Scam Letter(s) from Marina Sklyarova to Jean Pierre (France)

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Letter 1

Hello Dear Jean-Pierre!!

Thank you for your letter. I read it with a big pleasure!! How are you? Is it alright?) I am so glad you answered my letter and we continue our conversation. I think it's a wonderful that we begin to communicate to each other))

Please forgive me for making you to wait for my letter so long. You know I was so busy that I even "didn't see" computer. There was new order to our firm and little time to fulfill his. So I all weekends did my work.

Don't worry about age. I think if people much to each other age doesn't matter. How do you think??

So, now about me)Now I tell you about me more. I'm 169 cm tall and my weight is about 50 kg. I was born in 1988 year in Sumy. It is a big, wonderful, regional city in which I live now too. Tell me about your city?

I graduated from high school here and entered to an Institute of Culture and Art. And where did you get your education?As for me, I think that I did right choice in choosing of my career. It is fantastic work. Every day you create new. Since my childhood drawing was my favorite subject, so my mother decided to sign me up to the Art academy. I did well there because I liked it. After this Academy I has opportunity to get the job in my city. I'm working now in the firm where we are developing new styles for apartments and private homes.
Oh, else I think my work is my the main hobby. Of course there are many another things I like to do. For example, listen to music.I am music lover,so i listen all what that sounds good)) And you? What do you prefer to listen??Also O like to sing songs( but frankly I am not a good singer),travelling. Unfortunately I have no else an opportunity to travel to another country besides Russia. Else sport, especially extreme activity-surfing, diving, races..Oh it's rather interesting. i want to try myself in such activities too. Did you ever try yourself in such sports activities??? I rather often go to the gym to keep fit.
I also adore to cook. I have many recipes of many delicious dishes. I am not against the cafes and restaurant food, but I think homemade food tastes better, plus it is cooked with love. Have you ever tasted Ukrainian borsch? It's so funky. Maybe someday I will treat you. How do you think? And what do you like?? I I'm rather cheerful and emotionally person. I always try to cheer up to another. My friends call me life of the party. We usually spend good time together with my friends. And what about you? Where do you like to spend your spare time?? How often you meet with your friends??

On account my English! all is very bad. I don't know it at all((I have to use an interpreter. I hope it's not problem for our conversation?? In the next month I will go to the courses of English. I really hope that there won't be any problems with my studying.

You wrote that you live in the house of XVII th century . It's great!!
Amazing. You know, as I am an interior designer you should understand that i am very interested in different buildings. And especially in old houses, castles, palaces and etc.

I want to thank you for sending me your photos. They are really fantastic. On this photo you look very impressive. Tell me where is it you there?)

So, I wait for your answer)

Bye bye.

Your Marina.

Letter 2

Hello Jean-Pierre!

Thanks for your letter. I was so upset that you wrote. You know it is past. And I consider that she didn't going to study English. As for me I am not like her. I want to begin my studying next month. All the more I know many people who has already known English. They said that it is not hard to learn it)

I had any problems with money and time recently. Now it's all right.
Don't worry about it please. I hope you'll do right choice.

So, I look forward for your reply.


Letter 3

Hello Jean-Pierre

I am so glad you answered my letter and we continue our conversation.
It is so wonderful that I finally have an opportunity to communicate with you. How are you doing today? I'm interested in all what is going with you and hope that you'll share with me about what happens with you. I appreciate that you had free time to write to me. I think that we can have a try to build our communication and just to learn more about each other.

Now I have no that passport, but it is doing very quickly. Especially if pay in addition. So Don't worry I think I could do it. i think we will find themes to speak)

So I'm waiting for your answer to me and hope that you'll have some free time for this) I look forward for your reply.


Letter 4

Hello Jean-Pierre !!

Where have you gone? Why you sop to write to me?? Don't you interested in me yet?? I hope that is not so. How are you. Are you so busy??(((

Please answer me as soon as possible. And I am so sorry that isn't write to you too. I was really busy then. So, best wishes.


Letter 5

Hello Jean-Pierre

I'm so happy that we had acquaintance and continue our correspondence with you. I hope you thought about me?? How are you today? I think It is all right?) What interesting has happened with you?? As for me,it is all right!)Only made me upset, that you didn't write to me, you know even the weather became more colder, when I stopped to receive your letters.

What about my job, that I am very busy nowadays. There are several important contracts in our firm now. So I am working on it! And what about you? What has happened with your health?? I wish you sooner get well!!! Don't drink cold and you should more sleep! I can't to find my Mr. Right, that's one reason why I am still along. I never could to belive that the Internet can help in this case!

Lugansk?? Why Lugansk. As I told I live i Sumy. But I was in Lugansk.
It is very beautiful city) Yes I live along now. I was born in 1988 year. Yes, I started))) several days ago=D

I think I should finish it, as I want to do dinner and fall asleep for a long time…
I am so tired today(( But I am looking forward for your letter tomorrow)) So be a nice guy)) I sent you kisses and hugs.


Letter 6

Hello, dear Jean-Pierre!

Monday has come to Ukraine. The weather is already warmer and there is no any precipitation. But, unfortunately, colder in the evening. I hope that it will be warmer and warmer every day. But it doesn't upset me! When I come to translation agency am always in high spirit! I am so happy when I receive your letters,read them. They warm my soul, really. I always feel this necessity to talk to you. To share everything with you. I am sure that we will both get much excitement from our communication.

How are you today?? Is it all right?? What interesting is happened with you?? Did you sleep well?? How is your health? As for me I was good and obedient girl. I try to keep fit and take care about myself as well. I hope all is well and the smile is always on your face. If you know how important it is for me! Did you have the time to have lunch today??

Yes, sorry for late letter. Oh, you received it late?? I wrote to you it in the afternoon. Likely it was received to you because of the agency. I am not one girl who searched for love. Maybe they have so mane letters for another girls..

I want to tell you that I have no any news for you, my dear. That only I missed you all the time very much and dream about new opportunity to communicate with you again! If you know how It is awfully every day day to hurry back at apartments. The weather is not warm enough.It is so boring there be along. At home I read something interesting or watch TV set. And if you know how much I want to go back home and know that there my bellowed is waiting for me. Or conversely, to wait for my soul mate at home. To prepare dinner for us by candlelight. And then I think we would find what to do together. It is so amazing. Your heart is generous, your letters are always filled with something warm.
You never let me even the smallest chance to doubt in your feelings. I am very thankful for that. I am very happy that our relationship is built on the honesty and sincerity. It is what I have always wanted to have with my partner. I want to tell you that I really hate betrayals and lie. I think that it is better to say at once honesty, because there is bigger chance to be understood and forgiven. The lies bring negativity. It brings disappointment, it brings sadness. My darling, I am sorry for being a bit philosophical today.I wanted to share with you my thoughts, as you are the only person who can really understand me.

Honey, it is time to finish my letter. I really hope that you will be a very good boy.You should remember that you are constantly in my mind and heart. You are my sunshine. Never forget to think of me more than it is allowed :)


Letter 7

Hello my dearest Jean-Pierre!!

You know how much I like getting your letters and you know how much I like writing to you mine. Thank you that you again for finding the time to write to me your wonderful letter!!I was very happy to come to the office of the translation firm and get another piece of joy and excitement.

So how are you today?? Did you sleep well and what dreams did you see??) I want to believe that the man who is important for me take care about himself Do you think of me often?? I hope so) I have never been to Park Guell. Where it is situated??)Tell me about it, please))

Dear Jean-Pierre, thank you very much for telling me about your fantasies and for your compliments. You know, I started this communication with the fair, that I won't be approved and understood.
I am a simple Ukrainian girl with a lot of fantasies and dream to find my real, right man. You helped me to unleash my inner world. Finally I found the person I can share with. You helped to show you who I am.
Everything is so natural in our relations. You know, your letters are the source of joy and excitement. Every time I read them, it brings the happens to my life. My spirit is high and I am ready to all. And maybe it sounds strange, but I keep all your letters at home in the folder, and, of course, in my heart. I think that it shows that we have strong emotional ties!! Do you think so, my darling?) You send wonderful photos to me))

And now I want to share with a horrible new. As you know i am designer. It would seem that it is prestigious, high-paying work and there are shouldn't be any problems with it. But you know, there are several problems in our company that negatively has affected the whole structure. Today was convocation at which said that the firm dissolved, and now I should to find a new job!(((( I am very upset because of that. Of course, I worked there not for a long time, but I liked this work and there were so many interesting people. And another bad side that there are many of us who stay without work mow. Can you imagine?? Many family stay without money. It is so difficult to live in our country and here such thing has happened. I think it is because of the crisis in the country. There are so many firms that are in such situation. O, dear, if you know how it is hurt for me. Maybe I should to go to my parents for a short time(I sincerely hope) What should I do?? In such moments I understand how it is important to have the beloved next to me. The man who will find right words to support me.
Who give me hand in these difficult moments!(( Of course there are always something bad in our lifes, but there are moments which are remembered forever. I am so sorry that this letter is not the best one. I feel so sorry and frustrated to tell you all these things. Our communication is so precious to me.I want you to know every side of my character!)) And despite the fact that it are only the first steps in our relations, I want you to remember that I attach importance of honesty in our correspondence! Dear Jean-Pierre, please tell me what can I do? I just found you and don't want to lose you!! It is the last think I want to happen. I need you more than you know... It is so horrible feeling!((

My darling,It is nice that you are trying to take care of me, that you try to make me feel special. I think that it is the right approach to me. If you be a good boy, I will arrange the magical night for us :)

I should finish my long letter now. I really hope that you is all right and do care about yourself. So, be a good boy and I will come to your dreams) hehe;)

My kisses only for you.


Letter 8

Hello dear Jean-Pierre!!!

I am so sorry about it. It was so unexpectedly even for me. I know that it looks silly, but what can i do now??(( You know how I impatiently wait for your letters and like your warm lines!!! i need in you very much now. Help to keep our relations. Unfortunately it is the last my letter, because I don't know when will be the next chance to write to you! If you want to save our relationship here are my information: Marina Sklyarova, Ukraina,index: 76006, I. Mikolaychuka 17A. I will very grateful to you. I prefer to share with you all my news, as bad either good. So I hope that you won't judge me for my honesty and will understand me.

Dear Jean-Pierre , please take care about yourself and be a good boy.
I hope that you will write to me again and we continue our relations.


Letter 9

UID 175539
Full Name Marina
Birth Year 1987
City Lugansk
Country Ukraine
Sex Woman
Interests (Personal Description)
I am looking for a man with whom I will feel myself the most comfortable. Romantic, with good sense of humor, strong, who is not afraid of showing his weak and strong sides. I believe we are not perfect at all but each of us has real soul mate. That’s why I am here and I am ready to find my man and create family.



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