Scam letter(s) from Augustina Winifred Adjei to Mario (Zimbabwe)

Letter 1
Hi love, My name is Miss Augustina W.Adjei.Before the death of my father,he had a contract with the government of South Africa then,to supply ammunition,he was paid the contract sum of $5.3 million dollars to undertake that contract and along the line when the war started,there was a problem with the deal and he was ambushed and brutally murdered while on his way from work one day,all this while we are in Ghana when the news came to us that he is dead. Before his death,my mother said she was asked if she knew about the whereabouts of the money which she denied any knowledge of and based on this issue fearing they will come for her and us too.According to my mother,before my dad died,he informed her about the money been lodged with a security company here in Ghana in a box as a family treasure,he made my brother the next of kin and this was made through his lawyer here who has also been of a great help to us ever since we came to Ghana.We have met with him and he has shown us all documents to it and he has assured us that when we are ready to make claims,he will assist us further though he has no knowledge of the content of the box. Now we have made arrangements to move it out of Africa and we are hoping you will assist us in receiving it over there.We have decided to relocate out of Africa and then invest on your advice and also be our partner,we shall also need to buy an accommodation over there. My mother asked me to look for a trusted person whom i know i can trust and reveal this secret to and she said that it will be better if the person can come and see to things all by himself and finish every arrangement concerning it so that it can be released to him and then we can have a better lifestyle and relocate with you.The lawyer advised we make claims to it on time. Please my dear,base on this we need your urgent assistance to move it out and for you to claim it over there if it will be possible or better still come down for it,so that when this is done then we can arrange for us to all go back with you. Thanks and please reply to me immediately as my mother is a bit worried and i don't want her health to deteriorate she is under medication,to much thinking can get her again into trouble. Love always,
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