Scam letter(s) from Anna Saenko to Karl (Germany)

Letter 1
Many thanks for your letter, and also for your new photos.
It is pleasant to me as you you look also I with pleasure I will correspond With you and further.
I'm fine, today Friday and ahead two days off, at me There will be no possibility to write to you the letter in the days off, therefore I I write to you today.
At my place there is no computer, I will always write to you only from work.
I work as the bookkeeper in the big supermarket.
I like my work, I have graduated from the university here in Nikolaev.
I live with my parents.
They still young also work for me at factory on what build turbines.
Thanks for that that you tell to me about the work and about that as you You like to spend a free time.
We with you like to spend a free time equally.
So it will be interesting to us with each other, if we when that Let's meet.
At us now warm weather also is not present any snow, and still after all only The middle of winter so can still be.
I wish you the good days off.
I will wait from you the letter again.
Kiss from Anna.
Letter 2
Many thanks for your letter and for your new photo.
I learn more and more about you.
I'm fine, weather in the street solar and warm and it also Creates good mood.
Now we absolutely do not have snow, but this year snow already was two times, But it all has thawed already.
The new cold snap is expected and can be even again there will be a snow.
I am glad that you liked my photo, I will send to you still, That you could see a little from my life.
You were in Kiev, I too was in Kiev once when left school, Us carried there on excursion.
Thanks for that you tell to me about the work.
To me and to tell about work there is nothing, you after all as I understood know Work of the bookkeeper.
In the days off I was on Saturday of the house, and on Sunday went per day Births of my friend.
On Saturday we had a church holiday the Christening, mum went in Church, what nayoeou water, this water gets medical properties After its consecration in church.
I do not have intenret by my cellular telephone, ey me it The expensive.
I write you letters from work, here I have a computer and is intenret.
I wish you good day.
I will wait from you the letter again.
Kiss from Anna.
Letter 3
Many thanks for your two letters and for photos of your city.
I liked your city and your story as you spent the days off Days.
At me all is much easier, I all days off was at home, as weather In the street the awful.
All time it is snowing and it already attacked so much that was All movement is paralysed.
Today I hope that roads will be cleared away.
In the street it is beautiful and very pure from that that snow everywhere lies.
But the most important thing that weather starts to change and in two days all Snow will thaw and there will be a lot of water in the street.
I do not love such winter when weather such not steady and you do not know That from it to wait tomorrow.
I wait about impatience spring, and then and hot summer, what again To enjoy a sea beach and river coast.
In the summer we often meet girlfriends and we go where on walks.
I have favourite places in a city.
But all the same I do not have not enough man what to spend all time Together with it that we would have a strong family, what in due course at Us would be children.
I would want that I have met in my life this year such man.
I wish you good day.
I will wait from you the letter again.
Kiss from Anna.
Letter 4

Many thanks for your mail and for remarkable pictures.
To see on lake of a flamingo it would be remarkable, I saw these birds Only in a zoo.
I had two days off and I could not write you the letter earlier.
Now I have again come to work, the beginning of the month, all reports are handed over and is A little free time.
Weather in the street became again warm and snow has almost thawed, only now It is a lot of water in streets.
We in a city on Saturday had an awful event, from the bridge in the river
17 summer girl has jumped and has certainly sunk.
Eyewitnesses tell that she long before it talked to whom that By phone.
Speak that as an occasion the unfortunate love has served.
It is a pity that so has arrived, and if she would endure this The moment probably could be still happy.
I was glad to read that you the strong person and are ready to care about To the woman.
I think that our future depends on us.
I wish you good day.
I will wait from you the letter again.
Kiss from Anna.
Letter 5
Many thanks for your letter and for your new photo.
Excuse for the late answer, all was not free time for work.
Certainly I will write you my phone number and the address.
Only if you will call to me, in the working days in the evening after Works, and the days off it is possible to call and in the afternoon.
At me ahead two days off.
Day of sacred Valentine and I understand really soon holiday that you Very attentive man.
At us cloudy weather, all snow and though is not present already so a lot of water has thawed In streets.
Last year February was very cold.
Here my number of a mobile phone +38063 784 0694 And here my home address
28 Armies
The house 2a
Apartment 74
Saenko Anna.
I wish you good day.
I will wait from you the letter again.
Kiss from Anna.
Letter 6
Many thanks for your letter.
I sent to you sms on new number, you received it?
I had days off, all was good, weather though also not so Warm, but nevertheless the cold already passed and becomes more and more similar on Spring.
I would have last problem for this purpose what to receive the visa.
From me have demanded a copy of the account from bank and it would be necessary that there a minimum 750 euros, for this purpose that I could receive the visa in your country For a period of 15 days.
At me certainly such account is not present and now there is such problem.
If I had such account, I would take the inquiry from bank for Embassies, and then when the visa I would receive this money would take away From bank also would bring them to you to Spain.
Other way to receive such inquiry from bank for embassy I while I have no possibility.
The ticket is reserved, it is necessary to receive only one such extract from Bank and then already there will be all for our meeting.
How there has passed your trip to Madrid?
I with impatience will expect from you the letter.
I wish you good day.
Kiss from Anna.
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