Scam letter(s) from Irina to I. T. (Greece)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend, after having read several love stories at the dating site I truly believe that one day I will also share my successful story. I'm determined to find the right man and to become a perfect wife for him. My parents made a good choice by giving me a name. It brings me luck over the whole life. In Hellenic my full name "Irina" means "peaceful". Whatever happen in my life I try to keep high spirit. It's rather difficult to make me mad or even lose my mind in any situation. I maintain good relations with the people of my circle. I'm an optimist, and I don't like being upset for a long time. I was born on the 26th of August. This year I'll be 24. I love to celebrate my birthday because for at least once a year I meet all people whom I love. I was brought up by loving parents. There were really close and friendly relations in my family, but when I was 13 my parents had divorced. Nevertheless, they had remained friends for all those years. Unfortunately, my father died last year and that was a great loss for me. I miss him very much, because he loved me very much and supported me in anything I need. I have two sisters. My elder sister has a daughter Marina of 6 years old. My mid sister Julia is married. She brings up her stepdaughter Angelina. Maybe it's interesting for you to know that I am a hairdresser. I'm excited to be able to create a new image for a lady. It would be my pleasure to hear from you and know more about you and your lifestyle. What are your plans for the future? What do you look for in your future wife? I am waiting for your letter. Best wishes,
Letter 2

Now I'm in a festive mood and have a big smile on my face. Why? I've got your letter. There is a wonderful weather now, the sun is shining, streets are green and there are huge amount of flowers everywhere.
Birds are singing and my heart is singing together with them. We have just discovered each other and we are still kept at a distance. You have the ability to keep me wondering, inquisitive and desiring you. It?s a wonderful feeling and keeps me interested in you, our relationship and our future. Thanks a lot for your photo. You are very handsome man!!! May be you want to know why I had started searching my mate through the web. It is difficult to explain but I'll try to make it in details. First of all, of course, such an attractive girl as I am was never known of an absence of men's attention. Some of them even had serious intentions about me. But every time after some time spent together I felt disappointment. Most men were looking for *** only and they didn't understood my will to find the only one for whom I could belong for the rest of my life. Then I've met some "sincere" men with "deep feelings" to me. Why do I use quotation-marks? Because in a couple of weeks I had found out that their "true love" was not me definitely - sometimes it was *****, and only seldom times other girl. So I was tired of ineffectual relations and for a moment I've lost my hope. I was almost sure I would stay alone for the rest of my life. The reason I am looking for a man older then me is complicated to explain but for me obvious to feel. I don't trust men of my age at all because I consider all of them as a cheaters. I don't mean to say I've met all the men of my age in the world and they were found out cheating on me, of course not! May be I am a little naive (may be not only a little) but I suppose older men to be much more serious and responsive. I looking for a man already tired of "hunting in girls", a man who is thirsty for serious intentions and true love. Do I wan too much? Is it possible to find? How long do I have to stay alone? For the rest of my life? Dear, one more thing about me: I use firm that helps me to translate letters and give me a chanse to use their computer and net, cause I I don't have a computer at work or especially at home and I don't have any skills in computers. So I have no choice and I have to go on with that firm. Is it OK for your? These are the questions I am anxiously trying to find answers to. Hope you would like to be the one. Please write me back and tell me what do you think about all the things I've told you. Make it honest, serious and detailed reply.
Your Irina.
Letter 3

I am really glad to hear from you again, my dear friend!
Your letter was a great surprise for me, I am in a much better mood now. Please, don't be so excited about my outlook - you make me embarrassed! I am what I am and I've never thought I look so fine as you describe. Honestly, after reading your impressions I've envied you for a moment - what a wonderful girl you've met! And after I could hardly believe that all these nice words are about me... Your words seem sincere for me, I won't deny that after meeting you in the Net I've started hoping for best again. I am still all alone but now I have a wonderful feeling that it will not last for a long time. I am really interested in knowing you better. You look similar in details as a man I've been looking for. Finally, after so many years of distrust, after so many nights of tears, after so many time spent in loneliness I've met you. I suppose I am too romantic to be happy. My mind still cries aloud to me that it is impossible to meet a man of my dream for so many miles far away, it is impossible to fall in love with a man I've never seen... ... but my heart whispers "this is a miracle", "it is ALMOST impossible to meet a man of your dream, but you are lucky" and, of course, "it's your love at first sight". I do believe in love at first sight (Oh, it sounds funny - to fall in love at first sight with a man I've never seen ;-)). But I really have a special feeling about you. You are not just a friend for me, you are my "soulmate" - that is the English translation of our Russian word, I'd love to say to you personally. I feel like there's a kind of spiritual link between us and it gets stronger with every letter, with every word we say to each other. I've forgot to tell you about the way I prefer to spend my free time. Mostly I spend my free time at home. I like reading, but unfortunately I don't have enough time to read as much as I'd like to. My favorite book is "Trimph Arc" by Erich Maria Remark. I also read some detectives and science-fiction, I've read some books from the "X-files" series - I really liked it! Talking about music, I prefer modern dance music and a little of romantic rock-ballads, like "Crazy" by Aerosmith or "With or without you" by U2. I like watching movies also, sometimes I even to to a cinema with my friends. I adore the "Titanic" but Di Caprio is disgusting, I like "Troy" but not Brad Pitt, among the sci-fi my favorite movies "The Matrix" (only the first film) and the "X-files" series. I fond of sports but not the way I'd like to. I prefer watching different sports competitions then take a part in it. Though, sometimes I also like cooking. I suppose, every girl does. And it's undisputed pleasure watching hungry beloved man eating your cooking with great pleasure and "bono appetito"!8-). I prefer cooking meat or fish and I don't do well in baking. And one more thing. Please, don't think that I'm interested in your money, funds or something. What I mean to say is I do care about what you do for living but not because of your profits but because you express your personality in this way. I'd like to receive some more pictures from you, but I'd prefer to get some more of YOUR pictures, and not pictures of your house, car, airplane, company, etc. Tell me more about your friends, your children, send me some photos of them. And, please, tell me more about your past relations. How did it happen you fell in love with her? What did you like about her character? May be there's something you didn't? What was the reason of perking? I hope, you will understand me correct. Honestly, I've just read me letter again and I couldn't. Please, answer me as soon as it would be possible for you. I am awaiting for your letter impatiently. Irina.
Letter 4

Dear Sir. Irina used our firm to translate and write you letters. Unfortunately, she can't reply to your letter because her account is over. If you're interested in the girl, we can send you information about our service and payment. Sincerely Yours
Principal "Innet"
Illona Kreez
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