Letter(s) from Svetlana Karpenko to Manuel (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my Manuel! Sorry for late reply, yes we should decide of our meeting in May because we have short time and my vacation start soon since 14 May, how many days are you ready to spend with me?
I can receive schengen visa for EU if i will buy tour from travel agency it's no problem now because the Spain invite many tourists from Russia, I am sure what i say, believe me, i could but tour with flights, visa, insurance, flights.
The second way to make meeting in Istanbul, and you wish buy tickets foe me? Thanks but i am afraid to fly in Turkey, muslim country without tour without return ticket, hotel vaucher because i heard many causes when russian single ladies travel in Turkey, have lost money., passport and hadn't money come back in Russia, had many problems in abroad and some ladies even worked as prostitutes.. hope you can understand me and i could feel myself better with tour.
I trust to you Manuel, believe in you but i'm afraid, misunderstand me.
I think we are have 2 way spain or Istanbul and for both ways i wish to buy tour it's safely. Can you support me with my trip to you?
I learned the tour for 9 days in Spain with cost visa, flights, hotel insurance cost 1840 euros but the same in Turkey in Istanbul tour cost 700 euros.
I haven't free finance and my salary is not well, live alone, pay bills and didn't save money, Wait your reply, write me soon, i must pay in agency for tour in this week today or tomorrow before holiday in Russia ok? kisses!
I love you.

Letter 2

Good evening honey Manuel, how are you?
I have received your letters and i didn't understand how i have surprised you?
I just came at home from work and write to you this letter, do you need the copy of my passport to make transfer by western union?
Ok, i will do it now and send to you later during 2 hours ok?
Hope you can use western union tomorrow or today and i can get finance and buy tour, i believe in you and have any doubts in our feelings, I can't write reply at once because i have working day and i sent my letter to you today during my lunch time.
Also i need from you 1500 euros, plus i need just 840 euros for tour in Spain.
I hope for our meeting, what we will do in Spain, do you have plans?
I would like to meet with your relatives.
Your Svetlana.

Letter 3

Manuel, i have found free time to check your reply during my lunch time from work and i was happy to see fast reply, thanks!
Tell me in which country we will meet? You know how much cost tour in Spain and in Istanbul, i wrote to you about it, decide of country ok?
The banks work today and the short day tomorrow if you will make transfer today and then since 1-13 may the banks will not work because of Russian Holiday, we must to be fast, hope are you understand it?
I learned in banks today and asked from my friend how the best and fast way to send money from abroad in Russia? There are many ways to send money on my bank account but i haven't bank account and this transfer will go 3-4 days and there are other systems as money gram or western union, after your transfer i can receive money after 15 minutes and go in travel agency buy tour, i must to do it tomorrow untill Russian holiday.
I haven't chance to make copy of my passport now because i am working, but i can send to you my full information and you don't need copy passport for western union.
My name is Svetlana
surname is Karpenko
address: Russia, Tatarstan republic, town Almetyevsk, street Lenina 22-4.
Also when you will make transfer i will need your full name, address, how much finance are you send and transfer number?
In the evening after work i will check your reply and go in bank before work tomorrow and then visit agency to buy tour.
I wait so much our meeting with you to check feelings to be more closer!
Your Svetlana.

Letter 4

Manuel, no reply no letters? i am so upset because you had doubts, we could meet with you in Spain, your broken all my hopes and dreams.
I hoped i have met man for life..

Letter 5

Hi Manuel, i am so upset with our situation because you didn't trust me probably but why? we are had plan for meeting in spain and meet your relatives but now all plans is broken because of your doubts, at first i started feel that you not serious with me when you asked me many questions about my information and information on site, then with my surname then with passport, i am open and honest with you and i am here to find man for life and not make any games! can you understand me?
I don't know maybe we must talk with you by mobile and you will feel your self more calm? I don't know, but i am still hope to fly for meeting in spain and money which i asked its no much money and you can risk, hope you can transfer money by western union untill 6 may and i can receive money and pay for tour with visa and fly to you 14 may in spain because to make visa i will need time untill 14, 15 may.
ok decide of us and if we are haven't chance, write me it and i will not write to you more, but i was honest always with you, trust me.
I love you.

Letter 6

Manuel, i just came from work and i was so sad and upset with your reply because you not right!
Yes in my passport mistake and wrote not right name and surname it was when i received passport but it's no problem in russia... on my passport wrote name Karpenko and surname is Svetlana... and in Russia not use patronymic - Valerjevna.

But you know my correct name Svetlana, surname is Karpenko.
I haven't any mind lie, fool you and i am honest woman, i just with meet you in Spain but you have many doubts and i am in shock!
You didn't make transfer and the banks will not work since 1-6 may and if even you will trust me and support i can get finance from you just 6 may and then buy tour and fly to you 9 or 11 May, ok think about it.
I am sad really because you have so many doubts of me and we need personal meeting in real life because after meeting you will not have any doubts.
Send me the money today, wait your reply.., i opened to you my heart and have hopes but you broken my heart, feelings and hopes to you why?