Scam Letter(s) from Laura Bradley to Marcel (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

hi Marcel , I am Vanessa Thompson. where are you from and what are you looking for ? I am pleased to meet you.

Letter 2

hi Marcel , did you get this now ?, I want to know more about you , I do know you want to know about me too.

Letter 3

hello Marcel , thank you for your email. I love everything you said about the kind of woman you want.

I also want a man who will love me for me , someone who is not a bully , some one caring and loving , someone who is not a cheat.

I'm Vanessa Thompson from California USA. am an Interior decorator , very good at what i do.

I am a passionate woman, I love making my man happy at all time. I love camping , fishing , climbing mountain.

I love kids too and they make me happy seeing them.

it might interest you to know that am not in the USA.

i came to Nigeria to claim my gold inheritance and I have been busy working on getting it out, so i can be home and be happy.
Vanessa Thompson

Letter 4

Hi Marcel , good day.

Finally i got a word from you. thanks for the long mail , this is the longest mail i have received ever. and I have been thinking maybe I'm not attractive to you since.

When i was registering on Badoo , I remember i put in California. but i noticed each time you view members profile , it automatically reset your profile , an i don't know why that is happening.
i came to Nigeria to claim my gold inheritance
I commend your patient attitude is a virtue Marcel.
I love kids too , and I hope to have 2 some day.

I am a very sexual woman , I love to please my man and make him happy.
I have been in a relationship before , but unfortunately it didn't work out.

I'm 30 years old , I hope am not too young for you. 5.7inch tall.

I am from a Christian home , where we loved each other so much.

I love swimming , camping , cooking , hiking and hunting.
I also love Mexican and Italian food.

what language do you speak ?

I believe life has a lot to offer , and I look forward to being with a man that will love me for me.
I believe people i have been with love my attitude towards work, and towards them. well I know am not perfect , and i hope to be some day.

Letter 5

hi Marcel,
thank you for the pictures , I like them. will you be kind enough to teach me Dutch ?, I really want to visit your country some day soon if you like that.

my dad died of cancer , I am the only daughter.I had to go to Nigeria because that was where the gold is deposited.

do you know so much about Nigeria ?, or have you dated any one there ?

I am always myself Marcel , I don't pretend to be someone else who am not.

We all want different things in life , We all want to be happy and fulfilled with the one we love.

do you think you can love again ?,
do you like sex ?
what will you do to me when we meet ?

sorry i don't write long as you do , but am working on it and i hope with time i will be writing more like you.

hope to hear from you.

Letter 6

hi Marcel ,
how are you today , how do you cope in taking care of the kids as a single dad ?. I have been doing a lot thinking about you. thanks for wishing me luck.
well I understanding a lot is going on in Nigeria and Africa at large, but i do know there are good people with good intention too.
it will my pleasure to teach you English as i learn dutch from you too.

do you have a girl friend , because i can see you are addicted to sex. I love making Love not sex , Love making tells me more about my man , sex has no meaning at all. everyone does that without any attachment. but Love making has greater meaning and it sweet.
I have never dated any one in Africa before , and i will never do that because i don't belong here.

I feel our first meeting will be great !, because we both have the urge to meet , talk , visit some interesting places , look at each others eyes as we hold our hands and talk.
I am looking forward to learning everything i can about dutch , and visiting maybe.
where would you want our first visit to be ??.

what do you think about our first meeting ? , what if i want to suck your cock and make love to you during our first meeting, would you consider me as being cheap ??.

sorry am being naughty i feel we are adults and should think and do as one.
have a wonderful day at work Marcel.
Vanessa writes

Letter 7

hi Marcel , how is your day going ?, have you eaten yet ?, what did you eat for breakfast , Lunch , and what are your plans for dinner ?. just checking on you and making sure you are doing well. Missing you

Letter 8

wow it was good to know you had to combine mother , Father including your personal jod for the happiness and wellbeing of your children. I am sure they will cherish , Love and remember all the sacrifice you did for them.

thanks for talking more about sex and what you mean, in your letter. sex is an intergral part of any union, when there's no sex , Love dies , relationship suffers. and every thing will fall apart.

Every morning I workout. some times i take a cup of coffee , and some days i go with cereal.

yes I slept well Marcel , thank you.

I stayed in a hotel when i arrived Nigeria , but it expensive because of my color. right now i just wish i have achieved what i came for so i can be happy and fulfilled.

each time i think about you or look at your picture , I can't help but want you more. I want to spend more quality time with you , knowing you one on one and watch you as you do things so i can learn.

how is work today ?, hope you had a wonderful day ?, I am thinking of you.


Letter 9

Good morning Marcel Dear , how was your night ? , how are your children ?, I hope you all slept well and waking up being happy ?.
what are your plans today ?, did you think about me in away ?. I slept well , I was thinking about you when i slept off. hmmmmmmm was thinking if i would have opportunity to hold you , kiss you , and make passionate love to you.
do you think that is achievable ?
hope to hear from you
have a wonderful day

Letter 10

hi Marcel ,

sorry i missed you. how are you and your children today ?, am glad you accomplished the goal you set out to do today.

Nothing makes me happy than accomplishing goals set.

I do love to work out every morning , but due to Insecurity situation in Nigeria , i do that within the hotel premises.
I do run around , do some push ups, and other form of exercise to keep my body fit and healthy.

I believe every body have habits , either a good one or a bad one. and i have seen couples who are in love separate because they can't tolerate each others habit.

habits can be an action or pattern of behavior that is repeated so often that it becomes typical of somebody, although he or she may be unaware of it. which means as partners we should be aware of each others habits and learn to tolerate them, by so doing , you are helping your partner to work on overcoming his or her habit.

your habits are perfect , I actually don't like to be kept waiting , because i don't have patient for that.

I love going to meetings early , at least i will be there seated 10mins before time.

Sleeping Naked is not a bad habit , I think i like that , so i can wake up at middle of the night and play with your cock by sucking it.

I love sex , I am looking forward to meeting you and being with you at all times.

I must say you have a good habit Marcel.

well i might have a bad one which I'm not aware of, and i expect you to tell me when we meet.

yes there are smart lawyers in California Marcel , it was a difficult situation for me to go to Nigeria, because I was told the cultures and values are different and i have seen that here , so also the legal system. I was made to understand that Lawyers here knows business laws very well and can get the gold out without much delay, in as much as the requirement for release are met.

I can't get my mind off you Marcel , I wish I am with you. it would have been more wonderful and rewarding because I would be all over you and i will get to meet and know your children. i hope they will like me when we meet. but faith has brought us together,and i hope i can count on you.

have a wonderful night.

Letter 11

hi Marcel , thank you for your mail I love it. I am open and honest and don't hide my feelings in any way.
habit is something you can work on or cope with if you truly love your partner.
Yes i can help my partner with his habit and i expect him to help me too, so we can work on our habits together, and also tolerate one another. tolerating helps so much in a relationship.

Yes I love to be massaged and I love my partner to suck my clitoris. I am medically free and i try to be careful in any thing i do as regards to my health.

working out will help you keep fit dear , how is your weekend going ?, hope you enjoined the birthday party you attended.

tell me Marcel , what do you think about me ?, do you find me attractive ? , do you think i can make a good partner to you ?.


Letter 12

hi Marcel , how are you feeling now ? why were you not happy at the birthday party ?, do you have anything bothering you and you feel i can help with ??.

Well i believe relationship should be 50/50 openness. Never try to hide any thing from your partner, because when she or he finds out , it either break the union or cause distrust.

You are a handsome man Marcel , I feel every good and wonderful woman would want to be with you Love you more and share your world of affection with you. I'm beginning to like you very much. I can't stop thinking about you. I wish you could love me and wants me to visit you sometime, so i get to meet some of your friends and make them jealous of you.

Well pertaining to the inheritance which is why i came to Africa , I got a lawyer and he is trying to help me get the paper work done , so we can get the gold out and i would be on my way. but I'm scared because the gold is worth millions of dollars and I wouldn't want to be robbed. I told the Lawyer about you, and I told him you are my fiance, I hope you don't mind i used that.and i would want you to help me.

Marcel am not trying to scare you away from me now OK?, I am open and honest and i want you to see me that way.

what do you look for in a healthy relationship ?, do you like your woman to work ?

would you like to have more kids ?, maybe 2 ?,

what are your plans today ?,

thank you so much , you are making me feel at home and happy each time i read mail from you, and it makes me wants you more and more.
have a wonderful day



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