have made me very happy and me in the seventh sky with happiness.Your love would inspire me and if I would have wings, that I by all means would fly to you, and we would like each other.I the parent speak it I very much, have changed, and I shall enter me as the happy person who has been in love. The love - very strong force, and it can overcome all obstacles which are created moving ahead, you agree with me mine the majority of a favorite and long-awaited David.I shall be very pleased, if you will find as soon as possible that the our meeting was closer and more likely on one step.My parents are pleased to help to me with money, but they now are in very difficult financial position and cannot give me necessary money.I very much miss in the evenings and night your tenderness and warm embraces my loved David. You are absent on me as?David if you will send to me of money I from its part promise you to do the utmost in my forces that the our meeting was as it is possible more soon.And I hope, that you as will do everything, that depends on you.Two people of love should be together and the friend is similar to the friend. I very much sincerity and with all my heart speak you it, and it was a pity to me, That we and further are not fair the friend before the friend. Actually just as has written earlier honesty, trust and mutual understanding - the bases of a friendly life and for a long time to like, and I hope, that you agree with me.I very much would not like, when you leave, but I should go to work. My boss and so started to do from me remarks, that I started to work awfully and to not have time, to make business. But I very much want to write and re-read to you again and again your letters.On it good-bye and up to tomorrow. It has come time of me to work.I embrace you very strongly and whole.You within a century like Olesya.

Letter 9

Hi my loved David!As it is usual, it is very pleasant for me to receive from you your letter.I will be very glad that you to send me of money. As soon as I shall receiveyours remittance I shall enter with you contact. I shall choose where I wantto arrive and I shall write to you. It very much for me is importantfor solving where I want to travel for the first time in my life.I shall find out all in detail and I shall write to you as soon as possible the information.I am sorry, but I have understood from your letter, that you will send me 2000 $and I should reserve hotel itself. I was not right also I now have understood that you will do it itself.I once again am sorry. I am very glad that I shall I shall carry out my vacation in Europe.My love, every night before going to bed, all my ideas belong to you.Yesterday I thought of how in fine warm evening we go with you on coast. You hold me for a hand and speak me warm words.And we go and we go, further and further.And we have stopped. We sit on a reef. We are kissed. Our kiss long and passionate.Kiss full of pure and huge our love to each other.We sit and we admire a decline of the pure sky.I think, that when we shall be together we shall speak words of love each other much.Sometimes to me hunting to cry that now I not with you also that is helpless in this situation.Usually, I rely only on the forces and have got used to do all.But here, I am powerless also I very much I hope that you will help.In the first during the life I ask the god about that I as was possible more soon about my love.With huge love to you, my love.Your Olesya.

Letter 10

You so have beautifully written it that at me has grasped spirit, at its reading. You have presented me this money as a gift.I today have decided where I want to go. I have decided that I want carry out first my vacation with you in Amsterdam. I know that there it is necessary to make out the Schengen visa.Tomorrow the day off and I shall try find out more information on the visa and on tickets of the plane from me.I want to find out when you can begin our travel? Approximately in what month and in what days.Write to me this information.I shall look forward to your answer.Your love Olesya.

Letter 11

Greetings my love David.I am very glad to receive from you the letter.You did not speak me that you know Holland language. I am really real also we shall soon go having embraced and to kiss.Today I have found out from my boss when I can take a vacation and he to me has allowed to take them since June, 27.So I can arrive to Amsterdam and we can lead there unforgettable days for us. It will be simply wonderful if your friends will find for us an apartment or the small house.I have found out, that the Schengen visa is necessary for that what to arrive to Holland. On its registration will occupy about one week.And money which you have sent those to me would will suffice for that what to receive them. But there is one but.To me will not give out the visa while I shall not have cash, at the rate of 50 Euros for one day. Everyone should have it who receives the visa. I want you we in Amsterdam shall ask 8-10 days?It approximately I need still in 400 - 500 euros. This money will be at me and I shall give them to you when we shall meet.Without this money of me simply will not give out the visa. You understand it???As I have found out that the ticket of the plane costs approximately from 1300 up to 1500 $. And the information. I on the person at once have smile and day on it becomes much more pleasant and more joyful.How you have affairs and how your mood?At me everything is all right also I can not wait when we with you shall be together.Today remarkable dream has dreamed me and I would not like for you to tell about it.When I have gone to bed, I very much did not have you beside, but I know that soon we shall together.And so now listen to my remarkable dream. I sit in the plane and we go on rise and at me only onein a head as soon as possible to arrive to your embraces.And I have arrived to you, I leave from the plane and at once from a gangway of thebeginning of you to search the sight and at last I find you.Only has had time to go down from a gangway we run as small children each other ona meeting and you strong kiss me. And we not as cannot see enough against each other.And you meet me with the big bouquet of colors.After the airport we sit in the machine and we go to you home.At you at home for me not the big surprise, a supper at candles.We very for a long time talk to you and at all we do not notice as night.Then you take me on hands and carry me in ours a bedroom and we with you are engaged in love.On it at me dream as at me has rung out an alarm clock has ended and I had to wake up.But I am all the same very glad to such dream.I very much wait for an our meeting with the big impatience and as very muchI wait for yours the letter.Your love Olesya.