Scam letter(s) from Vera Safina to Tommy (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello, my good Tommy! Finally I found the time to answer your letter. I know very soon you read my lines. Probably sit in his favorite chair in your computer. And you will read. I can see your eyes run on lines. And maybe in your face now smile. because When I read your letter, I feel the warmth of whole body and I want to to be with you. Today we have a frosty morning. The sun is shining. And very fresh air. but probably for dinner the temperature becomes warmer. How have you got today? My dear, it is too early to talk about the date of my arrival. Since the first travel agency was preparing all my documents.
As soon as I will know something, I will tell you inapplicable. I will keep you posted this. Now I have to finish writing. I still need to do much at work. But you should know that you are always in my heart and in my thoughts.
Only your Vera!
Letter 2
Hello my dear Tommy!
How is your day today?
I'm fine. Soon coming weekend. I am his very forward. A little tired this week.
Today we have the sun shining and about -5 degrees.
Although the night temperatures are up to -22.
Pancake Week is a week in Russia. It started on March 11. And to end on March 17.
By tradition, the last day of burning an effigy of straw. Thus, seeing off the winter and welcome spring.
I hope that next week will be a truly spring. My dear, for that I may come to you, I need yet 536 euros. 600 euros will be more than enough. I'll write you data my account. Only you must remember that you can make money only monetary unit - the euro. Therefore needs before change currency of your country to the euro. Otherwise, the money is not receive on the account. Name of Bank: OAO "ALPHA BANK"
BIK bank: 044525593
Full name of the client: Safina Vera Vladimirovna
Account number: 40817978004350006786 (euro) adress:
Khabarovsk territory
city - Amursk
street - Lesnaya 14/81
682640 Today I'm going to go to the gym. In recent days, I do not time to do this and also very tired. Perhaps it is because that this is not enough vitamins. I think it is necessary to buy some vitamins for immunity. After all, with the arrival of spring wake up many viruses. I want to be protected. And of course I'll advise you to do the same thing. I really want to be with you. Take care of you ..
I guess I finished today. Thank you for all!
Thinking of you ...
Your Vera!
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