Scam letter(s) from Bella Bellissima to Charlie (UK)

Letter 1
Happy lovely Sunday! What JOY to receive your lovely email and I thank you very much indeed for your kind words. I would very much enjoy to get to know you. Kindly tell me about your life.. Are you 100% single? Divorced? Any children? What is your education? Your profession? Your passions in life? Your dreams? Where do you live in London? How long have you been a Sub? Your experience level? BTW.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LONDON.. at this moment as I write to you I am drinking a cup of my fav tea from Fortnum and Mason. (Royal Tea & Earl Grey tea) from Fortnum and Mason are my favs. smile. I adore the English and as you know Canada is one of the Commonwealth countries.. THANK YOU GOD. smile. I wish you a lovely Sunday and I wish to have news from you very soon. God bless and take very good care of you. With kindness towards you
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Name: Balqis Paul
Age: 32
Name: Kelly David
Age: 30
Name: Rebecca
Age: 32
Name: Lexx Jones
Age: 32
Name: Faith Gettinger
Age: 29
Name: Sonya Hunter
Age: 28
Name: Alva Jay
Age: 29
Name: Charity
Age: 28
Name: Maria
Age: 28
Name: Svetlana Lebedeva
Age: 27
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Age: 31
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Age: 35
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Age: 26
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Age: 25
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Age: 30