Scam Letter(s) from Elena Kutzova to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

My name is Lena. I am from Ukraine. I am 28 years old.
I am aserious girl and I am not here for games.
I believe in that everything in a relationship is equal between husband and wife, I want to do everything with my future man from the cleaning the house to looking after and raising the kids as I love kids very much and I really enjoy working in the garden.
I am looking to meet someone who knows what they want in life.
I am looking for someone who can show me the world they come from and I want to do the same. I am looking for someone who enjoys to live and is positive and motivating. I hate drama and I do not like people who lie.
Write me here, please.

Letter 2

Let me tell you about myself for you to know who you are talking to:)
My name is Lena, I am from Ukraine and I am 28 y.o. I was born on the 20th of June, 1984.
I am 166 cm tall and I weigh 55 kilos.
I have never been married, but I lived with the man 2 years ago; I think that me and my ex-boyfriend couldn't make it easy, we have had many fights because of the totally different personalities of ours and besides he started drinking a lot, and became a real alcoholic, I could not bear it any more...Nevertheless, i am a family oriented woman and i need a second chance in my life for creating a family.

I do not have a family, I was left at the stairs of the orphanage. So I do not know who my parents are.

Now I work, rent a flat and live with the owner of the flat, a lady of 65 years old.
My town is called Volchansk, it is in Kharkov region. It has only 20 000 people here.
I like my small town because it has a lot of nice nature.
It is famous for its oil-extracting plant and aggregate plant.
There is also only 10 km till the Russian Federation border.
So, all people here speak Russian.

I am a believer, i trust people and i believe in them.
I'm really very hard working and i spend the half of my day working; sometimes, i work even on weekends.
I studied in Kharkov Governmental Academy of culture, have the Bachelor's Degree in Organizations' Management.
I work at the Entertainment Agency, called "Prazdnik" ("Holiday" in English).
We make birthday parties mostly for children, but sometimes corporative parties for companies. I like my job, I like children and making fun with them.
I can say that my job brings me much joy.

I hope you will also tell me about yourself and do not forget to send me your photos!


Letter 3

I am very happy to read your letter - you are really a very nice man.
I want you to know that I am very excited to learn about you.
i can say that i am really interested in you and i really want to know all about you.

I love music of course, art, good food,..and nice long conversations;
i have many good friends which unfortunately i hardly meet them..(
because everybody here works a lot, in order to make a living.. on weekends often i like to go about in my own village and the riverside there;
on holidays, i like to go camping in isolated places and forests (..there are many in Ukraine) and stay close to the nature, away from the big city and the big city ways, to relax and feel human again. i have not travel at all to any countries but it is my greatest dream...

You see during every day there isn't much time left from work to do whatever someone might like for himself, so i couldn't have any hobbies,...only work. So, once or twice a year, I'm taking few days off and go camping.

I consider myself as an easy-going person, friendly and with optimistic option about life. i am open minded with progressive ideas and i learn from life so far, not to lie, to be honest with people and always helpful to them if i can.

Now I wish you have a great day and i hope you will be in a very good mood believe me, i am looking for a serious relationship only.


Letter 4

Hello, bernie!

OH, Honey, I am very sorry, but I have got some problems now - I had to use all the money I had saved for the new costumes for this charity concert for children.
I did not know it would cost me so much.
And our correspondence costs me a lot of money now.
In order to receive one you letter, I have to pay $5.With my salary of $150, I can't afford to write you any more. But at the same time I do not want to lose you, my love! Please, honey, I don't know what to do now...

I just need to know whether you want to continue it with me or not, because without your help I won't be able to write you...And I wanted to meet you so much! And now we do not have a chance to discuss the meeting...:(

I hope that you will think it over carefully and tell me your decision.

With great hope,



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