Scam Letter(s) from Eugenia Nelson to Max (USA)

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Letter 1

Am sorry you got disappointed in me Max, i fell asleep after eating, think i need some rest now, i have taking errands and looking for job too and that make me not rest lately.

Please dont give up on me now, if you do that i will get hear break, you i have been addicted to you now..

I want to start a relationship with you Max.....Enjoy your day..


Letter 2

Yes i want a serious relationship with you, i wouldn't spent all this time with you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I don't disappear, i don't get the chance to reply on time. I will not be happy at all when i didn't hear from you all day and will abundant/heartbroken but will understand when you didn't get the chance or time to contact me, am kinda girl who don't to worry my man so much want you to feel comfortable with me no pressure. Am sorry if you felt abundant/left hanging/heartbroken Max.


Letter 3

Hope you love this picture....just for you smiling so smile and think about me..


Letter 4

Today is my happiest day!! that is why am doing this for you maybe i will regret later but think this is really coming from my heart and i know you will love it...Happy Easter, enjoy all this moment with your family.

I dont care what you will do to my pics but i only know that it coming heart to you...Enjoy yourself..


Letter 5

Not different hair color it is the same hair color, the stage of the camera will change it little bit, look at it very well, maybe you need to put your glasses on.....LOL

I told you several times that i cant handle pressure, is better to know than is too late, anyway how are you doing? well think i have missed you, remember have not dump you....LOL

Am sending you 3 requested
Apartment/complex name
Golf Links Apartment..

Drivers License and your requested picture, hope you will love it...Remember NOT to share with anyone as you promised.

That is what you requested, remember i also have problems that i wanted you to help me out Max..


Letter 6

Am sorry that you felt that way, i went to bed early yesterday. I sent you a message on facebook, got that? How was your sartuday night? Any date or party, do you live alone? are you in a house/apartment? do you love fast cars do you have any? I love fast cars but dont have
what is your favorite color, favorite part on a woman? Do you have a girlfriend, any seriouse relationship after your divorce? Please tell more yourself, you have my attension now Max.


Letter 7

What are you doing today? do you have lot of friends? I love boating, kayaking, fishing and hunting...hope you will like this picture Max, just for you.


Letter 8

Smile Max cos am smiling this morning.....LOL




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