Letter(s) from Marina Kravchenko to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1

Hello, my new friend !!! :-)))

You can't imagine how happy I am now, writing a letter to you, to the person, whom I have got extremely interested in :-))). Yes, I am happy, but at the same time I am a bit nervous, as I don't know what I should tell you about myself, so that you have got interested in me as much as I have got in you. To tell the truth, I sincerely hope that after reading this my letter to you you will have the desire to write me back and continue our communication, as I want to get to know you better very much.

So, my name is Olga, but you can call me Olya. I am 31 years old. I am from Ukraine in general and from the city called Yalta in particular.
It is situated on the bank of the Sea of Azov, so it's not surprising that I spend much time sitting on the shore, looking at the seagulls, flying over the water and trying to catch the fish, or the ships, making me dream of visiting other places, where the man of my dreams might be living. Maybe, it's you :-)))).

Unfortunately I have never been married and I haven't got any children, but I want to have a family very much. That is the reason why I have decided to register on a dating site and why I am writing to you now. How strange it may sound, I truly believe that with the help of the global net I will be able to find a kind, generous, honest, decent, reliable and responsible man with a good sense of humour, who will become my husband in future. And what about you? Are you searching for the woman of your dreams here? What qualities should she possess? Maybe, I will have all these qualities :-)))....

Well, frankly speaking, I would like to tell you much more now, but I am afraid that my letter will appear to be too long and that it will make you fall asleep :-))), so I will end it up now and will be looking forward to getting your reply... of course, with any questions you will have to me and with a great number of your photos... and I promise you that I will send you many photos in return :-))).

My best wishes to my new friend,


Letter 2

Hello, my dear Jean-Pierre!!!

First of all, I should tell you that I am very pleased to hear from you!!! Frankly speaking, I was waiting impatiently for your letter, and here it goes :-))). So, I am very happy now :-))). And what about you? Are you happy to hear from me? I believe so.

Honey, would you like to know about my family? I guess so, so now I will tell you something about it.

Well, I have got my mother and my father, although I don't communicate with my father any more. Do you want to know why? You see, my parents were married for ten years. They got acquainted, when they were rather young. My mother worked as a telephone operator in Kazahstan, and my father was in the army in Ukraine. How did they get acquainted with each other then? Well( maybe you will be surprised!!!), the answer is by phone!!!! They were talking to one another quite often and for a long period of time and finally they decided to get married!!! I guess this is the reason why I truly believe that with the help of the means of communication it is possible to find true love!!! I am sure that in the net( as due to the time this is the main means of communication now) I will meet the man of my dreams and create a happy family with him!! By the way, distance, age and language barrier( unfortunately I don't speak English) don't mean anything to me, as I think that when two people love each other, they will be able to overcome all the obstacles and to solve all the problems. Do you think the same, I wonder? And why have you decided to try to find the woman of your dreams abroad?

So, speaking of my parents, unfortunately their marriage failed, as my father met another woman in Russia, where he was going to on business trips, and now he is living there. He doesn't want to talk to me and I don't want to talk to him, but maybe someday the situation will change. And what about your relationships with your relatives? I hope that they are better, than mine.

Sweetie, would you like to know where I work? If so, then I will tell you that I work as a psychologist at school. I like my job very much, because I enjoy communicating with children. And what about you? Do you like your job?

My height is 168 cm.

My weight is 53 kilos.

I live in Yalta.

Yes, I will relocate to another country, if the man of my dreams lives abroad.

I don't speak and write English.

Well, I don't want to make you bored, so I will finish this my letter to you now and will be looking forward to hearing from you!!

Have a wonderful day and a marvellous mood!!!



Letter 3

Hello, my sweet man Jean-Pierre!!!!!

Can I address to you like this? I hope so, because you are really a very nice person, and it is very pleasant for me to have a talk with you!!! And what about you? Do you enjoy talking to me? I believe so.

Well, my sweet man, I have already told you about my family and about my work, and I guess now you are interested in knowing what I like doing when I am not working, aren't you? Well, frankly speaking, I have got many hobbies and interests.

So, my first hobby is skiing. I enjoy it very much. When my father was still living with us, every winter we all went to the Carpathians and skied. At first I was very afraid of climbing down, but my father taught me how to ski, so now I can do it very well. And what about you? Can you ski or skate? If not, then I can teach you :-))).

If skiing is my favourite thing to do in winter, then bathing and sunbathing are my hobbies in summer. And it is absolutely normal, because I live near the seaside. So, every summer weekend I take my friends and we all go to the beach, where we bathe, sunbathe and play volleyball. And I wonder- would you like to join us someday soon? I hope so. By the way, I also like just going for a walk on the beach, especially when I am not in a good mood and when I need to solve some problems, because sea always gives me the energy and positive attitude to life. And what do you usually do, when you have a bad mood?

Besides skiing, bathing and sunbathing, I am also fond of reading books on psychology and astrology, watching romantic comedies, listening to music and cooking. By the way, what books do you like to read? What films do you like to watch? What music do you like to listen to?

Sweetie, I have let you know about my hobbies, and now I will be waiting for your reply...

I am wishing you all the best ,


Letter 4

Hey Jean-Pierre! It’s Elena from Ukraine and you wrote me on my second mail box - ms.lena.sweetlady@yandex.ru But I prefer to correspond with you through this one, so, please, write me here in future. I’m willing to know you better. You know, my intentions are serious and I hope so are yours. I’m a new person on the dating sites, I heard a lot of happy stories about happy couples and I thought – Elena, try, I’m sure you’re going to reach success! So, here I am. I guess I should give you some basic information about myself and after that you will share your life story with me. Well, I’m 28 years old, living in the Eastern part of Ukraine in the nice city Tokmak. I’m sure you haven’t heard about my town before, it’s not so famous as one may think, for you it’s just a spot on the world’s map and for me it’s the most meaningful place, the place I was born in, brought up and live all my life. I can even tell you that I haven’t seen the life outside that much. Well, if you’re interested – I will tell you more about my lovely town together with pictures.

I have read that you're concerned about our age difference, well, I should tell you that you don't need to worry, I believe that the most important is how a person feels himself and not what the number he has in his passport. I'm looking for a mature man, so, i wish I get to know you better.

Well, to continue telling about myself - I’m divorced, don’t have children, I’m looking for serious relations, for my beloved man, not for a pen pal. I’m looking for a further meeting. My previous experience of marriage life wasn’t successful but I’m sure everything will work out the next time. I don’t think there will be any language or cultural barrier between us, as I know English well to maintain a good conversation. I’m an external student of pedagogical university and there I study psychology, English language and French, work as a hairdresser and a manicurist. I like working with people, I’m rather social and friendly. Earlier I used to be a professional dancer as in my childhood I attended dancing school, but now I don’t have time for my hobby. Well, I have also made and attached my video presentation to this letter, hope you liked it.

By the way, I also attached some of my pictures. You can see that I have a real Slavic appearance. My height is 174 sm, my weight is 54 kg. Still I believe that appearance doesn’t play the decisive part in our life. The most important is your inner beauty. Isn’t it?

If you’re still interested in further communication with me- I’m waiting for your letter with your story life and your pictures.

Yours Elena.

Letter 5

Hello Jean-Pierre,

How are your there? I’m very pleased to start communicating with you, this is something new to me, I find lettering very romantic thing)Just now I have a break for tea, I’m writing you from work. I have a very busy day but now I have finally some spare time to drop you a line)))

I'm really glad that you liked my photos together with my video presentation, thank you for complimenting me, I really appreciate that a lot!! :))) By the way,Jean-Pierre, that's really nice to get your wonderful photos. You seem to be rather attractive and good looking man! And I should tell you that the fact that I'm higher then you - doesn't bother me, I don't like men who are higher then me.))) Please, keep sending me your photos!))

Jean-Pierre, I understand you totally, there are good and bad people everywhere, just remember that one will meet many obstacles on his way to happiness, without sorrows we will not get happiness. I feel pity for that woman, who are nasty and dishonest. Just don't lower your hand. I'm sure that there is another nice lady waiting for your love. )))

I will tell you a secret now - I have always dreamt to live in Paris ! I was always astonished with it's elegancy and charm!! I dream to see an Eiffel tower once!! You know, I even studied a little French myself, though I can't speak it fluently! Maybe one day my dream will be accomplished and you will be my guide in Paris!! Tell me more about your country, please!

Just to give you more basic information about me, I should say that I’m somewhat experienced in family life, as I was married before and wasn’t successful in it. Everything is done for a reason and talking about divorce – is not that funny, but I want to tell you about it. People say that sometimes love is blind and when you love someone this love can be like a disease that happened with me. My mother and all my close friends were against our marriage but it was like a delusion for me. My ex husband and me had different views on life, different values, sometimes I thought that he came from Mars! But what is worse, his drinking habit was developing and he did not want to give it up...My struggle with his alcoholism was simply futile! I suppose that he was cheating on me as well as many nights I spend alone in my bad, that was horrible and the only way for me was to divorce, I took only my things and left this hell forever. Three years of unhappy marriage made me to disappoint in men here, so that is another reason why I am here! Now I feel myself lonely and understand that I need a man, who will love and take care of me.

And if you would ask me – why I’m looking for my husband in the Internet and not in my native town – I would ask you the same question in return: why such an interesting and mature man of your age is looking for his life partner in the Internet? I guess our answers will be the same: in our changing world the ways of getting acquainted has also changed. People spend most of their time in front of computers, don’t walk that much, some even live in a virtual life. What about me, I consider myself to be an intelligent and attractive young woman, pretty enough to conquer man’s heart. So, here I am to pull you off your computers, your virtual world, to get you back to reality and to show what a beautiful life is, especially when there is a special loving person near you.

If you agree with me to all the points above and would like to know me, you’re free to answer me back, I will gladly answer all your questions and please, be ready to answer all my questions. Well, tell me please something about you, your unique features that make you stand out from a crowd. I’m sure all people are unique in their own way, and I’m here to know you better, to find out your best sides. J

To continue telling about myself I need to say that I am living together with my mom, I have attached the picture with her, she is a pensioner, my parents are divorced and for many years I hadn`t any contact with my father. Any way my mom did everything to make my childhood happy and complete, what for I am grateful to her. Oh, and on the other picture you can see me with my cat Kuzya, he is like the third member of our little family. Also I have attached the picture from cafe.

You know, from my early ears I am attending dancing school, I cannot imagine my life without sport! Do you enjoy sport or any kind of activities?

You know, Jean-Pierre, some time ago I asked God for a special man in my life and maybe you has been already sent for me?! So, what I’m going to find out – what’s that special about you?

Waiting for your letter in reply,


P.S.: Almost have forgotten – I have also attached the pictures of my native town Tormak, hope you will like my tiny cute town. I have found them in the Internet, as I didn’t take photos of it, though thought you would like to have a general view of it. It’s like a small village where everybody knows each other! Well, I hope to get your wonderful pictures of your town.