Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vijtyk to Norman (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my dear ! Thank you for your letter. I would like to have children, and i don't know if i will move to you. I think that at first we should know each other better. Between two persons, communication is one of the most important parts to build up their relationship, besides trust, respect and honesty. Somehow, I am thinking about meeting you in person very soon in the future. You can't even imagine how long i was waiting for your letter. I am very happy that you write me back. It means a lot. At first it means that you like me and you have interest in me, that you like the beginning of my life story. And the second thing, that you like on me not only my appearance but also my inside world. And in this letter i will try to tell you more about it, for you to better understand me, and to help us to find if we have some common things. I hope we will search something. Here is a sequel of my story.)))) I have told you about my family, and now i want to tell you about my hobbies. I love animals a lot. When i was little girl, i was arguing with my mother because i was tacking home a lot of animals. I took pity for them. And there were a lot of animals in our house always. And when i was at university it was obligatory to take part in some sport team. And you wouldn't belive me, i choose horses. I like to ride them a lot. Since that time i went out of town to the horse sport school. I like it a lot, and i have attached to this letter some of photos with horses, that i usually ride. I hope you will like them. You will ask me why i love horses, and here is the answer- they are very clever, they are good friends, and they have such wonderful eyes, that when you look at them you can find sadness and happiness of all world. I hope you also have such feelings when you look into them.
My best friends are not only horses.))) I have a lot of friends, you can see some of them in one of the photo. This girls were studding with me in university, and now, after graduating it we meet in cafe to chat and to have some fun. And now i want to tell you something. I am a little bit nervous, because i don't know if you will like to read it. Actually i don't know English. I've learnt it at school and at university, but my knowledge of it not very good, or better to say that I know just some words in English maybe it will shock you but it is true. I use a translation agency to write you letter. I hope this situation wouldn't upset you. I try to be good person, and i don't want to lie you, so i decided to tell you about it at the beginning of our communication for you to decide wether it is ok for you or not. I hope i will find a new letter from you soon. With all my heart to you,
your new friend Irinka
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